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  1. weinerdog

    Chapter 8

    Another excellent chapter,Sorry for the unintentional spoiler from last chapter.It proves even a blind squirrel can find some nuts sometimes.If that happens again DM me and I'll delete the part.So does a musician drop by to eat at the diner and then asks Tony to sing for his band?Stop,Stop.STOP!!!!!LOL
  2. weinerdog

    Chapter 23

    Davey intellectually knows how to approach things with Brian he said I all he could be is friends with Brian then so be it.I get the felling they may not even be that at first.Sean being there might make the guys do or say something they shouldn't.
  3. In Farmer's mind he's doing the right thing.It's difficult to say but Farmer doing what he's doing is better then doing nothing.If CPS is corrupt and these boys get send to deprogramming camps that's not good either.It sounds like he's going to set up those Johns
  4. weinerdog

    Aid: 5.2

    That training seemed like a video game except real If it was me I would be reluctant to help Caleb
  5. weinerdog

    Chapter 7

    The Uncle is a piece of work.Could he still be brought up on charges? Maybe Tony can on some days be the entertainment at the cafe
  6. weinerdog

    Chapter 6

    The mere fact that Jim's dad bought a bed for THEM should tell Tony that it's ok.While the Mother sound like a total you know what the Dad who we know is a good guy is still with her.Maybe it's little more nuanced .
  7. weinerdog

    Chapter 22

    It's interesting Davey didn't remember that incident with Sean in the first lifeline.In some ways what he did was worst he was a friend in junior high and when Davey became a "cool jock' later in high school it didn't even register that This person the guy were picking on was someone he knew and was once a friend . It shows Davey could be as big of ass as the others were.I think this story Sean told is setting up Brian doing something along those lines that will cause a confrontation between Davey and Brian.Trevor and Brandon after they found out Davey knows what they did in the barn I
  8. weinerdog

    Aid: 5.1

    What does James have in mind? This sounds so much like something he should tell his Grandpa about he would know what to do. I'm confused in one sentence James is beating Caleb referring to him as a former friend but then wants to help him which is what a friend does so which is it?
  9. weinerdog


    This chapter explains Flynn a little before we thought he was a stoner dealing to make easy money when actually he was doing for Blake's condition.Did anybody in the band realize that about Blake? All these 180's Jasper keeps doing can't be good for Ryan either being he has had the same kind of problems in the past.Ryan might need to see a professional to get help to figure out what is the best thing to do for Jasper and how to go about it but also to determine if there a risk that it could affect him in a dangerous way.
  10. weinerdog

    Chapter 5

    "That asshole " Tony was talking about at the diner was that his college classmate from the previous time at the diner?
  11. weinerdog

    Chapter 4

    Grandpa asked Tony to get the stew then told Jim what he found out.They seem to be doing this in secret why aren't they telling Tony about this?
  12. weinerdog

    Chapter 21

    There is a lot of evidence Brian is a lot different but the fact that Brian wanted to tour the place with Davey indicates he's drawn to him in some way.Brian is far coming to terms with any gay feelings he has . Brian asked Davey if he was married in the previous lifeline and when he found he was he then asked if was to Marcie. Davey thought that he reacted with a hint of sadness. One can surmise from that is to Brian that marrying Marcie would mean that he isn't gay.Brian could possibly be the guy he was in the previous lifeline but at the moment that seems to be a long way off.
  13. weinerdog

    Closing Moves

    It's so nice that YouTube could help you be a safecracker. I have a nagging worry that Philip might mistakenly be arrested
  14. weinerdog

    Chapter 11

    Good move by Olivia I'm sure it was done by Vicky input.Some people just leave without sayin anything so this is at least something. Mayson has been in a coma ALL this time?Detective Bullock must have already questioned Mayson I think he would do that first before telling Hunter.What interesting timing the night Hunter and Dale become official Mayson wakes up
  15. Lee came off as a everyday guy giving Evan a lecture about respecting women etc. The question now is was Lee just some everyday random perv or was he connected to somebody else?In other words do the grandparents have someone else to look for? I noticed the box I also seen this mentioned by guys who have YouTube channels but I haven't checked it out let
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