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  1. At least he's honest with himself. I mean, I wouldn't put the fate of a species in Ira's hands either.
  2. Chapter 8 - All isn’t fair in War I was cold. My nose twitched as the cool wind blew across it and made me focus on the winter landscape I was standing in. Snow lay in thin layers all around me in this unknown land, a place I had never seen before in my life. Where was I? How had I gotten here? Where was my alpha? My pack? My ears swiveled on my head, capturing any distinct sounds around me only to hear the long stretch of utter silence. “Alpha?” I said, looking around me and still seeing no sign of anyone I knew. Fried rat shit, how did I always end up in odd situations like this? I thought as I stood and looked around me again hoping this time I might get a clue as to what the hell was going on. I heard something then, my head whipped around as the sound disappeared into the frozen tree line. A whimper, I’d heard something whimper. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up my heart pounding loud enough to echo in my head. Without thinking I started walking towards the pain-filled sound. Like a beacon in called to me, pulling my paws in that direction against all conscious thought. The snow crunched with each step I took, the trees swallowed me as I walked even further into the wintery woods. “Where are you?” I called out. Some part of me needed to find whoever it was. I needed to help them, I felt it deep down inside of my soul. The sound only increased as I walked, no one replied no matter how often I called out. Pushing through the thick layer of snow I kept going until I felt the ache in my muscles and cold in my paws. Time ceast to exist, rolling off of me like years were minutes and eons only hours. How long had I been walking? Why did it feel like I was going nowhere, but the urge to keep going drove me forward. I couldn’t stop, something told me I had to find whoever it was. Pushing myself through the deep snow I kept walking. The wind surged growing stronger as I walked stinging me with icy blasts that made my eyes water and my breath catch. “Where are you! Please, tell me where you are?” I yelled for what felt like the thousandth time. Why wouldn’t they answer me? Why couldn’t I find them? “Please!” I begged, not knowing who I was pleading with. My feet faltered as I tripped and fell into the deep snow, sinking into the cold like a stone that could no longer move forward. The tug was painful now, deep in my core I could feel it calling to me but I couldn’t move any further. My body shook with the child of the blasting wind howling around me like a storm that blinded everything in a white wall around me. “Please,” I whispered looking out into the vast white nothing. Not even the trees remained in my cold prison. I wanted to give up. I wanted to go back to my alpha and my pups, forget this horrible nightmare I was stuck in. “I am here pup,” a warm breath ghosted across my muzzle as the strange deep voice spoke. I opened my eyes, not realizing that they had shut. How long had I been asleep? My gaze drifted to the green forest around me and the lush vegetation no longer smothered in snow. Holy Mother nature, I was losing my mind. Panicked my attention focused on the massive creature leaning over me, it’s head the size of a boulder, and it’s eyes the bluest shade of crystal staring down at me with an all-knowing expression. Holy fucking shit, the creature was a wolf. A massive wolf with midnight black fur that somehow seemed to constantly fade in and out with the surrounding forest, like a ghost. I blinked trying to take in the sight before me, unsure what I was even seeing. “Who are you?” I asked in complete awe. What the heck had I eaten last night? Was I hallucinating? The wolf tilted it’s head, it’s large muzzle still so close to my own that I didn’t dare move. “Do not fear me, my pup,” the wolf said, it’s voice echoing in a deep timber around us. It didn’t actually speak, but I could hear its voice as if it was. My ears swiveled back and forth trying to catch the sound that was most likely were in my head. Anxiety warred in my gut as I watched the massive beast shift closer, its warm breaths breezing across my face. “Why am I here? Where am I? Where is my alpha? My pups?” I asked feeling the anxiety morph into fear. Had this creature taken me? Was this massive wolf part of Hexis pack? “Calm yourself,” the wolf said, brushing its warm nose against my muzzle halting any other questions that might have erupted. A shiver worked its way through my body, followed by a warm glow in my belly that I didn’t expect to feel. “All is well, your pups and alpha sleep soundly beside your mortal body.” My mortal body? I thought, my eyes shifting nervously around my surroundings and back to the massive creature. “I don’t understand, what is this place?” My eyes shifted again to the lush forest that surrounded us. Birds chirped happily in the trees, while squirrels scurried unafraid nearby. To my surprise, I could see deer walking not far off in the distance, completely unfazed by the massive predator in front of me. My ears flicked back when the scritching sound of claws on wood caught my attention. Quickly my attention snapped to the left where four squirrels chittered loudly their bushy tails the biggest I’ve ever seen. Each other the plump creatures scampered towards me as if running towards my open mouth willingly. My mouth watered as they ran closer, their chunky legs calling out to my hungry gut. Yassss— “This place goes by many names,” the massive wolf interrupted. My head snapped back to the massive creature just as the four delectable squirrels scurried across my feet without fear and back into the nearest tree. You’ve got to be shitting— “But, in this instance, I shall call it the beyond, it is a place of peace and paradise to those who seek it,” he said gently, completely unaware of how little I was paying attention to him. The massive wolf leaned forward to press it’s warm nose against the side of my head and down my throat, quickly gain my attention. It was an intimate gesture, something I’d only ever done with my brother and alpha. Instinctively I tilted my head to reveal my throat, the warm feeling spreading through my gut so similar to the love I felt for my pups when they were curled up beside me on our pelts. I didn’t move for a few moments as the wolf scented me, his breaths even hotter closer to my throat. “You are as perfect as I envisioned you to be. I only wish I had been able to stay a little longer with you,” the wolf said in it’s strange mind talk as it pulled away. “Giving you up is one of the hardest trials fate has ever demanded of me.” I didn’t understand what he was saying to me. Stay with me longer? I’d never seen this creature before in my life. I would have remembered meeting a wolf the size of a small mountain. I was forgetful but that was pushing it a little too far even for me. “I don’t understand. I don’t know you,” I said bewildered. “I am not permitted to interfere with the struggles of mortal beings, I cannot save you or your pack from the battle you must face. There is much bloodshed and loss, but a great reward if you are victorious. You cannot afford to lose in the upcoming war, all luperci depend on it,” It said as it stepped back a step, the stoic expression unwavering even as it’s voice held some underlying emotion. Oh, well that vague comment just made everything make sense! I thought, even more, confused than before. “I still don’t understand, are you talking about Hexis? Tell me who are you?” Nothing made sense, not this massive creature, not where I was, nothing. Had I finally eaten too many squirrels and I’d choked on a bone and died? I’d be really pissed if I’d died choking on a squirrel bone, even worse, Naga better not raise my pups. I’d really be pissed then. “Listen to me Ira,” the wolf said bringing my attention back to its blue eyes. “You are stronger than you believe, do not let anger be what fuels you. Accept what is in your heart, and who you really are.” The massive wolf leaned in again, swiping it’s massive tongue across my cheek in a gentle kiss so similar to my what my adopted dama had done to me as a pup. “No matter what path you take, I will be here waiting for you when you arrive.” My hands reached out and I grasped at the ghost-like fur on the side of his head. His fur ghosted through my fingers even though I could feel the soft texture of every strand. “I don’t understand. Why won’t you tell me who you are?” I repeated again my heart racing in my chest. The wolf stepped back, it’s massive paws soundless against the lush grass. Its black fur shimmered and faded in and out like a halo around it, a mirage blending like an ethereal creature into its equally immortal backdrop. “Please, tell me who you are? What am I supposed to do?” I begged the fading wolf. Blue eyes stared into my own, bright and crystal, a reflection of my own. A mirror image of my self reflected back from the deep pools of blue even as the black furred wolf disappeared into the surrounding forest as if it had never been there. The forest began to fade away disintegrating into blackness swallowing me up and taking me with it. “The answers are inside you, accept who you are Ira,” the deep voice whispered through the ascending darkness. As I fell into the deep sinking abyss I couldn’t help but think that if the answers are inside me that we might all be fucked. I woke with a gasp, my eyes snapping open to look at the den walls surrounding me. Zora lay behind me in his luperci form pressed close to my back with his solid arm draped over my side. Curled in a pile beside me was my four pups fast asleep and warm against my belly as they slept soundly. It had been a dream, everything was ok, I was where I was supposed to be. “Something woke you,” Zora said gently, his husky voice deep with sleep as he rubbed at my side. “It was just a dream,” and hopefully it was or otherwise I was taking mind trips to a place called the beyond with very friendly giant wolves with self-help advice. Still, the dream had felt like more. There was a realistic quality that even wakefulness hadn’t tarnished. Also, I swear I could still smell flowers, and that definitely wasn’t coming from a den filled with newborn pups if you know what I mean. “Tell me what you dreamed,” he said softly his muzzle pressing into the back of my shoulder as he licked gently at my fur. I shivered as he licked a ticklish spot just below my shoulder blade. “Well first I was in the damn snow for hours just walking in place and then poof, all the sudden I was in this perfect forest call the beyond where apparently the juiciest squirrels are not afraid of me. Anyways there was a wolf the size of the moon hovering over me. He was super friendly and saying all kinds of foreboding omens that sounded kind of like the end of our entire race. Nothing to strange,” I said getting some of my crazy dreams out in a tumble of words, maybe a slight twitch or two under my eye. “Everything with you is strange,” Zora paused licking my cheek soothingly, his arm tensing over my side. “What did the wolf say?” He asked, sounding interested. “He said,” I paused, feeling my heart begin to race in my chest as the words started to seep into my conscious mind. I realized suddenly that there a lot of meaning to what the dream-mountain-wolf had said. “He said, that there was a war coming, one that we had to win because all luperci depended on it.” I tensed, thinking about the other things he’d said. “He also said that he would be waiting for me.” Zora’s hand soothed down my side. “This war,” he said gently while rolling me over so I could see his face. “Weather is comes or not we will face it together and I will protect you and our pups till my last breath. Whatever happens, you will be safe.” I swallowed past the lump forming in my throat. Didn’t he know that was the last thing I wanted, that if I watched him die I would lose a part of my soul. He was my alpha, I couldn’t live without him, I knew that down to my very large bones. “You know if you die, I won’t be far behind you.” Zora growled dangerously, his fangs flashing as he did. “If I die you will live and raise our pups and help lead our pack, promise me right now that you will do as I say,” he growled his claws digging into my side slightly. A whine escaped me, not from pain but because of the emotional turmoil tearing me apart inside. “I won’t promise anything that makes you feel comfortable with dying. You live, I live, that is the promise we made to each other and I plan to make you keep that promise,” I let out my own low growl as I nipped at my mate's muzzle. Zora snarled but followed the aggressive sound with frantic long licks across my mouth till our tongues brushed in frantic kisses we couldn’t control. There was a desperate need in his that I could understand. I could feel the boil in my own blood as I pressed myself close to his body. “Promise me we will live till we’re old and most likely fat,” I gasped against his mouth my claws digging into his back as I clung to him. Zora rumbled, deep and reassuring just as I felt his cock thrust into me without warning. Desperate for more I moved my hips closer, wrapping my lower body around my alpha till there was no space left between our tied bodies. “You are mine, and I am yours, and not even death will defy us.” He was right. Nothing would ever come between me and my alpha. I would make sure of it. As I rode him to the edge of pleasure, I knew that I would burn down the entire world before I’d let anyone take away what was mine.
