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  1. weinerdog

    Chapter 21

    Stephanie told Matt after the story published that the Pastor's family might sue for defamation I'd like to see them try🤬 He did tell her about the nude dancing so anyone from Matt's past who reads this will know the whole story Thank you and Mike so much for the great video it really got to me😭
  2. weinerdog


    If you are familiar with this authors stories then this one has all the elements which makes this author great if your not familiar then read my or any other readers reviews in previous stories.There is one thing different about this story in most of this authors previous stories the protagonist is very likable and the readers as a result like and root for him this story not so much.While I didn't dislike Hunter(the protagonist) I wasn't that fond of him at first and others readers expressed that in chapter comments.Slowly but surely you get to know why Hunter is like the way he is after coming off a very one-sided relationship it effected how he interacted with people.Despite this there was someone who had an eye on Hunter unbeknownst to him this interaction between the two along with others observing this helps Hunter identify what he's been doing wrong and ever so slowly he changes.There was a reader early in the story who said he didn't like how shallow Hunter was and he said he was going to stop reading the story I suspect by the number of reactions in the beginning other readers felt the same way but I say to them with all due respect have faith in one of our favorite authors others did and he came through again.Now if he starts a story where the protagonist is a serial killer I don't know how I would react to that but I doubt we have to worry about that.For those who may have stopped reading the story go back and finish it your missing out
  3. weinerdog

    Chapter 14

    So all those stress relievers parties was so Caleb could be around Hunter?Was it so hard to just to walk up to Hunter and say hey?I'm not sure which one of those two are weirder but they are perfect for each other I bet college is going to be fun. At the risk of being very redundant another great, great story. Thank you
  4. Forgive me for being thick but was the story implying something supernatural happened and that's why they didn't see anything from the helicopter? Anyway excellent story.
  5. weinerdog

    J.J. v2.0

    What wasn't said about J.J.'s old place burning down was did Applazon hire someone too start the fire.If they did that and a mistake was made and discovered during an investigation that could be a problem for the company I don't think the fire just happen on its own or someone random out of the blue decided to start a fire.It will be interesting to find out more about that. If I'm J.J. after he turns 18 I would hire people who specialize in finding people and get some information about his family and depending on what they find out decide what he wants To do with that info.His real Mom or Dad might be brilliant in their own right I would certainly be curious. Whatever Henry decides to do with his life if its something that's similar to what J.J. deals with I would definitely want Henry to be working with me.
  6. weinerdog

    Chapter 30

    While reading this I let my imagination go nuts.I was thinking this wasn't really a robbery that Salvatore set it up to see if the two would go through with it because it just makes no sense to have two teenagers try to do a professional job .For this a be a plan the lawyer and Salvatore would have worked on it together but my thought hit a snag when Austin was home the lawyer would not do that.One possibility is the mother decided to leave her son home and the father found out about it later. Maybe they talked on the phone and then he said GO THERE NOW!!!! it would explain why she showed uo all of a sudden.Most likely none of this happened of course but Matias and Kyle should not have even been able to enter without setting an alarm off so something seems off
  7. weinerdog

    Chapter 8

    I quote Howard "I read those words several times. If Alexander hadn’t died, would he have pushed further east? When and where would he have stopped" I remember being told in school that when there was nothing left to conquer Alexander sat down and cried if that is a true account I don't think he would have ever stopped
  8. weinerdog


    Maybe not another book that's really hard work but a one off snapshot would be good.
  9. weinerdog


    For what it's worth definitely read Purity you don't need to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy it
  10. weinerdog


    I get that emotions were high but Jenny saying Alan affair was worse then hers because his was with another man was lame talk about the pot calling the kettle black.Considering everything it turned out pretty damn good.Compared to the stuff some of the readers speculated about what you wrote was almost mild in comparison. My only question is do Jake and Ethen really want to live in Egypt? Other then their money being worth more there why would they want to? A few more random thoughts despite what Jenny and Alan did it should not be forgotten that they without hesitation they took in Cody under extreme circumstances. This was a rare gay teen fiction story where the police were competent. You hinted or Jake hinted I should say there may be a story from Ethen's POV Bravo for a great story
  11. weinerdog

    Chapter 7

    Growing up wayyyyy! back when a find like this would be front page news and lead the TV news program today I suspect this would just be mentioned in passing. It would still be a huge deal in the archaeology community but the general public meh.
  12. You don't think Alan and a dinosaur....never mind
  13. Well everybody here has covered all the bases on what happened so I'm going to ask something different why did Trevor think it was a good idea for Alan to be transferred to the U.S to work with COLIN!!!!! It may not have been his decision but .he could have done something to prevent that knowing Colin and Jenny's history.I'm sure he had no idea that it would play out like this but surely he must known have something could happen .We still have to consider Trevor being in on this in some way because he kept reassuring Jake that Colin couldn't do anything was Trevor that clueless?Or was it disinformation? Would not surprise me if the CIA or MI6 would still try to make it where Cody gets charged with murder.Can you murder someone who doesn't exist
  14. weinerdog


    So J.J. is 19 legally and 17 actually with that amount of time passing does this mean the story is now slightly into the future? J.J. now has dreams involving Shaun as well as his father he needs some professional help with this but he may be wary of getting it because he would have to tell the doctor his story I know there is Doctor/patient confidentiality but he still may not want to risk it.
  15. weinerdog

    Chapter 6

    I don't much about mythology but I know a little is this going to be a familiar name?
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