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  1. drogon

    Under Assault

    Laura you are a marvel that was the most fun thing i have read so far😁one needs something to smile about during these trying times.
  2. drogon

    Meet The Boys

    First chapter and im already hooked 😋
  3. drogon

    Christmas Shopping

    Thank you soooooooo much for continuing this story,missed Collin and Ben.
  4. That was hot😳and funny at the same time.
  5. Ohhh how i love grandslather.the slupies sound so cute in a fricky way.
  6. drogon

    Sex Education

    I just find the both of them absolutely cute,neither is willing to be honest and straight forward.
  7. Thank you that was so hot and sweet so happy that bunny boy finally told the truth.
  8. drogon

    Perfect Shot

    Both of them seem to be biting more then they can chew since neither is willing to be honest for now.
  9. Say what the suspense my eyes got so large and my breathing picked up towards the end,Walker is going to go nuclear on there furry buts.
  10. drogon

    Slothin' It

    Awwww😍that has just made my morning beyond cute😻😻
  11. Michael seems like a good guy i like how he appears to be gentle guiding the poor bunny along he needs some positive encouragement .
  12. Bunny needs to set himself free in every meaning sexually,personally and work wise he is clearly unhappy with how things are going at the moment,and Heath needs to be more aware of the bunnies feelings towards him.
  13. Well that was surprising about Heath it just goes to show that you truly can not judge a book by its cover.
  14. Thoroughly enjoyed that as always.me thinks Heath is falling for bunny boy without even realizing it.
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