  3. Yeah Ty's not all there upstairs where Dane is concerned and the fact that Chris's actions could have hurt Dane's reputation even slightly made Ty lose it a little.
  4. Chapter 17 - Welcome to the Jungle December 12th, 2017 “Do you know who did this,Ty?” Principle O’shea pointed to the paper on his desk that he had discreetly turned over after looking at it only once. I wasn’t really sure why he even bothered to turn the paper over, they were all over the school and it was unlikely they would all be picked up any time soon. The expression on his face would have been comical if not for the fact I was still seething with rage at the situation. Once I got my hands on Chris I was going to beat the shit out of that fuck once and for all. “No,” I said curtly. There wasn’t any way in hell I was going to tell him that Chris Mcalister did this. It wouldn’t change a fucking thing. No one in this school would corroborate that he did it and I had no solid proof that he did. No, I’d take care of Chris on my own. “Ty, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s going on. Is there anything going on at home that I need to know about?” O’shea pressed, his face crinkling into concerned lines. A growl escaped me, my lips twitched unconsciously as I barely kept from flashing my teeth in rage. “Are you serious?” I ground my teeth to keep from yelling at the man. “I have to ask, Ty,” the principal lifted his hands trying to placate me. “You have to ask if my adopted father is fucking me because someone in school made a shitty photoshop page to piss me off? That kind of shit could ruin Dane.” “I understand and I don’t want anything like that to happen, that’s why I need to know who you think did this,” he implored. I shook my head. “I don’t know anything.” I wasn’t saying shit. If I had it my way I wouldn’t tell Dane about this either, but I doubted O’shea was going to let that happen. O’shea sighed and leaned back in his chair. At the moment he looked every bit his sixty-plus years as he rubbed the bridge of his nose from under his glasses. The man looked like he was having a stressful day. I could relate, my day was a giant fucking ball of shit. Everyone in the entire school was looking at me like I’d mounted Dane in the middle of the school hallway and went to town. Fuck, fuck, Dane would flip out when he saw this. How the hell had Chris known something was going on between me and Dane? Or was this just a shot in the dark? “Alright, I’m going to need to inform Mr. Huntsman about this incident and you’re going to have to talk to child services,” he said while he started looking at some numbers on rolodex on his desk. “Are you serious?” Fuck, child services was never good. I still remembered dealing with them in the early days after I’d been taken from my mother when she’d ODed and left me in the apartment for five days. I’d been so hungry I’d went outside of the apartment looking for food. I remembered thinking about how hungry I was and how I’d do anything just to eat, even let the men touch me. I stood up without warning, the chair toppling behind me in a loud crash, my breaths coming out in deep pants. “I’m not talking to services,” I said darkly, unable to stop the fine tremor that shook through my body. “Tyler, you have nothing to fear. If everything is as you say it is—” “I said I’m not talking to them,” I reached down and grabbed my backpack already ready to leave the man's office. “I have to report this regardless and inform your guardian,” O’shea said as I started walking towards the office door. My hand paused on the handle the burning edge of anger settling in my gut like a molten stone. Why was it when I said I didn’t want to do something nobody listened to me, only Dane ever heard me. I was tired of playing by the rules, the same rules set by the people who wouldn’t hear me. I turned back around, my lips pressed into a hard line as I stared the older man down. “I said I wasn’t going to fucking talk to them. Don’t push me, or I’ll make your life a living hell when I tell social services and my father how your dick tasted as you shoved it down my throat,” I growled out. O’shea’s eyes widened comically, his red-stained cheeks going deathly pale as he stuttered for a single word. “That is disgusting, how dare you— no one will ever believe you!” He growled. I shrugged, “Whose reputation is it going to ruin more - The gay black kid or the esteemed older principal?” The older man visibly swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing dramatically as a red flush crawled up his neck. “I’m trying to help you, Tyler.” “No you’re trying to do damage control at my expense. We both damn well know who did this and you obviously aren’t going to do anything about it.” I turned back to the door and opened it, but just before stepping out I looked back over my shoulder at the frazzled man. “My names not Tyler, it’s Ty.” I walked out without another word. December 15th, 2017 “Morning. You’re up early,” Dane said as he walked up behind me where I sat at the kitchen barstool looking at colleges online. Coming up behind me Dane grabbed the side of my head and planted a kiss there before moving on towards the coffee machine. A low rumble of pleasure escaped me as I tried to turn my head and capture more of his attention. He moved away before I could get more, and like every morning he was already making his way to the coffee machine to brew his cup for the day. He was in his fatigues, dressed for work and smelling of the rich aftershave I’d grown to love. My eyes tracked over his strong back and down to his tight ass, the same ass I dreamed about sinking into every night. Dane turned around and I forced my eyes to drop back down to the laptop screen in front of me. It wouldn’t do either of us any good for me to start the day off with a boner because I was eye fucking him across the kitchen. “Why are you up so early? I figured it’d be a cold day in hell when I didn’t have to force you out of bed in the morning,” Dane said as he grabbed a coffee cup out of the cabinet next to the machine. I shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep last night.” I hadn’t been able to sleep since the fucking mess at school two days ago. Anxiety made my chest ache as I thought about social services and Dane finding out about the image that was still passing around school. I’d grown accustomed to being an outcast by my own choice, but in the last few days I could feel the stares and whispers around the school hallways. I had to figure out how I was going to deal with Chris Mcalister. I wasn’t going to let that piece of shit get away with it, but I couldn’t beat the shit out of him either. Something Seth had told me once about Chris kept lingering in the back of my head. I’d have to see if my hunch was anything that could put that prick in his place once and for all, but if I was right it would mean I would have to do something I didn’t want to do. The very idea of it made my stomach roil and my headache. “Why couldn’t you sleep?” Dane asked, concern clearly written on his face. “It’s nothing, just wasn’t tired,” I said still looking down at my computer. “Ty,” Dane said, his voice stern. Looking up I saw that he’d moved to stand in front of the bar where I sat, his grey eyes searching my face. “Tell me the truth.” “I’m fine Dane, I seriously just couldn’t sleep last night,” I said returning his stare, not letting the anxiety slip through the facade I’d built. “Alright,” he turned around and pulled the pot of coffee off the machine and poured himself a cup before rinsing out the pot. With his cup in hand he walked back over to me and grabbed my chin in a tight but comforting grip forcing me to look up at him. I didn’t resist as I tilted my chin up and looked up into steel grey eyes. “If you don’t sleep soundly tonight, you will tell me why. Understood, Ty,” he said with a finality that I never argued with. “Yes, D.” He nodded and released my chin. “Have a good day at school, I love you.” He turned to leave, coffee cup already tilting up to take his first sip as he walked away. “Dane,” I said, standing. He stopped and looked at me over his shoulder grey eyes searching. “I love you too,” I said gruffly, not sure if that was what I’d really wanted to say but happy that I’d said it. “Whatever it is Ty, you can tell me when you’re ready. Have a good day.” Dane walked away, the sound of the front door opening and closing telling me he’d left for work. Sighing I sat down and tabbed the internet browser to the other window I’d had open, the one I hadn’t wanted Dane to see. Chris Mcalister’s Facebook account had led me to a lot of things, but mostly it hadn’t amounted to much. Seth’s comment still stuck with me and if he was right then I knew exactly how I was going to ruin that asshole. Opening up a second tab I went to my email account, pasting the contact addresses I’d gotten from the school contact list I’d found online. The title read “Want some porn photos?” and in the message I typed my heart pounding as a plan formed, “Come to the gym at 4:30 pm today. Don’t tell anyone or you’ll ruin the surprise. Bring cameras.” December 15th, 2017 I stood in the empty school locker room feeling the anxiety starting to shiver in my gut as I thought about what I was about to do. Dane’s words played through my head all day, that’s why I had to do this today. Once it was done I could stop worrying about anything dropping down on Dane or any surprise visits from social services and then I could sleep soundly. Standing up I stripped my shirt over my head, the cool air making my skin to tighten as a shiver raced through me. Looking down at my phone I saw the bright shine of the digital clock reading 3:57 pm in bold letters. Quickly I unbuttoned my pants and slipped them and my underwear off over my already bare feet. Grabbing the towel I’d brought I walked into the shower area, my feet slapping against the tile floor. The