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  1. I think so too. More space, in fact, than the ending of DO did.
  2. Yes. I predict that the fact that 8 is now online will have a serious dampening effect regarding speculation as to when it will appear.
  3. Ahh, the "Dead Admiral Class". I agree that they are good ships, though as you say, dated. They are certainly an excelent ship for multi-purpose use and independant operations. I'd agree that AEGIS ships would be a better choice: AEGIS, like Block-3 Patriot, can handle IRBM's, though not in the numbers China can launch against Taiwan. Still, some defence is far better then none. From my reading of DO, I got the strong impression that you were a big fan of the Nuclear powered cruisers (Virgina class, California class, and a few one-offs, like Bainbridge, as I recall). I was very sorry to see the Virginia class retired, as they were fairly modern, and quite capable. I have never quite understood the Navy's choice to give up on nuclear powered surface shipe (except Aircraft carriers). They have massive advantages for operations with a nuclear carrier, and avoid logistics demands for fuel bunkerage. They also avoid the need to make port calls for fuel (such as the USS Cole was doing when attacked).
  4. Those PLAN Sovremennys are armed with Sunburn, a supersonic sea-skimming missile that looks like very bad news. It's nicknamed "AEGIS killer" for a reason. I'm not sure if it would work as well as expected, but it's one heck of a threat, especially in a surprise engagement. Every time the Taiwanese Air Force has engaged the Chinese, the Taiwanese Air Force has achieved a stunning kill ratio. I agree with what you say about readiness (always a key issue) but fortunately the Chinese also have huge problems in this area. The bad news, though, is that they have vastly larger resources to draw on, so they can afford to be sloppy. I wish I could agree. I don't, because of some things I've seen, including past Chinese behaviour involving direct and public nuclear threats against the US. I think their strategy would be political: Threaten US cities with attack if the US attacked mainland China in any way. Could a US President take the risk? It's true that we could indeed obliterate most of China, but here, our own regard for human life works against us: Would a US President willingly kill a billion mostly innocent people, or just settle for trading a few cities? The Chinese leadership would not be seriously damaged by losing a few cities, while the US leadership would be, if the exchange was preceded by a public threat. The core problem is that, IMHO, the Chinese leadership is very insular, and inclined to look at things from their own perspective. I also feel that they understand us even more poorly than we understand them. This sort of situation is rife for strategic misconceptions, and actions based upon them. However, I don't feel China is likely to act against Taiwan unless it's own internal stability (the regime's hold on power) is threatened. In such a case, they would have nothing to lose by launching a war. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. On this, we disagree, in part, but only because I feel that Taiwan is even more vital than that. As I mentioned, I'm using the Anschluss with Austria as a model, and look where that ended up. Munich might be an even better example, as a US failure to defend Taiwan would result in other countries that depend on the US for protection to doubt us. I believe China has a fixation on Taiwan, compounded by strategic interests, especially it's wish to control the oil reserves in the South China Sea, and in Indonesia as well. I totally agree with you about the US failing to push Taiwan where needed, especially on readiness and logistics. As for the State Department not having a single competent translator, I have to say I find that possible. Nothing regarding any sort of deficiency at Foggy Bottom would surprise me. Even if they do have competent translators (and they probably do), the failure was most likely in interpretation. Still, that event did raise hackles here.
  5. Excellent chapter! I like "collision", great story! For anyone who is looking for something to read while waiting for WT8, if you haven't already, go check out Dan's "Do Over" and Do Over Redux", which he just completed today (and total 79 chapters!) Also have a look at his "Dawn of Tears", another top-notch story. Link Also, if you have read them, or once you do, please go over to his forums and comment or discuss. The writers here don't get paid, and one of the few things they do get out of writing is seeing people who enjoy their stories actually discuss them or comment on them.
  6. I'm now re-reading all of DO and DOR. Once I'm done (and if Dan does not object) I'm thinking of starting a thread about the whole story, now that it's finished. But, now that I've had a few hours to ruminate over the final chapter, and the few preceding it, I think I like the ending even more, especially where it ended, basically where it all began. One other thought on Chapter 39: Davey's father has certainly changed! I couldn't imagine Davey's mother trusting his Father to live on his own at all (there was already one infidelity in this timeline) yet, though with caution, she does. That, to me, speaks volumes of the changes.
