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  1. There are times in my life that I wonder why I was ever born. I remember the abuse of my mother and what she let them do to me-- I think about the day I lost Mark and Jane-- and then, Seth. My whole life has been an accumulation of lose and pain since I was born, but somehow it was all worth it if I could just stay with Dane. Fuck everyone else in the world, and every other broken soul. I wanted to be selfish, I wanted to keep him with me forever no matter what it cost me. The problem was, it didn't cost me, it was Dane who would lose being with me. I think even back then I realized that, and that's what made it all so unbearable. I would have sacrificed anything I had, but I couldn't ask him to do that, not if I really loved him. No amount of anger could ever replace the pain in my life, and no amount of love could make it go away. It was a burden I had to learn to carry, to share, and I don't think I would have ever figured that out without Dane. December 17th 2017 I stared into my locker, looking but not seeing the stacks of books inside. It was hard to think. I hadn’t been sleeping since he told me. It had been over a month and I’d barely spoken to him. Part of me was so fucking angry at him I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, not after finding out everything he’d promised me was a goddamn lie. An unconscious growl escaped me as I slammed my locker shut, not even bothering to get the books I’d been looking for. The pulsing behind my left eyes continued, and the drowsiness from lack of sleep was starting to catch up to me. What did it fucking matter? Why should I work hard to keep up in classes? It wasn’t like I was going to get what I really desired most. Sure, I’d get into some big college and get a career doing who fucking cares day in and day out, alone. Because I was fucking done. I was done trying to invest what was left of my soul into any corporal being. There was nothing left for me to invest, every piece of my being was torn piece by piece till there wasn’t anything left for me to give. As the locker door rebounded something fluttered free from inside and down to my feet where it rested across my toes. Leaning down I picked up the photograph, beautiful strong grey eyes stared back at me. Dane had his arm wrapped around my shoulder in the selfie I took, a slight smirk tilting the corner of his mouth while I was looking straight at him grinning like a dopey ass idiot. I remembered that day. It had been when Dane and I went to fair two months ago. It had been one of the best nights of my life and a memory I visited constantly in the past few months. I loved the fair. The bright lights and smells of fried food filled the air making my mouth water just thinking about all the shit I was going to get to eat. Dane was a stickler for eating healthy most the time and I had to agree with him, but when it came to pancakes once a week and fair food he was just as weak as me. “You’re eyes are about to pop out of your head,” he said with a knowing smirk. I snorted, “Don’t act like you’re not dreaming about funnel cake, I know your weaknesses.” I shoved into him, making him stagger a step. I was about two inches taller than his 6’5 frame and I was hoping at this point that I was maxed out, because I was really starting to thinking I might end up being the next Godzilla if I kept growing. People were constantly looking at us as we walked, mummurring about how tall we were. Well, that and girls and women alike were staring at Dane’s beautiful body. Dane chuckled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I have no weaknesses.” His grey eyes glinted with humor as he looked at me before leading the way to the nearest food vendor selling none other than steaming fresh funnel cakes. “Liar,” I said letting the joy of the moment really sink in. I imagined, this was what our life would be like once we were really together. Maybe I’d be able to hold his hand in public, or kiss him on the cheek… the possibilities started streaming through my head endlessly making me wish for the day that I could openly touch him the way I wanted to. “One funnel cake, please,” Dane said to the venor, a man with a big handlebar mustache and the reddest cheeks I’d ever seen in my life. He looked like a live version of Chef Boyardee from the canned labels. All he was missing was the chef’s hat. The vendor got the funnel cake, steaming and fresh, piled high with powdered sugar and handed it over to Dane one a cheap paper plate. He passed it over to me and paid the man before walking off towards the set of tables set away from the rides and vendors. It wasn’t overly crowded and it was easy enough to find a table off to the side where me and Dane could sit side by side where no one would bother us. I laid the plate down between us excited to get my first bite of pure sugar comma. I tore a piece off, powdered sugar falling everywhere as I put it into my mouth. Moaning happily I watched as Dane took a bite as well, just as effectively getting white sugar all over his hands and face. Dane’s impeccable ability to be a neat freak was ruined by the messy food and I couldn’t hold in the snort of laughter when he tried so hard to keep the sugar from falling everywhere. “You might as well give up,” I said tearing off another delicious but messy bite. “I seriously hate these things,” he grumbled, even as he went for another piece. “Well if you don’t like it I can always eat it,” I said while pulling the plate closer to me. Dane smirked, leaning in close his grey eyes mischievous. Entranced, I didn’t move as he got closer than he normally would, there was a playfulness that I’d forgotten since I’d confessed how I felt about him, like he was always walking on eggshells around me. Sucking in a deep breath I leaned in towards him unconsciously ready to meet him halfway. Without warning his hand smeared across my cheek, still sticky and covered in white powdered sugar. “Awww come on, D,” I grumbled as I started wiping at the white fingerprints all over my dark face. “That’s what you get for hogging all the sweets,” he said while pulling the plate back towards him and taking another piece. “That’s funny coming from you, you’re always taking stuff off my plate.” I reminded him while also pulling off another piece of funnel cake. Dane snorted a smile forming at the corner of his mouth, “Yeah, I started doing that to get you to eat more in the beginning. You always ate more of your food when I started snagging some.” He chuckled, “It may have become a habit after awhile.” I stared at him for a second unaware that I’d stopped mid chew to look at him. Had I not been eating after Jane and Marks death? I never noticed that I hadn’t been eating enough, and I hadn’t noticed that Dane taking my food made me eat more. “I had to eat everything or you’d take all the good pieces,” I laughed. We sat there and enjoyed the last of the funnel cake before cleaning up our mess and walking back out towards the bright rides. We walked around talking about everything and anything while getting on some of the rides. I took in every moment, imprinting it onto my memory so that I wouldn’t lose any details. This was one of the nights I wanted to remember years from now when me and Dane were more than just adopted son and adopted father. We stopped in front of the large ferris wheel, the bright lights blinking and changing in patterns as it slowly rotated. Music poured out from the speakers playing various top hits as people enjoyed the scenic ride. “Want to get on?” I asked, a part of be having a romantic notion in my head similar to so many movies I’d seen in the past. I’d never ridden a ferris wheel before and I wanted to with Dane. That would be a memory I would always have between us, something special. “Yeah,” Dane said. We got in line and it didn’t take long before we were sitting in the chair side by side, the metal bar being secured over our laps. Slowly the ride started it’s ascent into the sky bringing us up into the night sky where the colorado mountains could be seen in the distance. The ride stopped with us at the top, the sounds of the fair distant from our place in the sky. The sound of music drifted