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  1. If you like candy and perhaps plenty of cavities this story is for you. Overall, a lovely short read about a young boy and father at the mall picking out new clothes. However, the dad recognizes his sons' anxiousness and pent up infatuation as he learns new aspects about his son, and reflects on them. Well worth a read
  2. D.K. Daniels

    Double Take

    A beautiful tale regarding a boy's first-time infatuation. Something every human being can relate to, but for us gays, this is/was an everyday occurrence when we were not out. I remember a time when I so badly wanted to buy a Justin Bieber poster, I know... WHAT WAS I THINKING! The talk I had to work through to evade my parent's questionable motives was just as amusing. Still, this brought back some sweet memories. The segment where the two boys smiled at each other across the clothing rack... awww... young love, it's a precious thing. Thanks for the read Comicality
  3. Hey everyone, I hope the following week has not been too tough on folks. I know it has on me, trying to reach deadlines. Urgh... who invented those anyway. Yet, despite all the hardship, finally, I can announce to everyone that the first preview of You, Me & Them is freely available to those who wish to see what type of book the new novel will be. The new book takes place on the 4th of July for all my American friends. Though it brings back memories of those wondrous days when anything was possible as a sixteen-year-old, experience your first real love and possible, naive venture at sexuality and sex. I hope folks enjoy the upcoming book which rolls out on May 25th on Amazon, where it can be purchased from all Amazon stores or straight from your Kindle device from the Ebook store.

    You may head over to my website to read or download the first two chapters of the book and enjoy. The preview can be found on my home page along with a book cover. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to message me :)

    My website - www.dk-daniels

  4. D.K. Daniels

    my story

    Sad story; the honesty of the protagonist is what gives this piece its power. I enjoyed the presentation of this hard-hitting topic. If the story is regarding a personal experience. I hope life is better.
  5. A heavy short story about sexual abuse. Well written, atmospheric and good distinctive voice. Well worth a read.
  6. D.K. Daniels


    Glad the tension I was feeling for the piece came out in the writing
  7. D.K. Daniels


    Thanks, I hope you enjoy the remainder of the story.
  8. Alexandre is a cowardly 19-year-old stuck in the trenches of western France during WW2. Accompanying him is his longtime friend Sebastion, who Alexandre is in love with it. With the impending invasion on the forefront; will the love one feels overtake the pride for one's country?
  9. D.K. Daniels


