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  1. True, Zaran has never had any reason to let himself feel everything around him. In his case he's always kept a tight hold on his abilities because in some unconscious way he can feel that they are stronger but doesn't understand them enough. Also not many would want to feel emotions all around you from various people that you cannot see. Kodine has learned how to harness more of his power through methods and thus more control and the thought that he could help do the same for Zaran, but shoes don't always fit different feet the same. A big battle is possible, but the question is with who?? Zaran's powers will definitely play a huge role in the upcoming confrontations, but they will also be a huge hinderance. Shasta has a hard situation. He is a respected pack member with immense power of his own and that puts him as an omega too strong for most alphas. So he either takes his fate as a lone seer or finds a new pack where a stronger alpha resides. Or wait for tiger to write a cool plot twist for him >:D A good alpha will always find a way to balance the pack with anything that is thrown their way. Arik will have to find that balance and that is something he's never had to do before. He is a great alpha but he's never had to be a mate before. Thank you for the awesome comment, I had fun reading it
  2. Yes the void of emotion is definitely the part that would change everything. The lack of knowledge they have about Zaran’s abilities is also a huge hinderance. The next chapter will explain how an omegas powers are linked to their emotions and how that is what makes this pack a huge fuel to Zarans abilities
  3. Zaran has to face his abilities and what they are. There will be an external force that will come into play later and I can’t wait to reveal it. 😁 Arik is in a difficult situation. He will have to balance the pack with his mate.
  4. Well seeing the future isn’t always a clear cut thing. 😉 I cant wait to show you guys 😋
  5. Zaran The sun washed over my skin as I took a deep breath letting the cool morning air ease into my lungs as I walked with my alpha. The pack was alive with activity some wolves running between dens, while others talked with easy smiles. Many eyes tracked us with curious glances and some called out a greeting. Here, in this pack, I felt a sense of freedom I hadn’t known I was lacking before. “You’re sure you wish to start today?” Arik asked his yellow eyes pensive as he looked down at me, the gold paint still visible on his skin the morning after the solstice. I smiled and nodded quickly. “Yes, I’m ready to start learning, and I need to have a purpose, I can’t just be your mate,” I said seriously, thinking about the . After my dance many had come to congratulate the alpha and he did the same for any who had found a bond mate. There was food and laughter through the night. I’d never been part of a celebration like that one. It was unlike anything I’d ever conceived in my own mind. In my birth pack the hierarchy was separate from the rest of the pack. I’d known little to nothing about the wolves that lived below the alpha house, and now after being part of Arik’s pack I was ashamed that I hadn’t tried harder to understand them. Arik nodded, “You will find your place in time,” “Still, I’d I want to learn to control my abilities. I need to,” I said with conviction. I couldn’t live in the dark anymore lying about my constant struggle to control the growing power inside of me. Since I’d come here, it had become stronger filling my veins like a living essence. I stopped my head snapping up in surprise as someones emotion pierced me without warning. It was an intense warm embrace that flashed through my entire body and squeezed at my beating heart. It was gone just as suddenly as it rocketed through me making a startled gasp escape me. Arik stopped a curious expression in his eyes, “Zaran?” “I’m fine, I just—” I paused unsure what I’d just experienced. What had that been? It was a forgien emotion, one I’d never felt before and somehow I was almost positive it had come from my alpha, the one wolf who I was unable to capture emotions from. I rubbed my hand unconsciously over my chest, the warm sensation gone as quickly as it had happened. “It’s nothing,” I said as I stepped back inline with him so we could resume walking. “Zaran,” Arik said firmly. I stopped just as I passed him, his strong gaze penetrating my back. “Look at me.” I turned at his command and look into his eyes without hesitation. As an omega I shouldn’t have the urge to look up into his unwavering stare, and I wouldn’t want to for any other wolf besides