up towards us, the familiar song by Eric Church ‘Love Your Love The Most’ started to play from the stereo below. “Hell yes I love my truck, but I want you to know” Dane said, in time with the lyrics of the song. “Honey I love your love the most.” His grey eyes locked with mine searching before he leaned forward and I followed without hesitation knowing instinctively what he was doing. I laid my forehead against his the world drifting away as the moment became one I would never forget. Right then, we were the only two people in the world, there were no boundaries or barriers, there was nothing between us but our mixed breathes and the love we felt for each other. If I could choose one moment to stay in for eternity it would be that one. Dane rested his hand on the back of my neck holding me steady, a small tremble worked its way through my body. I didn’t want this moment to end, I didn’t want to go back to being what we were. “Honey I love your love, yeah I love your love,” Dane said softly in time to the music, his deep voice rumbling through us both as he sang. “I love your love, the most.” I closed my eyes, squeezing in the overwhelming emotions that wanted to burst out of me. The last few notes of the song faded and Dane pulled away just as the ferris wheel started to move again bringing us back down to the ground and reality. I opened my eyes, Dane’s grey gaze was looking at me fondly and I saw in that look the same thing that lived inside of me. Dane was mine, and nothing on this earth was going to change that. Fucking nothing. ————— “Got a sugar daddy, fag?” a familiar voice quipped from behind me, snapping me out of the memory. I ignored Chris, and opened my now dented locker door to put the photo back inside. A cool numb feeling started building inside of me, as frigid as the metal door I held. I attached the magnet back to the top to keep it hanging next to the other photos I had of me and Seth. “You hear me, Huntsman?” Others students mummurred loudly as they stood and watched from there safe distance. None of them came to my defense, and I didn’t expect anyone too. I could take care of myself. My fists tightened on my locker door as the hot coil of rage started to build up inside of me. Who the fuck did he think he was? Did he think I would let him bully me like he did Seth all those years? Chris’s hand slammed into my locker door, forcing it shut, nearly catching the fingers of my drawing hand in the process. People gasped as the sound of metal slamming seemed to echo in the quiet hall. Growling I rounded on the fucker behind me not even thinking as I ball up my fist and took my first swing into his gut. “I know you were the one who sliced my tires last year, I’m going to beat your fag ass and show everyone what a weak fairy you are.” One hard punch to his gut, that’s how it started, followed by his fist connecting with the side of my head. I didn’t pause as I pushed him backward into the other lockers slamming his head back into the metal. Some girls screamed while other students chanted like barbaric animals as me and the asshole fought in the middle of the school hallway. Another fist hit me in the side of the head in rapid succession, but I blocked like Dane had taught me on the third attempt. Baring my teeth I let my elbow down into the side of his throat as he pushed me backwards forcing him away from the lockers. “Fucking Faggot!!” He shouted pushing me back and into the scattering crowd. Digging my feet into the linoleum floor I barrelled into his center and sent him toppling to the ground. My fist swung and I caught him in the jaw just as we rolled around on the floor. “Holy shit! Get them apart! Someone help!” Someone shouted. A knee to my gut, a punch to the side of his head— my lungs burned, but the physical pain was dulled by the thick burn of adrenaline and anger that stoked my rage. I rolled again, this time getting on top and holding him down with one arm to the throat as I brought my other fist down into his face. He struggled and kicked up, but I was heavier, his efforts unable to dislodge me. I was going to beat the shit out of him, leave him a bloody pool on the floor, I pulled my arm back to hit him again, only to have my arm caught my various hands. I was pulled away from Chris by at least two male teachers. ********** I sat outside the principal's office staring down at my hands which were split in various places where I’d decked Chris across the face. Granted my cheek was swollen and my gut ached from where he’d kicked me, so he’d also got in a few good hits. I looked up to see Chris glaring at me from the other side of the hallway where he sat, his swollen eye not as dramatic as I thought it had been. If they hadn’t pulled us apart when they had I’m sure there would have been a lot more damage. I wish they hadn’t pulled us apart at all. “Didn’t think I’d find out about that shit you did, girl I’m fucking said she saw you last year. My dads lawyer is going to bury your poor black ass in court.” He sneered. I growled, “I’m so fucking scared. That girl your fucking as been chasing after me to fuck her ever since I started here. She’s probably pretty pissed she had to settle with your dick instead.” If I’d had a few more minutes, he wouldn’t be feeling so confident right now. Chris narrowed his good eye. “You want to go again, fag?” I shrugged, “How does your face feel? Maybe I need to punch it a few more times.” “You’re still a fucking fa—” “Ty.” Chris was cut off and I look rigjt down the hallway to see Dane walking towards me in his fatigues, a stoney expression on his handsome face. Obviously, I was in a shit load of trouble. It didn’t stop me from wanting to touch him, to tell him I’m sorry for pissing him off. I stood up once he was in front of me, not surprised when he reached out to touch my swollen cheek with his fingertips. “I’m sorry,” and I was. I never wanted to disappoint him, no matter how angry and hurt I was. “We’ll talk about it later. You ok?” His fingers moved to a cut on the side of my head near my left eyebrow. It was small, already starting to scab over but I knew Dane didn’t like me to be hurt in anyway. If it were him I would feel the same steely anger that flinted in his grey eyes. “I’m fine,” I said curtly, looking at Chris over Dane’s shoulder. The fucker was watching us with cold calculating eyes. Dane turned around to see the other boy just as the principal's office door opened to reveal Chris’s father walk out in a pressed business suit. The man was average height, probably around 6 feet, and he had average brown hair and a clean-shaven face. Even with how forgetful looking the man was, I wouldn’t forget the angry eyes that glared down at Chris before directing towards me. “Mr. Mcalister, Mr. Huntsman, situations like these will not be tolerated. I expect everyone to get along in our school. Whatever disagreement you two have you must come to terms with. Violence will not be acceptable in this school. Is that understood?” Principal O’nodd of his head towards both me and Chris. shea said with a stern I nodded. “Yes, Sir.” I’d find another way to piss off Chris Mcalister. Maybe I’d let a picture of my dick go viral around school. There was no way he was sporting something bigger in his pants and I know for a fact it would piss him off to know the fag black kid had a bigger dick. Chris nodded sharply, but I could see the red glow of anger in his face. “Yes, sir.” Chris’s father sneered as his gaze looked between me and Dane. “I expect you to keep that kid under control. I don’t need your charity case to ruin my sons future.” “Mr. Mcalister that is not—” Principal O’shea started only to be cut off by Dane. “I expect you to keep him under control,” Dane said looking towards Chris and back at his father with dark grey eyes that could cut any man down. “I don’t need your privileged inbred brat ruining my boys future.” Chris’s eyes widened and he looked between me and Dane while his father stood beside him turning an unhealthy shade of red. Something niggled at the back of my head as I watched Chris’s expression change from shock to something else entirely, an eerie smile creeping up on his face. Like the cat that just swallowed the canary. What the fuck was