  7. That is extremely interesting!!! I was not aware of that at all. Isn't China's claim on Taiwan largely based upon the Chinese rule of Taiwan (1945-1949) which was entirely under the nationalist government? If so, wouldn't that effectively negate China's already tenuous claim? Taiwan was under Japanese rule long before WWII, but I'm not sure of it's exact situation prior to that. I do recall that elements of the Ming dynasty, once defeated on the mainland by the Manchu, seized parts of Taiwan in the 1600's, and Taiwan existed as a Ming enclave for a few decades, eerily reminiscent of the current situation. This is fascinating! I'll look into this angle. Thanks! That's another angle I hadn't thought of: the initial attack being without warning. I would have hoped that, due to the strategic implications, that the Taiwanese military has plans in place to render a seized airport unusable. It would be very simple to do: conventional field artillery, even a few pieces warehoused anywhere within a dozen miles, would suffice to close the runways. However, the airport itself is quite suitable, even without runways, for an airborne drop zone, and it's only a few blocks from the capitol complex, if I recall correctly. I think you are right, a decapitation strike is a likely scenario. It's sensible from a tactical point of view, as well as a political one (the Chinese are forever calling the Taiwanese government "Pirates", and worse). Indeed! I had no idea that things were that bad. That kind of readiness and morale/training problem would make a fast initial response very hard if not impossible, and in the case of any invasion, the first 24 hours are absolutely critical. If the Chinese can gain and hold an airhead, they win, and win quickly, especially if it's in Taipei! The biggest problem, as I see it, is that even if the US has both the ability and will to intervene, it's options are very few if China already has control of Taiwan before we can react. I fear the US domestic political angle on that. The Chinese have in the past threatened, via an official spokesman, threatened to nuke US cities if the US defended Taiwan. If the Chinese threaten to nuke US cities if Tomahawks are launched against China, it would put the US President is a very tricky situation. There is also the problem that America's own oil refineries are just as vulnerable and even more vital to our economy. We have virtually zero reserve refining capacity, and refineries are exceedingly vulnerable targets. One well trained man with a high powered rifle and tracer bullets could disable one for months, and failing that, a Cessna and a couple of hand grenades would put one out of commission. They would only need to hit a few, too. I totally agree. I've spent all of three hours in Taiwan, so aside from seeing the long corridors in the terminal at the airport, I have zero knowledge of the "ground truth". I was totally unaware of the morale issues with both civilians and military, as well as the readiness issues. That is disturbing as it makes war far more likely. If Taiwan could hold on for a week, I think that China could be stopped with just the use of US navel forces. But if the can over run Taiwan quickly, I think all is lost. This is absolutely critical and important far beyond Taiwan. The historical model I'm thinking of is Hitler's Anschluss with Austria.
  8. Wow.. what a ride! Warning: I get into spoilers down below, so DON'T READ THIS is you have not read chapter 39! My first reaction to the first sentences was literally to laugh out loud! It was all dark and he couldn't see, because he had his eyes closed!!! I was NOT expecting that one, and it set a happy tone for the rest of the chapter. OK, I frankly had thought that there was no way that Dan could wrap this up at 40 chapters, let alone 39. I thought that because I didn't think there was any way to wrap up all the details, such as Brian's Uncle Rich. I was wrong. Much was left to the reader's imagination, though the setup was in place: Davey's letters. So, Uncle Rich could have been saved either by a direct letter, OR by the change in the timeline itself, or both. Also, I tend to look for foreshadowing whenever I read fiction, and when Sean kept being mentioned more and more often through the last few chapters, I said "ahha!", Sean is going to play a big roll. It was becoming more and more evident that Davey and Sean were getting to be very close friends, and I was sure that Davey and Sean were going to be an "item", instead of Davey and Brian. Then, that last scene, where Brian bumps into Sean instead of Davey: I couldn't EXACTLY recall the details from DO, Chapter1, as it's been a long time since I read it. However, I didn't recall Sean being there, and I thought it was Davey that Brian bumped into. So, that scene really threw me for a loop, as there was just something very *different* about it. That, combined with the frequent mentions of Sean, and Davey and Sean becoming close, made me quite sure that there would be a very different outcome this time (no Davey and Brian). However, (and I should be used to this by now) I was wrong. I'll probably have more detailed thoughts later, but I just got through reading Chapter 39, and my first impressions began even before seeing the first word of it. It began with Myr's post in the announcements forum describing this as the FINAL chapter. That sent me for a loop, as I thought there were supposed to be 40 chapters, and be ending next week. The answer to this mystery is in Dan's blog entry, DKstories OK, in summation, I'm still a bit shell-shocked that this was the final chapter (I've been dreading the end of DOR for a long, long time), but I have to say I loved it, especially the way everything was tied up. Oh, and a note to those out there who, like myself, didn't want DOR to end: Think carefully about the ending. We still have Sean "coming back" fairly soon, and Sean knows how to build time machines. Sure, Davey sent him a letter, but we don't know what was in it, or if Sean will follow the instructions, whatever they are. (Most likely to keep quiet, I'd guess. along with a warning that Davey might not remember anything). What if Sean's return causes him to say something to Davey that re-awakens Davey's memory? So, IMHO, there is at least as much opening for a sequel here as there was at the end of DO... I am well aware that Dan does not list such a possibility in his *present* plans, but he has not, so far as I am aware, absolutely precluded the possibility, however faint, of returning to this series at some future time if the muse strikes him to do so. In any case, whatever the result, I loved the DO and DOR series, and IMHO I think it ended perfectly!
