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  1. I'm not advocating trying to restrict our vocabulary solely to words of Anglo-Saxon derivation, if that's what my point appeared to be. "Program," "charisma," and "character" are Greek words that have developed specific meanings in English that would be hard to convey in pure Anglo-Saxon vocabulary. I just don't think "kudos" adds any value that "praise" doesn't already convey. Whereas you could write a whole dissertation on why we need both "charisma" and "gift" in our vocabulary.
  2. "Kudos" is a Greek singular. The plural is "kudoi." So it is just as ungrammatical to write "many kudos" as it is to write "many praise." "Much kudos" is quite proper, however, just as "much praise" is. In any case, to use a Greek word when there is a perfectly good native English one to do the job is a bit pretentious.
  3. I loved the arrival of the paratroopers. That was fun!
  4. BigBen

    Chapter 23

    I certainly hope that pastor is long gone from the village! Perhaps he learned the error of his ways and repented, or perhaps Michael took him, in which case he's definitely learned the error of his ways! 😁
  5. BigBen

    Chapter 17

    Admittedly, I've been celibate for a long time, but I don't remember having to clean out, except possibly to make sure we moved our bowels.
  6. BigBen

    Chapter 17

    The one I liked was Gasoline Alley, because the characters grew up and raised another generation. I liked Brenda Starr for quite a while, but the cartoon that really held my interest was Dick Tracy. I had such a crush on him! (Boy, was I jealous of the Moon Maid.) And I'm still waiting for my wrist phone, lol!
  7. BigBen

    Chapter 15

    How about one of those collars people use to keep dogs within a perimeter? Give him a good shock if he starts to wander off! 🤣
  8. BigBen

    DA Ch 23 - Open Day

    That Jex is such a rascal. You know he had a good time playing those recordings!
  9. BigBen

    Chapter 20

    I knew I was attracted to men at age four. And even at that tender age, I knew to fear the consequences of making such an admission. But I might well have made that mistake, if I had trusted my parents more. I agree that Germany is a much more enlightened society than the U.S. and this reaction on the part of Lukas's father is probably a lot less likely than it would have been in the U.S., but I know first-hand how distorted religious teachings can warp people's minds.
  10. BigBen

    Chapter 20

    Remember that Michael is an angel, and surprising things are going to happen when he's involved. Yes, the young men will probably get into some trouble for absconding with Lukas, but it was hardly against Lukas's will, and I don't know enough about European law to know how much trouble they'd be in. Lukas's father certainly doesn't deserve to get him back. In the U.S., crossing a state boundary is problematic. You can't just be shipped back without extradition proceedings, but fleeing out of state doesn't sit well with the judge in the original jurisdiction when you finally get hauled back into his or her court. Also, I don't know how good the Jugendamt is in Germany, but in the U.S., Child Protective Services (or whatever they call it in a given state) can sometimes be worse than an abusive family.
  11. BigBen

    Chapter 16

    Boy, Keith really came through, didn't he? I love the way he faced down Cole's grandpa and mother. Wow!
  12. I'm surprised that the airbase museum is such a hit as a tourist site. The Kendriks have put so much money into the restoration that I'll bet they'll be glad to start earning some income from it. It will be interesting to see how Jex will combine running the museum with his veterinary practice. I'm sure the new plane will be a great help to the vet practice. When I was laid up for a while a few years ago, there was a great show on television about a vet in Alaska who made regular flights to treat those of her patients who were unable to get to her. Some of the animals were in very isolated locations, and the owners were very grateful that she could come to them.
  13. BigBen

    Chapter 15

    His father, Mr. Petrakis, owns the house, so I'm sure any of the Petrakis family can get in, when and as necessary.
  14. BigBen

    Chapter 18

    Stephan is a wise old man in a teenaged body. And to tell the truth, not all that many people are that wise at any age. 😃
  15. BigBen

    Chapter 5

    One of the things I like about fiction by gay men is that the characters generally sleep naked. Women writers seem to feel that people need to dress up in order to sleep. It's a much nicer feeling to sleep naked.
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