he up to? “That’s enough gentlemen. I would ask you to refrain and set a positive example for your sons. We do not need anymore animosity in this situation.” O’shea said with a touch of exasperation in his voice. “Boys, stay away from each other. If either one of you confronts the other it will be immediate suspension. Is that understood?” I nodded, “Yes Mr. O’shea—” “No,” Dane said coldly, leveling his gaze on the overweight principal now. “I don’t agree to those terms. I want to know who started this fight. If Ty didn’t start it there is reason for him to be punished for defending himself.” not O’shea sputtered for a second, at a loss for words as he tried to think of what to say. Had he thought that Dane would just be ok with an equal punishment for a situation he didn’t even fully know about? Had he assumed that Dane would think I was just as implicit in what had happened between me and Chris? “I am unaware who started the fight, I was told that Tyler made the first punch, but that is not the message we want to bring to our students in this school. No violence is acceptable, and it was Tyler that had to be removed from Chris.” O’shea said, gaining some confidence by the end of his little rant. “His name is Ty,” Dane said with enough ice that it was possible the air had dropped a few degrees. “I will talk about this with Ty, if I find out that you are being biased in any way I will be back in your office Mr. O’shea. Understood?” Dane’s voice took on that military quality that always made me want to click my boots together and salute, that or lay on my back and spread my legs, it was pretty equally split down the middle. Principal O’shea swallowed, his adams apple bobbing before he nodded his head. “Let’s go, Ty.” Dane turned already walking away. I followed without hesitation, falling into step behind him as we walked out of the school. *************** “What happened?” Dane asked once we were home. He sat down on the couch waiting for me to explain exactly what I’d gotten myself into today. “I was at my locker when he called me a fag, he slammed my locker and almost caught my hand, I got pissed and punched him. That’s what happened.” I said not drawing out the situation out into detail. The last thing I wanted Dane to know was that I had a photo in my locker of us together and that Seth had thought Dane was my sugar Daddy. “You wouldn’t normally let something like that bother you,” Dane said knowingly. He was right, normally I was better at controlling my temper. I’d heard way worse, dealt with much worse, and yet today I couldn’t help but want to take out all of my anger on that asshole. I couldn’t express what I was holding in any other way. Short of raging at the world, no one would care about my broken heart or rising panic as I thought about how close September really was. “Ty, does this have to do with my deployment?” I looked away from him. “No, he just pissed me off.” “If that’s it then why aren’t you sitting next to me?” Dane asked, knowing already what my answer was. I couldn’t hide from him, not that I wanted to, but knowing he would be gone in less than a year made everything inside of me want to fall apart. “I figured you’re mad at me,” I said lamely. “That’s never stopped you before,” he crooked his finger indicating for me to come towards him. I hesitated for only half a second before I was walking to the couch and sitting down next to him plastering our sides together. He was warm and smelled like the same clean scent I always thought of when I thought of Dane. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.” He said out of the blue. “I should have told you a long time ago.” “Why didn’t you,” I asked, feeling the raw emotion in my voice. Why had he kept something so important from me even after he knew how I felt? “In the beginning, I didn’t want to make you feel in debt to me. I didn’t do it to make you feel like you owed me. I did it because it was what my parents would have wanted to keep you in the family.” Dane grabbed my knee in a strong grip. “When I first saw you I could see how devastated you were, how lost, and I knew how you felt. You were the only family I had left, and I was the only family you had left. It was an easy deal to make to keep you in my life.” It wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before, but it was all so different knowing what Dane had bartered to keep me. He’d traded five years of his life for me and he’s done it without knowing who I was. That was Dane thought, loyal to his core and he’d loved his parent. Didn’t matter that I was black, didn’t matter that he was young and starting his career, didn’t matter that he’d never met me. He’d still traded that much for me. “I can’t lose you,” I said weakly. Dane wrapped his arms around me pulling me into an intimate loving embrace. “I wasn’t lying when I made my promise. When you’re 18 if you still want a relationship with me. then I will too.” I nodded. “What will happen when you’re gone?” How will I stay together not knowing you might be hurt? How will I live for five years without having you in my life? Dane grabbed my face in a gentle hand turning my head to look him straight in the eyes. “I’m going to go away,” he said and I felt my heart crack a little more. Dane’s finger brushed over my cheek where the lone tear slid down unwilling to stay inside of me. “But when I come home, I will never leave you again. Do you understand, Ty?” Without hesitating he leaned in and kissed me. I groaned, my hands cupping his face instinctively trying to keep him there. The kiss was soft, a promise made by him. I felt it in the soft brush of skin and warm gust of his breath before he pulled away. As we sat there in silence our hands still holding each priveleged imbred’s ass.”others faces I couldn’t help but bring up the his comment from earlier. “I still want to beat that Dane snorted out a chuckle, “As long as I get to deck the father.” December 20th, 2017 I walked into school Monday morning knowing something was off. Students whispered among themselves in the parkinglot as I passed and others kept stealing glances before looking away quickly. It was possible it was curiosity over the fight between Chris and I, but I had a bad feeling in my gut that there was something else going on. “Hey, Ty.” I stopped and looked over my shoulder as Leo Jackson, approached me with a tight expression on his face. It wasn’t often that me and Leo talked, but if there was anyone in the school that I tended to talk to on a more consistent basis it would be Leo. Mostly just ‘hey man’ or ‘what’s up’ in passing but it was more than most people said to me. Still I was slightly unsettled that he’d called out to me this morning. “What’s up?” I asked, trying not to make it to obvious that I had to look down at the shorter teen. “Something’s going around in the school. Chris, did something pretty shitty and I wanted to give you a heads up. You might be better off going home today till the school gets it cleaned up.” Leo rubbed his bicep in a nervous way, trying to look anywhere but my eyes. His behavior made me feel a little anxious and I wondered what exactly Chris Mcalister had done that had Leo so uncomfortable. “Thanks for the heads up, but I think I’ll take my chances.” I said already walking towards the school entrance. Leo didn’t follow me, and he didn’t attempt to stop me as I walking into the linolium underneath. Students talking openly as they looked at a paper they’d picked up off the floor.schools main hallway. I didn’t notice at first what was going on, not until I stepped on the papers that were all over the hallway floor. There were so many copies of paper on the floor you couldn’t even see the Leaning down I picked up a piece of paper before flipping it over. The moment my eyes locked on the image I felt the bottom of my stomach fall out and a burning rage unlike any other I’d felt before in my entire life. I would kill that mother fucker, that’s all I could think as I crumbled up the image of two men having annal sex their faces replaced with mine and Dane’s. Beneath the offending image written in bold letters was ‘Father Fucker’.
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    Chapter 17 - To Slothfinity and Beyond