  9. That is an absolutely excellent question!!! That would be difficult if not impossible, and would be highly inclined to be dismissed by the recipient as a hoax. Hmmmm... I think this will be exceedingly interesting to see how (if) it's handled. :king: The biggest question on my mind, though: is Davey in a coma again? And if so, how long until his memory returns?
  10. Wow, you get dragged to swim meats and have to sit around and watch hot guys in speedos. I feel so sorry for you.. NOT! Seriously, I think it's great that you get to do that, and have an excuse for being there.
  11. Oh, no! He's going to kill Davey!!! (again!) Or maybe a new bloodbath in Service (Vampire Jarrod 2).
  12. Speaking of reflective, demented, and other states of emotional extremis, there has been much speculation as to how you reacted upon receiving Chapter 36 of DOR? (the one that ended with Davey falling down the stairs, beginning his Coma). Speculation included that your screams would be audible for at least the few states nearest Florida.
  13. Rigel, GREAT point about Uncle Rich! I had forgotten that Davey came back early enough to do something there. I'll certainly agree about anxiously waiting for the next chapter, too.
  14. I was wondering that, too! I'm betting that she's very significant to the story. My guess so far is that the Goat plays a similar role to Aaron in DD... Yep, steals a car, and frames Nelson for it. Either that, or the Goat outs Milo.
  15. Ahhhh!!! So, those letters must have been amongst Davey's letters that he had Papa send. That would make sense! I was amazed that he wasn't doing something about that. I guess I missed it somehow. I should have assumed it, though. I am really looking forward to see how the next three chapters unfold.. (yes, I know, but I'm hoping that you can't count.)
  16. ROFL! He is indeed fine. I love long-haired blonds. That's the only photo of him I've ever seen though, and I have no idea where it came from.
  17. I think it was very well done! I really liked the way he cut it out of the letter, no doubt to burn it. ROFL! BTW, was it AIDS you were alluding to in that offer Reagan made to Davey's father? The CDC report on what later became known as AIDS was in June of 81, but it's not too much of a stretch (even without dramatic licence) to believe that the government, if it was looking, might have been concerned in January of 81. So, I'm not nit-picking the use of AIDS on that date, just wondering if I had it wrong, as it's not specifically mentioned.
  18. I'm almost always wrong, so you can't possibly be worse than me! Hmmmm... I don't know if you are right or not, but I hope you are wrong on that. Interesting prediction though: the story so far certainly does make that a strong possibility.
  19. You are so right! I'd forgotten that it was Dom who wrote that.. What? Off topic? But, YOU created the thread topic "Characters: how do you envision tham?" And, the goat is a character (especially if it wears sunglasses..) Well, I did try with the construction guy for Milo, but I didn't find one for Nelson yet... He's blond, but doesn't tan well. Hmmm... Let me do some digging in my archives.... OK, here we go, how about this guy for Nelson?
  20. One other thing I'd like to comment on: The bit of information that Reagan cut out of the letter, something only he knew about, and Davey used for verification. I'd been wondering how Davey would "verify" himself this time, to just Reagan. Well, that's now been done, in a most intriguing fashion. My conjecture is that Dan didn't know anything suitable about Reagan to use in that way, so very cleverly just alluded to it existing. If so, I think that's a very clever way of getting around such a factual roadblock when using a historical figure in fictional literature. I'd have certainly never thought of doing that. BTW, where is everybody??? This chapter has been out for two days, and all I see are four posts?
  21. Hmmm... So far, the Goat seems to be the most discussed character in WT... Heck, next thing you know, some lunatic will start using the Goat as an Avatar! (could anyone be that crazy?) If Dom reads these threads to find out which of his characters are the most popular (most discussed), and uses that info to pick a protagonist for his next story, Dom's next story will be all about a Goat. If so, I just hope the theme isn't romance....
  22. That does it! I'm hereby founding PAEEUCAHTPE (People Against the Exponentially Expanding Use of Confusing And Hard To Pronounce Acronyms) OK, now that's out of the way... Anyone have any predictions for Chapter 8? I think Milo's emotional reactions to what happened will be interesting, and hopefully not to stressful. I also think we will find out more about Milo's family situation. Oh, and I think we will hear more about the Goat, too.
  23. Hmmm... I'm thinking NMCJHJADCGAITE (Nelson, Milo, Caleb, Joe, Hailey, and Jame Are Driven Crazy by Goat Acronyms In The End)
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