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  1. Well, done with the qualifier and onto the group of 16!!!



  2. wildone


    Sad thing is as my hairline recedes, I'm looking more and more like that every day
  3. wildone


    It appears I was a happy kid out of the womb. Glad to get out of there and never going back to another
  4. When the penguin goes to the water park the usually have to close it because she thinks it is the ocean and pees in it 🥺. I like chocolate milk, but not milk chocolate. Too much sugar
  5. 'Was' is the most appropriate word I do believe. Or if you were talking about Valkyrie, the words 'Has Been' can be used as well
  6. Nicole, I met you on two different trips to Dallas to visit friends 20 years ago. To hear that you passed tonight in Texas, on a ventilator of Covid has me shedding tears. You were the fist transsexual I met in my life that I knew of. The fact we became friends and you took the time to answer my questions and dispelled the rumors I grew up with, will keep you in my heart and mind forever. It definitely was a turning point in my life to accept the person for who they were and not what labels people attach to them. You were such a beautiful woman. Rest In Peace, forever. 


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    2. Valkyrie


      I'm sorry for your loss :(  :hug: 

    3. Reader1810


      Sorry for your loss, Steve. :hug: 

    4. Puppilull


      That is so sad. But she opened your eyes and your heart to another side of life. What a gift!

  7. There was something about this story that just put a light on an already great Author. Can I pinpoint it, probably not. It is a must read if you haven't had the opportunity and make sure you check out Dabegal's other stories!!!
  8. Dat only in 'merica, not in LPW Land or Canadia
  9. Off to Dairy Queen to get a 'nana split I'll take the shiny with me for safe keeping
  10. So, is it hot where you live? I've heard from my Eastern American and Canadian friends that the temperatures and humidity has been nearly unbearable. Then heard on the news that Death Valley, California hit 53.3°C/128°F I guess I'm enjoying days around 25°C/77°F, but most evenings we have thunder storms rolling in. My city did have the 4th largest natural disaster in Canadian history in cost of damages due to hail a couple of weeks ago. I'm curious though, how is your summer going? Are you hiding out in your air conditioned home, naked as the day you were born? Or are you at a beach socially distanced and taking in the sun and the water. Hopefully not naked as the day your were born Now I don't want to forget our Southern Hemisphere friends. Let's hear from you if your are freezing your walnuts off . Well I could prattle on forever, but lets get to the wrap up this past week before you all turn from ruly to unruly in an instant. Monday, we kicked off the week right with a great review by the GA Review Team. This one from spikey582. Wednesday Renee was back to kick off the 2020 Theme Selections for the Anthologies. Friday was a first every Guest Prompts. We had a couple of great ones from two different members. See if one of them make you want to take one on! Now, did you check out all the Words of the Day? If not, check em out. Should we check in on where we were on our goals? It is so nice out, I'm curious how we did? Not bad, not bad. Prompts Suggest a prompt(s) - Recommend a few prompts to be feature on Prompt Friday! PM @Renee Stevens and/or @wildone with your ideas. Anthologies 2021 Anthology Theme Selection - Due by July 31st, 2020 2020 Fall Anthology - Shadows - Due by November 15th, 2020 2020 Fall Anthology - Bridges - Due by November 15th, 2020 Author Anthology Questionnaire - Click here to participate Anthology 101 - New in the Anthology Forum. Everything you need to know about GA Anthologies Blog Opportunities Ask An Author: Send your questions for your favorite authors to @Carlos Hazday (no questions = no Ask An Author) Guess the Author: Open to all GA authors. PM @Renee Stevens to participate Premium Updates: Apart by northie *Premium* Classic Updates: Dancing on a Star by Ronyx The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 4 by Bill W Signature Updates: Black Widow by Mark Arbour; Book 16 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP) Disasters, Delights and Other Detours by Parker Owens Headstall's Reflections by Headstall Malibu by Carlos Hazday Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour; Book 8 of Bridgemont Phases of Moon by Mann Ramblings Unicorn Quests by Cia Whistle And Pop by Comicality Promising Updates: The Golden City by Aceinthehole Don't forget.... Read, Write, and REVIEW!!!
  11. Well we definitely know the blue bear won’t be serving caviar. She would have eaten all the salmon before they could drop their eggs 😛
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