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  1. Robbie's inheritance is held in a trust fund which is managed by the bank with Don as the trustee. The most valuable asset in the trust is his mother's property in London. Even if Don chooses to sell this property on Robbie's behalf, there is no way he can withdraw that amount of money from the trust. There are laws that prevent the trustee from gaining access to the fund they're managing, and I cannot see how Don could possibly get away with such a crime. Don runs his own advertising agency, which has recently had a big boost after securing a major contract out west. He makes good money and uses it to get what he wants. Most of his money is spent on his family including Robbie, who has benefitted from Don's splash the cash philosophy. So, if anything, the opposite is true. Robbie is actually richer because of Don.
  2. If Robbie looks hard enough he will realize that he already has a winning hand. It's just a matter of knowing when to play it!
  3. I would like to visit General Sherman one day. I hope it survives.
  4. Dodger

    Entry 45

    Great chapter. All Brandon has to do is keep Billy on the phone.
  5. Dodger

    Entry 44

    This was a cool chapter @MrM The scene in the park made me laugh. There's something really likeable about Marie.
  6. I often use the ‘Top Recommended Stories’ feature to find stories that members have endorsed, but I find it frustrating because we’re only allowed to see the top twenty per week, month, year, etc. There must be a lot of stories on this list, including ones that I’ve recommended that no one knows about because they’re not in the top twenty, which begs the question, why bother recommending a story if no one can see it’s been recommended? Is it not possible to see all the stories that have been recommended?
  7. The Cobourg Yacht Club is a little pretentious. There's more to it than simply sailing which doesn't really interest Don as much as having a boat in the harbour. He wouldn't be happy with a dingy. As for the kids, well, I imagine most teenagers would be lured by the prospect of having their own sailboat, especially in a place like Cobourg. Don even managed to bribe Robbie, who was equally excited and admits to being just as shallow as Nicola and Daniel. Matthew predicament shows another side of him though and perhaps a growing maturity. So far, he's probably done the right thing by thinking it through and not telling anyone else. He's a good guy at heart and will want to help the kid without putting him in danger, but at the moment he hasn't got a plan.
  8. Glad you weren’t late for work @Gary Land I'm pleased you enjoyed the chapter.
  9. Yes, March 2011, but Robbie is still 16 until September. Cobourg is a town I visit quite often. It's a very friendly and vibrant community especially in the summer. The beach and harbour provided the perfect setting for this story and I know the places well enough to be able to write about them fairly accurately from memory, which helps. The school, of course, is fictitious, as are the various road names where the characters live and Don's church. In the story, Nathan's family come from Ottawa.
  10. I think Robbie knows how important it is for him to keep this secret until he can talk to Matthew again.
  11. Conversion therapy was still legal at the time but not Symmonds' version.
  12. Symmonds is definitely not a nice guy.
  13. I'm not sure if Robbie has a plan at the moment, other than to talk to Matthew and try to persuade him to tell someone like Jo. I think he will try to avoid the pastor and Symmonds as much as he can.
  14. I think Robbie called it right when he accused Symmonds of trying to get him into trouble. Symmonds was annoyed at the time because Robbie refused his help. We know that Don and Symmonds are like-minded in many ways although I'm not sure if Don would condone the counsellor's tactics.
  15. I feel for both men in different ways. Five years is a long time, especially back then. They probably didn't live anywhere near as long as we do nowadays. I know they're both young, but Boone is right to think of himself. He can't afford to lose another five years treading water. Maybe Coy will be able to understand his feelings. It would have been difficult to get advice in those days without counsellors, television shows, movies, magazines, and the internet.
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