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I miss having time to post!!!
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    Chapter 17 - To Slothfinity and Beyond

    Grandsloth will always have something to say. Thank you for the comment!!!
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    Chapter 17 - To Slothfinity and Beyond

    Yeah Paul is going to get a slow beating 😂😂😂
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    Chapter 17 - To Slothfinity and Beyond

    Omg sex in the city and Charlie’s angels meets nature planet!! Robby’s story will be next it’s called Trash Bandit
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    Chapter 17 - To Slothfinity and Beyond

    Chapter 17 - To Slothfinity and Beyond I stripped right there in the field, we were alone after all. Walker assured me that all the other wolves had moved on far enough that we had our privacy. My pants and underwear pooled around my ankles next to my shirt in the cool grass. I watched him shed his remaining clothes, baring every inch of his hard body to the moon's light. My eyes tracked over my handsome mate as my bare feet flexed in the dirt beneath my toes sending a thrill up my spine. I grinned wildly at him as a breeze brushed around us blowing my hair from my face. “You’re so beautiful,” Walker said as his hand gently cupped my cheek his thumb brushing over my lips. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” I snorted, leaning into the welcome caress. “I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. You’re perfect in so many ways,” I took in a shaky breath as I laid my hand over his, holding it against my cheek. “I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and lose you,” I touched my belly, “and everything you’ve given me that makes me happy.” “No little one, it is me who is the lucky one, and it’s you who has given me so much. I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy because that’s what you give me.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, his other hand settling over mine on my swollen belly. My eyes watered as I kissed him back pressing close to his tone naked body. Our breaths were hot as they mingled in the brisk night air, our nose bumping gently as we pulled back to look into each other's eyes. Everything I could ever hope for was gazing back at me, shining brightly in his gold eyes. That this wolf loved me as he did was unbelievable, but to think that he never even hesitated to accept me for what I was, that was what made me wonder if I was in a coma somewhere. Maybe I’d fallen down some stairs, sloths weren’t known for our amazing reflexes. If that was the case, I hope I never woke up. I don’t think I could live without him, knowing the other half of my soul would never find me. “Are you ready, Slothie,” Walker asked while nuzzling my neck, marking me with his scent. I loved it when he did it. “Hell yes.” I thought, a manic grin slowly pulling over my face till my cheeks were stretched tight. “Shift my mate,” he commanded as his own change started to spread through his body. I let the rush of the change sweep over me, letting my other body morph into my sloth form. Although I was slow, our shift was as seamless and quick as any other shifter. It only took seconds before Walker and I stood staring at each other in the clearing from our second skins. It was the first time I’d seen him in this form and I had to admit how beautiful he was in this form. His coat was white, pure as snow and his eyes were the same striking gold I’d fallen in love with. Walker rumbled gently as he dipped his massive head down to me nuzzling my cheek before giving my nose a quick kiss. Squeaking happily I reached for him with my long claws, wanting to touch him in return. “Let me touch you,” I thought, not sure he’d be able to hear me in this form. “Get on my back, baby.” Squeaking again, this time in surprise, I looked up at my mate the echo of his voice still running through my head. “You can speak to me telepathically? I thought only I could with you?” Walker shook his wolf head slightly, before laying down close to me. “As a wolf, it is how I communicate with my pack, you are pack now. I can only do it in this form. Now get on my back, we are losing moonlight,” his voice rumbled, even from in my head I could hear the teasing tone in his voice. “I’m going, I’m going, give a pregnant sloth a few minutes,” I thought while climbing inch by inch on to his back. His fur was warm against mine as I wiggled my way up between his shoulders, my arms clasping around his neck till I was secure. My heart galloped in my chest, as fast as physically possible for a sloths heart to beat. “Are you ready?” Walker asked, his deep voice lingering in my head. “Onward, my noble wolf stead!” Walker’s laugh filtered through my mind and without pause he loped off into the woods with me clinging to his back. The first thing I noticed was the feel of the wind on my face as he dipped in and around trees with extreme grace. Then, the pounding of his heart as it drummed in time with his steps. He ran with easy abandon and sure-footedness I could only ever dream of having. Was this what it was like to move at a normal pace? Did everyone get to feel the rush of air and the pounding of the heart as they ran? I squeaked out a happy sound as we ran through a clearing, the moons light bright enough to guide the way. Tilting my head into the cool breeze, my mate's scent filled my senses, and I had to admit: I was glad to be a sloth at that moment as I clung closely to his back. I was not asleep in a tree. That was the first thing I thought as I came to the next morning, the sun warming my skin. I was also not in my bed, but that wasn’t something I’d done in a long time anyways...I should probably sell the apartment. Wasn’t like I could back out of my sluppie piled relationship at this point. Maybe I’d put my apartment on the market today. Definitely taking out my favorite potted tree though, I’d have to find the perfect place to put it in my new home, most likely near the window where— “EEEP!” I squawked. Someone licked at the back of my neck, and I felt hands, multiple hands, laying against my side. Opening my eyes I saw that I was in the woods, laying in a soft yet crunchy pile of fallen leaves. That wasn’t the surprising part - no - the surprising part was I was also surrounded by a least thirty naked bodies cuddled around me in what could only be referred to as a puppy pile. Holy shit, I was in a naked puppy pile and I was naked. “They have accepted you,” Walker rumbled from where he laid in front of me, his strong hand stroking over my distended belly. There was a spark in his yellow eyes, and a slight grin that showed how contented he was at that moment. The unknown wolf behind me rumbled contentedly curling close to my back as the other wolves around me and my alpha made the same happy sounds. Hands reached out and touched naked hips, and shoulders, chests, and breasts. I watched as they curled close to each other the entire circle pressing close to the center where Walker and I lay. I had to admit this was some strange wolf shit, but...it wasn’t all that bad as I relaxed and felt the soothing caress of a hand on my hip, a gentle breath warming my feet. “This is accepting me? Do I want to know what would rejecting me would look like?” Walker snorted, “You are the alpha mate, you are to be accepted or I will accept a challenge. The pack will do anything to please you, knowing it will please me.” Pursing my lips I thought about all the sloffee and mangos I’d be getting in the near future when something occurred to me. “Wait...when you say anything do you mean—” Alpha growled with a predatory sexy grin as he leaned in towards me, his hand dropping down to my dick. “Yes, slotthie, many of my wolves will suck your dick, eat your ass, massage your feet, bath you...whatever you want,” he said in a husky tone as his hand gently fondled my hardening cock. Holy sloth fairy, what was he even saying? Did I want those things? Did he want them? “You would let them? I don’t understand,” and I seriously didn’t understand. If anyone even got to close to my Walker would usually sound the alarms, but he wouldn’t be upset if another wolf sucked my dick? “This is my pack, these wolves,” he