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  1. Ok I promise. Although I might go up a notch 😂😂
  2. That is a possibility 😉 but more stuff will explain the book and Shasta’s vision. Their mating is not normal by and means and the pack will see it as different but they respect Arik completely.
  3. Yes definitely NSFW I was thinking about dulling it down a little but I held my guns and kept it salacious. As for Zaran’s powers, they will have a lot to handle in the future and the alpha Ranvir.
  4. He is an empath but he also amplifies the emotions of the people around him. His powers are not truly understood yet and they will begin to unfold. Imagine if your worst emotion was amplified to an extreme - anxiety, depression, fear etc. That is what could destroy the pack. Shasta is very scared for the pack. He loves Arik like family and fears for everyone’s lives.
  5. Yes there is a big reason to be afraid but not what he things. Thanks for reading! 😁
  6. Zaran’s powers are going to grow beyond anyone’s belief but there is something’s lined up in the future they aren’t expecting. I can’t wait to introduce the real villains of the story
  7. Exactly. Shasta sees parts but not everything. This will also play into the story later on. They do have something to worry about by not necessarily Zaran
  8. Yes it was an interesting one to write 😂. Definitely the mating with have a play on Zaran’s powers. The pups he has will be from both alphas as well. Shasta does have reason to worry but more will be explained later I’m also done with the final chapter of Slothin’ It 😁
  9. Chapter 8 - Feel the Heat Zaran Heat. All I could feel was the burning in my abdomen, the slick sweat coating my skin. Breathe, I thought. My breathes came out in hard pants as my body yearned for something I couldn’t identify. Touch, claws, teeth, stretch, burn, pain, pleasure, all of it, I needed it all. A moan escaped me as my body tightened, pulling taunt like a bowstring but no arrow was notched. I needed— “Open your eyes Zaran,” a deep voice commanded. My alpha, I thought hazily. His hands, they were tracing down my belly, so close to where I needed him to touch. I was naked, I realized, the cool air barely making a difference against my feverish skin. “Where am I?” I slurred, my eyes opening to see Arik’s bright yellow eyes and Einar’s strong jawline. So handsome, strong, I thought as I drifted back to consciousness. “Where…” I said again listlessly. “Keep your eyes open, asha,” Arik said in a deep rumble, his hand retreating from where I needed him to touch, to instead sink into my braids, lifting my head. “You will be awake, his eyes looked to Einar with his own rising heat, “when we claim you.” I shuddered, my toes digging into the furs beneath me, hips thrusting forward my cock obscenely bobbed in the air between them. “Please, please I need…” I babbled incoherently, unable to tell him what I needed. “Alphas, please,” I begged either of them to ease the ache inside. Arik growled deep, his pupils blown wide as he and Einar leaned in close to each other, Einar's head dipping down to lick across my cock. A shout exploded from me, the sensation so strong I my vision greyed out. Arik rumbled teeth nipping at Einar’s jaw. Einar pulled away from me quickly and the two bared their fangs at each other. “Not his cock, you will over stimulate him,” Arik growled, his words guttural. The air was tense for a split second before Einar bared his neck in submission to our alpha. The vein in his neck pulsed wildly, his breaths coming out in hard exhales. “Good, asta,” Arik leaned forward and swiped his tongue possessively over the other mans thick neck right along his vulnerable artery. The smooth strong column of my beta’s throat, brought back the memory of feeling his skin breaking under my fangs. A moan broke free and I felt more liquid leaking from my body, sliding between my ass cheeks making my hole pulse. “Please, alphas, please,” I begged desperately, chest heaving body contorting as the burning inside of me only grew. A surge of intense lust pulsed from both men, a strangled sound escaping Einar his cock large and throbbing against his belly. Arik’s cock was no better, large but not as long as Einar but thicker. I wanted them, inside of me, pulsing and coating me with their seed. Arik and Einar rumbled, conscious thoughts no longer in their gazes, only the intense need of alphas for their omega. Arik reached forward and without warning flipped me onto my belly, the soft furs sliding against my straining erection making my thighs shake and a loud howl of pleasure escape me. I rocked into the