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  1. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 5

    Thats good to hear. I have a supportive family too, but the sad reality at the time when I was feeling suicidal was not that I had a family that cared. I focused more on my own suffering. You have can loving and supportive family, and sometimes that is not enough. People just need to know that there is folks who understand what they are going through, and that speaking is the first step to recover. Only sometimes an outside party must make this advance. Thanks for reading.
  2. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 3

    Often when you grow accustomed to something for a long time, you'll start believing that such a thing could be the truth. I don't think the responsibility just falls on adults and parents, I think there needs to be a collective awareness with peers, even strangers. If you are driving your car and you come across some guy ready to jump from an overpass while on the motorway, its not how he ended up there. It's the horrific attitude toward reality: that maybe someone else will deal the the problem mentality. I'd like to stay that any rational, compassionate human would stop to talk the person down, but we live in the same world were people throw dogs from the top of buildings and place cats in vacuum sealed bags for amusement. I think the real issue is to just not be a one of the bystanders, if your gut tells you something is not right, reach out. It's not that difficult to ask how somebody how are they doing today. We have to look for good among all the everyday static. Often when something horrific happens, the perpetrator is hyped up as a monster by the public: eg a school shooter. Usually which amounts from isolation from fellow peers, as they strive to fit in. The real problem is not that the person shot up the school, or that people called this person a monster. It's that the mentality is still wrong when approaching such a problem. Schools across American for one don't want to admit they have a problem, and to tackle this they are building school to accommodate school shootings so its harder for the shooter, and adding more guns to the equation rather than tackling the issues of mental health before it even begins. I think the whole issues behind this ordeal would be just look out for your fellow human. Thanks for commenting.
  3. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    You are not the only one who wants to help him, given the circumstances, I'd like to believe many people would come to help. Thanks for reading.
  4. D.K. Daniels


    Ah, maybe I could expand on the story when I get around to doing my second run-through. Right now all my time and energy is focused on As They Say, but I like the idea you have brought up. I'll have to jot it down, and when I am doing my final revision of the story, I might consider it. Though I did hint that Matias would probably pursue something like once he got out, so the seed is already sown. Hope you enjoyed the story, and thanks for the little tidbit. Who knows, maybe Matias will make a Rolo cake for me one day.
  5. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    This life can be dangerous, and true so far Gavin has had luck, but all it takes is one person to unravel it all. Thanks for reading. @chris191070 @weinerdog
  6. Our Little Darlings: Gavin D.K. Daniels Gavin knew his intentions were not the purest tonight. Having babysat all evening, he crept across town in the direction of Wickham bridge. He had a vague idea as to why he was even going there in the first place. Missing out on all the fun adventures he could have been having with his friends. T-peeing houses or getting wasted sitting in the local park on one of the many swing sets. Or loitering under the translucent light reflecting off
  7. The streets are empty; children sleep snuggly and safely in their beds. Parents are watching the latest episode of Chicago Fire, but Gavin is skateboarding alone, heading for Wickham Bridge. The local meet up spot, where junkies hang out hoping to shoot up, and individuals with darker motives prowl, waiting in the shadows. Gavin knows who is waiting. He must make a decision. Will it be good or bad?
  8. People who've had a near death experience often wonder why it wasn't them, and this is the grief Jake has been feeling. Maybe twenty years ago, boys and men didn't showcase their emotions as freely, but these days it seems like it is a strong attribute that you can showcase a range of emotions, and be confident that it's not weak to show vulnerable emotions. The talk on mental health has brought about discussion for male physiological awareness, and I'd all about raising awareness about this topic too. It's not that difficult to tell the people you love in your life that they are appreciated, it does not have to be spoken all the time, simply being there is a good first start. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. @weinerdog, @Anton_Cloche
  9. Ry, I fucked up for real. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it just happened. I wanted so badly to see you last night after I wrote my last letter to you. I just felt like I needed to be as close to you as humanly possible. Any place we have been together or spent time at has been visited. The only place I didn't go was the graveyard. I couldn’t bring myself to go there; the odd notion is that your name on the headstone is the last thing I’d come to expect, but there it was plain as day after
  10. Dude, today has been a really crummy day. I was sitting at my desk at school, and I had this sudden realization I forgot how you looked. How you smile and how you'd show frustration when I never learned something quick enough for your liking. I miss that about you. Is this weird? I could not stop thinking about you all day man, by the time my third class started, I legitimately cried in the bathroom, so nobody else would see me. I feel like I'm losing who you used to be. I don't want to lose the
  11. Ryan, do you remember the school project we worked on about Chernobyl. Why did we pick that? I can't remember, it's funny. Something so fucked up can be so beautiful. Humans, I guess, are natural-born disasters waiting to happen. I don't know why we both liked the idea of a nuclear disaster, but I think it felt like an adventure on our end. What if we both ran away together and went to Chernobyl to explore, just like you said; do you remember when you asked me? "One day, we can run away and
  12. Ryan, do you know what I thought about all day? You. So much so it drove me crazy all day in school. I couldn’t wait to get home from class, to go outside and write on the stump in the backyard. I remember we shared everything together since we were kids, and I don't think I'll ever meet someone like you again. I thought of the time when we camped out in my backyard in the tent you bought last summer. I didn't know then, and I'm still not sure what it means now, but I’m grateful for that night.
  13. Ryan, you won't believe what I heard today, our song, I heard it. It was on the radio in the car when my Mom picked me up from school. Given the weather today was shit when I got in the car, the song was playing on the radio. I didn't exactly know what to do with the emotional baggage that came with the lyrics, the stupid guitar, and set of crashing drums in the background. The song just reminded me of you, and as I sat there looking out the window at the world fly by in the rain, I felt this so
  14. Happy New Year guys, I hope you have a lovely evening, and celebrate lots. Thank you for an amazing year :)

  15. Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎄 🎅 I hope you have a lovely day, and you get all the Christmas presents 🎁 you asked for from Santa. If you still haven't found out, sign up to mailing list, I'll be dropping an exclusive Christmas story 📖 called It Would Be You only for my mailing list, and my patreons. The post drops tomorrow. So, don't miss out on that, and if you still want more festive vibes, grab a copy of Chasing Christmas , and read along with me on Youtube 🖥️. I covered all 16 hours of the book, and you can still catch up if you missed the livestreams. 📹

    Link Below:


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      Merry Christmas 

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      Merry Christmas!

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