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  1. Just gonna post this here

  2. If you're from Napoli or knows a person from Napoli please contact me. Grazie

  3. As I doze out of bed still unaware of the time. I take a look at my alarm only to discover that it is 7:45 AM. "Shit" I said to myself. Swiftly change my pj to my student uniform. No time to shower I thought. Dashing down the stair like a wild stallion try to step up my pace with a bread in my mouth ( ) . I turn the doorknob and open the door only to discover that today is not a normal day .........
  4. The game bully is pretty fun. I like making out with Kirby and later writes a dirty fanfics about him.
  5. Hi the name is Tann just joined yesterday please take good care of me.
  6. So being born as a Thai citizen I thought I might have a better chance of getting my family's acceptance and approval, but I was wrong. Yes, even though I am a Thai (the place you want to go to for "fun time") I find it nuisance that my family was also born into a Chinese decent family. Since I already have an elder sister it is somewhat expected as my responsibility to "pass on my family name". I was 19 years old when I came out to my parents. I was on summer break after my first year in college. I can remember the day I came out like it was yesterday. It was July 20, 2014. I took one of my guy friend to karaoke. I had a few shots vodka and few glasses of Long Island. After I returned from my karaoke I was barraged by my parents with "Why didn't you bring this girl?" (My parents frequently tried to hook me up with daughters of their friends). Of course being a 19 years old with a raging hormone and a know at all attitude (plus influence under alcohol) I was annoyed by the fact that they kept trying to set me up with random girls (after I repeatedly told them that I have a "girlfriend"). So I threw somewhat of a fit in the car after my parents picked me up from the mall (We have karaoke at the mall in Tland yo). Finally my father asked me if I was gay. I replied with "What if I am? Will it change who I am 5 seconds ago?" My father asked me questions such as "Why?". He also the Buddhism's perspective of "Impermanence, claiming that my sexuality is just a phase". We continued to argued for a couple of days with the constant attacked of the word toot (fag) or mai pen tammachati (unnatural). He discussed that he too had homosexual experiences (gay for pay) in the past. He also proceeded in asking a very intrusive question such as "top or bottom?", "have you ever been penetrate before?", "have you get tested?". He let go of the subject a few days later, but still dropped a subtle hint on why homosexuality is messed up towards society and how "If you like to ply with children why don't you have one of your own". Even my sister who reads yaoi all the time and practically squealed after seeing a picture of my (ex) boyfriend turned against me after she had a conversation with my father. Not only that many people from my father's side of the family starting to shunned me. Give me less privacy. Asking unnecessary questions about my sexuality and my sexual activity.I know it is not as bad as getting kick out of your house, but it was quite traumatizing for me to see those people who you thought loves you to turned on you in a snap and refuse to accept the fact that his own flesh and blood likes the person of the same gender. To this day my father thinks I'm straight once more. However he still dropped some homophobic/transphobic remarks every now and then. Such as the Orlando shooting (If he have problems with their unnatural ways of life he could just talk to them) or it is a waste of life that if you're brn as a guy and you want to be a girl.
  7. Desperately need an editor yo

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      Welcome to the site, tcheevas! This is a great place

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      What do you write? I edit. mytrickybits2 (at) gmail dot com

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      it depends on my mood. haha sorry i can't be anymore specific

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