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  1. If it was me I would not have appreciated how Hunter went about things but Puppy enjoyed it so no harm I guess. I do see a red flag when Hunter's reaction to PCP was "cool"Steven may have dodged a serious bullet there. I'm glad Cindy and Puppy can see each other I was right the Watson's reasoning was lame
  2. You have two people who had rough childhoods that itself made this an uphill battle..I think Dave home situation and being bullied in the past have definitely affected him.And it won't be any different if Dave is with someone else not to sound like a broken record but yeah professional help for sure but how is he going to get it? While all this was happening there was no mention of another call to or from Cindy.We at least know the girl Steven Was talking to wasn't Cindy
  3. OK we can cancel the hit on Simon LOL.Really all he was guilty of is being a pretty damn good friend.Nate and Gleason have a tendency to jump to the worst case scenario I hope Simon telling Nate what idiots they were will sink in.Is there a homophobe at school they have to watch out for? Another thing I'm wondering about is if G's dad will want to contact him in the future for whatever reason
  4. weinerdog

    Chapter 166

    Must be really busy if you didn't notice it is the same chapter oh well we'll see you tomorrow
  5. I'm pretty much writing this so the story gets a well deserved 5 star review.I have reviewed other stories by this author and I don't want to get redundant go read my review of Corners or a Perfect Confluence of Events and what I wrote there will apply here.What I do recommend is if you are not familiar with this author then go read the story Panic first before reading this heck while you're at it read the story Family which can be found on GA and The Education of Nate which can be found the author's website Dabeagle's Doghouse that will also help you in this story but it's not critical for you to read the last two stories mentioned but do read Panic first it will be a labor of love
  6. This story has dark undertones the entire way if you like twists and turns and suspense you are going to love this.The two main characters are Tyler and Zeke and for a lot of first half of the story it's mostly just them two as a horrible tragedy happens in Tyler's life and his own life is still in danger Zeke who is working for a mysterious organization is tasked with making sure Tyler stays safe.Later in the story you will meet other people and it will be difficult to figure who is friend or who is foe.This is a love story but a highly unusual one.
  7. weinerdog

    New Highs

    This is just another guess from me and my guesses are less then 50/50.One is if Watson doesn't know Puppy is gay he might think Cindy and Puppy might do the big nasty.The other thought might be more likely after Puppy's attempt at hanging himself Watson might think it's dangerous for Cindy to be around Puppy. I wonder if Cindy is going to the same school as them as has been speculated if so then the cat's out of the bag so maybe Watson has her going to another school.I hope she find the number.
  8. weinerdog

    Chapter 165

    Some of this was in the last chapter but there was some new stuff near the end so no worries.Adam said all of his sons were married does that also include Adam and Franz? If so then that means more then a few years have past.And if I'm not mistaken that would mean Billy already ran his second olympics and Stephan and Anna ran in their first you got to tell us what happened
  9. weinerdog

    Chapter 3

    Up until this chapter while I didn't hate Hunter I didn't find him likable either but after he saw Gary with his wife and kids he thought to himself "If he was a cheating bastard, what did that make me?" that shows me he's not that shallow and he has a conscious.Call it a growing up experience I wonder if Zac's used underwear story will be relevant. I'm curious what Hunter is going to make with all those old gears? The reader's have been calling Hunter shallow but his twin sister Andy may not be that much better so far her most said line has been "I like his dick"
  10. weinerdog

    Back to School

    If you don't @Wesley8890 might
  11. weinerdog

    Chapter 9

    Another excellent story I figured things will be good with Jack and Derry but there waz always a chance Dab was going to throw us a curve just like in Panic Jared played and big role in the chapter geez if you have to speak to Jared when you're trying to figure things out😂....kidding I guess the next story about Elliot we will see Derry and Jack then also now that Derry is the band's lead singer. It's all good
  12. weinerdog

    Chapter 5

    Glad that Ian is around and is being a big brother type to the twins.
  13. weinerdog

    What's New?

    There was a line in there 'Wait until they find out we're married"being able to do that without the press knowing was quite a neat trick. Grace is a good choice but Beth would have been a good choice also to carry the baby
  14. weinerdog

    Chapter 164

    This was so sad but it's reality. Hey I didn't give this it's just due this is now the longest story on GA ever and every bit of it quality no fillers 🥳🎊🎉🎆🥂🎶
  15. weinerdog

    Chapter 163

    Damn what was the motivation behind the shooting?I sure hope it wasn't school related by maybe an disgruntled former employee? BTW I like the fun they are having naming the food but they have to drop the cowpattie name for pizza
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