shower stalls were lined up so that you had to walk past each one in order to get to any empty one if the front one was occupied. It was empty, no one had been in the showers for hours. Stepping into the first shower I set my town on the hook and turned on the water to a desirable warm temperature. The warm slide of water roll down my back, easing some of the tension I felt in my shoulders. I’d done this before, it wasn’t something I couldn’t do. I knew that, but even as I told myself that I couldn’t help but feel the revulsion climbing up my throat. No part of me wanted to return to that time in my life, where the cigarette smoke clogged my nose and the sticky touch of strange hands ran down my body. Usually, I could bury those memories deep where they could be forgotten in the past I didn’t have to remember, but today I knew they would be surfacing. Doing what I was about to do almost guaranteed that I would be revisiting my chilling past. It didn’t matter, this plan solved all of my current problems, I needed to do this to protect Dane and myself. The locker room door slammed and the sounds of sneakers squeaking across the linoleum floor told me that he had finally arrived. Thank god the prick was so predictable. Quickly I grabbed my cock and started the slow pull that I knew would get me hard. I thought about Dane, about how much I wanted to sink into his body and feel the hard grip of his hands on me as I thrusted into him. My thoughts drowned out the sounds of the locker room as I let my imagination fuel my arousal. I didn’t listen for the sounds of a locker opening and closing or the sounds of bare feet slapping against the tile floor as they approached the showers. I didn’t listen for anything except the sounds of my moans as I thought of what it would finally be like to be with Dane the way I’d been craving for since I turned fifteen. “Holy shit,” Chris croaked, as he came around the corner seeing me in the first stall. I opened my eyes to look him, expecting to see him there, even though I wasn’t looking forward to it. “What the fuck are you doing Huntsman?” He growled, but I could see the stain of red running up his throat and the tight grasp he had on the towel around his waist. Chris’s eyes shifted around wildly before staring down at my dick still held firmly in my hand. “What does it look like I’m doing, Mcalister?” I groaned deeply making sure the sound was loud enough to be heard. Mcalister’s eyes were glued to my hand, wide and blue as they focused on my hand as I continued to jack myself. I closed my eyes again letting images of Dane’s naked body form behind my lids. I couldn’t wait for him to touch me, to grab my like I was holding myself and tell me how much he wanted me. There was no doubt in my mind who would be in control of our sex life and I couldn’t wait to feel the hard hands he would hold me down with. A stilted groan, made me open my eyes again. Chris was standing a little closer, his mouth slightly open and his towel tented in the front. I couldn’t help the small smirk that pulled at the corner of my mouth. Seth had been right, I don’t know how he’d known, but somehow my boy had known about Chris all along. “You want some?” I asked, my voice deep with the arousal I was purposely fueling. Chris shifted back and forth as if his mind and body couldn’t agree on what he wanted to do. “Why the fuck are you here?” He asked, licking his lips anxiously even as his eyes darted back down to my leaking dick. Not so straight after all, I thought with grim satisfaction. “Was waiting for someone. He didn’t show up,” I said. It was obvious he was looking for a reason why I’d suddenly appeared in his space, but his body didn’t seem to care why I was here. Seth had said once “Maybe Chris is actually gay,” I’d thought he was insane, but now I wondered how he’d known. What had Seth noticed about this evil prick that I hadn’t? “You still pissed about the other day?” He asked even as he tentatively stepped closer, his breathing became labored as he watched me put on a show. Spreading my legs wider I let my hand drop down to my balls pulling on them just enough to keep myself from cumming too soon. Nothing about this situation was arousing, but I’d learned quickly that any amount of masturbation and a good imagination can bring you to orgasm. I was using every bit of both to keep myself from going soft. “I’m still pissed,” I growled, pinning the jock with my hard stare. “How about I fuck your mouth and we’ll call it even.” Chris shivered, a hard gust of air escaping him as he subconsciously took another few steps closer. “Why the fuck would I do that?” He sneered, but his eyes said something completely different as they kept track of the slow drag of my hand, my thumb playing with my leaking slit. “Because who else are you going to ask? If you want a dick in this school, you’ll have to settle for mine,” I grunted and leaned my head back against the tile wondering what it would feel like to have Dane’s mouth wrapped around my cock. That alone almost made me spill, forcing me to wrap a tight hand around the base before I came too soon. Chris breathing came out in harsh pants as he crept a few feet closer till he was direct line with the spray of the shower. He wanted me, it was written in every tense line of his face and the bright red flush covering his chest. Without warning he dropped his towel, letting the wet terry fall away and reveal his own hard dick. He wasn’t huge, average size and definitely smaller than my own. “You better keep your fucking mouth shut,” he snarled even as his knees gave way and he knelt before me to press his face into my wet thigh. It took everything in me not to shove him away. My free hand fisted the shower head as I looked up at the ceiling. “No one would believe me even if I did,” and he damn well knew that. As far as social standings went, I had no clout in this school, but Chris Mcalister definitely did. That was why he was on his knees getting ready to deep throat my cock. He didn’t think anyone would ever believe me. It was a good thing I was never going to say a damn word, I wouldn’t have to. “Suck my dick,” I growled and grabbed the back of his head aiming him in the right direction. His mouth opened eagerly taking me in without any hesitation, his hands grabbed my hips digging his fingers painfully into my flesh. I ignored the slight pain and thrust forward into the tight warm heat of his mouth thinking about the man I loved and how much of a betrayal this was to myself but also to Dane. Another part of me, a dark part couldn’t help but relish the fact I was face fucking Chris Mcalister after everything he’d done to Seth and I. Every homophobic word, every time he’d hurt Seth, every time he’d tormented and talked, it all came down to this moment. Without finesse I thrust forward deep enough to cause Chris to gag, I didn’t stop and he didn’t pull back, thrusting in and out as he drooled around my cock taking me in like he couldn’t get enough. My hand fisted in his hair as I pulled his head forcibly back shoving myself deep into the back of his throat and out again. Chris moaned loudly, the lewd sound making my gut twist painfully as nausea rolled through me. Just a few more seconds, I thought, trying to keep my erection long enough to get through this. Chris moaned again sucking on my dick like it was the one thing he couldn’t get in his life like it was the only thing that he craved but couldn’t have it. Satisfaction replaced my nausea as I thought about how badly I was about to ruin him, the same way he’d tried to hurt not only me but Seth and Dane. “You’re a good cock sucker, Mcalister. How long have you wanted to deep throat my dick?” I taunted, his moans becoming continuous and loud even when the distinct sound of the locker room door echoed through the room and into the showers. He didn’t hear, he didn’t hear anything except for the litany going on in his own head. I didn’t pull back when I heard the soft sounds of multiple voices, and I didn’t pull back when I heard them coming towards the showers. I thrust with more purposed chasing an impossible orgasm. I pulled Chris’s head back, leaving only the tip inside of his lips. “You shouldn’t have brought Dane into this,” I growled just as one of his teammates came around the corner cell recording in his hand. “Holy fucking shit!” The player, Grayson, shouted and the other five guys came close enough to see with their own eyes the quarterback on his knees deep throating my dick. Chris gagged as he pulled away fast enough he fell back on his ass with a lewd splash. “What the fuck! Stop, stop, recording!” Chris shouted frantically as he grabbed for the discarded wet towel he’d dropped only a few minutes ago. “This shits, live man! Oh fuck, Coach is going to see this!” One of the players, Trenton, shouted as he took a photo of Chris laying only a foot away from me, his dick still noticeably hard. “Chris, did you take it up the ass too?” Toby, another one of the football players asked taking his own photos with his phone. Mcalister breathes came out erratically as he attempted to scramble up to his feet slipping a few times as he clutched the towel to his waist. Finally, he got his feet under him and ran past the other men no doubt grabbing what he could before leaving the locker room. His teammates left me standing in the shower, not interested in me in the slightest. For a few seconds I stood there waiting for the vindication I’d expected to feel, but nothing surged up to fill the hole that was starting to grow. The only thing that came was the cold numb feeling I’d got when I was a kid and I knew she would bring someone home. “Fuck,” I turned off the water and grabbed my towel off the peg where I’d left it. With almost absolute clarity I knew I’d fucked up, and it wasn’t just seeing Chris Mcalister's tear stained face that made me realize that. It was the empty pit dug out in my gut.