soft furs chasing some form of release, but my hips were grabbed in a hard grip, claws sinking into my flesh forcing me to lift my hips up, taking away my only friction. “No, asha,” my alpha growled, his claws giving me the bite of pain I craved. I growled, trying to buck his hands off. I wanted, needed to — Arik pulled me up to my knees, a loud rumble warned me to stay still. My thrashing halted and my high alpha rewarded me, his tongue dipping between my cheeks to sweep over my hole licking at my slick. I cried out, a loud demanding whine as I pushed closer to that hot tongue rasping over my sensitive flesh. My mind fogged as the sensations and emotions of my alphas made any lucid thoughts impossible for me. I needed, I needed more, of both of them, of their sex and lust. There was so much lust I was drowning in the lake of emotions swirling around me. As Arik licked my taint, my desperate low whines turned to caterwauls as another tongue joined Arik’s both of my males spreading my ass wide as they feasted. Their tongues danced over my sensitive hole, breaching me and retreating. I could feel them licking my slick off each others mouths as they chased a taste. Arik snarled, pulling away from. I gasped only my betas tongue now dipping deep inside of my body. Tears tracked down my face as I chased the need that was only growing. “Please,” I sobbed, “Please, my mates, please.” Arik snarled and I heard his teeth snap at Einar’s flesh. The other wolf rumbled out a quiet moan, before pulling his tongue out leaving me pulsing and empty. There was shuffling, hard hands dragging me back, my ass tilted up high. My gut cramped and my cock pulsed beneath me. I wanted, no I needed him to— A hard press of flesh against my hole made my mind blank, the first pop of pressure making the world stand still as Arik’s thick cock sank into my ass with a deep hard thrust. Claws out, I heard the pelt beneath me rip as I clutched it with all my life. Legs wide, ass tilted up I took each hard thrust of my alphas hips with blissful moans. My braids were grabbed in a gentle bit firm hand, claws pricking at my scalp. Einar knelt in front of me. His cock was painfully hard, bobbing in front of his abdomen. It leaked wantonly at the tip, the veins pulsing, begging to be licked. An uncontrollable urge to latch onto him made my hand reach out and my claws sink into his thigh as I pulled him closer. Einar grunted deep in his chest as I swallowed him as far down as I could, the tip hitting the back of my throat as Arik thrusted forward. My mouth watered around his length, the taste of salt and earth enough to make me suck harder. Both of my males rumbled, Arik’s louder than Einars, but I could feel the vibrations and their combined lust running through me. So much need, hunger, it swirled inside of me like a volcano waiting to erupt. Arik surged forward over my back, his cock brushing deep inside of me as he pulled Einar forward by the back of his neck. I gagged as he went deeper into my throat, but I didn’t retreat. A sound escaped Einar and somehow I could feel the moment, Arik’s lips claimed the other mans. Their teeth clicked through the aggressive claiming of mouths. Arik’s hand still on my hip tightened till claws marked my skin, his other hand tightening on Eniar’s neck. “You’re mine,” he said, mouth still hovering over the betas mouth. With another hard thrust into me Arik sank his teeth into Einar’s muscular shoulder. The beta gasped, the air passing out in a loud breath. His hips jerked deep into my mouth making me moan happily as they both used my body. A savaged sound escaped the alpha as Einar’s blood filled his mouth and dripped down onto my spine. I moaned thrusting back in Arik’s cock and then forward to chase after Einar’s. My erection pulsed painfully beneath me, only the tip barely brushing over the pelts beneath me. This was what I wanted, the ferocious need of my alphas as they took every part of me, but I needed more. Arik lapped at Einar’s bloody throat as he continued to thrust into me. My hips thrust back shamelessly my cock suspended as I looked for the friction I craved so desperately. “You can touch him now, asta,” Arik said in that deep baritone of his. A shiver ran down my blood smeared spin. I mewled pathetically when Arik pulled out suddenly. Einar’s hand sank into my hair and pulled me off of him with a groan. Clawed tipped hands flipped me onto my back and Arik pulled my hips up onto his lap so that he could sink his wet erection back inside of me at another angle. I could feel him go even deeper, so deep my body clamped down not wanting to let him go. It wasn’t