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  1. AustralianEmu

    Chapter 8

    This is my second reading of this story. I don't think once the tears stopped streaming down my cheeks. You have achieved a lot and have much to be proud of. I hope you are surrounded by happiness and love. Emu xx
  2. AustralianEmu

    Chapter 22

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following the journey of these books. Thank you!
  3. AustralianEmu

    Chapter 8

    Another great story Sasha. I can't stop the niggling thought that Ashlee is actually a woman, much to the surprise of poor Clem. I can see him proclaiming his love and then discovering something missing between Ashlee's legs....
  4. AustralianEmu

    Chapter 3

    You put your mind, heart and soul into your words on the page. I thank you for opening yourself up so intimately. I also want to thank you for creating a seamless and much-needed conclusion to ISWB. I hope so much that you have found your path with love of self and your partner. We all deserve that. Thank you for sharing your reality. An admirer from afar. xx
  5. D'oh! It was Katooomba I was thinking of. Boy, is my face red...
  6. I'm very impressed by the quality of reseached comments to my observations. Also I'm very glad that offence was not taken from my points, as none was certainly intended. I will have to take your word for it that there is a second Toowoomba. The one I know is in the Blue Mountains. My Dad once had a cattle farm at St George. It was subject to terrible floods. This was in the early 80's. I'm enjoying the comprehensive research and attention to detail. Well done! Marie
  7. A couple more things... - the compound would use solar power with solar panels for electricity. - when committing suicide by cutting wrists, it's best to be in a bath, the wound taking longer to clot.
  8. Oh, another thing... I kearnt when travelling with a cast that it's not a good idea due to in-flight swelling. The cast would need to be cut open for the flight and a new cast put on at the destination.
  9. G'day! As you can tell by my accent, I'm an Aussie. Your advisors on all things Antipodean (in Let the Music Play) have done you a bit of a disservice with incorrect information. For instance: - Your 'bottle tree', we call a boab tree and is not found in Queensland. - Toowoomba is a temperate mountain town west of Sydney, not Brisbane. - trucks are called trucks, only the English use the term 'lorries'. - the farms west of Brisbane are cattle, not sheep. - the desert is further than three hrs from Brisbane. - if the first concert is in Perth the group would not fly into Brisbane. - f
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