    It is day forty-eight of my time on the battlefield. Off in the distance, the crackle of gunfire is a haunting reminder of just how close the axis is to our frontline. Guiding my eyes down the length of the stock and up to the nozzle of my weapon, Sebastian is crawling out in the bolt hole to get the tin of food... why can't he just butter bread instead of doing this dare. His body drags apprehensively molding the narrow escape even further beyond the trench. I peer to my left and right at all the other soldiers waiting for… waiting for gunfire in our direction. I am glad I have yet to be picked to go out there since when you go out there, you run the risk of getting a bullet to the temple. Once you are in the burrow, there is no going back if the enemy starts shooting. If you are lucky to live, you are rewarded with food for the bravery. You'll never get me out there unless my life depended on it. Have people lost all common sense? I thought the reason for this war was to save lives, fight off the opponent, and return home for tea. I get it, we are all hungry and this weeds it out. Who deserves to eat. What I'd give for a baguette and fresh soup right now. Yet, as I watch from this fortified trench, I can't help but feel a surge of fear erupting in my chest for Sebastion. People will remember his name, his balls of steel if he lives that is, and grow notorious. However, if he were to get killed, he'll take all our secrets and childhood memories to the grave. My arm rattles with the adrenaline; the fear of what could happen and can happen bellows in my head. I stare vacantly at my grime-covered hands, stained with yesterday's mud. I lower my rifle, I turn in behind the sandbags to conceal myself. My mouth is dry, fingers cold. I clench the butt of my gun in the crook of my arm and blow heat on my numb fingers. Tremors travel down my limbs, and the panic is apparent. I can't let people see I am cracking I affirm. I don't want to be sent back, I do not wish to be separated from Sebastion. Reluctantly I look down, in the soft slush, I notice my right boot is untied. Staring at the section of lace, I trail the measure until I meet the aglet. The tip of the shoelace glowed from the sludgy surface where a worm wriggled to get away from our stampede in the trenches. In more ways than one, even the minuscule creatures of this battle were facing tough times. I recall a time when Bastion and I were young; when he jumped in front of a dog. A vicious hound that was snarling and showing teeth. Sebastian was my hero that day. His right arm bears the mark of a canine, a set of bite marks that should have been mine, though all the same he willing took the outcome. Yet, with him risking his life for a tin of frickin’ peeches, I can’t think of anything other than the worse possible outcome. Who will protect me from stray dogs then? I was never a strong fighter, not even as a boy, and now at nineteen, I am surprised I am still alive. Father always said I'll never be a tough man, I'd be a lesser guy. A guy who prunes rosebushes or writes fancy words to sell. I'm proving him wrong every day I remain out here in this desolate land. Except, negative thinking at a time like this only welcomes terrible things, and in a time like this we need all the hope we can muster. Therefore, I reflect on how it will feel when Bastion comes back in, safe and sound with the food in his hand. I’ll be able to look at all his pretty despite being trapped in this sewer. Perhaps, Sebastian will let me hold him, privately of course, but still, a hug would change everything… and with that click… my mind is set. Frustrated, I crouch down, pinching the insect and dropping it to the wall of the mud-pit and set about tying my boots. In one cuff, over to the next, I tie a knot. Somewhere in the middle of the breather, I seem to have regained a calm stance. Okay, I can do this, psyching myself, firmly taking the rifle in both hands. Launching up I rise from the shadows as dust projects by the left side of my face. Gunfire! The flying bullet lodged itself into the embankment high above the trench spewing clay and sand over us. I dropped down, clinging to wall all in fear for my own life. Yet, the fear I felt flood back with the realization of Bastion out in the open. Then in rapid succession, a torrent of lead carries through the air tearing up the dunes and walls. I find myself unable to move in shock at the first direct fight with the enemy.
  10. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    There is some logic to the statement act youthful, and you'll remain young. Act old and you'll become old metaphorically speaking. I have never felt my age growing up, I always felt as if I were years ahead of my peers and that just made me feel old. I have been saying to my boyfriend a lot lately, we are getting older, not old, but I can feel the youthful vigor of my teenage years slipping away now into the nothingness since I am 23 now. I know I am still young and considered, though sometimes everyone ponders on the notion if only for a day we could return to when we were young that would be cool. Hey, that would make a cool story... like the opposite of Big lol.
  11. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 14

    Yes, his music is beautiful. The guy expresses an abundance of emotion through his music and I guess that is why I latched onto his melodies. I have been to see him live, he is great live, I'd recommend it
  12. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 23

    Thanks for not bailing. I'll be honest here, and it is probably not the best thing coming from the writer of the story, but I understand what you mean by the sage. Somewhere in about 40k words, I began to feel myself dragging in the story as there is not a lot to do with the vision I set out with, and the scope I was willing to go with. At times I did have a difficult job telling who was who, and I hope to combat this issue as I have just finished my heavy round of editing. My wish is to let future readers of the story view the book and not feel as lost in the novel as I and some others have been. I am delighted that you got to an emotional level with the guys and connected with them. It really makes my day that you were able to connect with something I have written, it lets me know I am not completely useless at portraying emotions lol.
  13. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 23

    It a peace in my mind that I gave the story some justice with the ending I choose. For some time as I was nearing the end, my internal voice kept announcing... "I need to end it, but I haven't got an ending." Perhaps I rushed the last couple of chapters to close the story, but for me, the story was begging to stale after 8 months. I had to finish it or it would have never been completed. Although that's not the say I didn't enjoy writing the story, I did, it's just after a while the shiny penny idea wears off. It is possible in the future, I will return with a little update for people to see how the boys turned, though I think for me this story has been closed in my heart and I don't think I'd expand much on it if I did add to it. Thanks for the comment
  14. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 23

    I am glad that the two tried to hold out for as long as they could with not giving letting each other their names until toward the end of the story. From the get-go I didn't want the story to be about all other peoples dramas and mishaps that surrounded the boys, I just wanted a small window of the lad's lives to be placed on show, and the bond they grow when you strip everything back to the foundations to do with communications. The part at the end about Issac mentioning the letter being read was me acknowledging the reader... breaking the fourth wall... just a little to hammer home the relationship status that many people have asked lol. Thanks for all the time and patience
  15. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 23

    Thank you Chuffed the ending lived up to the rest of the story
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