until Einar leaned over my head his mouth engulfing my cock that I realized why my alpha had flipped me over. My claws sank into Einar’s hips as I thrust up into his hot mouth and back down on my alphas cock. My heart practically stopped from the intense pleasure, my body shaking as both of my alphas growled and snarled over my body. Pressure at my hole made me gasp, it was large and pulled at the muscles. I squirmed to get closer the intense burn making my eyes roll back. It was painful, but I needed it, wanted it like I’d never wanted anything in my entire life. Arik snarled, and pushed harder making my legs shake with the force. Einar’s mouth sucked me deep into the back of his throat just as my alphas knot fully sank inside of me, stretching every inch of my body. I cried out in bliss my body pulling tight as I fell over the edge, exploding in Einar’s mouth. He rumbled his throat working as he swallowed every ounce of my release. The tight clamp of my body was all it took to bring our alpha to his climax. Arik flooded me, marking me from within with a savage growl. This was the unnamed thing I craved, I knew it the moment I felt his cock release inside of. The hot flood of his seed feeding the the burning heat inside of me, but I still needed my other— Einar’s mouth was pulled off of me with a loud pop. I could see Arik’s hand tangled in his hair forcing him back up. My alpha growled, his conscious mind as muddled as my own, but there was some level of thought trying to return. Einar was no better, his eyes wild and glazed, his fangs bared my cum still on the side of his mouth. Arik pulled me up with his other arm so I was pressed close to his thick chest, the angle changing where his knot pressed deep inside of me. Another desperate but pitiful whine escaped me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I wasn’t prepared for his teeth to sink into my skin, but the deep slow sink of his teeth made me cry out in agony and bliss. The world narrowed down to the wolf whose fangs could surely kill me if he wanted to. I bared my throat even more welcoming my submission to this alpha. I didn’t see Arik pull my beta forward, but I felt Einar’s breath ghost hot over the juncture of my neck. He sank his teeth deep into the swell of my other shoulder. The audible pop of his fangs breaking the skin echoed our hard breathing and moans. I convulsed, my sweat drenched body writhing as the two wolves growled in united euphoria. I could feel them, both of them, but the click of Einar’s connection was so perfect I could barely breath. Einar’s body vibrated, his claw tipped hand clutching at our alpha’s arm, his eyes squeezed shut as the bond between us started to fall into place. Warm blood trickled down from the wounds on my shoulders as they pulled away. My alpha’s knot started to slip free from my wet hole. I wasn’t ready to stop, I still needed something, something unfinished - My hips were pulled back, Einar’s cock pushed inside of me in a swift motion. I was tired, but my body welcomed him in as my mate. I leaned in against Arik’s chest clutching him as Einar pounded into my stretched body. “Such a good omega,” Arik rumbled. “You will swell with both of our pups.” Einar rumbled in agreement, his thrusts making my body tighten again my erection never waning after the first orgasm. “Both my alphas,” I gasped as he swelled, his cock pushing that hard knot into my body. “Both my mates,” I whimpered as Einar’s knot swelled inside of me just like Arik’s had. His hot seed filled me, burning my inner walls and mixing with Arik’s. A surprise shout escaped me as my climax erupted from me in time to my mates. Head lolling I could feel my cum coating Ark’s chest. The alpha licked soothingly at my ear while my beta leaned against my back as my body tightened around him. My womb, only opened during my heat was full of both their release. It was the elixir to the uncontrolled need. My eyelids lowered as my energy began to drain from me. It was a few minutes before Einar’s knot slipped free and Arik was able to lay me down on the soft furs. Both men curled around me, warm bodies pressed against my front and back. I felt myself falling asleep even as my conscious mind began to return. I had been bred by the alpha and my beta. I would have both of their pups. A happy sound escaped me as I thought of pups with both dark skin and some with blonde hair. “Sleep, asha,” Arik said. “We will keep you safe.” Einar rumbled behind me in agreement, a swipe of his tongue over his bite mark making my eyes drift shut even further. My heart beat a steady rhythm in time with the two wolves pressed