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  1. weinerdog

    Chapter 12

    In this story Kevin seems a little dicky.You missed a opportunity for a line if Kevin threatens Tristan with something Tristan can say "Oh yeah you don't have the balls" 😄
  2. weinerdog

    Chapter 12

    I love how Geno played it forward.Geno and Thomas meeting was great for bothtjier lives
  3. Life is great for Jamie.I'm surprised he managed to not tell Silas everything.Jamie better work on possible things to say,I mean "sale on batteries"? Really?
  4. weinerdog

    Chapter 11

    A lot of times when a long time married couple become separated by death the surviving spouse goes soon after. The fact that she wants to stay home a little longer is not a good sign.But the family is doing their best.
  5. weinerdog

    Chapter 10

    It's cool Thomas is a grandfather now.I sure hope Thomas and Geno not finding the Captain doesn't mean what I think it might mean.It is part of life but I hope l'm wrong.
  6. Good story.So Skylar would be able to tell that Josh wasn't a vampire ,why would Josh say that?So Skylar is supposed to get his Donor selection merit badge?Tell you what if he's as cute as described he can get it off me.My only condition is we get to fool around beforehand it would be a great way to go LOL
  7. I saw a complete tag on the story page so unless that's a mistake this is it
  8. weinerdog

    Chapter 9

    I like the story a lot I'm just wondering I don't think anybody was gay in this story.I guess it's not a requirement on this site but I think this is the first story I read here where that was the case.Still a good story
  9. weinerdog

    Chapter 20

    There are no 'boy on boy' fairy tales for me to look up to or be inspired by when it comes to living happily ever after. Somebody should have sent him a link to your stories. Maybe Stephanie will be cool.Hope she doesn't have to use the bathroom
  10. weinerdog

    Chapter 8

    Why didn't Thomas tell his folks about the adoptions? A nice surprise is one thing but that could be a shock to the system .How about when they come back for the wedding they plan another fishing trip...On the Peter Charles kidding
  11. So glad you read it.I'm going to make a statement that is not an exaggeration this is easily my very favorite gay male fiction story ever.I have some favorite authors on this site and few of their stories managed to be in the same neighborhood but still fell short of this one.He ends this in a way there that could be possible sequel I see a lot of things that could be said in that.If they end up as guardians of the Anderson boy I could see Andy having an conversation with Garrett and Monica saying he had a great example to learn from.I would also like to see him interact with his cousins Uncle Allan's kids they were only mentioned in this story they would be adults now.Enough of me fantasizing.Since this is 12 years after A and Z met I figure Parker has until 2027 to write a follow-up Lol kidding.But I will end with this should he write an story from where this ended and it's only half as good as this one it would be well worth it.
  12. weinerdog

    Chapter 7

    Actually it was a good thing that only one of the four kids had a sleaze ball relative trying to profit off it I guess the other kids had parents who died etc. that's so sad they end up on the streets. I'm guessing the kids are going to have to learn English now.I always did very bad when I attempted to learn other languages I could only remember the dirty words lol.However If was in this situation as the kids I would would be very motivated to learn the language of the kind man adopting me.
  13. weinerdog

    Chapter 6

    What makes this really awesome was these kids had Geno's back on the street so they deserve this.As long as Thomas can afford this it's the best way to spend money.I'm not familiar with Italy's weather patterns you said they slept on the beach does it snow there?
  14. weinerdog

    Chapter 5

    When you say American sponsored school I take that to mean classes are taught in English.Would the curriculum be that of an American school like U.S. history etc Having all of Geno's friends over?I think I know where this is going.If I'm right that's going to be a lot to take on
  15. weinerdog

    Chapter 4

    I'm sure all will be explained in later chapters but while the status of the house was being determined in the courts why wasn't Geno's status as a minor dealt with unless I missed something. I'm guessing all of Thomas duties for his company could be done from Italy. It's cool that they are learning each others language.
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