Einar. “You are not alone anymore,” he said as he approached me his large hand cupping my chin. “Do not keep secrets, asha.” A shiver raced down my spine, the command one only an alpha could give. I doubted any lesser alpha could make me obey, my fadir hadn’t. “I won’t Arik, I promise,” I said as I laid my hand over his wrist. “Good,” he let go of my chin forcing my hand to release his wrist. “We are here,” he nodded to someone over my shoulder and I turned to face the approaching figure. “Zaran this is Kodine, he will be giving you guidance with your abilities,” Arik said introducing me to the brunette omega with freckles across the bridge of his nose and along his shoulders just like all the other wolves in this pack. Arik had told me that these were the mark of the constellation wolves and either tattooed on or by birth, every wolf would have the mark as one of the pack. When I was accepted fully into the pack I would also receive the tattoos. Einar and Arik already had the mark of the constellation being a wolf born to the pack, but I was an outsider who would have to earn the markings. “Welcome to the pack Zaran,” Kodine bowed his head in welcome, his long hair held together in a large intracat braid filled with colorful green beads. Breaking my trance I nodded in return. “It’s nice to finally meet you. I was unable to introduce myself before during the solstice” I said. “It is always a hectic night, not the best for introductions,” Kodine nodded slightly. Like me he wore trousers and a pelt wrap around his hips, his fur boots similar to my own. “My mate Forza has all of my attention during the solstice, don’t worry.” Arik hummed in agreement. “Be well, asha. I must go and see to the pack,” he brushed a possessive but gentle hand over my hip. The action maked my skin prickle and heart skip a beat. He didn’t wait for me to respond before he walked away, the thick fur of his mantle the last thing I saw before he disappeared into the tree line. “I never thought I would see the alpha court an omega,” Kodine said softly, his blue eyes watching where Arik had walked off. My brows furrowed in confusion, the omegas surprise flowing gently through me “Why is it so inconceivable?” Kodine smiled, “The alpha holds himself responsible for all in our pack, and I personally believe he’s never allowed another close enough to form a bond. He has brought many omegas back yet he brought you and your beta home and already the pack knows a mating is inevitable,” he said with a soft smile. “No omega has tried to court him?” I asked knowing already that one specific omega had. Kodine shook his head, “No, only Shasta but Arik has never accepted his dance during the solstice. It is a hard position they are in, the alpha who leads us all and Shasta who guides us. It was believed by many that Arik would someday accept his dance, but we know now that he was destined to find another.” I nodded unsure what to say. I pitied Shasta and I wished I knew how to help his broken soul. To be in his situation must be an immense burden that I couldn’t begin to understand. “I thought he had come to take me as his mate from the very beginning, the bidding is for an alpha to find a mate.” Kodine shook his head, “Not in the constellation, Alpha Arik brings omegas from all over the vast to strengthen the packs blood. Our seer Shasta sees them in his visions and they are brought back to be mated with the unmated alphas of the pack, but never with Alpha Arik.” A breath escaped me as that knowledge settled in. Arik had no intention of mating me before the bidding, I was merely a way to strengthen the pack, be mated to another. What had changed his mind? “Let’s speak more later. Let’s begin practicing? What is your ability?” He asked as he turned to walk into the bright clearing amidst the huge pines. “I’m empathic,” I said simply as I followed him into the warm sunlight. Kodine stopped his eyes wide and the zap of his shock zipped through me like an electric bolt, sending goose bumps up my arms. “An empath? You sense emotions?” I nodded, “I can but sometimes there is more. I can amplify, and transfer but I don’t know how to control it,” and I didn’t want to admit that I wasn’t sure what else I could do. My abilities were something that had been bottled inside of me since they’d begin to manifest a few years ago. I had been so upset when I’d started to feel the ugly sensation of everyone's true feelings around me. “What is your ability?” I asked, trying to ignore the prickling sensation of his shock. “Healing,” he said. With a graceful motion he leaned down and grabbed a dying flower from the ground and held up the small plant in front of us. In