close against me. Einar Zaran fell asleep almost instantly. His mouth open as little puffs of air escaped him. He’d mated with me, completely. The bond wasn’t just one sided anymore. My hand traced the blue beads along the top of his head, his braids trailing down his back. I could feel him now, the steady beating of his heart through our bond. It would be so easy to love him, both of them. I looked up at Arik. Zaran wasn’t the only one who had made a bond with me. Arik’s yellow eyes watched me closely. “I cannot feel your emotions on the same scale as Zaran, but I can sense your surprise,” Arik smiled slightly. “Both of you are mine. Zaran had already chose you, marked you as his. You and him are one and the same, a mated pair.” His words didn’t alleviate some of the unease in me. He had only taken me because of Zaran, and although I was not upset with being part of this triad I wondered if I was only here out of obligation to my forced bond with Zaran. I wasn’t able to ask him about my involvement with his pack, or why all the wolves we’d seen had the same markings that I had. I had so many questions but no way to ask them. I felt trapped inside my own skin, and no amount of comfort from either of them seemed to make the sensation go away. “Einar,” Arik said, getting my attention. “Be calm my mate. Our omega will need more care when he wakes and I must go see Shasta now that he is asleep.” Arik sat up, the muscles in his abdomen rippling. I wanted my chance to touch him, like I had Zaran. My teeth itched to sink into the tight flesh along his shoulder. Wait… he was leaving? “I will be back as soon as I can. I will check on Rune while I am there,” He leaned down and nuzzled gently against Zaran’s cheek. The omega mumbled in his sleep a soft happy sound escaping him. Arik rumbled and pulled away his yellow eyes tracking on me before he leaned across the sleeping omega and pressed his forehead to mine. “Try not to get lost in his heat when he wakes. It won’t be as heavy the next time but he will still need you.” Heart pounding I nodded, the idea of getting to push back inside of Zaran’s body was something worth being excited about, but it was more than that. This alpha, he was not like any I’d ever heard of before. “I will return shortly,” he pulled away and got up off of the furs to get dressed. It didn’t take him long to put on his trousers and boots and then his fur cloak. He looked back and us one more time before walking out of the warm den through the wooden front door. Arik I walked across the village to Shasta’s den. It was bigger than my own with all of his herbs and books. He kept all of these items for the pack and was known as the pack seer and healer. I had no knowledge of what he needed to speak about, but there had been an urgency that I couldn’t ignore. Shasta had looked at Zaran with what looked like fear and that wasn’t something I could leave be. The village was surprisingly quiet as I walked to the other side. Smoke came out of the chimneys and some omegas and pups were doing their chores or playing, but the alpha wolves were not in sight. “Ciena,” I said to the elder omega sitting outside of his den his eyes distant. “Where are the other wolves?” I asked uneasy with what I was seeing. Ciena shook his head, his grey hair and braids clicking with his beads. “Arik, my pup,” he paused his dull brown eyes looking distant again. “Oh yes, Shasta, he sent them into the woods away from your den. He did not say why,” the elder wolf hummed. “I bet it was the sex in the air. Even my old bones wanted to be—” “Thank you Ciena,” I said cutting off the imagery I didn’t want from one of my parent figures. Ciena had been very close to my birth modir and had helped raise me when he’d died suddenly. I pet the top of Ciena’s head gently, and was rewarded with a happy smile from him. “I’m going to talk to Shasta now, I’ll stop by with my mates later so that you can tell them many stories.” He nodded, dull eyes shinning just a little brighter. “Yes my pup, that would be nice.” I nodded and walked away towards the large cabin up the way. There was smoke coming from the chimney and I could see Rune outside playing in the flowers with another pup who was from Kidda’s last litter. The two laughed and Rune didn’t notice me until I was right beside them. Kidda’s pup, Finn, grinned and sprang up running over and wrapping his arms around my waist in a big hug. “Hello alpha!” he grinned and pulled away, jumping up and down with excessive energy I was starting to think wasn’t going to wear off with age. “Me and Rune found a caterpillar!” He said excitedly. I nodded, “Oh that’s a