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  1. Sorcerer


    Thank you for a good story and a happy ending. Once one is in love, no matter how it ends, split up, divorce, death, that love never really dies. One does learn how to move forward and that is for real. It is nice to see a story where love lasts, at least as long as the story.
  2. Sorcerer

    The Boy Wonder

    Really do not like fights or fighting, but the story that is going on around it, is good. Does Aidan finally learn that all that glitters is not The Belt.
  3. It is amazing how almost everyone can see where Aidan is going, but Aidan, he only see Jayden, and what he is after. The change in Eli was both necessary and revealing, good going. It's been three years, maybe one by Jamie's death, thought Jess was the youngest, could be wrong. Aidan's just deer in the headlights approach to finding things out is wonderful, no idea of what he asking for, just being him, very nice.
  4. Sorcerer

    In Vitro

    That's one way to cup the apron strings or umbilical cord as it were. Can't imagine what hearing that would have been like, Aidan did good, so is the writing.
  5. Sorcerer


    Its really nice that Aidan finally has a family that fits him as a person.
  6. Sorcerer

    Aidan's Way

    Hope Aidan holds his dad to their agreement. As Shakespeare wrote, "To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.", that seems to be Aidan's creed.
  7. Sorcerer

    All Out War!

    I wish Aidan had chosen a different path forward. Can easily understand how hard it is to buck a parent, even one that may be that in name only. Thus begins his Childhood's End. Based on Book I, he makes it, but the road taken may not have been the difference that made it better.
  8. Sorcerer

    A Viper's Bite

    Can well believe it of Brooke, my sister snuck out more than once, and raced, though in regular rallies. She had a mustang with a V6 to start, and won first place where everyone else had V8's in the late 60's. Later on she had a Chevy Impala with overhead cams and super chargers, she was scary for me to drive with, but very very good. Finally one day she decided enough was enough and stopped racing. As for how Aidan felt about her, though we fought, a lot, the feelings were the same. Good writing.
  9. Sorcerer

    Aidan's House

    Personally do not like fights, never have, but the scene was good, and felt real.
  10. At least Aidan can tell the difference, that's a start.
  11. What Aidan told the fighter was classy, way back when, say 1890's there was Gentleman "Jim" Corban, who became a prizefighter, and fought as a gentleman. Aidan can follow that example, if he chooses, it may be nearer to who he is anyway, and finally rebel against his father.
  12. Sorcerer

    The Walkup Song

    Can sort of agree with the previous two posts, but grew up with the San Francisco Chronicle, and it was, and may still be, the worst edited newspaper that have ever read. So, all of the minor errors, have long ago learned to just plow through, and keep on going. That includes adding letters, or the occasional word. For me it does not detract, but most people probably had a better newspaper, when they were read regularly. That aside, Aidan, is finally coming into focus, as a clear personality, and more or less like the kid. He just has a lot to learn, which is what the story will tell, my
  13. Aiden seems like an OK guy, a bit clueless, not a lot of street smarts, but definitely someone who doesn't know what is going on around him. Probably from trying to avoid what is going around at home, with his parents, and just being a rich kid, he is just out of touch, unless it is a punch. Perhaps having someone with no history will help re-balance Eli, then again, there is only so much an amateur can do. Be interesting to see how he starts finally growing up and responding to the real world, as it were.
  14. Sorcerer

    Now and Forever

    Once you fall in love with another, no matter what happens to the relationship, even death, does not end that love. One learns how to move on, the way one will. Love doesn't end, it just continues in a different form.
  15. Sorcerer


    Jamie was one of those who ran on high octane fumes and the power of emotion, fitting the poets line, "My candle burns at both ends; it will not last the night; But ah my foes, and oh my friends--it gives a lovely light" That was Jamie and now he is gone. Wonderful writing, great story, am hoping in the sequel, Eli remembers beside what he considers his original sin, there remains original innocence to. Thank you, The poet is Edna St. Vincent Millay
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