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  1. Dodger

    Double Take

    It's always a pleasure to review a story written by @Comicality. The author describes it as a short story to make you feel good and that's exactly what it does. No one deserves a Father's Day card more than Aiden's dad.
  2. Dodger

    Double Take

    Great story from an unusual view point. Aiden is very lucky to have a parent who truly cares about him and his choices, even if he doesn't know it yet. I love the analogy with the t-shirts and Aiden's reply. "Geez, Dad...they're just t-shirts. Get a hold of yourself." I fear most of us would have given anything for such a wonderful father, but as we move forward I hope this will become a reality for future generations. Well written, as always.
  3. Ran into a little song this morning. Hope it inspires you; it's about preachin' "in church" ;)


  4. Haha. This reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons when the whole family were wired up to a lie detector type machine. It gave out an electric shock whenever one of them had an angry thought about another family member, and they managed to bring down the grid. Maybe this is a bit extreme but Walter's therapist is a little off the wall.
  5. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, @Domden. They are much appreciated. You shall be rewarded with a new chapter very soon.
  6. You hit the nail on the head @Israfil. It's so true and there are people who really believe it. Don tried to keep dangerous Nathan, the gay disruptive influence, out of the house and away from Daniel.
  7. Thank you @hobo. Yes, Nicola has definitely made her presence felt and proved ta big asset to Robbie.
  8. Thanks @pvtguy. Positive help is on the way.
  9. I agree. Nicola did the right thing when she told Sue about Robbie's threats. He knew she wouldn't be able to keep that secret which was probably the reason he told her in the first place. Robbie was in a bad place and he needed people to know it so he could get help. Whether he would have gone through with it is debatable but he still needs professional help and Joe will provide plenty of that.
  10. Thank you, @Okiegrad. Yeah, there was a bit of a gap between the last chapter and this one to allow me to catch up with my other job. The boring one that pays the bills. Let's hope you're right about Robbie. He needs to get some confidence back. It's taken a bit of a battering lately.
  11. Dodger

    The Fall Guy

    Some also call me Jim or Jimmy. I can't think why.
  12. Now you've ruined the surprise! Nathan in drag? Why didn't I think of that? If Daniel ended up in a relationship with Nathan, I think it would be Don who would be jumping off the end of the pier. Nathan has made no secret of his naughty lust for his best friend but despite a number of offers, Daniel was never tempted to cross over or even straddle the fence. Some guys are just so stubbornly straight. Sue has blown hot and cold and seems to change with the wind. This is reflected in Robbie's refusal to trust her completely. No doubt she cares but she will need to show some consistency to earn his trust.
  13. No, nothing that bad, although Alex is loosely based on a real-life friend from the past.
  14. Walter is a good guy with a kind heart and a lot of very important contacts but he's a retired social worker and not a qualified counsellor. He does, however, happen to know of a very good one who is willing and definitely able to help. We will meet Joe very soon.
  15. It was something he really needed to get off his chest. She will try to persuade him to report it, but will not betray his trust. If anything comes of this it will be Robbie's decision.
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