good find. Why don’t you keep looking and see what else you can find?” Rune nodded while Finn jumped over to where she was looking through the dirt for more crazy finds. The door to the den burst open, Shasta’s wild eyes locking on me. “Alpha, please come in,” he said hurriedly walking back into his den the scent of herbs wisping out behind him. “Finn, you and Rune go and listen to some of modir Ciena’s stories. I’m sure Rune would love the one with the fox,” I suggested, watching the boys eyes widen with excitement. “Oh I love the fox story! Come on Rune!” He said with all the energy I’d come to expect. He hopped up already bounding towards the elder’s house, but Rune lagged her eyes watching me closely. “Is Ein ok?” she asked with some worry in her voice. “Yes, pup,” I smiled softly, reassuring her. “He is keeping watch over our mate for now. Once the heat is over he will come get you and take you to our home.” She nodded, her eyes dropping down as she scuffed the dirt with her foot. “Ok,” she mumbled not saying everything that was on her mind. Without another word she scampered off after Finn. Sighing I walked up the steps to the seer’s den a foreboding weight settling in my gut. Inside the den was warm and filled with books and herbs. I always found Shastas area to be a calming one and it went well with his abilities. I shut the door behind me and walked towards the seer who was pacing back and forth anxiously. “Shasta what is this about?” I asked the nervous omega. He continued to pace his mind going a mile a minute. I’d known Shasta for over twenty years, he had been one of the first omegas that I’d brought back from a bidding. He had been eighteen at the time and his abilities something many alphas vied for. I had no intention of mating him, but I had seen promise in him as part of my pack and my mission. The craigs had never auctioned off their omegas in a bid, instead all of our omegas cultivated their abilities making the pack better, stronger. It hadn’t been until I’d attended my first bidding from a neighboring alpha that I realized how I could make my pack even stronger. Shasta stopped pacing, his long black hair swaying around him as he did. “I was wrong about that omega,” he said his voice tight. Tensing I felt a rumble grow in my chest. “Be careful Shasta, that omega is my mate.” The seer nodded, his many earrings clicking as he did. “I’m sorry alpha. What I mean is what I saw in my first vision, it didn’t reveal everything.” A puff of air escaped him in a nervous breath as he walked to the scrying bowl laid out on the wood table. “Your first? There have been others? What did it not reveal? Speak, Shasta,” I said sternly. “He is more powerful,” the omega said in a whisper. “I know he is, I witnessed what he could do at the bidding,” I said feeling some of my anxiety ease. Zaran’s abilities would be extraordinary with time and practice, each of those things he could have here among the Craig wolves. “The alphas he caused a lust frenzy, but one easily broken.” Shasta shook his head, his long black hair swirling around him. “No!” he shouted green eyes wide. “His power it is overwhelming, a ticking time bomb growing inside of him. He won’t be able to control it,” the seer raged, hands shaking as he swiped the wooden scry bowl off of the table in a flourish. The bowl skipped across the ground with a loud clatter in the deathly silent den. The water puddling on the floor ominously pooling with the herbs still mixed in. Seeing the usually calm omega so rattled cause my own doubts to return double fold. If Zaran’s powers were even stronger than Shasta had seen in his vision — the same visions that made it possible for me to find omegas all over the regions and bring them back to our pack — if that was the case then the seers fears might be legitimate. While alphas were strong omegas and their abilities were the true strength. Shasta was one of the stronger omegas in the pack, a clairvoyant, but his ability only allowed him to see so far into the future and with only so many details. “Explain,” I said. “Why do you believe this?” “Zaran, he is an empath,” Shasta said as he picked a book off of his shelf and walked back towards me. “He is also an amplifier. He can manipulate emotions and amplify them to an astounding degree. Just now during the heat the alphas were starting to feel the effects. I had to send them further into the woods to avoid them going crazy with lust.” He handed the book to me as he stopped a foot away eyes filled with so much turmoil. I took the book, it was old and tattered but I could read the old language written across the front. The