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  1. weinerdog

    Chapter 11

    We're at 60 😃 .I find it interesting he posted two very good chapters and they were on the calm side but very good .The previous chapter took 2+ days to get to 60.Then he posts a chapter where we have another crazy parent melting down some violence and two scared teens running for their lives plus the police involved.That chapter took only a half a day to reach 60.What does that say about us? LOL .Good job on the reactions everybody
  2. weinerdog

    Chapter 11

    You are right.To be fair it's not a sexist thing with Dab.Just check out the dad in his last story Corners.I think if I'm not mistaken a bad parent or parents is gay teen fiction rule #5
  3. weinerdog

    Chapter 11

    Well I've never been accused of that
  4. weinerdog

    Chapter 11

    Go back and read my last chapter comment.I told Drew and Cole not to kiss in Cole's house but did they listen Nooooooooo! Lol What about Drew pushing Cole's mom out of the room. Teo was right Drew has grown a pair. What in the world did Cole's mom say to the police officer to get handcuffed and put in the car?Maybe she and Olivia will be roommates at the place they end up at.
  5. weinerdog

    Chapter 11

    Be interesting to find out who complained about them since there hasn't been a villain type character since since he got to Denmark.
  6. weinerdog

    Chapter 10

    I can relate I had to take my dogs a few times to emergency in the past.Hope you're dog gets better and you get some sleep.
  7. weinerdog

    Chapter 3

    We found out more about them in this chapter.I hope Lou doesn't come around
  8. weinerdog

    Chapter 10

    The dreams and the relationship to Jesus its very interesting.I haven't come across a story like this on GA.In the Catholic religion we have communion every Sunday mass and daily mass if you go to a daily mass.Stephan mentioned Communion Sunday does that mean this denomination have Communion once a month?
  9. weinerdog

    Chapter 10

    Well it's 60 now is if that was the goal ....he didn't say.Maybe @chris191070 has to be the one to say this.
  10. weinerdog

    Chapter 9

    There was nothing in this or the previous chapter about this but when Nohr addressed the group was it discussed with Stephan?We know Nohr didn't know about Michael but did he know what happened to Stephan the States?At the very least it was something that should have been talked about.They are going to be separated at school so its possible Stephan might be more vulnerable.
  11. weinerdog

    Chapter 10

    We're at 59 so what you should be saying is damn we can't find those guys who reacted before but are not reacting now.
  12. weinerdog

    Chapter 8

    Stepfan worried about the time they'll be separated but the way these 2 are I think there is nothing to worry about.
  13. weinerdog

    Chapter 7

    I'm sure we'll find out more as the story continues about Nohr.I'm waiting for the next conversation with Michael if there is one
  14. weinerdog

    Chapter 1

    Wow you're getting very prolific.Kevin is what in his 20's?He mentioned his Uncle is his only family and hasn't mentioned anything else about his back story.Lou is bad news.
  15. weinerdog

    Chapter 6

    @BigBen wrote the word archangel in his comment and your comment seemed to concur so that does that mean this is St. Michael the archangel?
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