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  1. I've been really enjoying Let the Music Play and its sequels. Lots of fun! C. James really seems to know how to write scary villains, huh? Thanks to everyone for helping to track that story down. I'm still perplexed about why it never showed up in my GA searches. Oh, well. Now, if only I could dredge up some better memory traces of that second story . . . (doesn't help that I can't even remember the site I read it on).
  2. BigBen

    Chapter 3

    Unfortunately, the story is listed as being on temporary hold, which makes me fear the worst. I hope the author is okay, because the other incomplete story of his is also on temporary hold. They are both very promising stories, so I fervently hope we'll see more chapters eventually.
  3. I don't mean to preclude the notion that many people might prefer the revision over the original. It's just a quirk of mine to prefer the first version I encounter. I've been known to hate perfectly good movies because they weren't the book, and to dislike great books because I saw the movie first, lol!
  4. Each site seems to do things differently. On GA, I've seen chapters revised without destroying the comments, but also cases where a chapter was posted out of sequence and when it was withdrawn (I believe the term here is "unpublished"?), the comments were all lost. One other big site (can't remember which at the moment; don't get old!) has a notice in its publishing procedures that they will be very unhappy with you if you decide to withdraw a story once they post it. It appears that there is a lot of work involved in deleting something once published. But I know other sites that list
  5. I used to have a friend whose parents' condo was on the 95th floor. It was a bit scary, if you worried about getting caught in a fire. My friend's mother worked for the State of New York in an office in the World Trade Center. As I recall, she said it took her twenty minutes just to get from the lobby to the floor where her office was found. It was a significant part of her commute. (Given her age, she was long-retired before 2001.)
  6. Generating truly random numbers is a challenge. And then, how can you be sure? (Scott Adams made this point in a strip many years ago, in which Dilbert is visiting the demons of accounting and they pass by a demon generating random numbers. Lots of nines, as I recall, and as the demon says to Dilbert, "How can we tell?"). And yet, as Heisenberg observed, sometimes science has to progress one death at a time. It wasn't until all the medical authorities who drove Semmelweis into the asylum had died that hand-washing between procedures became standard medical practice. Peo
  7. If they are both hot and fall in love, that would be the kind of surprise I'd enjoy! 😄👍
  8. I'm sorry, but I just can't see how the direction my birthplace was facing out into the universe at the moment I was born can have any effect on me. And why the moment I was born? Shouldn't the moment of conception be the determinant? Since the entire solar system is rushing through space at a staggering velocity, this means that even if the earth is facing generally toward the same constellation every twelve months, the actual direction in which it is pointing is different. It's just that the stars in these constellations are so far away that our motion in relation to them is not noti
  9. Definitely a serious lack of imagination going on there.
  10. Nice twist at the end. If Tom pushed Steve overboard, who would ever know? Jodie's remark gave me the impression he might have been slowly eliminating the bad guys, but looking back, I see that one died of a collision, which would have been hard to arrange. Though I enjoy the amiguity. One point of confusion, though: is it Mark or Michael Beckett?
  11. Those temperatures sound more like New York or New England than Texas. Stay as warm as you can. I hope things warm up soon!
  12. BigBen

    Wake Up Call

    Obviously he was using a sonic screwdriver! 😄
  13. I also enjoy being needed, but there is a risk in taking that dynamic too far. I have found from experience that it is better to encourage my loved ones to be more independent and more themselves. My most disastrous situations arose from my desire to be the one who made everything all right. I agree with you about "friends to lovers." That is the best path, both in fiction and in real life. Although I have to admit that adding sex to a couple of my friendships didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. On the other hand, my ex was my friend, as well as my lover, and that was part of why t
  14. I see from Cia's post that it's definitely not No Flash. I was going to say that if there were an ex-lover of the doctor's involved, he didn't make an appearance until some point after I apparently stopped reading. Thanks so much for trying, though, Gary. 👍 I remember Top End Doctor well and enjoyed it quite a bit. It's not the story I'm seeking, since Top End Doctor is set in coastal northern Australia, whereas the story I'm seeking was set in the western U.S., as I recall, possibly California. I seem to remember that either the wealthy friend was raising his son on his own
  15. That's the story. I don't remember yet why I didn't finish it. Perhaps because of that sinister person in Chapter 3? (I think it was Ch. 3.) Anyway, it's good to be able to start it again. I don't know why it never showed up when I searched here on GA. Several of the different keywords I tried are right there in Chapter 1. Many, many thanks, Valkyrie. I appreciate your help.
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