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  1. With all those enormous new duties they have I can't see J.J. continuing his A.I studies and Henry still going to M.I.T It was mentioned that as far as the public knows J.J. wasn't abducted and obviously his Parents and Franklin have been briefed.I guess we"ll find out but did the C.I.A lady also speak with the Rodriguez and Gonzales families also and do they know what happen to J.J.? The Gonzales family would know J.J. was missing but not necessarily that he was abducted
  2. weinerdog

    Chapter 87

    The leak from the DA's office is not only about protecting Bruce there are other big time movers and shakers that might be implicated I would think. Tim is afraid Judge Howard would think Tim is nuts if he told him about Donnie.How about having Donnie tell Tim to say a certain detail to the Judge that would make the Judge believe him Donny would know what that is. If Bruce does indeed die could they still get monetary damages from Bruce's estate?
  3. weinerdog

    Chapter 86

    OH YOU!!!!!......ending the chapter just as Donnie visits nice cliffy. I liked it when Stephen said "Hogwash" I think if they weren't in mixed company he would have said another word instead
  4. weinerdog


    After reading about what Seth's dad did to him I thought he easily had the worst father out of he and Noah but after finding out more about Carson the gap has narrowed considerably. As young and inexperienced Noah may be he is way more qualified to run the company then Carson
  5. weinerdog


    If I were Brock I would definitely think twice before messing with Noah.
  6. weinerdog

    Chapter 85

    I'm sure this is not the first time this kind of Doctor-Patient thing has happened but you can't deny AM has made progress it may be a bad idea to change Doctors because of that. I'll be interested to see how AM reacts to Eva Marie
  7. weinerdog

    Chapter 2

    I guess he can thank Amy for that for it probably doesn't happen if not for her.Keith should sent a thank you note.... on second thought no
  8. He never looked in a mirror all that time ?If he was growing facial hair you'ed think he would know it when he scratched his chin etc. I'm a dumb ass so I would have never though about J.J. being kidnapped but I would have thought Jeff and all the higher-ups at Applezon the Federal government and even J.J. himself as smart as they all are would have considered this possibility..J.J. and Henry better have bodyguards now. Looking forward to all the reunions .
  9. weinerdog

    Chapter 4 - Damon

    The situation sucks but it is a hell of a lot better when you have guys like that being there for you
  10. The way Blake was reacting to Aric's house it sounds like he comes from modest means even before he was on the streets . Comsie have I met you under a different name?The way you are writing Aric you could writing about me especially when I was 14 .I also at times wished I had a perv cam(I never did that I promise)And yep I would probably do the sweatpants thing also...I think I said too much already I better stop before they ban me from GA
  11. weinerdog

    Chapter 84

    With Eva Marie arrival I'm thinking Stephen and Tim will be adopting sooner rather then later. There's a extradition treaty with Canada Bruce had to have known that but perhaps because he doesn't know about Donnie he wasn't worried.Has anything Bruce done be considered a capital offense? .I only ask that because in the past Canada has refused to return Americans because of the death penalty. What kind of school district doesn't offer Spanish in this day and age?I know the town is small but the district covers a wider area it looks like they are as backwards as the town is.
  12. weinerdog

    Chapter 13

    I have to admit they know how to put on a show. I don't patronize these kinds of sites but for these guys I might have. As for Sasha will one thing lead to another and then want to start making appearances with them on FF?And could that cause friction with Sammy and Jake?
  13. weinerdog

    Settling In

    I just got notifications from the last 6 chapters that's been posted this is happening with few other authors who I wasn't getting notifications from.Is this GA way of fixing it?Has this happened to anyone else?
  14. I don't know what's going on some kind of Snafu?I'm getting notifications from on already posted chapters in the past with a few other authors also the one thing in common is it authors I have not been getting notifications from is this GA way of correcting it?Has this happened to anyone else?
  15. weinerdog

    Chapter 83

    Fredo from The Godfather wouldn't agree with that
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