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  1. First off, hugs... Second, it's supposed to be down in the 40Fs overnight, and tomorrow, we're back to 70Fs again. This Canadian Polar Vortex/Polar Bomb was good, as we were on the 80Fs just a few days ago, but it's playing havoc on the asthma.
  2. Interesting article. Though it did leave out that the further South in Florida you go, the more Northerner you become. I would love to see what influence those snowbirds have had in Miami.
  3. It was 70F this morning at 4:45 AM... It's now 10:36 AM and it's 52F. Cold Front moving in. Burrr.... I need a hot beverage, my teddy bear, and blankie, as I crawl back into this warm bed. LOL
  4. "Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something." - Wesley, The Princess Bride 

  5. Slowly, the plan to make Canada the 51st state in the United States of America is coming to fruition! Muhahahahahahaha
  6. There’s two rules to success.

    Rule #1 never tell anyone everything you know.

    1. jamessavik


      Rule #1 about fight club...

  7. On the Ice Cream bit: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/17/dining/remembering-when-breyers-ice-cream-was-you-know-ice-cream.html
  8. That's happening down here in FL too. Haven't see it with milk/cream cartons but other things. Like in some stores, like Dollar Tree, 20oz Cokes are now 16oz sized at the same price. Breyers Ice Cream downsized from Half-Gallon to 56oz to now 48oz, with the price going up in some places, and it's no longer allowed to be called "Ice Cream." By law it has to say it is a "Frozen Dairy Dessert" because it no longer meets Government Standards to be called Ice Cream.
  9. Thank you, Mike. Better right now after four double-shots of Rum, and slept for a couple of hours.
  10. I personally trust the ex-English teacher that does technical edits on my stories. He hasn't steered me wrong, and explains why he suggests the edits he does. Both BB and tim are invaluable to me on editing.
  11. Thanks everyone for the well wishes earlier. However, it did not help. Some days, I hate playing by the rules, only to get screwed. If you need me, I'll be over here crying in my Ben-and-Jerry's.
  12. On the bus again. Appointment at 4:00 pm but its 4 buses and about 3 hours of travel time to get there. Have I mentioned lately that Tampa's public transportation system sucks? Wish me luck! This is a job interview.
  13. A belated happy GA-nniversary!

    1. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      😄 Thanks, Brayon!

      It has been a great time.

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