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  1. Thorn Wilde

    The Visitor

    I'd argue that constant reference to his appearance as disgusting and a part of his personality, and pointing it out every other paragraph, amounts to fat jokes, or at the very least fat shaming, but that's just my opinion.
  2. Thorn Wilde

    The Visitor

    An amusing little tale. Have to say I grow weary of fat jokes, though...
  3. Thorn Wilde


    This was a painful read, but also very beautiful. I feel for Elliot. PTSD is a bitch to live with. I have seen trauma affect too many of my friends in similar ways. It'll take a long time for him to truly heal, but hopefully he'll get there in time. Thank you for this story!
  4. Thorn Wilde

    Blood Moon

    What a wonderful little collection you've given us! Thank you for all of them.
  5. Thorn Wilde


    Very cool. An appropriate metaphor.
  6. Thorn Wilde


    Well, you're not wrong. Zeus was a douche.
  7. Thorn Wilde

    Constellation Leo

    I love Greek mythology. My mum used to tell me stories from it before bed when I was a kid. This poem does the myth justice. Also, that video made me laugh. Thank you.
  8. Thorn Wilde


    This poem has such a wonderful flow, like a song. Beautiful words.
  9. A related question: Why can profile cover photos only be 50kb when banners for blogs and stories can be 2mb? Or am I experiencing a glitch of some kind?
  10. Thorn Wilde

    Just for Fun

    Ah, Kent... Sweet boy. ❤️
  11. Thorn Wilde

    Lexus Sketch

    You're right about that, the eyebrows are great, and the hair. They're such simple lines, but they look so real, in a way.
  12. Thorn Wilde


    Agreed. And I think everyone, monogamous or not, could learn something from the kind of openness and communication found in good, healthy poly relationships. Thanks for all your input on this story, it's greatly appreciated. ❤️
  13. Thorn Wilde


    It's true, I've been wanting to write a threesome for a while, and with this story I finally had an excuse to, lol! I get how not everyone will be able to relate to Devon. I never understood it and certainly never thought poly relationships would be for me, until I suddenly found myself with both a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. Now I kind of miss having additional partners. It puts you in a different frame of mind. You end up seeing love and relationships and sex a little differently once you reject the idea of monogamy as the only way. For me, it made me appreciate them all the more. Thank you for reading and commenting regardless!
  14. Thorn Wilde

    I Love You

    Hehe, I like that.
  15. In Devon’s world, love is free and sex is fun. Unfortunately, not everyone shares his openness, which is really inconvenient when he finds himself deeply attracted to a former fling’s boyfriend. Maybe there is a chance, though. After all, things have a tendency to turn out okay in the end for Devon.
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