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  1. BigBen

    Chapter 9

    It's good to see that Ryan and Benji can talk to each other, when they make the effort. Making assumptions about the other, without checking to see if they are valid, is a real relationship-killer. How I wish I'd learnt that much earlier in life!
  2. She was a canny one, all right! But fortunately, she got greedy and got caught.
  3. Churchill demolished that rule with the famous line, "Sir, that is a slur, up with which I will not put!" In Latin, prepositions are just that: placed before. Not so, in English. The rule about not splitting infinitives is another one borrowed from Latin. Pedants have tried to force English into the Latin mold, but it often does not work. But they worked really hard to get Spanish that way. There is a hilarious sf short story by Dolton Edwards, Kaos in ce Clasrum, that imagines what might happen if we tried the same thing with English. Italian comes close to the Spani
  4. I knew it! Loe is Jay's Loren, or vice versa. Sad that Loren isn't able to reach for what's right in front of him. Poor Jay is practically doing handstands, and he just doesn't see it. (Now, whom does that remind me of, lol?) I'm glad to finally make it to this chapter. I decided last night to re-read the story to console myself while waiting for a new chapter to post, and lo and behold! here one is! Was tempted to jump right to it, but I fought the temptation. It was sweet to see Matt getting better acquainted with Seamus's friends. The quality of a person's friends says a lo
  5. And that, boys and girls, is the very reason for code-naming operations in the first place! I like "Operation Butter Biscuit," but I wouldn't have complained about "Operation Stealth Potato Ninja," either. A couple of decades ago, the treasurer of the Episcopal Church embezzled four million dollars from church accounts. The only reason they caught her was that, on the day she was set to retire, she wrote herself a $60,000 check for accrued vacation, and someone happened to query it. Otherwise, she'd have gotten away scot-free. (Fortunately, the Church was able to recover alm
  6. BigBen


    I agree with this analysis, though I would amend it simply say that Matt doesn't dare get too close to Seamus too quickly. I get the feeling that Matt knows they'll end up together, and he wants that, but this time he's determined to get it right. I know from experience how hard it is to say you love someone and not get it back, but I feel Matt is wise not to rush to say something he doesn't yet feel, even though he knows it's what Seamus wants to hear.
  7. I'm seeing a lot of "woah" in texts these days. Is this intended to be the same as the interjection "whoa!" used literally to stop horses and cattle, and figuratively to mean "Wait a minute!"? Does the difference in spelling reflect a difference in punctuation? I'm also seeing "hun" used a lot as an endearment. Am I correct in assuming that this is intended to be a variant of "hon," as in "honey"? Please tell me that calling someone a member of an Asiatic conquering tribe has not become a sign of love, lol! There is also a common phrasing that really puzzles me. It runs somethin
  8. Actually, I'm enjoying the pace. Matt clearly has a history of bad choices, so it's good to see him proceed cautiously. I say this as someone who never learned to wait until the first date to have sex, so I feel I know whereof I speak. I know it's a convention of this type of story to try to draw out the mating dance, and the fanfics out of which this genre evolved are even worse. In comparison, Matt and Seamus have gotten together at light speed. Given that their pace would have been so much faster in real life, I admire our author for her deft balance between competing imperatives.
  9. “I leave towels on the floor.” “I know, I pick them up.” “I know. If we lived together then you’d be picking them up all the time. It could drive you crazy.” “I do pick them up all the time and it does drive me crazy. Yet, we’re still friends. Imagine that.” I love Seamus's sense of humor!
  10. I beg to differ. One thing I learned from my drinking days is that crying-drunk is not a good look on anyone, male or female. It may be fun to contemplate fictional guys acting like big softies, but the memories of the cringe-worthy reality are still far too vivid, even all these years later, and despite how drunk I was at the time. Though I have to admit that one of the benefits of being that drunk is that when you vomit, you don't have to be there. (Vomiting while sober is a much nastier experience, in my opinion.) I mention all this, because the scene of Matt at Seamus's house
  11. The mention of Matt's taking Aidan to class with him reminded me that my parents were still in grad school when I was born, and they sometimes had to take me with them to class. Watching Matt cope with work, classes, and baby care has given me a new appreciation for what they must have gone through. At least my parents had each other; poor Matt's on his own.
  12. I was thinking about this on my second read-through. This jealousy is common in toddlers, I think. And it seems to me that Matt is handling it just right by making fun of it. The teasing isn't mean-spirited, and it gently signals to Aidan that he doesn't get to dictate the adults' behavior. It's how my parents handled me when I went through that phase, and it worked. You know, the more I reread this story, the more impressed I am with how decent all the main characters are. I like that they are grownups, dealing with grown-up issues in a grown-up way.
  13. She and her husband ran a theater project in Montclair, New Jersey, which did a combination of classics and workshops of new works. They did the best production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that I've ever seen, using actors from the local college. I don't know how long they were able to keep the operation going, but my lover and I really enjoyed all the performances we attended. She got to say my favorite line in Steel Magnolias: "You are evil and must be destroyed."
  14. BigBen

    Chapter 8

    Oh, how true this is! Spoken like a man who is intimately familiar with the workings of Murphy's Law. It's a working-class desire for the kids to have a better life. A professional doesn't need to get his hands dirty. The happiest day of my roommate's college career was when he flunked organic chemistry and would therefore never get into med school. My parents weren't so oppressive about it, thank God. Okay, now I'm all caught up and have to wait for the next installment. Drat! I knew I should have stuck to my rule about waiting for stories to be complete! 🤣😊
  15. BigBen

    Chapter 7

    Two gems I won't soon forget! 😄 To me, it's a judgement call (so to speak, lol!). I felt that Ryan did it gently and politely, just being frank. And Benji certain seems to have taken it well. You are definitely right that Ryan could have said it wrong, or inflicted his jealously on Benji as a judgement (instead of simply mentioning it as a fact). This comment, and Dabeagle's remark that sparked it, made me think of Shaw's play, Mrs. Warren's Profession. At the end of the play, he gives her daughter a speech, in which she says basically that she did not judge h
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