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  1. OzLoGo


    This chapter is like all the pieces fitting into place. I like how Sadie commented about Adam’s “friends” didn’t move to SF with him, then she turns around and reveals that she in moving there. She is not only family by association but now she is proving herself his real friend. Artie must me extremely happy.
  2. OzLoGo

    Partner in Crime

    Great to see a new chapter. This chapter came at a perfect time, and what it had to say was right on. It is so good to see Artie, Adam and Dizzy all united again. No kidding Artie that yours and Dizzies relationship is going to be different after your night together. It can be so much more and I hope that is where Ace is going with this story. Yeah, I hope Ezra heard what Artie said and he stays out of Arties life, better yet, I am so glad that Artie finally saw the truth. Great write Ace.
  3. I had just signed on to ask the question about the story and then I went back and read the comments and lastly I saw your comment about no sequel. Please don’t say “no”. It is ok to say, not at this time I have pk to finish but to think “no” is like a beautiful waterfall drying up and cascading no more. Weddings are the beginning of a time together. Cade needs to get his name changed. Alex and Daniel need to stop moping and get things going. I have a good friend in England who has written 43 books. He has several with sequels. Some stories just need to be told more. Yes this story is long, but with your writing skills, make it a side project and get going on the next book. Speaking of the English author. He had two books in a series and after reading the second book I felt there needed to be another. I wrote him asking if there was a 3rd in the works. Come to think of it, that’s how we met, was through the letters about book 3. He did share with me, there were others asking as well. After several months he wrote me and said he is working on a 3rd. It came out May 2019. When we met in England this past September I asked him about sales. It is turning out to be one of his best sellers and for people who are new to him it is creating sales in book 1 and 2 as well as sales of some of his other books, because he brought some characters from some other books into the new one. You can do it, you have it in you. Think sequel. :-)
  4. I have a question. I just finished reading Johnny Breeze and me in its book form. Is there any difference between the book and what you posted here. I rate the book and this story as one of the best things I have read in a long time. I have been reading your stories posted here for a couple of years. I very much enjoy your writing style. Generally I don’t read stories with lots of sex in them, but you pull it of and make it feel natural.
  5. OzLoGo


    Late in making a response. I read this right when it came out, but I wanted to wait and see what others had to say before I put down any words. I found myself experiencing all kinds of emotions in this chapter. I was so ticked at Ezra I wanted to yell at him, sure glad Artie finally did. I was overwhelmed with Artie, wake up kid, see what the fuck Ezra is up to. When Artie finally got a voice and spoke his mind I shouted out with joy. A “dad” is not made though sex, it is the man we seek out and respect who is there for us when we need a male’s advice. Adam really is a dad. It was nice seeing Mason have more of a roll in the story. He seems like a real keeper. I remember earlier in the story that Adam was having partner problems. Looks like he may have found his mate in Mason. As far as Dizzy, and earlier comment said something about Dizzy. I just figure he got his nick name for some reason. Great chapter, glad it isn’t the last one. Keep up the great work Ace.
  6. OzLoGo


    Wow deep Philippe. You might just be right. Time will tell, who knows what Ace has planned for the future in the story. I can see now that Ezra was brain washed by Adams dad and Adam saw the light and escaped. Adam wasn’t lost, he found himself. Ezra is the one who is lost.
  7. OzLoGo


    Do I actually see Artie beginning to see things for what they really are? I like how Adam has been giving Artie some slack. It will be a lot better if Artie sees what a sleaze his “bio dad” really is. Ezra proved himself even more out of it with no clue to what’s going on when he started giving Artie all the tune up instructions. Best way to drive a kid out of sports, try to make them perfect. Some kids want a high level of perfection, but it has to come from with in them selves. I had to laugh at the line, Adam was lost. He wasn’t lost, he found his true identity. Lucky guy that he found it at 13, or 14. Gave him a great deal of his life to perfect it. I think Adam is doing a fantastic job of raising Artie and the good thing is, Artie really seems to care how Adam feels. I can’t wait for Ezra to say something really stupid about Adam or Dizzy. I wonder how Artie will react. I am happy that Artie is finding his own real identity and if he is strong he will stay on the path of his real identity. Living a lie is hell.
  8. OzLoGo

