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  1. I like this...



    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      I'm gonna send this to my neighbor.  It fits so very well. :) 

  2. It's after midnight where I live! Happy Brithday!



    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      Thanks, my friend.  :)   I love the pie thing.  Did you just create that saying?  I'm going to send it to a few people who know my addiction - they'll love it.

    2. Brayon


      You are most welcome, my friend.

      I can't take credit for that. I googled "happy birthday cherry pie," and that came up as one of the possibles.

    3. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      It couldn't be more appropriate. :) 

  3. Brayon


    Hmmm... Interesting. More and more questions. Yeah, there's a few superhero powers that would be nice. Self-cloning would come in handy too.
  4. Brayon


    That would be wonderful to experience. Someone with Wolfgang's powers would be lucky to be able to do it.
  5. Brayon


    I like how Wolfgang, demanded that Jed fixing things, and in doing so made it better but worse at the same time.
  6. Thanks, Myr and Staff for all the hard work.
  7. Well.... Boston Just won the East Coast, and headed to the finals.

    IF my boys were real... Robert would be gloating that his team won, and Adam would be sending him to his bedroom without dessert.

    1. mollyhousemouse


      i was following the game online, Carolina looked listless, and that Boston goalie is phenomenal!

    2. Brayon


      Rask was a fiend

  8. Thank you for reading. 🙂 I'm glad that you enjoyed the series.
  9. Brayon

    A Knock on the Door

    Yeah, he's been there in the background pulling strings, making sure people who are supposed to be together are.
  10. Hello... I'm the person formally known as BHopper2.

    My member name is my Pen Name, that I'm using when posting my stories, not only on GA, but other sites as well.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. dughlas


      I stumbled upon your new identity on another site. Is there a significance to the change?

    3. Brayon


      @dughlas Uniformity, when posting on other sites, and GA. And, BHopper2 looked horrible as an Author.

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      We'll get used to it eventually. :) 

  11. New name?

    1. Brayon


      Yuppers. 🙂 I asked to get it changed, because of two reasons. I'm starting to post on other sites and wanted uniformity, and I've regretted going with BHopper2 when I went author status.

    2. MacGreg


      I like it. 

    3. Brayon


      I've used Brayon a lot across the Interwebs, and I'm making it my pen name.

  12. I'll just leave this here:


    1. Drew Payne

      Drew Payne

      Mine is not as good as this.

      I was seven when my mother announced, completely straight-faced and with no sense of irony or humor, "I'm not buying lemonade anymore, all you lot do is drink it."

      She was being serious.

    2. Thirdly


      Oh man, this is both hilarious and horrible at the same time.

  13. Saying this Motet is based on the story of David and Johnathan, doesn't do it justice. Each word is drawn from the Bible itself, and arranged in a sacred holy song. It illustrates the love two men had for each other, and entered into a marriage covenant that was sanctioned by the Church and before God. We all have different beliefs, and some may say that the Bible is just the Myths and Legends of the Christians, however, this tale is backed by historical evidence in the form of Rabbinical Writings.
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