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    CJ's Rant

    A bit late to be replying to this post, I suppose; but I LOVE the detail -- technical, historical, and geographical -- in CJ's stories. Equation of Time? Stromatolites? How to make an astrolabe? Cute, conflicted young men, adventure, treachery and romance are fun, but if I don't learn something from a story, it's not time well spent.
  2. Tunt

    Chapter 12

    Thanks for a great ride so far!
  3. Tunt


    Thanks. Great story. The way you showed Mike's determination to console and protect his little brother leading him to loving acceptance was very moving.
  4. Tunt


    Ding dong, the Ścar is dead!
  5. Tunt


    Thank you Andrew, for a year of pleasant anticipation and fulfillment. Congratulations on crafting a memorable, exciting, moving story, with a beautiful finish. Like the rest of your readers, I'm looking forward to your next work!
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