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  1. I'm curious how this ended? Did you get into bed with Kyle Also wondering if Steve from For The Love was written with him in mind (this is also the oldest topic in your club , but not anymore)
  2. I could share with everyone my nicknames for you 😇
  3. Hello everyone, sounds like I finally got the recognition I deserved . You all can now call me the Grand Poo-bah (check out the Words Of The Day). Actually I laughed when I saw that. For years and years I worked for the Calgary Flames as a rink rat, but I was isolated at the other end of the rink from the other 3 guys I worked with. They monthly had one of the three be the Grand Poo-bah. But looks like I get the name in the end . Speaking of being called names . I thought I would check in this week on what your childhood nicknames were? Not ones that maybe the school yard bully called yo
  4. Yes, as Dr.P said, don't forget that I'm the Grand Poo-Bah of not only the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes, but also too many other organizations to name in one post
  5. wildone

    Mixed Emotions

    I liked the reference to @shadowgod’s Living in Surreality. And was @Bondwriterin the park with George Michaels? 😁
  6. I would say mid to late nineties. I didn’t get my first cell phone with horrible reception until around ‘97. A Motorola flip phone with a single line of 20 characters of LCD lettering. No camera, no keyboard, nada 😄
  7. wildone

    Finding the Key

    Although the Charger is missing, I can’t help but feel that last scene was one for the win column!
  8. I think what I liked about this story is how bare and raw the emotions of the main character are and you can relate to them yourself. I mean when he is feeling sorrow, you feel sorrow. When he is happy, you are feeling happy too. Rather than go through ever emotion, I strongly suggest you go read this and experience truly feeling what the M/C is feeling throughout. @spikey582 this is such a great review of a great story. Like the story, you review is not drawn out and full of good stuff.
  9. wildone

    Chase and Shawn

    What the H E Double hockey sticks
  10. Now anyone that follows me, yeah, all ten of you , heard that my computer decided that the warranty is up, and it gave me 5 years of loyal service that it was ready to hit the recycling bin Went out and got a new one, paid the warranty (is it worth it? ), and the $150 to transfer my data from the old hard drive to the new one. I asked, is that possible if the old one is dead? Oh yeah, no problem. Fast forward 24 hours, yeah, your hard drive is not in good condition and we can't transfer the data. I said, okay, I paid you $150 to transfer the data and when I questioned it I was told no problem
  11. Well, we all know Don is more that a bad penny . Actually I was thinking this could be the end of Don and his fake image of a family that has fallen apart since Robbie arrived. I do find it ironic that his blood relative Don, is such an ass to him yet his wife, Sue, can always have his best interests in mind. I think in Don's typical fashion, will come in and hoot and holler and create a lot of drama, but Sue as a nurse and knowing what stress will do to Stephanie and within the house with the bombshell, will bring up how things have been more relaxed and running well without him there. D
  12. Sorry for the delay Dodger but thank you for sharing another great chapter So I was a little shocked and surprised when reading the chapter on my phone, I couldn't speed read fast enough down that opening scene I thought since you have mentioned the story is coming to a close, I thought we had jumped to an epilogue already . Then when Robbie woke up sweating in the prison cot that he is sleeping on, I didn't know what to think. When finally all was revealed I thought that was a heck of case of pre ja vu . Now with the big reveal , I think it was an easy way out, Dodger . I mean
  13. No, I haven’t died or left GA (and yes I can hear you all groaning) 😛 I am without computer and my old eyes don’t like extensive work on the phone. Oh @Dodger I sacrificed my eyes last night for you, and expect a comment in the near future :gikkle:  

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      I see my Hacker Assassins did their job. Nice. Nice. :D 

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  14. I’m like you @Reader1810 and stopped after the story description. On my reading list
  15. Pfft, I'm 20 times more debonair than any penguin. Any human is Silly penguin is bringing yesterdays newspaper
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