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  1. Im a long time reader , but this is my 1st time commenting ( sorry about that) The end of that chapter left me compelled to say something, im left feeling so worried for Robbie if it is Amy that has caught him in the act, as going by his past behaviour he will try to make her keep quiet and bury his own head in the sand. Further down the line it could cause allsorts of bother for him and add some wonderful ammunition for Don - can you imagine the glee when he 'has' to tell someone that (Deviant) Robbie has been 'exposing himself 'to his 9 year old daughter?! - i just worry where this could lead! It could of course be someone else catching him , in which case scratch all of the above !! Sorry again for being so remiss in commenting, i will endeavour to do better from here on in
  2. SimonUK


    I always quite liked Patrick ( he just wasn't right for Dave) so it's nice to have a little peak in to his and Ali's developing relationship. Thanks 😁
  3. I think they are both just about there, neither can live without the other can they? Love the Bowie reference too , much as i liked Placebo , he WAS godlike in his genius.
  4. About bloody time! Im soooo happy for them both we all knew they needed to be together. Nick actually has it good right now, great boyfriend, solid friends and even a good home life now Zoe has settled down with the copper , and Aunt Maria is back on the scence. Even his Mum is showing tentative signs of recovery. Things are looking up for Nick for once, he deserves it though bless him
  5. I think they are both just about there, neither can live without the other can they? Love the Bowie reference too , much as i liked Placebo , he WAS godlike in his genius.
  6. Hmm that probably wasn't a good idea guys but lets face it it was always likely to happen. The ball is in Daves court now , he needs to work out if he can trust Nick again. I think hes already forgiven him and he clearly still loves him but when that trust is broken its the toughest thing to get back - but heres hoping ...
  7. Dave should have puched his' Dad's' face in , anybody and i mean ANYBODY that raises their hand to my Mum gets annihilated!!! So glad Nick and Dave are talking again. I just hope Dave finds it in his heart to forgive him xx
  8. I like Patrick well enough but he isnt Nick , .....
  9. Ket is quite good fun 'IF' you are in the right mindset for doing it - Nick isnt , Brian really should be ashamed of himself for giving it to him
  10. Nick doing 'Mandy' in the frame of mind that he is , is rather worrying. I genuinely dont think Brian is a bad person but he certainly isnt what Nick needs right now ...
  11. Im sure its controversial but i actually quite like Brian! Iv got a lot friends like him and its very easy to judge ! Lay off him - he's ok really x
  12. So maybe Linda isn't a horrible person! I feel so bad for Nick , his non-presciption pharmaceutical exploration really isnt timed well is it? Bless him
  13. SimonUK

    Chapter 4

    Awesome chapter again ! Hope the boys manage to fend the zombie off
  14. SimonUK

    Chapter 3

    Oh man i was on tenterhooks all the way through that, what a great chapter - i need a stiff drink after all that suspense! But c'mon man what a place to leave it, thats just cruel, im gonna be worrying about what's happening with the guys back at camp until you next post! Thanks again - keep 'em coming!
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