looked to the pile around us, consisting mostly of males. “They are my pack, showing submission and giving pleasure is something I would never be angry at them for. Besides, there are benefits to being the alpha mate.” I nodded slowly, not even trying to understand the complexity of what I was learning to be wolf culture. Still, the whole thing was a little odd. “What about Raina?” “That was different, she was insulting you and demeaning your position as the alpha mate,” he said while his hand continued to stroke me. “Does that mean, you’ll have sex with your wolves too?” The idea of sharing my alpha with anyone, even his pack made my stomach cramp. He was my fucking alpha, and I wanted to be the only one sucking on him, or letting him sink into my body. “I don’t have any urge, desire or other need to be with anyone but you, Larry,” he leaned in and nipped my jaw before kissing the stinging flesh gently. “I am your mate, and I know you don’t understand wolf culture and I don’t expect or need you to follow it. You are perfect to me, perfect for me.” Warmth spread inside me and I felt the slight kick in my belly as our babies shifted feeling my excitement. I must be the luckiest sloth in the world. “Scoot over I want to get my turn in the middle,” someone said from the back of the pile. “Wait your turn!” Walker chuckled and I snorted out my own laugh. I might be able to get used to the monthly puppy piles. “Oh, it’s out and people are a talkin’ about it now! It’s all over the head lines! Alpha heir dicking the sloth, Sloth gets the alpha’s knot— ” Robby paused and his eyebrows scrunched together as he looked down at his tablet. It was definitely the same look he had whenever something wasn’t adding up or in his case didn’t come out right. “Oh no, wait, this might be the porn sight, oh here we go — Alpha heir mated to a sloth may lead to wolf extinction?” I sighed as my friend skimmed the news clippings on his tablet, while dunking his veggie burger into a bowl of water. Thankfully we were at the club and it was only us since it wasn’t open yet. The last thing I wanted was to have anyone judge me or my friend while I was pregnant and slower than ever. My speech might have gotten a lot faster, but my body was almost at a stand still. “Walker...said...not...to....read...those,” I said while grabbing a mango chunk out of my bowl on the table. “The porn, because that stuff looks pretty interesting. Although I don’t think they actually have a sloth, it looks more like a hedgehog or a squirrel I—” Robby stopped burger mid dunk when he finally caught the scowl on my face. “Oh right you mean the tabloids,” Robby snorted, “Well I can understand, he doesn’t want to upset you with all the talk going on! There is a huge uproar about you’re mating. Talk about the end of wolf kind, and what it could mean for other animals if they get the wrong idea and start dating out of their species! It’s a big mess of dicks sword fighting for the last word!” Robby said a little loudly as he took a big bite of his soggy veggie burger and started to chew. “Fighting for the last word?” I thought as I watched my friend scroll, dunk, eat and repeat. “What...do...you...mean?” He took a big soggy bite of the burger before speaking, his cheeks filled with food. “Well, for starters, the council is trying to get a law passed to illegalize the union of two different species, and—” he looked down at my belly, his large brown eyes filling with an uncharacteristic show of worry. “Any offspring that the two could produce.” I hissed, my hands moving down to wrap around my swollen belly to protect my unborn sluppies. Could they do that? Could the council make it illegal for my pups to exist? I shuddered as fear raced through me. “Why..didn’t...anyone...tell..me!” I all but shouted, my heart all but doing back flips in my throat, it was physically not structured to beat as fast as it was. Robby must have noticed because he set his food down quickly and got out of his chair so fast it clattered to the floor. “You are fine, everything is fine, no dicks ever gonna get those babies. My whole troop would be all over anyone before they could even get a paw or claw near those little ones, and so would the wolfie prince's pack, raccoon promise!” He swore as he patted me down with his gently hands all over, chittering wildly as he did. “Stop it, you stupid racoon,” Jack snapped as he walked up to the table, pushing Robby back towards his turned over chair. “You’re stressing him out and it’s not good for the pups.” The rabbit set down a cup of apple juice in front of me while glaring at my friend who was retrieving his chair at this point. “Walker has nothing to worry about, he is one of the most powerful men in the world, no one is going to have a say in who he mates and breeds with.” Jack said while taking the empty glasses off the table. Ever since he’d found out I was pregnant he’d been a lot different, although he was still his same surly self, he brought me stuff to snack on and checked on me while I was in the club constantly. As Terry put it, rabbits viewed pregnancy of any kind as a gift from the gods… their god having something to do with fertility both of the earth and the body. “No…” I said out loud, watching as Robby paused on his way to sitting down. “I...want… to… know… what’s… going… on.” My face was pulled into a tight frown as I thought about all the things they were trying to keep from me. I couldn’t understand how the council could even speak about making matings of any kind illegal. It was, and has been, illegal to split any mated pair of for any reason, because matings were so sacred among all the species. Jack thumped his foot irritatedly against the floor, his glared aimed directly at Robby who was already back to dunking his second burger into his water. “Stupid, coon,” he said before he pulled out the empty chair at the table and sat down. “Apparently, the councils are trying to ban mixed mating. They state that as different species there would be incompatibilities and that it would be counterproductive and possibly disastrous, but you don’t need to worry about that. Alpha will not be grouped into those decisions, he’s too powerful to be governed by those laws.” My stomach turned as I thought about the repercussions of what the council was going to do. What if a sloth like me mated to someone who wasn’t as powerful as my alpha? Would they then be forced to be separated by law? What about my own pups? What would a law like that do to them? “Who...proposed...this...to...the...council?” Jack’s lips tightened into a distasteful frown before he looked at Robby. “You’re his friend, you tell him.” Robby stopped chewing, his chubby cheeks draining of color as he looked between us. “Robby?” The raccoon pulled at the table cloth bunching it up in his hands as he started twitching anxiously. “You know I think we should talk about the porn instead, I’m pretty sure they are actually using a beaver in that one video, only a beaver would have that strong of an ass—” “Tell...me!” I growled, feeling my slups twist around in my belly as my anxiety mounted. “Alright, alright. It was….well it was maybe sorta kinda possibly your….brother,” he squeaked out the last word while his hands bunched up the table cloth until it was up under his chin. “My...brother,” was the one leading the crusade to end my mating, and possibly any chance my babies would have a mate of their own? That son of a sluth! How dare he try to ruin my life! Twin or not I was going to push him down a flight of stairs! UGH!!! “Your face is really red, you better not have a heart attack, my warren would disown me if I resulted in a miscarriage of any kind.” Jack fanned my face and offered the cold juice as if I was about to pass out. “The wolf prince would definitely kill you, I don’t think disownment would be your biggest problem,” Robby pointed out while smoothing down the table cloth. “Shut up stupid raccoon,” Jack chittered angrily while still fanning at my face. “Enough...both...of...you,” I said in a calm tone. “Jack,” I said looking at the rabbit with serious eyes. “I’m… going.. To.. need.. Mango.. Gummies,” and after that I was going to to slowly kick my brothers ass back into yesterday.
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    Chapter 16 - Omega Sloth For The WIn