the bright sunlight I watched as the dead flower rose slowly, green life slowly running up the stem and towards the petals where the color flashed bright pink as it became whole again. Breathless I watched, feeling the power trickle through him, a honey light touch that soothed me from the inside as I watched. I could feel it, the healing touch of his ability, just like the emotions I could feel this too. Like a gentle wave it soaked into me. This was the first time another omega had used their power near me and I was entranced by the beauty. Kodine smiled and handed me the flower and I smiled in return as I took the beautiful thing. The moment it left the omegas hand the beautiful petals withered and fell to dust the whole thing disintegrating in my hand. My smile fell as I watched the ash blow away into the gentle breeze. “I’m unable to maintain the ability past my own life force, a worthless ability to have,” he said without any inflection but I could feel the intense disappointment burning from deep in his soul. A betrayal of fate to have such a gift but not be able to do more with it. “I know you can feel it, my emotions. It’s strange to have a complete stranger know my deepest emotions, but I can’t be angry for what the gods have given you,” he smiled, but the soft expression did not reach his eyes, a sadness lurked there. “Let us begin the lesson for today, I will teach you to meditate and focus so that you can better control your abilities.” He knelt down in the clearing his palms across his knees. “Through meditation I have been able to extend my healing power as long as I am directly touching what I am healing, compared to only being able to heal something for a few seconds. With time I believe this will help you steady your abilities as well.” Listening to him I knelt down without a word and mimicked his position. “I’ve never had any formal training. My modir’s abilities were not very strong and there were no other omegas to give me guidance.” Kodine nodded, “We will start now, close your eyes and open up your senses. Feel the world around you, let everything flow through you like a river,” he said his voice soft and hypnotic. I closed my eyes and for the first time I let the barrier I subconsciously held fall with a long exhale of breath. Slowly the tide trickled in, a gentle wave of the earth and its pulse, the steady calm of the pines around me. It was a peaceful warmth that radiated through my limbs and around my heart, steady and strong. More sensations flowed in slowly the thrum morphing into a beating drum as the trickle started to flood in. The animals emotions were stark, their hungry desperation to live. The deep sensation of their empty bellies as they constantly searched for food and the full contentedness of them eating their fill. The earths warmth turned to a pounding need to consume beneath me like the roots of the trees around me anchoring me to the soil beneath me. Warmth morphed into an intense burn in my gut, the black behind my eyes turning into a blinding light. I could feel them, the packs emotions soaking in without any control to the flow. My hands dug into my thighs as the pack dug in, each wolfs emotions slamming into me so intensely I could feel my body vibrate as my mind began to run away. There was nothing, only the overwhelming sensations pounding through me and the light, the bright light that blinded me. Like a drug I consumed it all, not wanting to shut it out, the toxic burn a euphoria no mortal should ever be denied. I could feel them all as if it were my own body — their pain, happiness, grief, anxiety, wonder, sadness, jealousy, rage, need, want, and power… so much power it consumed my entire soul like the sun. So much power I needed it… I needed to have it all— “STOP!” My eyes sprang open, a strangled gasp escaped me. The clearing came into focus and the Kodine kneeling in front of me, his hands now on the ground holding himself up. His face was pale, body shaking as he breathed in hard pants. Around us the clearing that once had only a low level of grass was filled with vibrant flora, the pink flowers of spring now rising to life around us, vines climbing up the pine trunks in a wild tangle. “What did you do?” Kodine gasped, blood trickled from his nose as he pulled his hands feebly from the tangle of vines running up his forearms to the ground. I shook my head, “I don’t—” Wolves howls broke me off, many came running into the clearing around us. A large grey wolf surged through the wild flowers to stop in front of Kodine, his large nose pressing into the smaller omegas throat with profound worry. This was Kodine’s mate, I could feel their bond