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  1. Mike Arram

    Chapter 28

    Not quite everything, Doc. Gavin and Max were left hanging a bit, and sorting their relationship is the next episode, but not in Rothenia. Back to the UK and higher ed for them.
  2. Mike Arram

    Chapter 28

    Cheers Buz. Glad you enjoyed. I loved your comments throughout. It adds to the fun. The next excursion deals with the fallout for Gavin from the Eschaton. The Dead are up to something.
  3. Mike Arram

    Chapter 28

    Dawn was breaking in the sky that Damien could see through the windows of the military hospital, which was quiet now the panic was over. He had dozed on a sofa in the maternity waiting room, his hand still grasping the spear. Although it no longer glowed, he could still somehow feel a vitality in it. No one had suggested he give it up. He caught whispers about how he had come by it and what he had done with it. Nathan had come in and out as he had news. Sometime after midnight he woke Damien gently and gathered him into his arms. ‘The baby didn’t make it, love.’ ‘Harry?’ ‘She’s ve
  4. Mike Arram

    Chapter 27

    Hi Doc. Tricky point, as tricky as any to do with a word that's at the heart of the present culture wars racking the west. The Antichrist said 'The foetus is aborting' and it's a brutal way of telling Rudi his child is dying, which is what you'd expect from such a monster of sadism. He's also implying that he is behind the process and can take the child out of danger, but he is, as Rudi knows all too well, a liar. The verb 'miscarry' I'd agree is more appropriate in most circumstances. Grammatically, the phrase puts the teeth on edge. 'Abort' is an odd verb. It's both a transitive and
  5. Mike Arram

    Chapter 27

    Henry stopped time around himself. It was odd, to say the least. The castle was full of glare and frozen chaos. Aware that his ability to maintain himself amongst such explosive events was limited, he ran to the east side of the castle with fear in his heart. The hideous shapes of Hellhounds had broken through. Two were in mid-air, completing their springs. Another had got among the defenders and taken four men down, one bitten in half. A third was being confronted by the heroic figure of Fritz von Tarlenheim, sword in hand, coolly poised to stab it through its eye. Fritz was covering his
  6. Mike Arram

    Chapter 26

    ‘I’ve got a plan, little babe.’ ‘It’s your strong point, Ed. I’m not surprised. Go for it.’ ‘Time.’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Tobias had a way with it, and you’ve managed to travel through it.’ ‘I was lucky to get back, too. I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.’ ‘That isn’t what I have in mind exactly.’ ‘It’s not one of those time-paradox thingies is it, like I go back in time and assassinate Hitler as a kid, so we don’t get the Second World War, Nazis, the Holocaust and so on?’ ‘No. The idea of you shooting a kid is not something I can conceive of anyway.
  7. Mike Arram

    Chapter 25

    The Mendamero Men had to be let out. It was cruel not to, in Nate’s opinion. Justy grumbled but eventually gave in. They were strictly instructed to stay within the grounds and not to talk to strangers, especially if they were clearly supernatural. The Men should also dress up warmly and keep out of puddles. Needless to say, they fully intended to ignore most of the instructions. ‘Depends what they mean by “within the grounds”,’ Mattie Oscott observed. ‘Yuh,’ agreed Damien. ‘An’ how can you tell if some bloke’s supernat’rul or not unless you get up close? Juss doan make sense. Adults!’
  8. Mike Arram

    Chapter 24

    Morning broke over northern Rothenia, bringing with it a certain relief to the garrison of Belvoir. The courtyard filled with the smell of frying and baking, while shifts of soldiers took breakfast in the temporary commissary. Sitting at a table with Ed, Henry tried not to be aware of the stares. ‘D’you think they believe I’m weird?’ ‘Yup. That guy over there just made the horns sign.’ ‘You mean the one to ward off evil? Fucking cheek! I’m good, me!’ ‘Yeah, but scary. You were awesome last night, little one. You gave everyone confidence. It was great the way they looked to
  9. Mike Arram

