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  1. V returns with a bottle of water and a cloth to find Johnny on his back, staring drowsily up at the ceiling. He passes him the bottle. ‘Here. Drink.’ Johnny takes the bottle, propping himself up on his elbow so he can drink. He drains half of it in one and hands it back to V. ‘Thanks.’ ‘No problem.’ V gently cleans the cum off Johnny’s stomach, noting the other’s frown though he doesn’t protest, then tosses the cloth on the floor and lies down next to him. They don’t touch or kiss. The
  2. Well, who do you think taught him to be like that? Thanks for commenting! As for the Rayfield, it's insured. lol
  3. I never had a nickname as a child; my birth name is two syllables over four letters. All the nicknames I've ever had, I came up with myself, so I don't know if it counts.
  4. Do you have your fic published somewhere? I'd love to read it! I don't have a lot of merch, but I did get myself the fancy edition of the World of Cyberpunk 2077 book, with the Silverhand poster and the fake gang tattoos, lol! I just put up another short here like an hour ago, btw.
  5. December 2006 It’s an impulse. Johnny stumbles out of the stage door of the concert venue, drunk and still on a stage high, and the car is just there. This flashy, brand-new Rayfield that clearly belongs to some rich corpo douchebag, sitting in the parking lot like it owns the place, lit up in purple and red by the neon sign above the entrance to the strip joint next door. He picks up a rock, hefting it in his hand. It’s got a sharp edge, which is perfect, and he walks up to the car. ‘
  6. ‘You ever make out in the back of a police car before?’ Kerry scoffs. ‘Johnny, I’ve never been in the back of a police car before.’ ‘Well, you wanna?’ ———————— Johnny has a tendency to get in trouble, and he usually drags Kerry down with him. or: Be gay, do crime. Cyberpunk 2077 & 2020 fanfiction. Kerry/Johnny.
  7. Haha, yeah, I've been hyperfixating on this game and this world for like four months now... As you may or may not have noticed, this fic is part of a series. I'm posting it all on AO3 as well (a little bit ahead there, since there hasn't been much interest here before now, I've just been posting it because I wanted to be more active than I've been lately). It's weird about River, because since pronoun determines gender and is tied to voice and not body type, and you only have to have femme body type and not voice to romance him, he is technically bisexual? But just picky, I guess? I dunno. Same with Panam. It's weird. And Kerry had a wife and has kids and shit. The only love interest whose sexuality isn't ambiguous is Judy (and of course that's the first one that got modded, go figure). Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you liked this. Hope you'll check out the other stuff as well.
  8. March, 2006 ‘You guys goin’ to Cole’s birthday party on Saturday?’ Henry’s still plucking the strings of his bass while the rest of them pack down. ‘Can’t,’ says Nancy. ‘Got a date.’ Denny makes a face. ‘This that college guy you were talkin’ about?’ ‘Yes. And what is up with that face?’ Nancy folds her arms over her chest. ‘I’m a big girl, I know what I’m doing.’ Denny shrugs. ‘Well, okay. Just sayin’, you don’t have the best track record when it comes to your outputs.’
  9. ‘Quick! Pretend you’re my output!’ Kerry blinks in bemusement, looking down at the hand on his arm. Who is this girl? ‘What? Why?’ ‘I need to get this guy off my back and my boyfriend’s not here tonight.’ ‘Oh.’ Kerry he decides to just roll with it and nods. ‘Well, okay.’ ————————— Kerry and Johnny go to a party. Johnny gets laid. Kerry doesn't. Not quite, anyway... Cyberpunk 2077/Cyberpunk 2020 ttrpg fanfic.
  10. Thorn Wilde


    Johnny texts Kerry the next morning to tell him he can’t make it to the studio later. It was naïve of him to think Kerry would just accept it, of course, as he calls a few minutes later. ‘What d’you mean, you can’t make it?’ he says gruffly, without so much as a hello. Johnny rolls his eyes. ‘Good morning to you too.’ It’s noon, not morning at all, but hey. Rockerboy time. ‘I can’t make it ’cause somethin’ came up, like I said.’ ‘Something came up?’ ‘Yeah.’ Johnny sighs. ‘Got
  11. Breaks my heart, hearing stories like that. I know a lot of people still have those experiences, but I realise how lucky I am to have grown up in a time and a place where exploring one's sexuality was less taboo, even if I've experienced some prejudice too.
  12. I mean... I did. I used to identify as bi, but I've lost nearly all sexual interest in women. Can still experience romantic feelings toward them, but no sexual attraction unless there's an emotional component involved. Sexuality can be fluid. It can change over time. Whereas it's set in stone for some, for others it's not.
  13. It takes exactly three days, one hour, and eleven minutes from the moment when Johnny leaves his dressing room until Kerry calls. And it’s just like him to call in the middle of the night, having finally made up his mind while drunk. ‘Heeey, Johnny!’ he says, sounding a lot more chipper than the night of the gig. There’s a faint rumble in the background. Maybe a car engine. ‘How’s it hangin’?’ ‘Oh, y’know. Same old.’ Johnny isn’t one for smalltalk. He manages to stop himself from givin
  14. Thorn Wilde


    They were very successful for a while, and both Kerry and Johnny went on to have soaring solo careers. Thanks for commenting!
  15. Thorn Wilde


    Late November, 2005. Kerry stops by the music store almost every day after school. He’s been saving up for a new guitar, and every time he passes the display window there’s that little hint of anxiety that someone else will have bought the one he wants. So far, he’s been lucky. It’s not as if the store couldn’t just order another one, but Kerry wants this one. It’s second hand, a little bruised and battered, but the times Kerry’s tried it out, it’s just felt right in his hands. Body’s made
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