    God Forsaken

    This is so long after your original writing, you may wonder why I am just now writing a comment. I am going back through all the past comments looking at all of them. When the laws were written for the Jews the intention was to populate the area with people. If you look at many of the laws they were to create respect for God, but some of them were simply for survival. Eating pork, could give you worm, you would die, produce no kids. Same is true with sea food and other things. Just so happens the laws about homosexuals were in that same light. Gay sex does not produce kids. The punishment associated with gay sex was meant to be so it would discourage most people from even thinking about it. Please note, I am saying gay sex. There were gays, just don't have sex. In the book of Romans, Paul writes about gay sex. Again a bit of history is good to understand what Paul was getting at. Paul was a citizen of Rome, the rulers in that city would battle with other civilizations and bring back the beautiful boys and have sex with them. Even in this day and age, having sex with boys is not acceptable. Again Paul was writing about the act of homosexual sex and he was writing that letter to Rome. You can ask most Christians and they will agree that the important things in life are discussed in the Bible. Another comment you may hear is if it is not discusses in the scriptures it is not important. That very statement is interesting to me. The first 4 books of the bible are the story of Jesus. The subject of homosexuality is not mentioned in any of them. Seems as if homosexuality was not important to the son of god. Instead he instructed us to love one another as we would love ourselves and do unto others as you would want them them to do to you.
  9. There were so emotions expressed in this chapter my head is in a spin. That speech by Ezra when Dizzy headed to the bathroom turned my stomach. I don’t like adults brain washing kids. Sadie has it right, the devil is not the demon depicted in cartoons, he is a smooth speaker like Ezra. The way Ezra reacted to Dizzy and his art hurt, his reaction to Dizzy staying over night. All those things are strikes against him. He is not supporting Artie, he wants to dictate Artie’s life. His who attitude towards San Francisco shows his narrow point of view. I agree with Artie, I like the variety one can find in San Francisco. I have been to both San Francisco and Dallas. I love the city by the bay. It will be interesting to see where this story goes. I really wish Artie had invited Adam to the pic nic. Then again maybe Ezra will show even more of his real self and Artie will get to see the evil that lurks within.
  10. I understand the concept of the story going where ever it may, that is day to day life. We are riding in a car and someone drives right through a traffic light and we get hit. The difference though between real life and a story is with the author. The author is telling us the story, unless it is a news article where hopefully the reporter is reporting the facts of a disaster, the author has complete control of where the story goes, what happens to the chapters. I tend to read stories that give me hope in mankind. Sure the stories will have a low point or two, but I have hope the author is going to bring it around and have that happy sunset ending. Good authors make us feel like we are witnessing real events. I have a favorite English author, in one of his books a main character had a burst aneurism and died. I was so upset I could not read for several days. Another author wrote about how a religious group treated the native Hawaiian people and I did not continue for a year. I have been enjoying this story but I am wondering where it is going. It is not a news article that is reporting the facts of a storm. It may be based on real life experience, I don’t know. I guess what I am saying is, I agree with James, the story seems to be headed into something dark, and it does not feel good. I should add, that you are my favorite Irish author so I have read a great deal of your work and have enjoyed the story and the outcome. I hate to say this but this story has become less enjoyable. I really hate saying that but I want to be honest. I wonder where it is going?
  11. Interesting. Nice to see a new posting from you. I like that you try all kinds of writing styles.
  12. OzLoGo

    The Wall

    Wow, reading over the comments I am not sure there is much I can add. Ezra is a creep, wonder what he is really up to? Now that he has heard that Artie is gay, is he hoping to do some conversion therapy on him? I keep wondering if Ezra and Adam had a sexual history and if Ezra got slighted and is now trying to get back at Adam. There really is something going on. I really do wish Artie would reach out to others a bit more. He is carrying around way too much garbage in his head, that he could do a lot of cleaning out, just by confiding in his friends and Adam. I feel really bad that Adam feels like he is failing. I feel like Artie did some to help Adam feel better. I wonder where my head was and that I never saw the Adam/Dizzy connection. For sure Dizzy needs a positive male role model and Adam is providing it. I can also see how both Adam and Dizzy stand to loose a lot if Artie doesn’t get his head screwed on correctly and see Ezra for the sleaze bag he is. Can’t wait to see where things go, I HOPE they are positive.
  13. OzLoGo


    What you say are all true about SF. On behalf of a great story I find I am willing to let some things slide just because it makes for a great story to allow them. Here is a possibility. Adam’s partners folks own the property and are more interested in their daughter and good friend having a successful business then lining their own pockets.
  14. OzLoGo


    I like your thinking and it dawned on me. The next time Ezra meets up with Artie will be at the game and it is likely Arties support team will be there. 😊
  15. OzLoGo


    I enjoy reading, and I really enjoy reading stories by this author. It is my opinion that this chapter is some of his best ever writing. There were so many emotions and so much feeling. Dizzy’s joy over donuts, Arties confusion over the same, the continued conflicting feelings over Ezra, expressed by all. The near relationship ending conversation between Artie and Dizzy and the feelings that Mason has for Adam. A true emotional roller coaster. Very well written and a can’t put it down chapter.
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