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  1. Geron Kees

    Baking Biscuits

    Hmm. Not sure what is up with Damian being so bold with Jordan one moment, and then being afraid the next. But I'm sure you'll reveal all at some point. I like Arisa. She has that nice people glow.
  2. Interesting chapter, and getting even more interesting as a story. A bake sale was the last thing I expected!
  3. I was happy the first time they got to keep Guy. And now that Christmas is coming... Great story. I love reading it again!
  4. Geron Kees

    Settling In

    Everyone is bonding nicely. I love the way Billy talks. Can I take lessons?
  5. Geron Kees

    Settling In

    No, it was before he added 'R.R' between the names, put on 100 pounds, and started writing great fantasy!
  6. Ah. Knew it. A beautiful friendship! I just looked and realized this story is related to two others. Lots of reading to do! After dinner, maybe...
  7. Geron Kees

    Elven Advice

    This attraction seems mutual, at least, even if both of these guys are a little frantic not to realize it just yet. "Jordan! Is there a naked cat in your apartment?!” This line is going to come to mean something great, I predict!
  8. You've got me hooked. Sad that Jordan lost his teacher, but that just leaves room for a better one! I like Jordan and Damian together. As the man once said, 'I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship'!
  9. Geron Kees


    VERY fun story. Interesting idea, putting a cat and a...wolf together. This should be very fun! I like Arisa, too!
  10. Geron Kees

    The Moon's Curse

    Great perspective for your wolf. Nice mix of fantasy and realism. Cool tale!
  11. Interesting world you've created. Nice furniture.
  12. Intense chapter. But Chase and Hank TALKED, and much was said on both sides. Important stuff. Poor Dawson, that he seems to like Chase. And we don't know what's in Kevin's mind, though we can imagine. But Dawson seems to be a good friend, and I think he cares enough about Chase to respect the lines here. I still believe that no two people can go at it like Chase and Hank did and not still be in love. Arguments based on hate have a totally different sound! Or, one can hope!
  13. Geron Kees

    Chapter 4

    The nice thing is that I can basically do whatever i want! So I'll keep writing as long as people keep reading! The age thing, I think, will take care of itself. Immortality, anyone?
  14. Geron Kees

    Chapter 4

    Maybe YOU should be writing this stuff!
  15. Geron Kees

    Chapter 4

    Ah. I missed that. Okay!
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