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  1. I found myself awake before the moon had sunk below the horizon. It was a dim gray splotch against the hazy black sky. Although my body told me I hadn't gotten enough sleep, my brain, accustomed to the eternal presence of danger told me to get moving. That was one thing that I learned early on in life: you should never stay in one spot for more than a day unless you had a death wish. And I had a dozen or so scars as a testament to that. I suppose I should be thankful for them though. They
  2. Why do I continue when there’s obviously no hope? I rested on some crumbling steps, my hand on my chin and my legs pulsing under my elbow. While I dreamily stared at the cracks in the cement, I noticed a little spider scurrying along. Curiously I reached down with my good arm, and picked it up, pinching two of its legs between my fingers, to keep it still. I watched as its free arms vainly tested the air for some leverage, and envied the arachnid’s dexterity. Cocking my head a little to the
  3. In a desolated world,where misery is abundant and violence overshadows morals, why do people choose to live?
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