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  1. A wonderfully crafted and unforgettable story. The author tackles a very difficult and heart-wrenching subject with remarkable skill. Yet no punches are pulled. It's impossible not to be moved by this tale and it's difficult to see how it could be improved. Highly recommended.
  2. Dodger

    The Story

    As much as I want to say that I could not have allowed it to happen, I think in Tommy's case, I probably could have. I say probably because until faced with such a situation, I don't think anyone can say for certain how they will react. This was Tommy's decision but for sure Tarek will spend the rest of his days questioning himself. He will probably never really come to terms with it, or be at peace with himself but it still doesn't mean he was wrong for helping. At fifteen-years-old, I was taken aside by a consultant doctor and informed that my mother was refusing the oxygen she needed to survive. She was in the latter stages of a terminal illness, and had previously made it clear to me, when the time came she did not want to be kept alive. The doctor told me they could force her against her will to keep her alive or basically allow her to die. As her next of kin and only child, it was left to me to decide and I chose to allow her to die. I was given no time; they had to act right away if they were to save her, but it was a tough decision for a kid to make. For years she was my only family. Everyone seemed to think it was the right thing to do and I consoled myself with the belief that it was her decision. She was going to die anyway, I just followed her instructions. None of this made any difference and all these years later I still wish they hadn't put me in that position, so it's definitely not easy. My story is not the same at Tarek's. My mom had a terminal illness and could not have survived for very long, but while reading, I couldn't help making comparisons. I think you handled this with a great deal of skill. Thank you for sharing this very moving, powerful and compelling story, Tim.
  3. Dodger

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    You make some good observations here @NimirRaj particularly about the dream. Yes this is more of a memory than a dream and the guy in it was almost certainly not his father as he was clearly new to Robbie and it wasn't Don either. Thanks for another interesting comment.
  4. Dodger

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    Don has his own agenda and i don't think his church is one of those who cater for and welcome LBGT groups. You're right about Don stepping up the pressure on Robbie since the adoption.
  5. Dodger

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    Not much I can add to this, except I agree with most of it. Thanks for your comment @tesao
  6. Dodger

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    Don's secret weapon is the church, broadly speaking, of course. It's not so much a secret weapon as a last throw of the dice from a desperate man. Maybe he would be better off simply backing down. It's a risky maneuver which could easily backfire and turn everyone against him. He obviously has his reasons but it's nothing to do with the dream. I know some readers have assumed the guy in the dream was Don, but surely if this was the case, Robbie would have recognised him? Thanks for your comment @Benji
  7. Dodger

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    Yeah, I can't imagine Nicola going along with this and maybe Sue is starting to get a little fed up of her husbands antics. Maybe Don has gone too far this time?
  8. Dodger

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    I'm pretty sure I know who your candidate is CG but we will have to wait and see. This is something I didn't really plan on as Robbie's dad was supposed to be dead, but there seems to be some speculation that maybe all is not what it seems. One thing I can say for certain is it's definitely not Don. He's a sick man, but not sick. Thanks @ColumbusGuy
  9. Dodger

    Chapter 24: “Fish, Flame or Worm”

    It appears Gordon most likely did the right thing with the life-jackets. Scary beginning, but great chapter AC.
  10. At last, some reward for falling hopelessly behind with this story. I don't have to wait too long to find out what happens to Kohl and Gordon. Sorry AC, life got very busy during the past few months and I haven't had much time for reading. I'm having a lot of fun catching up though. This is a fabulous story.
  11. Will those napkins stand up in court? Or prove as limp as manhood. I hope the wind picking up is nothing to do with his fracking!
  12. This is a great chapter. What mayhem! Peace for now, but I suspect this is just a lull.
  13. Dodger

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    It's a bit of a way for me to drive for a car wash but it might be worth it!
  14. Dodger

    Chapter 109 Mister Lube

    Thank you, Ray, for your comment and encouragement. I wish you well, my friend.
  15. Dodger


    I really enjoyed this story, Carlos. As well as the many interesting comments. Topical and thought provoking with a 'sit up and listen' speech right at the end. I try to steer away from politics, especially American politics, which can be difficult for those of us living outside of the US. I think most would agree that freedom of speech, the press, and the right to petition government is absolutely vital. The second amendment is more divisive, although I can't condemn the US over gun ownership, coming from a country which has over 10 million firearms and a population of just 35 million. I admire the way you tackle controversial issues like this. Like I admire Rogelio for standing up to the likes of Ms Tidwell. Hats off to the Mayor too for taking up his case without any hesitation and to Ms Kempo for doing her homework and leaving Ms Tidwell no room to maneuver.

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