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I Wrote A Book!

Hudson Bartholomew


I mentioned in my last blog post (which was back in December, omg!) that I have a couple of books being published this year! The first one came out on Monday!! It's called Inside Darkness and it's about a humanitarian aid worker struggling with PTSD and an Asian American journalist who encounters systemic racism. It's dark and gritty and angsty; the sex is fast but the emotions are slow burn (I stole that last part from a reviewer, hehe). 


It's hard to believe that I am officially a Published Author (TM). There was no party, no cake, no one handing me a big cheque. Just some nice people sending me congratulations messages on social media and a friend took me out to lunch. From the outside, being an author looks so glamorous, but at the end of the day it's a job just like any other: finish one project and move on to the next! Still, I'm super proud of myself for having chased after this dream and having accomplished it. I have another book coming out in July and a couple where I'm waiting to hear from the publisher, and still more waiting to be written on my laptop. 


Big thank you to everyone here who read my early stories and gave me such encouragement to keep going! I couldn't have done it without you!


If you would like more information about my book, you can find it on my website: http://www.hudsonlin.com/book/inside-darkness/

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Congrats, again! I actually got a ‘What’s New at Riptide’ email, opened it up and your book was front and center. So cool! 

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8 hours ago, Defiance19 said:

Congrats, again! I actually got a ‘What’s New at Riptide’ email, opened it up and your book was front and center. So cool! 

Thank you!!

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