    Chapter 23

    Max held close Gavin’s still-warm body, now a limp, dead weight in his grasp. It was a few moments before the strangest thing registered in his head. Amazingly, wings still arched from his shoulders, his skin was golden and his arms were strong and muscled beyond what they normally were. The fall of Enoch had not ended his transformation. He still had his powers! ‘Now what are you?’ the Antichrist’s voice grated into his grief and woke him to his surroundings. ‘Not one of the orders, I think. You smell human, but you don’t look it. Speak, boy!’ ‘I’m gonna take ya down, ya bastard!’ M
  10. Mike Arram

    Chapter 22

    With nothing much else to do, Max and Gavin spent Monday in bed. Neither of them initiated full sex. Instead they kissed and cuddled, expressing their love for each other in whispered words and delicate touches. Max dozed from time to time, and occasionally got up for a snack from his store of pilfered food. Lije worked at his desk, scribbling away for hours on end and adding to the stacks of paper scattered about. Then, late in the afternoon, he took up his guitar. Hearing melancholy chords fill the tower, his friends drifted into his room, where Gavin sat in Max’s lap as they list
  11. Mike Arram

    Chapter 21

    At breakfast very early on Monday, Anthony found Bishop Jack in full flood of bonhomie in the restaurant of the Hotel Flavia, joking and laughing with the staff, who were clearly much charmed. ‘Have the full Rothenian, Tony!’ ‘Sir?’ The bishop laughed. ‘Oh come on, you’ve travelled enough. The “full English”, the “full American”, the “full Irish”; somehow they’re all the same breakfast: eggs, bacon, mushrooms, sausage of whatever variety, some sort of fried potatoes. In fact, there’s nothing more international.’ Anthony smiled. Even for Bishop Jack, his boss was in a very g
  12. Mike Arram

    Chapter 20

    ‘So here we are.’ Henry looked around the high chamber of Belvoir castle's keep. It was empty, but would soon be full of electronic communications equipment and assorted weaponry. ‘Uh huh. Great thing about castles is that they’re organised for defence. I don’t mean we’ll man the walls – they’re too ruinous for that – but the point is, castles occupy defensible positions and funnel enemies the way you want them to go.’ Ed was cheerful. ‘That’s my soldier boy.’ Henry smiled at his lover, back in his battledress. Henry had defiantly kept to his casuals, his instincts telling him it wou
  13. Mike Arram

    Chapter 19

    Max woke to find Gavin still flat out next to him. He sat up and discovered he was human once more. What was happening to him? He grinned to himself. Whatever it was, it was cool. He’d had wings on his shoulders! Real, beating wings that would have lifted him off the bed had he not been twelve-inches deep inside Gavin. He checked his dick. Rats! Back to normal size. Gavin too was in human guise. After gently stroking his flanks, Max cuddled round his warm body and kissed the nape of his neck. Max thought out his situation as he lay embracing his sleeping lover. He knew the Icon
  14. Mike Arram

    Chapter 18

    ‘Stop poking me!’ Max giggled. ‘It tickles.’ ‘Gotta check what happened. You seem just the same, but for a moment there I thought it had done to you what it did to me.’ ‘So I’m still alive then?’ ‘Appears you are.’ Gavin looked relieved. The two were naked together on their bed. It was not for the purpose of sex, though that thought was heavy on their minds. Gavin had been making a minute inspection of Max’s body. When the light had faded in the crypt and they had resumed their human forms, both were concerned about what the irradiation had done to Max. Gavin had led him d
  15. Mike Arram

    Chapter 17

    Henry was bewildered and panicking, but for the boys’ sake he mastered himself. He looked at the Lady Fenice. ‘Is there a problem?’ she asked. ‘I … can’t seem to find my way.’ The lady’s face took on deep concern. ‘Mendamero, you must leave, you know that.’ ‘But the way’s no longer there!’ ‘Oh! But nothing has been changed. How could this be?’ Henry began to wonder if he’d done something wrong in the initial crossing. But what could it have been? Fenice was concentrating. ‘Do you think the apostate has somehow devised a way to prevent your return?’ Henr
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