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  1. weinerdog

    Chapter 62

    I assumed that selling your kids would be illegal anywhere.But to find out that's it is an accepted practice in some countries that is F___d up.And the countries won't take them back?I'm trying to understand and sympathize with a family living in such poverty that they have to do something like that.But seriously if you can't feed em don't breed em.Don't mean to be so harsh but....
  2. I have never had a reason to use a butt plug at any time in my life so I know absolutely nothing about this.Many thoughts were running through my head as I was reading this.I was so relieved when Trent told Kayden he could take off the plug for bathroom breaks and showers.I even looked it up on Google people asked if they can poop with a butt plug and there were many responses with tips on how to do it.Who knew this story would be so..so...educational. Do I detect a possible beginning with Audrey and Ian Mark was a bigger a-hole than usual this chapter
  3. weinerdog

    Chapter 61

    What Brad said to Beth was perfect.He may have other skills he's unaware of.
  4. weinerdog

    Chapter 60

    Instead of hiding it under their seats like on Oprah they can hid it under their cocoon
  5. weinerdog

    Chapter 60

    Plans to buy every kid his first car?Wow I was waiting for Brad to say he was kidding.But if he can do it and the kid earned it why not.Maybe he can make a deal with a dealership to have him buy all the cars from the same place every time in exchange for a price with 200 something kids they would have a revenue stream for a long time
  6. weinerdog


    Geez it's early morning as I'm reading this and you write about chocolate donuts almost distracted me to get some.Good ole Jared if I'm Rick I say to myself I owe him a few and now on to the festival. So where did Heinrich get his arrogance from?Did his dad arrange his marriage?Heinrich is suppose to leave soon but I have a bad feeling he's going to decide to stay around a little longer to because"Rita may be the last one" This thought occurred to me a few days after reading the last chapter with Rita and Willy being involved in that mysterious project.We have plenty of reason to b
  7. weinerdog

    Chapter 59

    Aw man.Corky didn't go?I hope that and him not being around Sanctuary are not connected.
  8. weinerdog

    Chapter 58

    Awesome the kids had a good time🙂 So Brad likes anchovies on pizza?Oh well nobody's perfect.I hope he doesn't like pineapple on pizza either.(For those of you who like that stuff on pizza I'm kidding lol)
  9. weinerdog

    Chapter 57

    They will definitely remember this vacation. You said you wrote this years ago was this before 9/11?I'm curious what arrangements Brad would have to do with passports etc.Even an private charter could have a lot of tape these days. Oh did Sandy go?
  10. weinerdog

    Chapter 56

    After your first guitar lesson let me know how the food is over there
  11. weinerdog

    Chapter 56

    I love the idea of a Music room they could make it where all styles of music can be learned.The Home economics room might help make Mrs Jenkins kitchen be staffed after others leave.
  12. weinerdog

    Chapter 55

    Maybe you mentioned this but I forgot.Do they have an area to watch DVD movies etc.Sandy must be a really good dog nobody has stepped in anything Sandy left behind
  13. weinerdog

    Chapter 54

    So kids from Mexico.If some of them are from border towns a high number of those kids speak English that could help get them get acclimated at Sanctuary the farther you get into Mexico I'm told less and less kids are bilingual.Are all the kids bought and paid for by the scumbag traffickers?I ask this because some kids may have been separated from their family by other means.In certain situations would Brad be interested in reuniting families?When I first typed the word traffickers I mistyped and spelled traffuckers when spell check made me aware of that I wasn't sure I should change it.BTW lo
  14. weinerdog

    Chapter 53

    I'll be curious to see how the fishing trip will be planned.How do you plan for 200 plus kids for that?I know nothing about this topic but I'm certain it you can't hire a boat that accomadates 200 people for fishing or can you?So I'm guessing a lake or something.Still you have to have some kind of system.Will all the kids go?I'm sure a handful of kids may not want to go.
  15. weinerdog

    Chapter 52

    Where I live in San Diego it is no problem to find someone who speaks Spanish obviously.A few of my Spanish speaking friends have told me that they can go almost anywhere in the U.S. these days and find people who speak Spanish not like it used to be.If that's true then Brad probably have some kids in Sanctuary who can translate. As far the press in concerned I bet there is already some local media that might be aware of some buzz.If you take almost 200 kids to see the Lion King somebody is going to notice plus what they do day in and day out might get noticed by people
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