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  1. We do sleep more like cats, I suppose. Lol! The new bed is very comfy. Morning, all. I've had a few days with less Internet. How's everyone doing?
  2. Hey, Mac. Good to see you. Yeah, since Paul got laid off cause of Covid and no longer works nights, we've had to sleep together in a bed that's way too small for two (especially for two not especially small people) every night. We didn't really notice how tight a squeeze it was when we weren't sharing it all the time. This one's almost half a metre wider. Luxury. Lol! We both expect to sleep like babies tonight.
  3. Hey everyone, just checking in. We got our new bed today, just finished assembling it. I napped on it for a while... It's very comfortable. Thick spring mattress on a wood base. We got some ergonomic pillows too. Along with getting back to my quasi-yoga on the Wii (the disk was missing, turned out it was at my old housemate's place and I just got it back), I'm hoping my back and shoulders will get better. I've been in a lot of pain lately. Hope you all have a good day!
  4. Seconded. They're bundling them off for cheap on origin at the moment, and it's just hit Steam too, I haven't checked the deals there. BTW, Brayon, check out Luumia's body mods if you want some extra buff dudes in your game, his BOD-E mod is fantastic. He also has some great body hair and a nice-looking skin overhaul as well.
  5. I've got absolutely everything, and I'm so much of a sucker I've paid full price for it all. That goes for Sims 3, Sims 2, and the original Sims as well. I think I'm missing one or two Sims 3 stuff packs... It's like an obsession, I just have to have everything, even if I don't find the premise that interesting, because there's always some new gameplay options I don't want to miss out on. lol If you're looking for more interesting and useful mods, I can recommend LittleMsSam, who makes a bunch of smaller mods that just generally enhance gameplay, plus some bug fixes. And if realism gamepl
  6. I didn't know you were a simmer too! WickedWhims is a must have.
  7. I like snow. I'm sad when we don't get snow in winter. But like, I want season-appropriate weather. I want snow in December, not in April. Which is something we've been getting for the past few years. lol Good morning, everyone.
  8. Way too hot here too... it pushes 30°C almost every day now. I’m a snowman. I melt. Last weekend we had rain and cooler temps for a couple of days and it was heaven.
  9. Good morning, DiC! Today we're off to look for a new bed. We've been sleeping in one that's really way too small for two people for a year and a half now. Time to get something bigger. Have a good day, everyone!
  10. Yeah, I know. If my new equipment arrives on Thursday like DHL said it would, we start recording Friday. If it doesn’t... we may start recording anyway, just on slightly less good equipment. Thanks, tim! I’m getting excited about it. Should be fun, once we get the kinks worked out.
  11. Yeah, not bad, thanks. I got a new graphics card for my PC, so I've been doing some gaming. Thanks, Mike. I'm really glad you liked it! Good morning, everyone. Hope you all have a nice day. Today, Paul and I are doing some planning for a podcast we've been thinking of making for a while. A writing podcast where we brainstorm over a topic and come up with a basic premise or prompt for a story. We have no idea what we're doing so it should be fun. lol
  12. Thorn Wilde

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    Thank you! Glad it worked for you. Thanks for commenting.
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