sun and moon — that was the title of the old book. “What is this book, Shasta?” I asked the seer. “This book was written by the clairvoyants long before either of us lived. It speaks of empathic omegas and how they are only ever born as two identical halves.” I shook my head, “Zaran is not an identical twin,” I said thrusting the book back towards the other man. “Why haven’t I seen this before?” He shook his head gently laying his hands on the book to urge me to keep it. “No he is not, but in the book it says the empath who is born as only one will not be able to control the power within them.” He took a step back hands falling away. “The book is rare, a warning written in the old language. It took me sometime to decipher it, but you’d already left to retrieve the omega.” Anger burned in my gut like a hot stone. An old cryptic book was the reason for all of this, I growled I threw the book onto the nearby table. “Enough, Shasta. You told me to bring him back here, that he would be an asset to the pack one we could not forfeit. This book is not proof of anything. He is my mate,” I said with finality. The seer narrowed his eyes, anger burning in their wild green depths. “I tried to warn you before, but you would not speak with me! The bond is only one sided, we still have time, you can—” “Do not speak it, omega,” I snarled. “Zaran and Einar are my mates, the bond will be completed. I would sooner see you gone before either of them,” and I meant it. I had chosen my mates, and it went against every belief I had to forsake that bond. Shasta of all wolves should understand that above all others. Shasta took a step back, the anger draining from his slight form as his eyes watered. Acute fear replaced his anger, his shoulders falling, his face pinched into a painful expression. “Arik, I’m scared,” a tear tracked down his cheek. “I’ve seen it, he will feel nothing and kill everything in his path. His powers will eat at the minds around him fueling his insanity. Nothing and no one will be able to stop him.” A whine escaped the scared omega, as he looked up at me with glassy wide eyes. “Alpha, he will destroy us all.”
  10. Posting it in about an hour. It was a hard one to write and I was in the process of changing jobs this week and etc.
  11. You don't ask where magic comes from in harry potter it just is! Same thing
  12. I promise I'm not going ghost. This chapter is just hard to write... no pun intended.

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  13. It's supposed to be taken at face value. Part of the omega-verse concept. Although it will be explained a little bit more but it's just something accepted as part of their world like most books with the concept.
  14. *Crackles knuckles* ok big response! Pack hierarchy can be different depending on the pack just like governments and societies around the world. This can mean cultural differences as well. In Zaran’s birth pack and a majority of packs in the region, hierarchy is the alpha leads without impunity and he will breed an heir to take over. Seconds, as you put it, are past alphas or alpha born wolves from the hierarchy that become elders. All betas are left as uneducated and controllable by the hierarchy. Some betas can become alpha although it is rare (this hasn’t been touched on much). Tomic’s pack is a prime example of a dictatorship where the people suffer. Pups, they are raised by who births them. Omegas are sold no matter where they are born from so they do not stay in the beta ranks if they are born there. I will go into how rare it is for and omega to be born from a female wolf though. Female wolves stay among the betas and breed more betas while the omegas are paired with alphas to produce omega and alpha pups. Again this is all based on Zaran’s birth pack and the majority of the packs known. Arik’s pack does not follow the same setup. As for omegas gender I will go into that in more depth as far as females and males. But for now the male thing is similar to any omega male having the ability to procreate. Well my couples, Arik, Zaran, and Einar will definitely have love. For most matings with alphas and omegas there is no love it all comes down to a transaction. Same as the beta guards the omegas are obligated to be with their alpha who buys them. The triad is not the normal. I started this story about a year ago but then decided I wanted to change it so I posted a whole new story because it was so different form the first. Deleted a huge character etc. Did I get it all?
  15. In Arik’s eyes they are already bonded because zaran marked Einar.
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