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  6. Chapter 18 - Sloth It Out “Are you sure this is a good idea? I don’t think your wolf prince is going to be ok with this.” Robby said as he chittered irritably, his brown eyes shifting left and right before following me down the block. “What...he...doesn’t...know….won’t….hurt...him,” I said stubbornly while using my wheelies to travel quickly down the sidewalk. “Yeah, well that would be good if he actually doesn’t find out,” Robby said rubbing his hands together nervously as he followed at a quick pace beside me. I’d decided after finding out about my brother's involvement to confront him directly. There was no way I was going to let my brother get away with his devious plan. How dare he think he could petition the council of animals to make speciest laws. I wouldn’t admit it, but my heart hurt every time I thought about it, which in turn made my babies jump around like my womb was a damn trampoline. I kept catching myself talking out loud to them telling them to ‘settle down’ or ‘stop it right now’. Apparently, my maternal gene was already kicking in full force, along with my pregnant hormones. “Walker… is.. not… going… to… find… out,” I said not even stuttering as I spoke almost at a normal pace. There were some perks to being pregnant, and if this faded after this pregnancy, Walker might be able to convince me to do this again. Maybe. Robby chittered again, bouncing around slightly as his voluptuous body tried to contain all the nervous energy radiating off of him. “What if he does though? He won’t strangle you! You’re his slovable sloth, I’m just the friend, who happens to also be a raccoon and we are easily misplaced if you haven’t noticed!” Robby hissed, his brown eyes wide and shifty as he got closer to my brother's office building. “Stop.. worrying… Robby… my… brother… can’t… hurt… us,” I said with unwavering conviction. My brother and I might be opposites in everything but appearance, but I doubted that he would ever hurt me. Paul wasn’t evil, but he was vindictive. As we walked up to the massive apartment building I couldn’t get the feeling of being watched to go away. It was an itchy sensation on the back of my neck one that only intensified as I looked around warily at the busy street. People walked to various locations, some in their animal forms, others in their human skin. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. We walked up to the office building on 5th Slovenue, the premiere workspace for the slothotics and all elite sloth businesses. How my brother had schmoozed his way into his lifestyle will always amaze me. The building was very secure with a panel of numbers at the front needing an access code to be let in, or a phone number to call up to the person above. There was no way to get in without the codes and that was how sloths loved it. “You know, I don’t think you thought this one completely through…” Robby said trailing off looking at the number pad with pensive brown eyes. “I… thought… it… through… I… brought… you,” I looked at him with a knowing stare that put out there the one thing that we all know raccoons didn’t talk about. There was a reason there was a law protecting raccoons from any kind of trespassing since it was in their nature to get into everything. Robby shifted back and forth, and if he had a tail it would be shaking with anticipation. I knew my friend and I also knew he loved to break and enter into just about any place just for the pure fun of doing it. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said as he pulled out a little square box out of his denim jacket. “Just because I am a raccoon,” he kept talking as he approached the pin pad system and started dismantling the thing until wires were visible from underneath. “Doesn’t mean that I am some kind of trash,” he mumbled while pulling a few red wires and then a green one before the door beeped and clicked open, “bandit. Hey look at that it’s open!” Robby put his little toolkit back in his jacket before bouncing toward the door and the last few minutes had not happened. “Don’t think too hard about it, you will never understand,” I told myself as I walked slowly up the stairs of the apartment building towards the door Robby was holding open. The smile stretched across his face was making his chubby cheeks dimple in a way that expressed extreme joy. I’d have to remember that breaking and entering was apparently the one thing that made my friend extremely happy. I also had to remember to never tell Walker about his talents. Inside the lobby was surrounded by lush climbable trees and a noticeable mango vending machine, and a fruit bar with smoothies and sloffee. “Oh my god, I’ve died and gone to sloth heaven,” I thought looking at all the beautiful things around me. My pups moved around inside of me, agreeing with my take on the place. My mouth watered as I watched the sloth at the juice bar making a fresh mango kale smoothie for another sloth in front of him. I wondered if we had time for me to get one of those? “Where are we supposed to go?” Robby asked, looking back at me and then around at the opulent tropical rainforest we were standing in. “Um, Ry, you’re drooling,” the raccoon said, stopping in the middle of the lobby to look back and forth between me and the juice bar. “I… think… I… should… get… a… smoothie,” I said, but god I did not want to wait for that sloth bartender to make another one. Also, I was on a pregnant hormone rage induced mission here and I could not lose my steam right now because of some mangos and kale. My very large pregnant stomach rumbled hungrily, the sound loud enough to get the attention of the only other two sloths in the lobby. “Yeah I’m not waiting for that,” Robby said already marching over to the smoothie bar. The two sloths looked at the raccoon with wide confused eyes as he walked over just as the bartender was slowly handing over the drink to the other sloth, his hand midway to giving it to the other man. Robby intercepted the transaction, taking the drink out of the other sloth's hand with a well-placed swipe, replacing the cup with a banana for good measure. It all happened so fast that the sloth didn’t even realize he was handing the other man a banana until Robby was already at my side again shoving a yummy frozen mango-kale smoothie into my hands. “Here ya go!” “Hey……………..” the one sloth called out, looking down at the banana that had finally been transferred into his hand. I snorted out a laugh and sucked on my straw contentedly as I and Robby walked/skated towards the nearest elevator. Once in the elevator, we rode up in silence to the tenth floor. It was where Paul worked usually on campaigns for sloth politicians and it was where he had been when I’d last talked to my mother. That had been a long and painful phone call that had almost not been worth its value in research. Obviously, we were still not talking about the whole sloths have been having same-sex marriages for almost two generations and hiding it, or that grandsmother was a man. We definitely didn’t talk about that. Once on the tenth floor, Robby and I walked out and looked both ways down the massive hallway to the double doors at the very end. “That’s where we need to go?” Robby asked while pointing at the large brown double doors. I nodded, handing my smoothie over to Robby. “Hold… my… smoothie,” I said, already using my wheelies across the tile to carry me closer to ass whooping I was about to bring down on my arrogant twin. At the large doors, I didn’t knock, instead, I twisted the knob, slowly because even I was still a sloth in reflexes, and pushed the doors open with as much of a flourish as possible. The doors opened with a slow swing that didn’t do much for my dramatic entrance. Once the doors cleared and I could see inside of the room, I was shocked to notice a huge conference table and at least four sloths sitting at the front of the table, my brother included. Their heads lifted slowly from what they were doing only for a shocked expression to spread on three of the sloth's faces. My brothers face morphed into one of distaste that I’d grown used to over the years. “Pual… we… need… to… talk!” I growled, the earlier rage now burning in my gut like a live inferno. “How dare he try to ruin my happiness. How dare he try to ruin any chance of acceptance for my sluppies.” I thought as my blue eyes burned laser beams across the room. “Larry………………. ………………..welcome,” the sloth at the head of the table spoke up. I recognized him, that and his toupee that sat so awkwardly on top of his head. Craig, looked just as ugly now as he had at the mingle. “How exactly is Paul involved with this guy again?” I thought, trying to remember him saying anything about his business with Craig at the mingle. Nothing came to mind, only his blantant anger at me for pissing Craig off. Craig was also the reason I’d been fired, I was almost positive about that and— “It’s……………… …………………...good,” Craig said, still talking even as my mind tried to put together what exactly had happened between him and I the last time I’d saw him. I remember Paul telling me he was affluent in some way, but I was almost positive he didn’t get into any details about it. If I was being completely honest with myself I was too busy thinking about Walker at the time and how I’d landed myself a sexy wolf mate who could read my mind. That still made my toes curl when I thought about it. “To……………….. ……………………..you………………. ……………………..we………………… ………………..were— ” “Wow! Does it really take this long for a sloth