even through my the pounding headache forming behind my eyes. More wolves circled around us, but none dare get close to me. What had happened? My eyes darted around frantically trying to understand. The shadow of what had just happened loomed over me like a storm, brewing just beneath my skin. There had been so much power, and a feeling that I couldn’t describe. I hadn’t wanted it to stop and that scared me more than anything else. A growl rumbled out of Kodine’s mate, his dark eyes landing on me as his mate tried to stand on weak legs. His anger was hot and white as he took a threatening step towards me. “I’m sorry I didn’t—” my words were cut off by a vicious growl behind me. A black wolf bigger than I’d ever seen before brushed beside me, yellow eyes bright with a warning to the other alpha. Arik, this wolf was my alpha mate, I realized with a clouded mind, relief making my muscles shake as my hands sank into his thick black fur. Another warm presence pressed close to my other side, blonde fur mixed with dark specks sprinkled throughout. Beautiful pale green eyes looked pensively at me. Einar, I thought as his cold nose pushed along my throat looking for any injury. The grey wolf whined, his his ears pinned back as he took a step back in deference to the pack alpha. “Forza please, he—” Kodine wobbled and without another word crumbled to the soft forest floor unconscious. Forza barked out in panic, his fur receding, body morphing in seconds to reveal a large man with grey hair and tan skin. “Someone get Shasta!” He yelled as he cradled his mate. My hands shook as I clenched them against my thighs. What had I done? How was this possible? My breathing raced as panic began to make me shake even harder. What was happening to me? I could feel something untold morphing inside of me growing along with my fear. I was losing control, but of what I couldn’t say only that the wild flood was pushing in on me and I didn’t know if I could escape the flood. Wolves howled for the seer as Einar and Arik shifted seamlessly beside me his strong arms wrapping around me as I shook. I wrapped my arms around his waist letting his calm determination flow through me and wipe away the stain of everyone else’s frantic emotions. He pulled back, green eyes looking over me, trying to find any wounds on me. There were none. My body felt strong, and filled with a sensation of energy I hadn’t had before. “I’m fine,” I said gently, but I knew something inside of me was changing and I didn’t know if I could stop it. Arik didn’t say anything, his silence tense as he walked past me and Einar to go to Kodine and his mate. I didn’t have to sense his emotions to know that he was angry, and somehow disappointed in me. Arik I took in the clearing, shifting to view it with complete clarity and color. It was no longer what it had been only a while ago when I’d left Zaran here with Kodine. The flora was now a wild tangle licking up the sides of every tree, pink flowers sprouted in abandon all around. Kodine lay unconscious amongst the bright petals, his face pale as blood slipped from his nose. Forza called urgently calling for Shasta while I walked closer. Einar clutched Zaran, looking for any injuries to our mate. I wanted to coddle him, to see if he was injured, but I could not choose him over the duty of being the alpha nor could I ignore the intense anger and disappointment in myself. This was my doing. I’d chose to ignore Shasta’s warning, but also the signs that Zaran was becoming stronger. I had chose to ignore this out come because he was my mate. My duty to the pack should always come first, it had to for the sake of everyone. Walking through the thick foliage I looked down at the small omega and his mate. Gently I touched his throat, his mate knowing better than to threaten me for the action. Kodine’s pulse beat strong beneath my fingers, blood already rushing to his cheeks chasing away the pale parlor. He would live, and I was certain there was no extensive injury to him, and somehow he felt different. “Alpha is he,” Forza pressed. “Listen to your bond,” I said evenly, “Do not let emotions cloud your judgments. Your mate is not injured.” I stood as Shasta came into view, escorted by the wolves who had run to retrieve him. The seers eyes looked between Zaran and Kodine, before taking in the unexplained growth around us. “What happened?” He asked as he knelt down beside Kodine checking over him with detail. His question was the most obvious one, but the answer wasn’t as apparent. The sizzle of power still hung in the air, like a lightning bolt after it had split a tree in half. There was no explanation for the sensation or how