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  1. Superpride

    Superman & Snow White

    Superman sees kryptonite, while Snow White sees a delicious apple. What do you think? I plan on doing Sleeping Beauty with Batman and Cinderella with The Flash as well.
  2. Superpride

    Christmas-Themed Pokémon - Colored

    Complete drawing of Christmas-themed Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.
  3. Superpride

    Christmas-Themed Pokemon

    Sketches of Christmas-themed Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Do you think I should ink and color them? Also, do have any suggestions to add to these drawings?
  4. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends 5

    People who look like their imaginary friends inspired by a rooster, penguin, and swan.
  5. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends - Mangkukulam

    A complete sketch of the mangkukulam-inspired creature of Filipino mythology.
  6. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends - Braidy

    A superhero who tames her unruly, snake-like hair by styling it into a long braid and uses it as a lasso to capture her enemies.
  7. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends - Bubble Boy

    A superhero who uses arm-length, inflatable gloves that grants him super strength and has a frog in a bubble as his sidekick.
  8. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends 3

    All these creatures that I drew are all part of a story that is still in the works in my head. It will be about people having the ability to manifest beings from just their imagination, and they range from machines, monsters, to mythical beings. Hopefully it will become a written story in the near future.
  9. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends 3

    I have. That’s actually what inspired the button eyes and the doll-like appearance. The story behind this drawing is the girl has an imaginary friend who is attached to her by the hair and can only be seen by her, no one else, and keeps her company after being locked up in a tower for years.
  10. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends 4

    Creature inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.
  11. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends 3

    Creature inspired by Rapunzel.
  12. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends - Mythicals

    Creatures inspired by a golem, genie, and mermaid.
  13. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends - Monsters

    Creatures inspired by the mananaggal, mambabarang, and mangkukulam of Filipino mythology.
  14. Superpride

    Imaginary Friends - Machines

    Yeah, I’m planning to make cards with these creatures, so definitely like Pokémon.
  15. I posted three more drawings I created on my iPad Pro; I hope to include these creatures in a future story 😁


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