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  1. Glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks for reading!
  2. There is a sequel! It's here:
  3. I mentioned in my last blog post (which was back in December, omg!) that I have a couple of books being published this year! The first one came out on Monday!! It's called Inside Darkness and it's about a humanitarian aid worker struggling with PTSD and an Asian American journalist who encounters systemic racism. It's dark and gritty and angsty; the sex is fast but the emotions are slow burn (I stole that last part from a reviewer, hehe). It's hard to believe that I am officially a Published Author (TM). There was no party, no cake, no one handing me a big cheque. Just some nice p
  4. I do have to consciously remember to include stuff like metaphors and similes. Otherwise, my writing gets stripped down to, "he did this, then he did this, then he did this." 😅 I also try to remember to use all the senses. What does a room look like? Smell like? Temperature? etc. It helps paint a picture and makes the reader feel like they're actually in the room with the character.
  5. I'm definitely not a fan of posting most of a story online and then asking readers to pay for the ending. it's disingenuous. One of my parent's friends has a long history of working in direct marketing (also called multi-layer marketing or pyramid schemes, you know, when people try to sell their friends a bunch of stuff that usually doesn't work?). Anyway, this "friend" only comes calling when she has something new to sell. Then she'll be super friendly and nice. And because she's a friend, we all feel like we need to support her and spend tons of money buying stuff we don't need.
  6. I enjoyed On Writing a lot. It's half biography and half writing tips. I think most of his advice is good, but might not work for everyone. Like, I think he recommends writing everyday, but that might not be practical for everyone. As with all advice, take it with a grain of salt and figure out what works for you.
  7. This is my biggest fear. Writing myself into corners, wanting to take the story in a new direction that doesn't match with what came before. Which is why I can't post a story until the whole thing has been written and all the plot holes addressed. I don't know how people do it... they are far braver than I am.
  8. Update: the same person who was posting my stories on Wattpad is now posting Stepping Out in AO3... argh. Unfortunately, AO3's DMCA takedown process doesn't seem as streamlined as Wattpad, so it might be harder to get the story removed. 

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    2. Hudson Bartholomew

      Hudson Bartholomew

      I've reported them on AO3, and hopefully they'll take it down. Other than that... *shrug*

    3. wenmale64


      I hope they are not trying to take credit for your work. If they are it may be possible to find a lawyer that would send something out probono. Not really much help, but people like that will not stop until they are stopped.  my hopes are in your corner!!!

    4. Hudson Bartholomew

      Hudson Bartholomew

      Yeah, they were taking credit for my work 😡 Luckily AO3 seems to work quickly. I sent them a complaint this morning and they've already responded and taken down the story. Yay!


  9. Yeah, Erik was kind of picking fight, maybe without realizing it. And the whole leaving New York thing is a weird mental game that doesn't always make much sense! 😊
  10. Hahaha, it's not a fun activity! 😅
  11. GAH. I'm so angry. Just found out that someone has stolen all three of my stories (Stepping Out in Faith, Between the Push and Pull, and Embracing the Tension), changed the titles, character names, bastardized my writing and then posted them as their own on Wattpad. 


    I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later. Perhaps it's a sign that my writing is good enough that someone wants to plagiarize me? Can't help feeling violated though. Not just because of the work I've put in and the work my editor has put in, but it's like they've violated the sanctity of the story itself. 


    I've already reported this to Wattpad, but not sure if anything is going to be done. GAH!!!

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    2. Cia


      I'm sorry this happened to you. I've had it happen to me several times, and it's a huge violation every time. And Wattpad's policy about plagiarism SUCKS, which is probably why so many of the disgusting creeps post there. You must issue a DMCA notice on Wattpad for your stories, and they will remove those in a fairly reasonable, but they rarely, if ever, ban the plagiarists. They just blithely let them continue stealing, even if you show the other stories in their account are stolen as well, unless the authors issue DMCA notices. It's totally messed up! 

    3. Lisa


      I’m so sorry this happened to you, HB. How did you find out?

    4. Hudson Bartholomew

      Hudson Bartholomew

      Thanks @Cia! I reported one story and Wattpad took it down quickly. But when I went to report the other two, I couldn't find the user anymore. Not sure if they cancelled their account or many changed their name so I can't find them...  


      @Lisa A reader was kind enough to message me and let me know. 

  12. I'm so glad you like it!!
  13. Haha, yes, they can "work" very hard on making a Nathaniel, but I'm not sure how successful those attempts will be! Thank you!!!
  14. Thank you so much!! I really do consider this their happily ever after. Whether they'll eventually get married or whether they'll have kids still up in the air, but that doesn't mean they won't still be happy together for the rest of their lives!
  15. I'm sad about not having more stuff to post on Sundays, too! We'll see about the wedding and a baby... that might be a little while yet. Thank you so much!
  16. Agreed! Erik did have to make some very difficult decisions, definitely not ones to be made quickly or lightly.
  17. Thank you!! I didn't know Wesley had an insatiable baby lust! Hahaha. I hope that did the trick for him, then
  18. Thank you! I definitely consider this an HEA for them. I've no intention of breaking them up after they've worked so hard to find their way to each other. Whether they'll get married and have children is up in the air, but that's not the only definition of a happily ever after!
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