Zaran was connected to it, but there was no doubt in my mind that my mate was responsible for what had happened here. “Take Kodine to his den,” I commanded Forza. “He needs rest and a familiar place to wake up.” Murmurs broke out among the gathering wolves as Forza gently lifted his sleeping mate and without question began walking toward their den. “Return to your tasks,” I commanded to the remaining wolves, my voice broaching no argument. Omegas looked at Zaran, their fear almost as poignant as their curiosity. They didn’t linger, the last of them leaving to return to their dens some distance from the area. “Alpha,” Shasta, the only remaining wolf other than my mates looked at me with knowing eyes. “Not now, seer,” I said firmly. The last thing I wanted was to speak of the foreboding future this pointed to. Zaran’s powers were not only an unknown, but amplifying in a way we could not understand or possibly control. How could I protect them form a vision that I could not decipher? “Kodine is able to heal the earth, but not to this extent and never beyond his own touch. He could have killed him!” Shasta hissed, eyes wide. Zaran gasped, his grey eyes wide. “I didn’t, I couldn’t—” “You can’t control your abilities!” Shasta growled, “You are a star that is destine to burst apart, killing us all when you do!” “Enough, Shasta!” I barked watching as my omegas shoulders hunched and his head hung. Einar held him close even as worry made his face tense. I thought there would be more time. Shasta, lifted his chin defiantly, “You have always trusted my word, and I would not warn against anything unless I believed it with my entire being. If he can amplify not only emotions but also the power around him, the omegas here will feed his abilities and only make them stronger. You cannot protect him by leaving him in the dark!” “Arik?” Zaran asked with worry filled eyes. “There is only darkness, we cannot begin to understand what any of this means,” I countered defending my own choice to shelter my mate. He was not to blame for what he was. I would not hold him accountable for things that were not within his power to control. Shasta narrowed his eyes, defiance written in his features. “Zaran, a vision of your destruction has been seen, before the first snow under the bleakest sky you will destroy everything in your path, void of all emotion.” The seers voice echoed in the clearing as Zaran’s face paled even further, his grey eyes wide a single tear slipped down his cheek. “You’re fate is inevitable,” he finished with a grave finality.
  6. The piercing sadness I felt when I wrote that.
  7. The solstice is so magical in my head. I hope I conveyed what was in my head. Shasta has a hard lot. ☹️
  8. The other chapter is already written 😁 so that one will be up soon too. I saw so many upset with Shasta before and I was so sad knowing that Shasta is overall a good character with a sad lot. He has no chance with any other alphas mostly because he is mated to the pack and his abilities make other alphas feel unworthy of taking his hand. I have every intention of giving him his own chance at love but this story is just getting started 😁
  9. Native American and Norse customs is what I’m pulling from for a lot of my ideas.
  10. Ranvir is one character I’m super excited to start writing more about. He doesn’t do anything without a purpose.
  11. Chapter 10 - Solstice Zaran I woke to the sound of a soft rapping on the door. My head was laying across Einars warm broad chest. I sighed contentedly, wishing that Arik had stayed in bed longer, but understood he was not the type to sleep for long no matter the occasion. He’d risen early, before the sun to begin his duties for the day. He’d kissed my neck before leaving, whispering gently in my ear to sleep as long as I wanted. I’d felt him touch Einar but didn’t hear what he said to our beta mate. Being alpha of such a large pack came with a level of responsibilities I could even begin to comprehend and I knew it would mean sharing my alphas attention with the pack. Einar rumbled irritably when I lifted my head, the sound of another knock against the door urging me to get up. “Let me up, someone is at the door,” I said as I wiggled out from under his strong arm as the knocking continued. “Just a minute!” I hollered as I grabbed a fur to wrap around my naked waist. Opening the heavy wood door I was surprised to see a well decorated, but gorgeous omega standing stiffly on the other side. A tremendous level of emotions flowed off of him, hitting me hard as the cold morning air against my bare skin. I shivered as his hidden anxiety wrestled its way into my body. “Hello,” I said