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  1. Ethan


    @Bard Simpson Thank you!
  2. Ethan

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    Sorry, wasn't hinting it was someone else - I left it a bit vague, but the idea is that Sebastian was behind the video. Nothing genuine about him. He does like to lie!
  3. Ethan

    Chapter Thirty-Two

    There is, absolutely. Every situation is different, so it's hard to give a definitive answer. If Jordan's dad was still alive, and he asked Jordan to come again, I could see Jordan saying no. Death is different. It is final, so to go for that made sense for Jordan.
  4. Ethan

    Chapter Thirty-Four

    And it only took 34 chapters 🤓
  5. Ethan

    Chapter Thirty-Three

    Thank you! Just a bit more to go to find out what happens ...
  6. Ethan

    Chapter Thirty-Two

    No matter how poor their relationship was, I feel it was in character for Jordan to go back, to get that closure. It's something I would do.
  7. Ethan


    Thank you @James B. that is very kind of you to say! I recently started writing again, but it will be a while until I post anything.
  8. Ethan

    Chapter Nineteen

    @Bard Simpson You're right, his dad could have come to him. But I'll disagree with you, somewhat, that it was an error of judgment for Jordan to go. I feel like it was in line with his character, and something he needed to do. Again, this story is fiction, but the relationship dynamics aren't completely fake, some parts are from my own life, my own experiences. And if I was Jordan, I would have gone. Also, Aiden's not engaged ... I don't think I ever wrote that anywhere, or that he is in a relationship in Australia.
  9. Ethan


    Hi @Etotsira Thanks! I'm working through an idea at the moment, but it is very different from this story, and I'm not sure where it will go. So, maybe. 🤠 This is just a story. The characters, how they meet, their relationship, all of that is fictional, but I have taken bits and pieces of my own life and inserted them into both Noah and Jordan. Those parts were the easiest to write, because I could draw on my own experiences.
  10. Ethan

    Chapter Eighteen

    @Bard Simpson Sorry, no trick, just trying to keep everyone engaged (might be more of that in the second half of the story 😬) Sebastian may or may not return. Don't want to give anything away.
  11. Ethan

    Chapter Ten

    Many, many more ups and downs to go, friend! A lot happens in the next 27 chapters. There's that whole alien invasion chapter .... (kidding, there are no aliens)
  12. Ethan

    Chapter Five

    @Bard Simpson Thank you so much for all of your nice comments! I really appreciate all of them! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I hope that continues as you read on! Now I'm a bit nervous ... 🙃
  13. Ethan


    Thanks @Forevermotion. I'm not sure yet ... they may make an appearance if I write another story. Still thinking about it.
  14. Ethan

    Chapter Thirty-Five

    Well, that's unfortunate ...
  15. Ethan

    Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Thanks @David Santos. In the original version I had done the back and forth a few times, but I tried to take it out as much as possible in this version because I know it can get confusing. That said, I did keep in a few places, because I thought it helped with pacing. But good to keep in mind if/when I return to writing.
  16. Ethan


    Yep. Thanks @starboardtack :)
  17. Ethan


    @Marius @Richjeff @ryan8inch Thank You! I’m formulating some ideas. I’ll see if any take hold.
  18. Ethan


    Thank you! And for all of your support, and your comments along the way! I'll try
  19. Ethan


    I wanted to leave it vague so that you, the reader, could fill in the blanks as you see fit
  20. Ethan


    Thank You I'm both sad and happy it is over. Sad that a project I've worked on for so long is done, but also happy that it's done and so well received! Phew!
  21. Ethan


    Yes, Aiden and Jenn is a bit too perfect -- but I was allowed one cliche ending, right? And I thought they really would be great together. I love Jenn's character, which is why I gave her the last spoken words in the story -- which were very true to her character Thank you for all of your kind comments and support!
  22. Ethan


    Thank You! For staying with the story all these years. I thought about adding a bit of Jordan in the Epilogue, but I kind of like how I ended off with him in the previous chapter, especially his last line of being "home" with Noah -- I thought that was fitting for him. Thanks also for the review! 😎
  23. Ethan


    A mix of all that. Busy with school, his mom, plus Canada is a huge country. And flying from Toronto to Vancouver is not cheap! Domestic flights in this country and way too expensive. Thanks for all of your comments!
  24. Ethan


    Thank You!
  25. Ethan


    I think you’re the only person who likes Noah’s mom! But yes, you need a good villain. Remember Sebastian? 😎 Thank You!
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