to talk! I thought you were slow Ry, but this is absolutely painful,” Robby said in his usual boisterous voice before taking a loud sip out of my mango-kale smoothie. “Just………………………. ……………………..talking………………… ……………………..about………………….. ……………………...you,” Craig finished, or at least I hope he’d finished. The man was the slowest speaking sloth I’d ever had the horror of waiting on. I turned to look at Robby who was still sipping loudly on the smoothie right behind me. “Shoot… me… if… I… am… ever… that… bad,” I said. Robby shook his head, “I don’t like guns, how about I push you off something?” “Larry……….. ……..what………. ……..are…….. ……..you…….. ……..doing…….. ……..here?” Paul asked in a more reasonable pace. His blue eyes were narrowed as he looked down at my belly and back up at my face. I’d thought that my anger would overshadow all of my pain, but that look made my heart squeeze in my chest. It was impossible to ignore that ache, even as angry as I was Paul was my twin, and I’d hoped maybe everything had been a misunderstanding; it wasn’t, I was sure of that now. “Explain.. to.. me.. what… gives.. you… the right.. to.. do.. what.. you’re… doing!” I growled, my hand cradling my belly protectively. Paul’s eyes widened at how fast I spoke, as did Craig and the other two sloths in the room. “Don’t………... ………..talk……… ……….quick—” “I WILL SPEAK HOWEVER I DAMN WELL WANT TO!” I shouted, the words coming out in a few so fast and loud I didn’t even have time to stutter. Faces slowly formed into looks of shock. I was tired of being told not to talk quick anymore, and I was tired of not fitting in because I wasn’t exactly like other sloths. It was time for me to have a place to fit in, and I damn well wasn’t going to let my brother ruin that future for me or my babies. “You are... going to… fix this… and make… sure that… bill never… passes,” I said angrily. Paul shook his head slowly, his blue eyes all but slits at this point. “You………… ……….never…….. ………..knew………. ………...when…….. ………...to………… ……….stay……….. ……….out……….. ………..of………… ………...trouble,” a cruel smile formed on his face and I notice Craig smile matched his own. My heart started to gallop as the same itchy sensation I’d felt on the street crawled up my back again. “You……… ……….are………. ………...predictable,” Paul said while his eyes looked over my shoulder to something right behind me. Turning slowly I saw them holding Robby, with a hand settled over his mouth and a needle still stuck in the side of his neck. His eyes were wild and panicked before slowly closing as he dropped into unconsciousness. I looked up to the familiar large wolf holding Robby up. Denver looked like I remembered, his black hair pulled back into a ponytail and his massive body taking up so much room it was hard to tell if there was any space he didn’t occupy. “Oh no, oh no oh no,” Panicked I looked past him to see three other wolves I didn’t know blocking any kind of escape, not that I could outrun them and they knew it. “Why are you doing this?” I asked the man who I knew my alpha trusted. Denver sighed, a guilty expression on his face. “You are not one of us and the only way for alpha to realize that is for you to disappear.” “Don’t……… ………be……….. ……….to……… ……...upset………. ……….Larry……. ……..your……. ……..death……. ……...will……. ………help……. ……….the…….. ……...world……. ……...to……….. ……...realize……. ………species…….. ……….shouldn’t…….. ……….mix,” Paul said with an arrogant tone to his voice. “What do... you… mean?” I took a small step back, away from Denver and the other wolves, trying to buy myself some time. “Walker if you can hear me right now I need you, please.” I thought desperately praying my mate could hear me. “Once……… ……….we…………. ……….frame……… ……….your………. ………..wolf……… ………..for……….. ………..your…….... ………..death……… ……..all………. ……….the…….. ……….herbivores….. ……….will………… ……….vote—” “Vote.. against… different species… matings…. God… but I… hate… waiting… for… you to… talk. If… I’m….going to….die… I’m not…. Going to… listen to… you… for.. The last…. Few… minutes of…. My life.” I growled. “Against……. ……….different……… ………..species……….. ………...matings,” he finished, completely ignoring my entire rant. Denver passed the unconscious Robby over to one of the other wolves my smoothie forgotten on the floor where he’d dropped it. “Make it easy, Larry. There is no way for you to escape,” his deep voice rumbled, almost soothingly to me, but I still took another small step back. There was no way for me to escape and I knew that the moment I felt arms wrap around me from behind, the needle sliding into my neck effortlessly. The drug, whatever it was made me float almost instantly, Denver's face the last thing I saw before I closed my eyes. “I love you, Walker,” I thought as my mind started to drift off taking all my fear with it.
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  8. Chapter 2 - Trapped in Silence Logan “Kneel,” the elder said. There was a shove to the middle of my back that was anything but gentle. I didn’t fight. There was no point in fighting this, besides I had to be strong. My gaze darted over to Levi as he was pushed down beside me, his cheeks flush and his breaths coming out in pants. His fear was like acid dripping down my throat. “Look at me, Levi,” I said as the elders moved around us getting the tools ready to complete the ceremony. “I love you, and I don’t have to hear your voice to know that.” Levi nodded, but I could see the tears misting over his eyes. What strength my mate had physically had never been something he had emotionally. Ever since we were pups I had been his protector and here I was unable to save him from this cruel fate. “Please, Logan, please lets,” “No,” I said harshly. I knew what he wanted to do and for him to even say it could mean his death. We weren’t going to resist, fighting this would mean not only our death, but banishment. Death outside of a packs bond was something wolves had nightmares about, it was the worst fate for our kind. “Stop your prattling,” the elder barked as he heated up the liquid silver over the fire. The smell of the molten metal made my heart race and sweat break out over my body. “Logan, I-” Levi swallowed and his body shook with fear. I didn’t have to hear his words to know what he was going to say, he was scared. I reached out to him, and grabbed his face between my hands kissing him without warning. Fuck what the elders thought, we were bonded already to the omega they couldn’t separate us now. Levi melted into me as his lips molded to mine taking us away from this place. So many regrets ran through my head right then. I should have marked him, bonded to him damn anyone else, and damn the pack. We could have found another pack. “Pull them apart! What in the gods names is this?” The elder hollered as four other betas pulled us apart. “I will make sure the alpha knows about this. He will not be pleased his son’s guards are fornicating.” The elder sneered and stirred the molten silver some more. “Hold that one down,” he pointed to me as he dipped a blade into the hot silver. Levi moaned as if in pain as the other betas grabbed both of my arms and put hard hands on the back of my neck. I didn’t struggle, if I did it would only make it worse for Levi. I held still even as my body broke out into a sweat and my heart galloped in my chest. This was the way of things, I knew that when I denied my change, I knew it when I stayed with Levi. The elder pulled out the blade now covered in liquid silver. His face was contorted into a nasty smile that made my stomach pinch even harder. “Bare your throat,” he said as he stepped in front of me wielding the sharp blade. My head was pulled back before I even had the chance to bare my throat willingly. Levi whined beside me, drawing my eyes away from the blade towards him. Our eyes connected and I kept looking at him even as the knife came to my throat. I didn’t look away even as the blade pierced my skin. I didn’t look away when Levi screamed, or when I realized I was screaming without any sound, the blade lodged through my vocal cords with precision. I didn’t look away, not until my eyes slid shut and I couldn’t look any more. ************ I woke to the savage burning in my neck, it was like lava had been poured down my throat and eaten out my esophagus. The night before replayed over again in my head as I remembered the small omega who chose us— Fuck, Levi! My eyes sprang open, my heart racing as I replayed the horrified screams of my mate as they’d held me down and ripped out my vocal cords. I looked around the unfamiliar room, eyes darting wildly only to land on the small figure sitting in the chair beside the bed, his grey eyes searching. “He’s behind you,” the omega said gently reaching out to touch my heaving chest gently. I felt it, the omega’s calming power seeping into my body like an instant balm to my soul. It was then I could feel the warm weight of the body behind me, curled close to my back. My mate, I quickly turned over to see him lying naked on his side an ugly scar stretched out across his neck, one that no doubt matched my own. I wanted to howl, to scream at the injustice of what was done to him. My beautiful mate who I wanted to do nothing but protect. Gently I cupped his cheek and brushed my thumb over his cheek. How scared had he been when he’d watched it happen to me? How could I have left him to do it alone? A growl tried to work its way out of my chest, but the sound was muted with only the sound of air passing out of my lungs. “He’s alright,” the omega said softly. “His thoughts are only memories of you.” The