simply. “Hello, Zaran. My name is Shasta I am the pack seer— ” his gaze darted past my shoulder to Einar’s naked body laying among the thick furs of our alpha’s bed. A small growl slipped from me as I took a step to the side to block the view of my mate. Something inside of me didn’t like the inquisitive gaze lingering over my betas bare freckled skin. His eyes shifted back to me as he smiled slightly, but the anxiety inside of him only rose. “You’re not like most omegas,” he commented, the statement feeling more of an insult than a compliment. “I wouldn’t know, I’ve never met another one in my life other than my modir,” I paused taking in the slight body of the smaller man, his obscenely long black hair decorated with many beads and feathers. “Modir was more inclined to be coddled than I prefer,” I countered. Somehow I felt that this was not as much him welcoming me to the pack as him testing the waters and that burned me deep. I resented him for it, making me feel less in just the few minutes I’d known him. “Is there a reason for you visit other than to insult me and catch a glimpse of my mates body?” Shasta took a deep breath, a wave of hot anger running through him fast and burning out as quickly as it came. “I apologize,” he diverted his eyes in respect, something I didn’t expect of him. I was by all accounts beneath him in the pack, but somehow I felt that wasn’t the case. “There is much I wish to speak with you about, but my intentions today was to introduce you to the pack. Many are excited to meet you and prepare you for the solstice tonight.” “The solstice?” I asked. Shasta nodded, his earrings moving with the motion. “Yes, a festival to mark the beginning of the suns change. It is a chance for the omegas to dance for their perspective mates, whether a temporary bond or a long term one.” Dance for their mates, I thought with confusion. I was already mated, to both Arik and Einar why would I dance in this mating ritual? “Why would I participate when I’m mated?” “Yes, but I figured you would compete for the alpha,” he said as if confused why I wouldn’t. Doubt started to pool in my gut like a weight, settling heavy and unmoving as I tried to understand. Had I misread what was happen between Arik and I? What about his bond with Einar — but then the bond between Einar and Arik might not be completely the same because of Einars heritage to the pack. Was my mating to Arik conditional? Unlike every other wolf I wasn’t able to ready Arik like others, his true intention blind to me. Was this only temporary until I birthed his pups? The doubt turned into a gut churning anxiety that made my skin feel tight. My hand drifted up to the teeth marks scarring my neck, Arik’s mark. Warm hands grabbed my hips, making me jolt. I was so lost in my own head I hadn’t heard Einar approach from behind, nor had I noticed the subtle change of his emotions that lingered constantly in the back of my mind merging with my own. “Einar, this is Shasta, the pack seer,” I said while slightly leaning into his warmth. Shasta’s green eyes looked over my shoulder at my mate. There was a torrid of strange emotions coming from the other omega that I couldn’t understand. It made me anxious to hide Einar, some dark part of me afraid this wolf wanted to lay claim to what was undoubtedly mine. “Hello, Einar. Arik has told me much about you,” he bowed his head respectfully, giving my mate something much different than what he’d displayed with me. “I am here to take Zaran to meet the other omegas. Rune is doing well, she is playing with the other pups in the stream. Arik has requested that you join him with some of the other alphas near the ships.” Arik had sent him here? I thought with shock and a new wave of discomfort. That meant my alpha knew that Shasta was going to tell me about the Solstice. The urge to escape the omega was growing an excuse formed. “Give us a minute to get ready,” I said stepping back into the den and closing the door gently. You ok? He signed looking at me closely, feeling my anxiety through our bond. “I’m not sure,” I signed as I spoke. “There is a festival tonight, The Solstice. The omegas dance to court alphas as a mate. Shasta asked me if I would be dancing, to court Arik, but I had thought—” I trailed off not even bothering to sign as I spoke, to caught up in what I was saying. I shook my head, “It’s probably nothing, I’ll go and meet the other omegas. I’ll see you and Arik later at the festival.” He looks like he wants to say more but he didn’t know the signs yet to say it. Instead he nodded and gently skimmed his hand over my cheek. I’m with you, he signed with his other hand. I smiled some of my worries