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  1. I’ve been reading your stories I just Discovered them a few days ago So far I have read The Butler, Confounded, And I am up to chapter 40 on Confound part 2.  Great stories I hope you return and start writing again.

  2. Andr0gene

    Chapter XXIII

    Avoided, mostly. I got caught a few times, and just took the verbal crappola.
  3. Andr0gene

    Chapter XVIII

    Fixed! 2 years later. lol!
  4. Andr0gene

    Chapter 50

    THAW=The House Always Wins, and yes another failfest of mine. ;-)
  5. Andr0gene

    Chapter XVI

    I did? I haven't edited it again, but I don't see where I went wrong. And can we take this to pm's instead of here? I don't mind criticism, at all, but it tends to clog up chapter comments.
  6. Andr0gene

    Chapter XVI

    Do you mean to tell me Google Translate is WRONG!??! Say it isn't so! Lol. Thank you, it's been changed. That's what you get when you have a Dutchy writing in languages other than his own. 😛
  7. Andr0gene

    Chapter VIII

    LOL! My editor didn't catch that! Very good! They're brown, yes.
  8. Andr0gene

    Chapter 24

    Yes, I will be continuing but not in the mood to write, currently. And I need to be, or it'll become stilted and unflowing.
  9. Andr0gene

    Chapter 24

    Correct you are. One of the best movies to ' steal' from. Perhaps read on and see a reference. Not so much in name, but he confirms it is not his own.
  10. Andr0gene

    Chapter 7

    This story was written in 2004, republished here in 2010, a long time ago. Some of it is not okay, but I chose not to alter it. It's not my best, that's certainly clear.
  11. Andr0gene

    Chapter XXI

    A pity you choose to not read onward, the best is yet to come, but I can respect it when someone who picks a story with subject matter in it he (or she) does object to, tries and gives an effort, and is honest about their feelings. Thank you for reading it so far.
  12. Andr0gene

    Chapter 50

    Aww, you're sweet. Well, there is one unfinished: Confounded II. It will be finished, but not when there's a heatwave plaguing Europe. Too busy lounging in the pool with a cool bevvy.
  13. Andr0gene

    Chapter 34

    Such a male, isn't he?
  14. Andr0gene

    Chapter 51

    Yes, i am going to continue. But with this current heatwave in Holland, 30+ expected, i don't feel like sitting indoors in a hot room, clobbering on a keyboard. Nor do I have the inspiration to write atm. But I've not forgotten.
  15. Andr0gene


    Thank you! Aww, and thank you as well, for reading. For a while, some thought it would go there, but that was never intended.
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