omega said, reading the connection he had with Levi’s mind. With the bond set in place from the ceremony he would have free access to our thoughts and emotions, but we would be unable to do the same with him. A one way bond that shackled us to him. Leaning down I nuzzled my sleeping mates scarred throat, smelling the taint of silver still clinging to his skin. The silver was the reason we couldn’t heal from the injury. I wanted to say something to the omega and for a second I forgot that I couldn’t, the muffled sound that came out of me was an unconscious attempt to say something. “I know you want to say something and I want to hear everything you and Levi have to say. I’m not supposed to be here right now, I’m not supposed to see you both until the exchange tonight but I had to talk to you before.” The little omega implored his voice pleading with me to listen. Kissing Levi’s sleeping cheek I rolled over to look at the small omega who was now my biggest responsibility. I owed him for keeping me and Levi together when he noticed our bond. Very few omegas would take any beta’s emotions into consideration when they chose. I’d seen beta’s picked for a beta guard who had whole families with pups and a mate and still they were expected to give it all up for tradition. This omega didn’t have to pick Levi as his second, especially knowing that Levi and I had a connection that could possibly put him in danger. I wanted to ask him why, maybe it was evident on my face because the little omega continued talking. “I know there is a lot to say, but I want you to know that I don’t want what the other omegas do. I don’t want you to be any different with your mate,” his grey eyes flicked over to Levi over my shoulder. “I want to be able to forgive me one day.” Forgive him. The son of the alpha wanted forgiveness. The very idea was comical. I had known of Zaran since his birth into the pack, him and his brothers Zion, Zander, and Zane. Nothing lead me to believe he would be any different than the alpha of the pack, following tradition with an iron but fair fist. Alpha Tomic had never been cruel, and no omega was expected to treat their beta guard as anything but shadows meant to protect them. The only exception was the exchange night when the omega gave his body freely to his betas as payment for their lost voice. “Tonight, during the exchange I want you to bond with me and complete the mating.” Zaran said with his chin tilted up and grey eyes strong. “I want to hear you speak even if its only through the bond and I want you to know that I trust you to keep me alive and to keep yourselves alive too.” I shook my head violently. If anyone found out we were linked Zaran would be banished, termed useless to any alpha. I wouldn’t risk Levi just for my new omega charge to prove he wasn’t heartless like the other omegas. Zaran blushed and ducked his head, as if he could hear my inner thoughts. “I understand if you don’t want to but I wanted you to know. Sleep now, I have to go. I will see you tonight,” he paused as he looked at Levi over my shoulder. “I-I’m sorry.” Without another word Zaran got up and walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind him. I rolled over again to face my mate who was still sleeping soundly beside me. Gently I wrapped my arms around him drawing the large man close to my chest. Whatever was about to happen I had to keep him safe and now I also had to keep Zaran safe. ************* Zaran “Zaran, come here.” I looked up as I was shutting the door to the bedroom, my alpha father standing in the hallways watching me. I walked towards him with my head lowered in deference, but no fear. My father loved me, maybe more so because of my omega status. My litter mates had all been identified as alphas, and while they were close to our father he had always doted on me the most. “Yes, papa?” I asked as I stood in front of my father. “You know you are not supposed to see the betas before tonight. What have I told you about breaking tradition?” He growled as his hand gripped my chin and forced my gaze to meet his. “I know, I’m sorry sir, but I needed to make sure they were alright,” I begged with my eyes willing my formal father to understand. “Such a soft heart, it’s what will make you a strong bearer,” his strong grasp on my chin turned soft as he gently caressed my cheek. “Do not invest your love in those two. They are tasked with keeping you alive and safe. Should either of them die they will be replaced without hesitation. The only wolf you will love is your future alpha, understood?” I nodded as he patted me gently against the cheek. “Good pup, now go prepare for the exchange. Your oma was excited to talk to you before the festivities.” “Yes papa,” I said even as my insides twisted together in a tight knot. How could he expect me to not care for the two men who would always be with me. They would sleep at the foot of my future alphas bed with us every night, they would stand with me as I showered, they would be beside me as I pushed out my first born and every child after, but not least of all they would die to protect me because they had no choice. Tomic nodded a stern smile tilting the corner of his mouth only slightly. It was an expression I’d seen countless times, but it was not the one that he usually wore with me. I was one of the very few that could make my father truly smile, me and my omega father. He was obviously still disappointed in me, and I hated how much that hurt. Without another word he turned and walked back down the hall towards the main room where the pack would come and gather before large hunts. Once he was out of sight I started walking down the hall going the other way towards my bedroom where my barrier was no doubt having a ball pulling some kind of sensual outfit together for the exchange tonight. ************* “Oh pup come in, look what I’ve got for you!” Sven, my Oma called with a flourish. I walked into my bedroom seeing my Oma smiling widely his long black hair braided intricately down his back. My omega father was beautiful in a way I doubt I would ever be, he was small at only 5’2 and delicate. My father loved my Omath infinitely and it showed in the way that he doted on him constantly. It showed in the ruby earrings that pierced his ears and the beautiful cloth that made up his clothes. My eyes drifted to the corner of the room where the two large black wolves were curled up quietly their yellow eyes all seeing. They were always with Oma, shadowing him as close as his physical shadow. Their names were Tath and Tal, renamed after there bonding ceremony as was the right of their omega. I realized, I didn’t even know their birth names and they had been in my life every moment my Oma had been. “Baby what are you looking at, come over here and see your outfit I’ve put together,” Omath said while directing my attention back to my bed where an outfit was stretch out. It was a naked skin tone that was identical to my own skin, inlaid with very small jewels. It was beautiful but simple and made to downplay the outfit I would wear to seduce my future alpha. “It’s beautiful, Oma.” I said as I caressed the thin material. It was sheer, and it wouldn’t hide my body underneath only make it more alluring. “Oh this is so exciting,” Oma brushed his hair over his shoulder with a flourish. “I remember the exchange night between my first beta guards,” he cooed and waves his hand in front of his flush face. First beta guards? My eyes darted to Tal and Tath and back to my oma. “I thought Tal and Tath have always been your beta guard?” Oma sighed, looking back down at the outfit. “Oh well I don’t talk about that usually. My first beta guard died before I was mated to your father. He gifted Tal and Tath to me as our mating gift. The two strongest betas in his pack to protect me.” He was so cavalier about the whole thing that I had to take a second to compute it. I’d been bonded to Levi and Logan for less than a day and already I couldn’t imagine them being killed. How did the bond mean so little? How could anyone connect themselves to two others and not feel something? “Oma, why don’t you ever talk about them?” “There isn’t much to talk about, baby. They were my beta guard and they died defending me against an alpha attack. I was lucky to have such a strong guard at the time. It’s why the tradition is kept, to keep us omegas safe,” he said as he laid a gentle hand on my cheek, the same way my alpha father had done only a few moments ago. “You’ll understand one day. It is the way things are.” “You didn’t mourn them?” I asked, hoping his answer would be different than what I’d come to expect of most omegas. Oma pulled back, his beautiful face contorted into a confused frown. “Of course not. They died doing what they were meant to do. The gods will accept them with open arms for serving as great as they did. I had nothing to mourn.” His frown vanished as a bright smile took over his face. “Don’t worry about such things. Once you’ve completed the exchange you’ll understand. Your beta guard is not the same bond you will have with your future alpha, you cannot treat it the same. Now let's get you ready for tonight.” I didn’t say anything as my Oma went around the room gathering each and every small item he would need to dress me the way he saw fit. My attention focused back on the two silent betas in the corner, their yellow eyes following my omega parent with a close watch. I swear I could see something in those eyes that I hadn’t ever looked for before. How did they feel about their position as beta guards?
