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  1. In twenty-five years of net access and fiction reading thereon I have been sufficiently impressed to write to only two internet authors to thank them for their work, Mike Arram is the second. Terre Nouvelle is an expertly told tale, simultaneously historic and futuristic, unlike anything I ever read in many years of sci-fi reading in my youth. None of that science fiction had any homoerotic content – times have changed greatly in that regard fortunately, and Terre Nouvelle is both romantic and very sexy, with carefully drawn, believable characters. The historic part is richly developed – I was reminded of the complexities of Westeros – and so well handled that I could not fault it, though I’ve read a good deal of European history. That 19th century history is used as a source, which is transmuted in sometimes fascinating ways, and how the author did this was one of the pleasures of the tale. A story set on another planet, with an indigenous population of sentient life, might be expected to have some “unusual elements” and sure enough this one does… Don’t let them put you off, this is the most imaginative work I have ever read on the net. It is also a rollicking tale, so much so that I repeatedly stayed up far too late reading it.
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