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  1. What helps me get back into a character's mindset after I have lost the mojo; I usually take the last piece of content I have written, and I act it out. It may be funny at first, but it does help me to get into the temperament. I've asked my boyfriend quite a few times to be a stand-in character for me when I'm stuck. I even set an entire scene by setting random placeholders around a room, so it corresponds to an item in the story, if needed. Think of kids using sticks in a forest when they are having an imaginary gunfight. Writing is supposed to be fun; make it entertaining. It makes me feel
  2. D.K. Daniels is an anagram for my full name reversed including the double barrelled name I got from my mother, and also the confirmation name I also took when I was 12.
  3. D.K. Daniels

    Day 1.

    Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the late response, I didn't see a notification for this post. Anyway, I am glad that you liked the first chapter. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story
  4. D.K. Daniels

    Day 4.

    Thanks for the comment. Let's hope he gets a little wiser with his funds for sure. Yeah he's met Isaac; they could become friends. This is my first time having a cross over with characters, but Isaac also features in my book You & I. Sometimes I write these little clues in, and people seem to miss them entirely lol.
  5. D.K. Daniels

    Day 4.

    Well, I learned about this job opportunity available in Pine Valley. One of the places I applied for work was Oranganico; they have a local branch in Pine Valley. I’ve been thinking all day whether I should move all the way out there and chase this job. I'm not too keen on the countryside; there is almost nothing to do other than hiking and toiling away doing mindless jobs like repairing a fence, driving a tractor, or tending to cattle. I've always envisioned doing something grander. However, the local produce shop, I chose the head-up said they have vacancies outside the city if I was interes
  6. Perhaps there was a purge also during the latest update, but I have noticed that many authors, including myself have lost followers. Just wondering if there was a purge of inactive accounts.
  7. D.K. Daniels

    Day 3.

    Yep, that's the plan so far; he's noticing that money doesn't go very far. Economising from here on out lol. Thanks
  8. D.K. Daniels

    Day 3.

    I've decided to stay in the Browne Hotel again tonight; it was easier rather than having to move off and find another place to stay tonight. Though I might have to find an alternate place to crash already. It is not overly expensive to stay here, just $72 a night. Eventually, it's going to add up. If I am to make living here a reality, I'll probably have to start skimping and saving. I've already spent a good deal of money getting here, so I need to be more cautious with what I spend. Earlier today, I unloaded everything I own onto the bed from my suitcase to see what I actually brou
  9. D.K. Daniels

    Day 2.

    I have a few neat plans; I can't wait to share them and see what people think. I wanted to add some adventure to my writing so; lets hope people like the progression. Thanks for the comment.
  10. Running from his abusive Dad, seventeen-year-old Kyle skips out on his old life and searches for a new one far from his old home. Spanning halfway across the country, Kyle ends up in St. Clement, where he enjoys the culture but stays for the love.
  11. D.K. Daniels

    Day 2.

    I made it… The people at the border patrol stopped me for a few minutes in St. Clement. They kept asking me if I was in any way, distressed or needed help. I'm not sure what that was supposed to imply, but if I seemed suspicious, it was too damn close. Possibly they were curious as I was a bit anxious, but who isn't? The presence is menacing. Whenever I traveled before today, I hated it. I remember when I was younger, I got so worked up about not getting stopped at a checkpoint for something as a stupid water bottle I'd forget to remove from my backpack. The TSA scare me, but I reckon that is
  12. D.K. Daniels

    Day 1.

    Thanks for the comment; I can't wait to share more of the story
  13. D.K. Daniels

    Day 1.

    Glad to have you on board; I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds
  14. D.K. Daniels

    Day 1.

    When I said to my parents that I was gay, I had assumed the probable outcome. That they'd flip and toss me out on my ass. And I was right, but that's not what I wanted to believe at the time. On Friday, I came home from my usual hobby of watching the football team's match. I can never explain it; watching all those hot guys playing rough sometimes makes me so horny that it hurts. Just last night was possibly the worst night of my life… Okay, minus the hot football players. Everything that happened after that, I did of my own accord, and it makes me wish I hadn't done it at all. In school, I am
  15. Merry Christmas everyone; I hope you have good one ;)

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