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  1. Does anyone remember or read an old online story about 2 boys in a fencing club? It was written in the 2005-2014 time frame by a teen boy. He had cancer and might have passed away from it. He was a really good author and it was a very sad situation. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I found a link to it from this site. It is not the one by C.S. Pascat. I can't even rightly remember the name of the story because it's been so long. I thought it might be called "En pointe" or "En garde". It's not showing up in my files but if I can't remember the title or the author's name, it's going to be hard to f
  2. Well, I'm still reading Veil of Shadows and I like it a lot and really hope you write the next (last?) one. But if you have a fantasy story that's been forming in your head over the last few years, work on that! Switch things up, but keep your mind engaged. It would be sad if you get burned out and quit writing, so do what keeps you writing. I'm totally selfish that way You're have some great stories and I really hope to read more from you!
  3. MeghanMM


    Just finished this story a few days ago. I can only repeat all the other great things people have said about it. Enthralling, engaging, entertaining. great adventure and great science fiction. I'm on the second book now and enjoying that one too! You have some great stories to tell. These stoies are very well-written and deserve to be published (in whatever way you're comfortable with) for others to read. Thank you for the work you put in to this and for sharing it!! Best wishes and keep writing!
  4. MeghanMM

    Eternal Division

    Just recently started reading this story. Figured it was time to let you know how much I'm enjoying it. Lots of interesting ideas, politics, characters! Thank you for writing and sharing your work. Look forward to finishing this tale.
  5. Happy Birthday!

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