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  1. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    mine, mine, all mine
  2. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    *Sends the Puffin for a colour blind test**
  3. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    I'm a natural blond I'm a natural Blond and actually Krista bleached her hair so she could be more like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. I loved reading all of Topher's series. If you want some good reading, sit down and go to the Falcon Banner, or any of his other series and I know you will enjoy!
  5. wildone

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    Gives Val a big, wet, sloppy kiss on the cheek! 😗 Lucky it isn't outside in the cold and her made of metal. I only fell for that once
  6. wildone

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    And over to the ONLY one to offer everyone their own fiefdoms and 100% control over them, all for just saying they won't contest my rule
  7. wildone

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    Hey, at 2:30 in the morning I was looking up Alt+0169 😮 and if you even read the lyrics, you would see they have been changed!! Lies and Deceit, that is all the oversized Puffin is good for!!! Think twice, or thrice before aligning yourself with her @Wesley8890 and @Krista, to her, you are all just expendable foot soldiers, whilst she sits behind front lines eating all the cheese and buttercrunch she can get her wings on. If....and that is a big if, she ever secures the shiny, she will definitely cast you aside without even a thought. She's done it before, she will do it again!!! Oh, mine
  8. wildone

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    It's two o'clock in the morning on a Sunday The regular crowd shuffles out There's an old man sitting next to me Makin' love to his tonic and gin He says, "Son, can you play me a memory I'm not really sure how it goes But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete When I wore a younger man's clothes" La la la, di da da La la , di da da da dum Sing us a song, you're the piano man Sing us a song tonight Well, we're all in the mood for a melody And you've got us feelin' alright Now John at the bar is a friend of mine He gets me drinks for free And he's quick with a joke or to light up your smoke But there's someplace he'd rather be He says, "Bill, I believe this is killing me" As the smile ran away from his face "Well I'm sure that I could be a movie star If I could get out of this place" La la la, di da da La la , di da da da dum Now Paul is a real estate novelist Who never had time for a wife And he's talkin' with Davey, who's still in the Navy And probably will be for life And the waitress is practicing politics As the business slowly get stoned Yes, there sharing a drink called loneliness But it's better than drinkin' alone Sing us a song, you're the piano man Sing us a song tonight Well, we're all in the mood for a melody And you've got us feelin' alright It's a pretty good crowd for a Sunday morning And the manager gives me a smile 'Cause he knows that it's me they've been comin' to see To forget about life for a while And the piano, it sounds like a carnival And the microphone smells like beer And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar And say, "Man, what are you doin' here?" La la la, di da da La la , di da da da dum Sing us a song, you're the piano man Sing us a song tonight Well, we're all in the mood for a melody And you've got us feelin' alright © Universal Music Publishing Group Since I typed this long hand, after a bottle and a half of wine, I must have the shiny
  9. So have you started to regret the holiday season? Did you maybe spend a penny or two more that you expected this year? I was thinking how lucky we all are in that we can come to GA and read and read and read and not put out a penny if we want! And this community is the reason why! I don't know why, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that contributes to the site, Authors, Poets, Editors, Betas, Members, Review Team, Author Promotion Team, Anthology Proof Team, Site Moderation Team, and Admins. You all make this site the greatest! Now I remember why I wanted to say that Monday, Renee shared with us some great reviews of said great stories. If you ever have 'nothing to read', maybe bookmark this one: On Wednesday, Renee introduced us to a new Blog feature, Author Guess Who. No, this isn't an Author of a 60's-70's Rock Band We had a short week and jumped to Comsie's GA Article on taking your writing to another level with publishing. Anthologies 2019 Spring Anthology: In the Stars - Due May 15th 2019 Spring Anthology: Snapped - Due May 15th Blog Opportunities Ask An Author: Send your questions for your favorite authors to @Carlos Hazday (no questions = no Ask An Author) Story Recommendations: Open to all GA authors & readers. PM your recommendation and why you recommend it to a Site Admin. Guess the Author: Open to all GA authors. PM @Renee Stevens to participate. 3 Story Promo: Open to all GA Authors. PM @Renee Stevens to participate. Author Interview: Open to all GA Authors. PM @Renee Stevens to participate. Favorite Self-Written Story: Open to all GA authors. PM @Renee Stevens to participate. Story Recommendations: Open to all GA authors & readers. PM @Renee Stevens to participate. Questions & Answers: Open to all GA authors, readers, and editors. Visit the thread and PM @Renee Stevens to participate. Premium Updates: Harbinger by Cia *Premium* Classic Updates: Afterglow by Dabeagle Candy & Kisses by Dabeagle It's Not Easy Being a Tree by Ronyx Rich Boy: Growing Pains by dkstories The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 3 by Bill W Signature Updates: Adrift by Mann Ramblings Aria Graice by Nephylim Denied by Cia Fanfic by Comicality; Book 0 of Fanfic Headstall's Reflections by Headstall Holiday Rush by Comicality Kabal by aditus; Book 3 of The King's Mate Leopard Hunt by Graeme; Book 4 of The Lilydale Leopards One Hundred and Fifty-Five Sonnets by AC Benus; Book 5 of Verse So Weeps the Willow by Cole Matthews Translation Trashbin by AC Benus; Book 7 of Verse Zero to Hero, a Guide by AC Benus Promising Updates: Birds by Parker Owens Changes, Again by Mikiesboy Disasters, Delights and Other Detours by Parker Owens Georgetown: Goodnight, My Angel by Carlos Hazday Here Kitty, Kitty by Caz Pedroso My journey through pain by albertnothlit The Golden City by Aceinthehole tim's Bits and Pieces by Mikiesboy tim's poetry workbook by Mikiesboy ***Check out this GA Classic*** The Price of Honor by Cia  One man wakes to find himself alone...and not where he expected to be. Who is the strange man that appears..and why is he...blue? Follow the story of Cale and Bel'loc as they find out where their honor will take them, and what they will pay to keep it. Don't forget.... Read, Write, and REVIEW!!!
  10. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    And over to this wide awake whipper snapper 🤠
  11. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    Wow, talk about personality swings Steps slowly away from the Puffin with the shiny securely under my arm...
  12. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    Nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah Hey Hey Hey Say Goodbye Mine
  13. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    **sneaks the shiny away from the snoring 💤 Daddy. **
  14. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    I shall send an Alberta Clipper to mash up with the Hudson Bay Vortex, and bury you all in the snow psst, just don't go outside, I'll look after the shiny whilst you all have cabin fever
  15. wildone

    Last Post Wins #47

    It is snowing like a blizzard out here ☃️ But I like my rum straight up, no throwing butter in it Even though I'm tipsy, I'll keep the shiny

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