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  10. There are times in my life that I wonder why I was ever born. I remember the abuse of my mother and what she let them do to me-- I think about the day I lost Mark and Jane-- and then, Seth. My whole life has been an accumulation of lose and pain since I was born, but somehow it was all worth it if I could just stay with Dane. Fuck everyone else in the world, and every other broken soul. I wanted to be selfish, I wanted to keep him with me forever no matter what it cost me. The problem was, it didn't cost me, it was Dane who would lose being with me. I think even back then I realized that, and that's what made it all so unbearable. I would have sacrificed anything I had, but I couldn't ask him to do that, not if I really loved him. No amount of anger could ever replace the pain in my life, and no amount of love could make it go away. It was a burden I had to learn to carry, to share, and I don't think I would have ever figured that out without Dane. December 17th 2017 I stared into my locker, looking but not seeing the stacks of books inside. It was hard to think. I hadn’t been sleeping since he told me. It had been over a month and I’d barely spoken to him. Part of me was so fucking angry at him I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, not after finding out everything he’d promised me was a goddamn lie. An unconscious growl escaped me as I slammed my locker shut, not even bothering to get the books I’d been looking for. The pulsing behind my left eyes continued, and the drowsiness from lack of sleep was starting to catch up to me. What did it fucking matter? Why should I work hard to keep up in classes? It wasn’t like I was going to get what I really desired most. Sure, I’d get into some big college and get a career doing who fucking cares day in and day out, alone. Because I was fucking done. I was done trying to invest what was left of my soul into any corporal being. There was nothing left for me to invest, every piece of my being was torn piece by piece till there wasn’t anything left for me to give. As the locker door rebounded something fluttered free from inside and down to my feet where it rested across my toes. Leaning down I picked up the photograph, beautiful strong grey eyes stared back at me. Dane had his arm wrapped around my shoulder in the selfie I took, a slight smirk tilting the corner of his mouth while I was looking straight at him grinning like a dopey ass idiot. I remembered that day. It had been when Dane and I went to fair two months ago. It had been one of the best nights of my life and a memory I visited constantly in the past few months. I loved the fair. The bright lights and smells of fried food filled the air making my mouth water just thinking about all the shit I was going to get to eat. Dane was a stickler for eating healthy most the time and I had to agree with him, but when it came to pancakes once a week and fair food he was just as weak as me. “You’re eyes are about to pop out of your head,” he said with a knowing smirk. I snorted, “Don’t act like you’re not dreaming about funnel cake, I know your weaknesses.” I shoved into him, making him stagger a step. I was about two inches taller than his 6’5 frame and I was hoping at this point that I was maxed out, because I was really starting to thinking I might end up being the next Godzilla if I kept growing. People were constantly looking at us as we walked, mummurring about how tall we were. Well, that and girls and women alike were staring at Dane’s beautiful body. Dane chuckled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I have no weaknesses.” His grey eyes glinted with humor as he looked at me before leading the way to the nearest food vendor selling none other than steaming fresh funnel cakes. “Liar,” I said letting the joy of the moment really sink in. I imagined, this was what our life would be like once we were really together. Maybe I’d be able to hold his hand in public, or kiss him on the cheek… the possibilities started streaming through my head endlessly making me wish for the day that I could openly touch him the way I wanted to. “One funnel cake, please,” Dane said to the venor, a man with a big handlebar mustache and the reddest cheeks I’d ever seen in my life. He looked like a live version of Chef Boyardee from the canned labels. All he was missing was the chef’s hat. The vendor got the funnel cake, steaming and fresh, piled high with powdered sugar and handed it over to Dane one a cheap paper plate. He passed it over to me and paid the man before walking off towards the set of tables set away from the rides and vendors. It wasn’t overly crowded and it was easy enough to find a table off to the side where me and Dane could sit side by side where no one would bother us. I laid the plate down between us excited to get my first bite of pure sugar comma. I tore a piece off, powdered sugar falling everywhere as I put it into my mouth. Moaning happily I watched as Dane took a bite as well, just as effectively getting white sugar all over his hands and face. Dane’s impeccable ability to be a neat freak was ruined by the messy food and I couldn’t hold in the snort of laughter when he tried so hard to keep the sugar from falling everywhere. “You might as well give up,” I said tearing off another delicious but messy bite. “I seriously hate these things,” he grumbled, even as he went for another piece. “Well if you don’t like it I can always eat it,” I said while pulling the plate closer to me. Dane smirked, leaning in close his grey eyes mischievous. Entranced, I didn’t move as he got closer than he normally would, there was a playfulness that I’d forgotten since I’d confessed how I felt about him, like he was always walking on eggshells around me. Sucking in a deep breath I leaned in towards him unconsciously ready to meet him halfway. Without warning his hand smeared across my cheek, still sticky and covered in white powdered sugar. “Awww come on, D,” I grumbled as I started wiping at the white fingerprints all over my dark face. “That’s what you get for hogging all the sweets,” he said while pulling the plate back towards him and taking another piece. “That’s funny coming from you, you’re always taking stuff off my plate.” I reminded him while also pulling off another piece of funnel cake. Dane snorted a smile forming at the corner of his mouth, “Yeah, I started doing that to get you to eat more in the beginning. You always ate more of your food when I started snagging some.” He chuckled, “It may have become a habit after awhile.” I stared at him for a second unaware that I’d stopped mid chew to look at him. Had I not been eating after Jane and Marks death? I never noticed that I hadn’t been eating enough, and I hadn’t noticed that Dane taking my food made me eat more. “I had to eat everything or you’d take all the good pieces,” I laughed. We sat there and enjoyed the last of the funnel cake before cleaning up our mess and walking back out towards the bright rides. We walked around talking about everything and anything while getting on some of the rides. I took in every moment, imprinting it onto my memory so that I wouldn’t lose any details. This was one of the nights I wanted to remember years from now when me and Dane were more than just adopted son and adopted father. We stopped in front of the large ferris wheel, the bright lights blinking and changing in patterns as it slowly rotated. Music poured out from the speakers playing various top hits as people enjoyed the scenic ride. “Want to get on?” I asked, a part of be having a romantic notion in my head similar to so many movies I’d seen in the past. I’d never ridden a ferris wheel before and I wanted to with Dane. That would be a memory I would always have between us, something special. “Yeah,” Dane said. We got in line and it didn’t take long before we were sitting in the chair side by side, the metal bar being secured over our laps. Slowly the ride started it’s ascent into the sky bringing us up into the night sky where the colorado mountains could be seen in the distance. The ride stopped with us at the top, the sounds of the fair distant from our place in the sky. The sound of music drifted up towards us, the familiar song by Eric Church ‘Love Your Love The Most’ started to play from the stereo below. “Hell yes I love my truck, but I want you to know” Dane said, in time with the lyrics of the song. “Honey I love your love the most.” His grey eyes locked with mine searching before he leaned forward and I followed without hesitation knowing instinctively what he was doing. I laid my forehead against his the world drifting away as the moment became one I would never forget. Right then, we were the only two people in the world, there were no boundaries or barriers, there was nothing between us but our mixed breathes and the love we felt for each other. If I could choose one moment to stay in for eternity it would be that one. Dane rested his hand on the back of my neck holding me steady, a small tremble worked its way through my body. I didn’t want this moment to end, I didn’t want to go back to being what we were. “Honey I love your love, yeah I love your love,” Dane said softly in time to the music, his deep voice rumbling through us both as he sang. “I love your love, the most.” I closed my eyes, squeezing in the overwhelming emotions that wanted to burst out of me. The last few notes of the song faded and Dane pulled away just as the ferris wheel started to move again bringing us back down to the ground and reality. I opened my eyes, Dane’s grey gaze was looking at me fondly and I saw in that look the same thing that lived inside of me. Dane was mine, and nothing on this earth was going to change that. Fucking nothing. ————— “Got a sugar daddy, fag?” a familiar voice quipped from behind me, snapping me out of the memory. I ignored Chris, and opened my now dented locker door to put the photo back inside. A cool numb feeling started building inside of me, as frigid as the metal door I held. I attached the magnet back to the top to keep it hanging next to the other photos I had of me and Seth. “You hear me, Huntsman?” Others students mummurred loudly as they stood and watched from there safe distance. None of them came to my defense, and I didn’t expect anyone too. I could take care of myself. My fists tightened on my locker door as the hot coil of rage started to build up inside of me. Who the fuck did he think he was? Did he think I would let him bully me like he did Seth all those years? Chris’s hand slammed into my locker door, forcing it shut, nearly catching the fingers of my drawing hand in the process. People gasped as the sound of metal slamming seemed to echo in the quiet hall. Growling I rounded on the fucker behind me not even thinking as I ball up my fist and took my first swing into his gut. “I know you were the one who sliced my tires last year, I’m going to beat your fag ass and show everyone what a weak fairy you are.” One hard punch to his gut, that’s how it started, followed by his fist connecting with the side of my head. I didn’t pause as I pushed him backward into the other lockers slamming his head back into the metal. Some girls screamed while other students chanted like barbaric animals as me and the asshole fought in the middle of the school hallway. Another fist hit me in the side of the head in rapid succession, but I blocked like Dane had taught me on the third attempt. Baring my teeth I let my elbow down into the side of his throat as he pushed me backwards forcing him away from the lockers. “Fucking Faggot!!” He shouted pushing me back and into the scattering crowd. Digging my feet into the linoleum floor I barrelled into his center and sent him toppling to the ground. My fist swung and I caught him in the jaw just as we rolled around on the floor. “Holy shit! Get them apart! Someone help!” Someone shouted. A knee to my gut, a punch to the side of his head— my lungs burned, but the physical pain was dulled by the thick burn of adrenaline and anger that stoked my rage. I rolled again, this time getting on top and holding him down with one arm to the throat as I brought my other fist down into his face. He struggled and kicked up, but I was heavier, his efforts unable to dislodge me. I was going to beat the shit out of him, leave him a bloody pool on the floor, I pulled my arm back