    Chapter 16 - Omega Sloth For The Win Yup, it was the stupid bitch. The same one who my mate was technically mated to by pack obligation and the same bitch who had pulled some of my hair out while I scratched the shit out of her face. Too bad the scratches were all healed, I would have loved to add to them. Keeping close to my mate I glared at the naked she wolf in front of us, her chest fat pushed out vying for all the attention. “If I wasn’t pregnant I’d show her how much of her stupid hair I can rip out of her big fucking head,” I thought as visions of defeated she-wolves danced in my head. “Rain,” Walker growled, the sound unfamiliar and nothing like the sexy ones I was used to. This sounded aggressive, like a warning from an alpha. A shiver worked its way through my body, but it wasn’t fear. I swallowed down the sound that tried to escape. No way in hell was I letting a mating call out in front of his entire pack. Rains head tilted up, her green eyes burning as she stared straight at her alpha. “I am your mate, you took an oath with me. I have the right to fight for my place in the pack,” She said her voice barely quavering as she spoke. “What was she doing? Was it even possible for her to request this? How could I defend myself against her? Would the pack rebel against Walker if I didn’t fight her?” My mind whirled and I started to feel the rush of fear and anxiety burn through my veins. Unconsciously, my hand touched my belly and I pressed closer to my mate. I would fight for him, I was willing to get hurt to prove that I was worthy of keeping him, but I couldn’t, not if it meant hurting my pups. “Who does this stupid fat chested bitch think she is! Walker is mine! I’m pregnant, doesn’t that seal the deal?” “No oath is binding when you find your destined mate, I am unwilling and unable to fill the promise that was made to you,” Walker said with a stern voice, while his hand threaded softly through my hair rubbing soothingly at my scalp. “But, if you need vindication, I’m willing to accept your challenge.” “WHAT!” I squeaked, my eyes going wide as I watched “The bitch is going to eat me for breakfast! What are you thinking! She’ll even save parts of me for leftovers. I can’t do this. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?” Walker rumbled a soothing sound, no doubt scenting my absolute horror along with hearing it in his head loud and clear. I’m sure he was hearing everything along with nope nope nope nope nope, on rerun in his head. Wow, hearing me in his head had to get old. the she wolf's face pull into a surprised but sinister smile. “I’m ready now, alpha.” Rain took a step forward, her eyes locked on me like a cat with a mouse. She was definitely going to do more than pull my hair this time. “Stay here, little one,” Walker said gently before leaning down and brushing his lips across mine. He release me before I could ask him what he was doing, or what the hell was going on? As he walked forward he started taking his shirt off baring his muscular chest and shoulders, the moons light playing off his sexy body. Rain watched with obvious confusion on her face as more pack members whispered and watched with bated breaths. “I don’t understand,” she said, her face tightening into a frown. Walker snorted derisively as he tossed his shirt to the forest floor, his yellow eyes narrowed dangerously. “I said I accepted your challenge.” Walker walked closer to the she wolf his size becoming more apparent the closer he got to her. I’d always known he was big, but in that moment he seemed larger, more dominate, more alpha. “You thought you could come up here challenge and degrade my pregnant omega,” he said as he stood right in front of Rain, her shoulders hunching as she cowered beneath her alphas hard stare. “What made you think anything gave you the right to challenge your alpha mate?” He growled deep and angry. Everyone in the clearing was silent, only the sound of their breathing and the leaves crunching beneath their weary feet broke the tense silence. Rain bared her throat, her eyes shut tight as she panted with obvious fear. “He is not one of us,” she said, even as a shiver rushed over her body. Her words hit home in a way I didn’t want to admit to myself but couldn’t deny. Hadn’t I thought the same thing so many times before when I lay in bed wide awake staring at my sleeping lover? He was the king of wolves and I was an ADD sloth who didn’t even fit in with my own kind. The she-wolf was right, I wasn’t one of them, and I wasn’t anything better. “I hate being a sloth,” I admitted to myself for the first time as I watched my alpha stand before the beautiful wolf I could never compare to. I watched as my Alpha’s back stiffened, the muscles tensed along his spine and shoulders. I realized then that he’d heard my thoughts. Shame and guilt raced through me along with my usual self hatred for being what I was. “He’s mine,” Walker rumbled, deep and angry so every wolf could hear. “He is not one of us, but he is better because he is not. My mate is perfect, and no wolf will ever be as worthy as him. Larry is this packs alpha mate,” He said with a strict finality. “Everyone in this pack will treat him with the respect of his position or you will be challenging me for the alpha position.” His gold eyes were glowing, already shifting into the eyes of a wolf as he looked around at all of his pack members. “Do you understand?” In response every single wolf tilted their heads and lowered their eyes, baring their necks in submission as a chorus of “yes, alpha” echoed through the clearing. Stund, I stood there with my eyes glued on my mate, replaying his words over and over again. Rain didn’t move from her spot, her body still shaking slightly at her head staid tilted with her neck vulnerable. Walker looked down at her again, his eyes returning to the normal gold that I was familiar with as some of the anger drained from him. He grabbed her chin in a firm but careful grasp as he forced the she wolf to look him in the eyes, only causing her to shake more as he alpha stared down at her. “Do you understand me, Raina?” She nodded, forgetting his hand holding her chin before replying quickly with “yes, alpha.” “Good girl,” He said before releasing her chin. “Now go and apologize to your alpha mate.” He moved aside giving her room to pass. “I thought, completely caught off guard with this change of events. “Oh no it’s not necessary for her to do that, I’m good. No need to rub salt into the wound, besides I don’t want her chest fat near me.” My thoughts rambled on as Rain lowered her head in a nod and walked towards me. As she did I couldn’t help but think this was going to be awkward. More awkward then that time the boy I was crushing on thought I was paul, more awkward then the time my mother left me at the superstore for two days and nobody notice I was hanging in the fake tree in the decor isle. I thought about all of this as the she wolf walked right up to me, stopping so there was only a foot of space between us. Then, silence, awkward tense silence. Craning my neck just slightly to look around her, I saw my alpha watching with patient eyes trained on the she wolf's back. This was somehow a lesson for her to learn then. Wait what?” “I’m sorry, alpha mate, for disrespecting you. Please punish me in anyway for how I acted,” she said in a bitter, but resigned voice as she closed her eyes and stood straight, waiting for something. “I…have...no….idea...what….you’re….talking....about,” I said, and I had to admit, I said it a lot faster than I normally would have. Rain’s shoulders tensed, and I swear I could hear her teeth grinding in her clenched mouth. “You are the alpha’s mate, you have the—” she stopped her body tense as a short choppy breath escaped her. “You have the right to inflict a physical punishment for the way I have acted.” She ended the sentence with a sharp clip of her teeth, as if getting the words out really burned her bitchy soul. A punishment. I had to admit that sounded pretty nice, but a physical one, that was going to be kinda difficult. I mean I could just go all out, that would be the best course of action. She wouldn’t hurt me since it was punishment. “Alright...brace...yourself,” I said with what would pass for a stern voice coming out of me. Laughable really. Rain nodded and her muscles tightened, there was a collective silence as the other wolfs braced for what I would do next. I lifted my hand slowly into the air, not for any dramatics but because I was slow. There was a tension in the air as I held my hand up getting ready to land a blow to the she wolf's face. She deserved this for saying the things she’d said to me, and for making me feel like I didn’t deserve my mate. What gave her the right? I let my hand fly— And fly. And fly. What started out as a tense moment suddenly turned back to the awkward one I was familiar with as my hand slowly crept towards Rains face. I didn’t feel like I was even in control of my own arm as I watched it move so slowly I wished I could will my muscles to just abandoned this stupid idea halfway through. Nope, I was committed at this point, couldn’t stop and I definitely wanted to. Embarrassed I watched my hand close in on the she wolf’s face till finally, but pathetically, it landed a blow that pushed her cheek in. It was like I was patting her on the cheek, like a weird relative did when they saw you at christmas dinner. “I think I’m actually going to die of embarrassment,” I thought as I pulled my hand back, slowly, and watched as Rain’s face became increasingly red. Clearing my throat I looked at the other wolves watching us, and my alpha who at this point had an expression on his face that I couldn’t interpret. “Well…..uh…..I...hope….you…..learned….your….lesson.” God, I was a fucking moron. Rain’s face became even redder as a short snarling sound escaped her. I took an instinctive step back. “She’s going to kill me now,” I thought as I watched her eyes screw shut and her body tense. “How can I get away this close if she—” A peel of loud laughter escaped her, followed by another round of loud snorts and gasps for breath as she she wolf held her belly in a tight grasp. Her laughter set off a chain reaction as other wolves joined in, laughing so hard that it became almost deafening in the clearing. A part of me wanted to be offended, but another part of me could help the smile that broke across my face as I saw the hilarity of this situation. I snorted out my own laugh as my mate walked back over to my side, his warm hand threading through my hair as he did. “Rain,” Walker said once everyone’s laughter had started to subside. “Everything between you two is in the past, but understand if you threaten my mate again I will be the one punishing you, do you understand?” His voice was light, but his words held a much deeper meaning that wasn’t missed among anyone who could hear. Rain nodded and responded quickly, “Yes alpha.” “Good, Denver will lead the pack run tonight, I will catch up with some of you later,” He called out giving permission for all the wolves to start their change. Without waiting one after another they melted into their fur all different shades of grey, black, and browns started to appear. They yipped and barked in excitement as groups of twenty or more at a time ran off into the surrounding woods. It all happened so fast I wondered if I’d actually miscounted how many wolves were actually in the clearing to begin with. Rain didn’t shift right away, but when another wolf stood not far behind her barking instantly she didn’t say anything before she melted into her wolf form and ran off without another word. “That….was…..weird,” I said, once we were the only two remaining in the clearing. “You did good, little one.” Walker reassured me as he hugged me from behind, his named chest warm against my back. “Did I thought as I tried to figure out exactly what I’d done. I’d hit a she wolf, got laughed at because it was that pathetic, and hadn’t learned a single thing about how wolf culture worked. If anything I was more confused than when we’d pulled up to this clearing an hour ago. good at what?” “You stood up for yourself and for what is yours, and I want you to know that I love that you are a sloth. I heard what you were thinking and I don’t want you to ever be ashamed of what you are.” He nuzzled my neck before placing a gentle kiss on my skin. “She’s right though, I’ll never be a and didn’t that suck. wolf like them,” Walker rumbled the deep soothing sound he always made when I was anxious. I sighed and leaned back into his embrace enjoying the contact now that we were along. “You’re my mate, that’s all you ever need. I love you because you are a sloth, not in spite of it.” He pulled back and started tugging on my shirt without any warning. “Get undressed, slothie. I’m going to take you on a run.” “A run?” Had the wolf lost his marbles? “Walker I can barely walk a normal speed, what makes you think I’m going to run?” He grunned the same secy grin he always did when he wanted me to do something. “You’re going to right my back, and I’m going to show you what it’s like ot be a wolf.”
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    Chapter 15 - Sloth mating calls

