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  1. Geron Kees

    Chapter 1

    Well, I'm flattered. But it's still a question of free time. I may get back to the Doors stuff sooner than later, actually, as quite a lot of the third story is already written. It just needs to be completed. Someday I'll be retired and simply write for several hours each day. There will probably be an explosion of some sort. ☺️
  2. Geron Kees

    Chapter 1

    You don't want much, do you? Right now, I am in a rush to complete the Halloween Charlie Boone tale, and have very little free time for anything else! 🙂 I have a bunch of stories I'd like to write follow-ups to, but time is lacking just now. All I can ask is that you be patient!
  3. Geron Kees

    Chapter 1

    Happy to be around in the lull!
  4. This is a pleasing little summer camp story sure to bring back some memories. It did for me!
  5. Geron Kees

    Chapter 2

    Fun story, Ivor. But I expect that from you! I remember playing strip poker as a kid. I don't think we got to pick what the loser of the hand had to remove. It was usually the least revealing thing, leading up to the most revealing thing, of course. Cards were never so fun!
  6. No doubting your meaning here. I plan to stand and fight as well, if need be. I am reminded of other calls in other times, all of which sought to warn and awaken, to gird and fortify, and to bring together those of similar spirit. Well done.
  7. Geron Kees

    Chapter 1

    Good beginning here, Ivor. Most guys went to camp at least once as kids. Your memories may be better than some! 🙂 Looking forward to more.
  8. Geron Kees

    The Arcade

    Definitely worth the few minutes it took to read. Definitely.
  9. Geron Kees

    Rites of Spring

    Promising start! I'm intrigued!
  10. I feel these words, buddy. Be safe and well!
  11. Oh. Well, I commented because you did such a nice job, and I enjoyed reading the story. Thanks for the kind words! Now write more stuff!
  12. I used to read Highlights in my doctor's waiting room as a kid. I remember Goofus and Gallant well. I always wondered what might happen if they ever got together!
  13. Geron Kees

    Family Matters

    Sad happening, with maybe not so sad results. Lysander doesn't know or understand yet. I guess we'll eventually learn how his father died? Nice to see a new chapter. We'll be here for more, whenever it comes.
  14. Geron Kees

    The Full Moon

    Happy to see you back! And the story flowing onward so seamlessly.
  15. This is one of my favorite of Ivor's stories, and it's wonderful to see it shared here, and to learn more about what into its creation. Great interview.
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