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  1. Kaimuki

    Chapter 75

    A shaky cease fire at best, certainly not an armistice. Still it’s better than open or covert war. How much is it even possible to thaw out JJ and allow him to let himself experience true compassion. Is he too fixed as an ice queen? Its great to have them back. It’s even better to have you back Mark to whatever degree you are able and willing.
  2. Kaimuki

    Chapter 22

    So glad to see you back. Great re-entry.
  3. Kaimuki

    Chapter 74

    Mark You are missed. Hope all is well, or as good as it can be in the midst of this worldwide craziness. I hope you are getting any help or support you need.
  4. I remember a scene from an old movie that I saw many years ago. An older man (Maurice Chevalier??) told a young man that it wasn’t the things he had done that he regretted but the things he hadn’t done. Dawson has to do this. If he doesn’t he will spend the rest of his life regretting his choice. It’s great to see Chase finally able to move into the future. Hopefully Hank will be able to as well. First he’s going to have to deal with reality. i really don’t understand why Kevin is being trashed. He tried to score on a rebound, it rarely works out, but it’s hardly shady
  5. Not sure why, but all I can hear in my head is “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”
  6. Woah, is it possible Hank had to deal with his true feelings during his weekend with Kevin? Could he have felt like he was cheating on Chase, as Chase did when he kissed Dawson? Good chapter.
  7. Friendship is rarely a possibility, at least until a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Once someone has really moved on perhaps. Neither Hank nor Chase seem to be real good about moving on. Nor do I believe either of them really wants to, even if they knew how. It seems that Hank just can’t put his hurt aside enough to see how it could ever work for him.
  8. Someone on speaking terms with both of them should probably try to get them to agree to a 30 or 60 day cooling off period with the proviso that they seek couples counseling, even if that only leads to a less hostile breakup. I can’t see Hank agreeing to that. I’m sure he’s convinced he has all the facts and needs no outside input from anyone.
  9. Kaimuki

    Chapter 2 Pieces

    Very emotionally complex. It seems Hank has been Chase’s rock, his anchor for a long time, especially since Chase has shut out his father and sister. After Chase’s mother was gone Hank saw an opportunity to move forward, only to be sucker punched twice in a very few minutes. Meanwhile he’s probably not even aware that there’s a good chance he’s got some survivors guilt to deal with himself. Yes, Hank is being a sanctimonious PITA. So ... ? Someone I knew used to say “People generally do the best they can. Sometimes it’s not all that good. But it’s the best they can manage at that point
  10. He had it coming, he had it coming ... good for Dan. It is the only HEA ending out there for him. I’ve also been there and (after 6 years) done that. Hurt like hell. It was more than 20 years ago. I wish things could have been different, but like Dan I realized they never would be, and I haven’t had one minute of regret. Hopefully Dan won’t either, because I’m sure Scott won’t give up.
  11. Kaimuki

    Chapter 1 Mired

    Clearly Chase is in over his head and suffering depression. I don’t think Hank is being honest with himself about his feelings. You don’t love someone enough to ask them to marry you and then dump them because of a moment of weakness. Especially in the gay world, at least the one I’ve lived in for the last 40 years.
  12. Kaimuki

    Chapter 20

    I’m beginning to believe that the next chapter begins with a visit from the admiralty. “I am very sorry to tell you Mrs. Granger, but the letter you received two months ago was the last news we have of your husband his ship and his crew. The Baltic is completely iced up and unless a message comes overland we can’t possibly find out more till spring. We know he was well provisioned. Beyond that we can say no more.”
  13. Kaimuki

    Chapter 68

    Steph facing his long overdue midlife crisis and not realizing by going head to head with it he is continuing to be who he is. Love it.
  14. Kaimuki


    So happy you and this story are back.
  15. Kaimuki

    Chapter 18

    Chapters in two stories, wow. Your presence has been missed.
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