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  1. Superpride

    Chapter Four

    Thanks for the comment as well as for all the reactions! I really appreciate it!
  2. So much drama, so little time before the wedding haha! Thank you so much for commenting on this story, and I hope to get your input in future chapters when they're posted soon. I have to focus on my summer classes right now, but they will end this Friday, and I can resume this story. 😄
  3. And it's only going to intensify further as the story continues to develop. Thank you!
  4. Superpride

    Chapter Twelve

    Thank you for pointing that out! I'll fix that soon.
  5. Superpride

    Chapter Eleven

    Never had mooncakes myself, but I do want to try them since I've watched YouTube mukbang channels featuring that dessert.
  6. Superpride

    Chapter Ten

    Luckily for Rick, that excuse went straight out of the window... No pun intended haha!
  7. Superpride

    Chapter Nine

    Such a short time has passed since the two best men first encountered each other, but the connection is very clear and all they needed was to find a thing they have in common and some excellent pastries!
  8. Superpride

    Chapter Seven

    Beth does seem to be plotting something other than a kid's birthday that's for sure.
  9. Superpride

    Chapter Six

    Thank you for this comment! Diversity is very important from the way we look to our talents. That's what makes humanity so special!
  10. Superpride

    Chapter Five

    Yes, now Freddy has no other option than to stay in the same house as Rick. Boy, will there be drama!
  11. Superpride

    Chapter Four

    Haha! I haven't thought about it like that before.
  12. Superpride

    Chapter Three

    Thank you so much! And yes, Freddy should've locked the bathroom door since cops should always think ahead in every situation haha!
  13. Superpride

    Chapter Two

    Believe it or not, I tend to not notice the humor I write into my story, so thank you for pointing that out!
  14. Superpride

    Chapter One

    Thank you! Good to know that the beginning of this story has made a good first impression.
  15. Haha! There will be a lot drama in the next chapter, I can guarantee that! Thanks again for commenting!
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