to hit him again, only to have my arm caught my various hands. I was pulled away from Chris by at least two male teachers. ********** I sat outside the principal's office staring down at my hands which were split in various places where I’d decked Chris across the face. Granted my cheek was swollen and my gut ached from where he’d kicked me, so he’d also got in a few good hits. I looked up to see Chris glaring at me from the other side of the hallway where he sat, his swollen eye not as dramatic as I thought it had been. If they hadn’t pulled us apart when they had I’m sure there would have been a lot more damage. I wish they hadn’t pulled us apart at all. “Didn’t think I’d find out about that shit you did, girl I’m fucking said she saw you last year. My dads lawyer is going to bury your poor black ass in court.” He sneered. I growled, “I’m so fucking scared. That girl your fucking as been chasing after me to fuck her ever since I started here. She’s probably pretty pissed she had to settle with your dick instead.” If I’d had a few more minutes, he wouldn’t be feeling so confident right now. Chris narrowed his good eye. “You want to go again, fag?” I shrugged, “How does your face feel? Maybe I need to punch it a few more times.” “You’re still a fucking fa—” “Ty.” Chris was cut off and I look rigjt down the hallway to see Dane walking towards me in his fatigues, a stoney expression on his handsome face. Obviously, I was in a shit load of trouble. It didn’t stop me from wanting to touch him, to tell him I’m sorry for pissing him off. I stood up once he was in front of me, not surprised when he reached out to touch my swollen cheek with his fingertips. “I’m sorry,” and I was. I never wanted to disappoint him, no matter how angry and hurt I was. “We’ll talk about it later. You ok?” His fingers moved to a cut on the side of my head near my left eyebrow. It was small, already starting to scab over but I knew Dane didn’t like me to be hurt in anyway. If it were him I would feel the same steely anger that flinted in his grey eyes. “I’m fine,” I said curtly, looking at Chris over Dane’s shoulder. The fucker was watching us with cold calculating eyes. Dane turned around to see the other boy just as the principal's office door opened to reveal Chris’s father walk out in a pressed business suit. The man was average height, probably around 6 feet, and he had average brown hair and a clean-shaven face. Even with how forgetful looking the man was, I wouldn’t forget the angry eyes that glared down at Chris before directing towards me. “Mr. Mcalister, Mr. Huntsman, situations like these will not be tolerated. I expect everyone to get along in our school. Whatever disagreement you two have you must come to terms with. Violence will not be acceptable in this school. Is that understood?” Principal O’nodd of his head towards both me and Chris. shea said with a stern I nodded. “Yes, Sir.” I’d find another way to piss off Chris Mcalister. Maybe I’d let a picture of my dick go viral around school. There was no way he was sporting something bigger in his pants and I know for a fact it would piss him off to know the fag black kid had a bigger dick. Chris nodded sharply, but I could see the red glow of anger in his face. “Yes, sir.” Chris’s father sneered as his gaze looked between me and Dane. “I expect you to keep that kid under control. I don’t need your charity case to ruin my sons future.” “Mr. Mcalister that is not—” Principal O’shea started only to be cut off by Dane. “I expect you to keep him under control,” Dane said looking towards Chris and back at his father with dark grey eyes that could cut any man down. “I don’t need your privileged inbred brat ruining my boys future.” Chris’s eyes widened and he looked between me and Dane while his father stood beside him turning an unhealthy shade of red. Something niggled at the back of my head as I watched Chris’s expression change from shock to something else entirely, an eerie smile creeping up on his face. Like the cat that just swallowed the canary. What the fuck was he up to? “That’s enough gentlemen. I would ask you to refrain and set a positive example for your sons. We do not need anymore animosity in this situation.” O’shea said with a touch of exasperation in his voice. “Boys, stay away from each other. If either one of you confronts the other it will be immediate suspension. Is that understood?” I nodded, “Yes Mr. O’shea—” “No,” Dane said coldly, leveling his gaze on the overweight principal now. “I don’t agree to those terms. I want to know who started this fight. If Ty didn’t start it there is reason for him to be punished for defending himself.” not O’shea sputtered for a second, at a loss for words as he tried to think of what to say. Had he thought that Dane would just be ok with an equal punishment for a situation he didn’t even fully know about? Had he assumed that Dane would think I was just as implicit in what had happened between me and Chris? “I am unaware who started the fight, I was told that Tyler made the first punch, but that is not the message we want to bring to our students in this school. No violence is acceptable, and it was Tyler that had to be removed from Chris.” O’shea said, gaining some confidence by the end of his little rant. “His name is Ty,” Dane said with enough ice that it was possible the air had dropped a few degrees. “I will talk about this with Ty, if I find out that you are being biased in any way I will be back in your office Mr. O’shea. Understood?” Dane’s voice took on that military quality that always made me want to click my boots together and salute, that or lay on my back and spread my legs, it was pretty equally split down the middle. Principal O’shea swallowed, his adams apple bobbing before he nodded his head. “Let’s go, Ty.” Dane turned already walking away. I followed without hesitation, falling into step behind him as we walked out of the school. *************** “What happened?” Dane asked once we were home. He sat down on the couch waiting for me to explain exactly what I’d gotten myself into today. “I was at my locker when he called me a fag, he slammed my locker and almost caught my hand, I got pissed and punched him. That’s what happened.” I said not drawing out the situation out into detail. The last thing I wanted Dane to know was that I had a photo in my locker of us together and that Seth had thought Dane was my sugar Daddy. “You wouldn’t normally let something like that bother you,” Dane said knowingly. He was right, normally I was better at controlling my temper. I’d heard way worse, dealt with much worse, and yet today I couldn’t help but want to take out all of my anger on that asshole. I couldn’t express what I was holding in any other way. Short of raging at the world, no one would care about my broken heart or rising panic as I thought about how close September really was. “Ty, does this have to do with my deployment?” I looked away from him. “No, he just pissed me off.” “If that’s it then why aren’t you sitting next to me?” Dane asked, knowing already what my answer was. I couldn’t hide from him, not that I wanted to, but knowing he would be gone in less than a year made everything inside of me want to fall apart. “I figured you’re mad at me,” I said lamely. “That’s never stopped you before,” he crooked his finger indicating for me to come towards him. I hesitated for only half a second before I was walking to the couch and sitting down next to him plastering our sides together. He was warm and smelled like the same clean scent I always thought of when I thought of Dane. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.” He said out of the blue. “I should have told you a long time ago.” “Why didn’t you,” I asked, feeling the raw emotion in my voice. Why had he kept something so important from me even after he knew how I felt? “In the beginning, I didn’t want to make you feel in debt to me. I didn’t do it to make you feel like you owed me. I did it because it was what my parents would have wanted to keep you in the family.” Dane grabbed my knee in a strong grip. “When I first saw you I could see how devastated you were, how lost, and I knew how you felt. You were the only family I had left, and I was the only family you had left. It was an easy deal to make to keep you in my life.” It wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before, but it was all so different knowing what Dane had bartered to keep me. He’d traded five years of his life for me and he’s done it without knowing who I was. That was Dane thought, loyal to his core and he’d loved his parent. Didn’t matter that I was black, didn’t matter that he was young and starting his career, didn’t matter that he’d never met me. He’d still traded that much for me. “I can’t lose you,” I said weakly. Dane wrapped his arms around me pulling me into an intimate loving embrace. “I wasn’t lying when I made my promise. When you’re 18 if you still want a relationship with me. then I will too.” I nodded. “What will happen when you’re gone?” How will I stay together not knowing you might be hurt? How will I live for five years without having you in my life? Dane grabbed my face in a gentle hand turning my head to look him straight in the eyes. “I’m going to go away,” he said and I felt my heart crack a little more. Dane’s finger brushed over my cheek where the lone tear slid down unwilling to stay inside of me. “But when I come home, I will never leave you again. Do you understand, Ty?” Without hesitating he leaned in and kissed me. I groaned, my hands cupping his face instinctively trying to keep him there. The kiss was soft, a promise made by him. I felt it in the soft brush of skin and warm gust of his breath before he pulled away. As we sat there in silence our hands still holding each priveleged imbred’s ass.”others faces I couldn’t help but bring up the his comment from earlier. “I still want to beat that Dane snorted out a chuckle, “As long as I get to deck the father.” December 20th, 2017 I walked into school Monday morning knowing something was off. Students whispered among themselves in the parkinglot as I passed and others kept stealing glances before looking away quickly. It was possible it was curiosity over the fight between Chris and I, but I had a bad feeling in my gut that there was something else going on. “Hey, Ty.” I stopped and looked over my shoulder as Leo Jackson, approached me with a tight expression on his face. It wasn’t often that me and Leo talked, but if there was anyone in the school that I tended to talk to on a more consistent basis it would be Leo. Mostly just ‘hey man’ or ‘what’s up’ in passing but it was more than most people said to me. Still I was slightly unsettled that he’d called out to me this morning. “What’s up?” I asked, trying not to make it to obvious that I had to look down at the shorter teen. “Something’s going around in the school. Chris, did something pretty shitty and I wanted to give you a heads up. You might be better off going home today till the school gets it cleaned up.” Leo rubbed his bicep in a nervous way, trying to look anywhere but my eyes. His behavior made me feel a little anxious and I wondered what exactly Chris Mcalister had done that had Leo so uncomfortable. “Thanks for the heads up, but I think I’ll take my chances.” I said already walking towards the school entrance. Leo didn’t follow me, and he didn’t attempt to stop me as I walking into the linolium underneath. Students talking openly as they looked at a paper they’d picked up off the floor.schools main hallway. I didn’t notice at first what was going on, not until I stepped on the papers that were all over the hallway floor. There were so many copies of paper on the floor you couldn’t even see the Leaning down I picked up a piece of paper before flipping it over. The moment my eyes locked on the image I felt the bottom of my stomach fall out and a burning rage unlike any other I’d felt before in my entire life. I would kill that mother fucker, that’s all I could think as I crumbled up the image of two men having annal sex their faces replaced with mine and Dane’s. Beneath the offending image written in bold letters was ‘Father Fucker’.
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  14. Omg sex in the city and Charlie’s angels meets nature planet!! Robby’s story will be next it’s called Trash Bandit
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