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  1. weinerdog

    Chapter 25

    I happen to know somebody who works in New York's MTA I could make a call LOL
  2. weinerdog

    Chapter 16

    If Dad did pick the wrong dish I bet Mom will let him know it.I wouldn't want be him.Any doubt Carlo may have had about Ants are now dispelled if he make sauce that good
  3. weinerdog

    Chapter 25

    Count me in on the Tristan bandwagon.Somebody is going to have to move either Kev and Jeff or TJ because he just has to be in the same city as Tristan.One thing Im not clear about TJ didn't know CC was his aunt until after the Dylan incident.Was that because of TJ's parents?I'm sure you covered that and I missed it but I don't understand why CC being the boys aunt would be a secret.While I'm ticked at Emily I feel awful for what happened to her.
  4. weinerdog

    A February Song

    Liking the story.Has it been established that Brandon is for sure gay?Oris it Chan's gaydar going off.
  5. weinerdog

    Chapter 15

    Good chapter.I guess you can say the way you described Carlo's and Ants appearance that it's surprising that both are virgins .Especially Ants when you consider Rita is his mom.
  6. weinerdog

    Chapter 24

    Are you kidding me I'm screen saving this.I always wondered if all your different post times were meant to trip @Wesley8890 up.
  7. weinerdog

    Chapter 24

    Oh jeez I guess life made the decision for TJ on where to go.To us readers TJ seems pretty much like the same sweet guy but we don't know his day to day life in SF has he changed in ways that JC might find disturbing? I live in San Diego. First Key West now San Diego did you have me investigated or something.Anyway since Dr. Hottie and Jeff are in SD can you tell me where to find them LOL
  8. weinerdog

    Chapter 23

    Oops that's right I remember reading that smack me in the back of the head now
  9. weinerdog

    Chapter 23

    TJ actions about not being found were brilliant except for using the name Jack Kraft unless their was a reason for it I missed. JC waiting for him really showed how much he loves TJ.It must have been really tough for him to do this knowing how much he loves his brothers.I could help noticing in the reunion scene at Aunt Kat's that Lucas was not mentioned I hope that doesn't mean anything
  10. weinerdog

    Chapter 14

    I bet you could write an interesting chapter about the parents meeting.Carlo better prepare them for Rita lol
  11. weinerdog

    Chapter 4

    The wave what an interesting name.So they found a way to make Mars habitable it sounds like it something like Siberia.There are still newspaper around?Like everyone else I hope they don't get separated.
  12. weinerdog

    Chapter 5

    I have a some niece's and nephews that go to high school and I would ask about bullying and gay people they all said it is not a problem at their school but they heard things about other schools.It's better than before but it still has a ways to go
  13. weinerdog

    Growth All Around

    Bella was worried about Pop being uptight but at the same time she hits Cody with a baseball bat just saying. Pop says"The poor guy is named Tracy?"this from a guy named Blu. Awesome gag the kids with Blu and Tracy's help played on Bella
  14. weinerdog

    Chapter 22

    I guess all the secrets were because of TJ's frame of mind but I agree with @Wesley8890 that they shouldn't have.The way TJ was able evade them from following him has shown he would be qualified to run BHO even though he dosen't want to.Hey is it out of the question if he can be both a Dancer and do the BHO gig?
  15. weinerdog

    Chapter 22

    @Wesley8890 Just wrote Josh and Jeff but it's Jake and Josh right?Unless I missed something?
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