    Svara would obliterate Raina most definitely.
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    Chapter 15 - Sloth mating calls

    Well, I love laughter so I don't mind as long as it gets a reaction and entertains!
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    Chapter 15 - Sloth mating calls

    I was so tired by the end of this chapter. I’ll put the italics for Larry in tomorrow 😂😂 also no wheelies in the forest just some slow ass walking steps
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    Chapter 15 - Sloth mating calls

    Nagas long lost relative. And I’d like to point out that Svara is awesome!
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    Chapter 15 - Sloth mating calls

    Chapter 15 - Sloth Mating Calls “So let’s go over this again,” Walker said as we lay naked in our bed while he rubbed my bare swollen belly in soothing rotations. “Sloths haven’t been able to have pups unless they mate with their true mate for almost two generations, and the majority of those matings have been same-sex couples, am I on the right track so far?” Walker looked at me with his sharp gold eyes. I nodded, cooing lightly as he continued to rub my sensitive skin. I was also trying very hard not to think too much about the events that had unfolded in my parent's apartment today. What a fucking mess of epic proportions. It was like stepping into a fifty-year-old pile of shit that had only gotten stickier and stinker with time. God, I was never going to get this shit off the bottom of my metaphorical shoe. “So, after that, the female sloths devised a plan to keep from losing their power in the sloth community and started gaslighting the same-sex couples into believing that the entire world would be against them if they let anyone know they weren’t male and female. So the mated couples drew a straw on who would get to pretend they were female for the rest of their lives, even going as far as to make their children believe it?” “Sounds about right. That’s why I’m revoking my sloth heritage after this,” I said with complete conviction. “We are telling are pups they are one hundred percent wolves, and if they ask any questions we’ll tell them I drank too much while I was pregnant and that’s why they move slow and look different.” “Well that might be a problem if they look like sloths, and you look like a sloth, and there is also their grand..(slarents?), who they will meet, although, I’m going to admit that you’re mom is missing a few screws, maybe only supervised visits for her.” He chuckled and nuzzled my throat, licking at the vein right at the juncture of my shoulder. Sighing I bared my throat to him and let the sensations of his tongue and hands move over my body. Who cared about the sloth community and their weird secrets? Not me! I was content with my mate, my pups were on the way, and I didn’t have to draw the short stick and pretend to be a woman for the rest of my life. Life was good. “I think what happened with the sloths is similar to what is happening to the wolves as well,” Walker mused as he nipped lightly at my collarbone and continued to rub sensual circles over my belly. “You said that wolves haven’t been able to reproduce except for the alphas in almost fifty years, and now even you were only able to with me.” Purring I canted my hips up, my erection starting to form between my legs. I wondered what my alpha would do to be tonight? “I’m the last alpha, and now that I have you the only pups I will ever produce will be ours,” he rumbled contentedly and I could tell he wasn’t bothered by that in the slightest. This perfect alpha wolf who could have any female or male he desired, and he was happy with me, a sloth who wasn’t even good at being a sloth. My chest warmed and I felt my heart skip a beat as I took in the most amazing spread of warmth and joy through my entire body. I pulled back from Walkers kisses, he stopped and looked at me his gold eyes shining as he stared at me with the same emotions reflecting in his own face. “I…..love…..you,” I spoke the words, wanting to hear them even if I could only say them slowly. It didn’t matter if anything it made each word I said that much more intense as I said it to him for the very first time. Walker smiled, a deep rumble resonating through his entire body as he leaned forward till our foreheads touched, his warm breaths fanning across my flushed cheeks. “I love you too, Larry. So much, little one.” Walker wrapped me up in his massive arms, his thigh pressing between my legs and brushing against my now full erection. Eeeeehh, I squeaked. The call completely uncontrolled and still slightly embarrassing. It was like a sex hiccup, like, Eeeeh mount me now! Eeeeeh mount me now! Walker laughed at the mating call his hand traveling down to pull gently at my throbbing cock. “Oh don’t stop, don’t stop,” I thought more to myself than to my mate, but of course I was an open book as far as Walker was concerned. “Don’t worry baby, I’m not going to stop,” he growled and the sound only poured more heat into my balls as I thrust into his hand. My ass clenched as I felt the first slide of slick building at my entrance. I moaned, lifting my legs hoping my wolf would touch me in both places. “I need him inside me, need that knot stretching me till we’re locked together,” I thought while panting desperately. Walker’s growls deepened as his teeth scraped across my shoulder, his fangs already shifted in his mouth. Without warning, he flipped me over so I was straddling his chest my cock bobbing obscenely between us. With a wicked grin, he pushed me forward until my cock was nudging at his lips. I squealed as I felt the soft flesh of his lips brush over the head of my erection, the sensation overwhelming and new. “I like this, I want to do more, I want to push into his mouth, ugh don’t stop,” “That’s right, little one,” he rumbled, his lips brush against my tip as he spoke. “Fuck my mouth.” My mating call escaped me in a long keening wail as my alpha swallowed me down to the root in one quick motion. I thrust, albeit slowly, towards the scorching tight heat wrapped around my dick. “I'm gonna to die, this is amazing,” my thoughts raced through my head in a random loop of pure bliss. Walker didn’t wait for my slow thrusts, his hands gripped my hips as he forced my body to take on a much quicker pace. I mewled each time I dipped into the tight clasp of his throat and whined each time the cool air touch me as I withdrew. I could feel the tightening of my balls as each time he pistoned me into his mouth, my ass leaked all over his chest as I was bounced wildly forward and back. “Just a little more,” I gurgled incoherent sounds as my brain started to melt in my overheated head. Just as I felt the tight line of release pulling at my cock Walker release me and the cool air of the room was the only thing touching my poor dick. I mewled pitifully, “Don’t….s-stop…..p-please…..alpha,” I begged shamelessly, my sensitive hole grinding against his chest, leaving a mess of slick all over his tan skin. Walker growled, his eyes wild as he flipped me over again, this time I was on my knees and my chest pushed down into the bed as he thrust into my body without any warning. “HOLY FUCKING MANGOS YES!” I Eeeeehed until my throat was raw, my mating calls deafening as my wolf thrust deeply into my body. “I. Love. You,” Walker grunted, his words bouncing off of each of his hard thrusts. “Love…….….you……....….so……….....much,” I slurred as I felt the first stretch of his knot as he pushed the large gland in and out until it pushed in with a final pop and would no longer release. Moaning I clenched around the thick knot as it rubbed continuously against my prostate. It didn’t take long, two more seconds of his rubbing thick and heavy over my spot and I was clenching uncontrollably around him as my body released. Heat seared my insides as Walker growled out his own orgasm, his hips still thrusting gently and rubbing my sensitive bud till I was panting with exertion. “Easy, little one,” he ran his hand down my back, as I mewled desperately, still riding the sudden and intense heat. “Wasn’t his knot only for breeding? Wasn’t my slick only for heats?” I thought but really couldn’t bring myself to care. If my body wanted to lube itself up for him till the day I died, I would never be upset about that— and as far as Walker’s knot— I hoped that thing never stopped stretching my hole. “I think you broke me,” I thought, finally gaining enough common sense to speak to him without words. “You look perfect to me, slothie,” he said with a chuckle as he rolled us on our sides to wait out his knot. “I love it when you make those cute calls, going wild for me.” I groaned, embarrassed but happy that he enjoyed my uncontrollable noises. “I sound like a dying animal,” I thought, remembering my calls and all the other calls I’d heard in health class when they’d shown us as teenagers what the mating call was. Of course, that had always been females and here I was proving everyone that not only girls had lungs to call for good reproductive sex. God, I was such a whore for my mate. I’d Eeeeh for the rest of my life for him as long as he kept giving me what I craved. Walker chuckled, his hand drifting over my swollen belly again, almost like it was a subconscious action on his part. “You sound like you’d do anything to have me inside you,” he breathed out against my ear as his hips rotated slightly moving that thick knot over my spot again. I barely held in the quivering sound that wanted to escape me. He was right. I would do anything to have him inside me. Where Walker was concerned I was easy. “Yeah, guess I would,” I grinned impishly as I looked at him over my shoulder. “Well since I’ve got you in such a good non-violent mood, tomorrow you’re going to formally meet my pack!” My insides clenched, and this time for a completely different reason. I hadn’t met the pack yet, only Raina and Denver. Granted, Denver hadn’t been so bad, but Raina was the worst shit sandwich I’d ever had to choke down. I really hated that she-wolf for even thinking she could take my mate. “You think that’s a good idea?” I hedged, feeling the nerves building up inside of me. I was going to be the reason that Walker would produce an heir. They’d blame me for the extinction of the entire wolf race. Well, I looked down at my belly where my mate's large hand was settled, not extinction I guess. “Yes, they need to get to know you. You are their omega and they need to accept you as my mate because,” he paused to kiss the side of my throat, “you aren’t going anywhere.” Some of my nerves slipped away as I settled back into Walker’s chest. He was right, I needed to meet the pack. I couldn’t avoid such a huge part of my alpha’s life. He was the leader of the remaining wolves. There are times in my life when I really question how I got myself into certain situations. Like this time that I decided I was going to convince everyone that I wasn’t a sloth. I think I told them I was a dolphin, and to this day I have no idea why I chose that particular species. Seriously, it was the worst thing I could have picked, not only do dolphins have their own unique language, but they also don’t move in slow motion. Of course, my only other option was a turtle and I was working with a going big or go home kind of scenario. Point is, everyone was laughing so hard when I tried to play off being a dolphin they could barely breathe. Of course, pretending to be something I’m not has been a theme in my life, the same reason I was in my current situation. “Nope, nope I did not agree to this,” I thought, looking at the massive forest clearing filled with naked wolves. Walker chuckled rubbing at my shoulder as we sat in his SUV watching all the pack members assemble for god only knows what. “You’ll be fine, I am their alpha, they will accept you as part of the pack.” “I don’t know if that’s how it works when you bring home a sloth and not another wolf.” I looked out at the crowd of over a hundred wolves who were starting to notice us. “Don’t worry, baby,” he leaned over and slanted his mount over mine, kissing me within an inch of my life before pulling me away. “Come on let’s go.” I took his cue and got out of the car, I wasn’t surprised that all the eyes around the clearing had landed on me. The smell of their combined surprise didn’t settle me. Walker didn’t say anything as he came to stand beside me. He grabbed my hand and walked me towards the massive group of predators. “This is a bad idea,” I thought frantically. “It’s fine, little one, come on.” He led me away from the safety of the car and towards the naked men and woman waiting for their alpha to say something. We walked towards the group of wolves, the two of us the only two in the entire clearing still wearing anything. Their eyes tracked us as a hush fell over the pack. When Walker had told me about his pack I had expected it would be around twenty maybe thirty wolves, but to stand here and see only two hundred wolves stare back at me I thought I might actually have a panic attack. I was the chicken and I’d just walked into the foxes den. Walker walked us closer, bringing us to a stop only five feet away from the first few wolves, his gold eyes shining as the light of the moon shown down on all of us. “My pack, many of you have heard that I have taken a mate. You have also heard that my mate is not a wolf and is bearing the next generation of wolves right now. All of it is true, my mate is a sloth and our pups are strong inside of him. I know this is not what was expected, but it is the way fate has chosen to unfold. I expect everyone to accept my mate and—” “I object!” A female voice rang out, from the crowd. Wolves murmured in low voices as they looked for the woman who’d spoken up. My stomach began to cramp. I knew that voice and it wasn’t one I was going to have to revisit any time tonight, or ever again. Raina looked as insane as ever as she pushed through the crowd to stand only a few feet away from her alpha a smug smirk on her face. “Raina,” Walker growled, his irritation lacing that one word, “What are you doing?” Raina smirked and jutted out her chest in a confident pose. “I demand a challenge for the right to become alpha mate!” She spoke loud and clear. The other wolves started to talk in louder mummers as they spoke. Walker hissed, his eyes wide with some unknown emotion. Me, I was trying to figure out how I had gotten myself into this mess.
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    Chapter 14 - Sloths in Disguise

    No milk choking!!!! Glad you loved it!
  14. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 14 - Sloths in Disguise

    Next chapter is already half written. I’m back no 3 month waits. Time to ,eat the pack and more will be explained about the weird sloth thing. Grandsmother just dresses like a woman, he drew the short straw
  15. Pmsingtiger

    Chapter 14 - Sloths in Disguise

    BANG BANG!!! ‼️

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