draining as I let my mates comfort inside. “I don’t deserve you,” I whispered grabbing his hand and kissing his palm. Einar rumbled deep in his throat. This is our destiny, he signed slowly with intense pale eyes watching me. I nodded in agreement a smile pulling at my lips, “Yes,” I said softly, “you are my destiny.” I took a moment before I pulled back with a weary sigh. “Let’s get dressed before the seer gets impatient. I get the impression he doesn’t like waiting.” Einar nodded, leaning down quickly to capture my lips in a gently kiss that stole my breath away. It was over too soon, but it left me feeling light and at ease the fears of a few moments ago lingering in the past where they belonged. We didn’t say anything else as we both dressed for the day. Einar I left the den, leaving Zaran with the seer. He didn’t say anything to me as I walked past him, but his eyes followed me closely as if he wanted to say something. The seer was odd, and beautiful like most omegas were, but he was not Zaran. If Shasta’s attentions were to distract me from my mate he would not find any success. Zaran was unlike any omega I’d been raised hearing of, his body more muscular, his personality less demur. Although if his modir was anything to go by, his personality might be just a fiery albeit not selfish. I tracked through the village, towards the where the ships were docked. Curiosity made me walk briskly. I was tempted to find Rune first and make sure she was ok, but I resisted the temptation. She needed time among her own age group, and to learn the value of pack that I hadn’t been so lucky to have as a pup. Being an outcast had made my life very difficult in Tomic’s pack. Along with my physical appearance I was ostracized and pushed much harder than others in the pack. I’d wanted to leave and I would have if not for Rune. The cold morning air licked at my bare chest, my boots and trousers the only thing I wore today. The smell of the sea air became stronger the closer I got to the ships. I saw the alphas gathered at the docks at least fifteen men walking onto the smallest ship loading it with supplies while Arik spoke to two of them off to the side. His head rose as he saw me approaching, our bond alerting him to my presence as I grew near. It made me remember his conditions to completing that bond, to be equal to him not only as a wolf but as his mate. It was a challenge I hadn’t known I’d needed, but somehow he’d known that I needed to have control over some part of my life. Yellow eyes pierced me, but his face was unmoving, the softer expression I’d was becoming familiar with not present among so many pack members. “Einar, come,” he indicated where he stood. Beside him was Dara, the silent wolf from our voyage here. Another wolf stood beside Dara, broad shouldered, but slightly shorter with short brown hair and a long braided beard. “Einar, this is Jarok and you have already know Dara,” Arik said. I nodded mutely to Jarok, and then to Dara who did the same. “A beta guard to the new omega?” Jarok said in bluntly, looking at my scared throat. My muscles tensed. It was the first reminder of my station since leaving Tomic’s pack, a bitter reminder that I hadn’t wanted. I nodded even as Arik put a strong hand on the back of my neck. “Nasty thing that,” Jarok said with open disdain. “Not the right way of things, mates protect omegas not a half bonded beta.” He grumbled angrily. Dara nodded in agreement beside him. “A tradition perpetuated by many packs,” Arik’s deep voice added. “And one we will never condone.” He released my neck and looked at the two alpha wolves. “As I was telling you both, you are to return to Tomic’s pack and gain more information, unseen. I want to know more about the alpha Ranvir. Tomic and Frayza the pack elder have more information, see what you can find. Return in a fort night with what you’ve found.” “Aye alpha,” Jarok nodded, casting his eyes down in deference. Dara did as well, showing respect for their alpha. “Four others will go with you, Jarok you will lead this quest,” Arik confirmed. “We will not fail, alpha,” Jarok nodded and put his arm out which Arik clasped at the elbow making a hard shake between the two of them. “Sail far,” Arik said sternly. “Rest peacefully,” Jarok responded and released the alphas arm. They both turned without another word and boarded the small ship, the four other wolves already aboard. I watched as they drew down the sails and called out to the pack of their departure. The wolves surrounding the dock howled loud to their departing brethren as they followed down the shore to watch the ship go out to see. It left me and Arik standing alone as the ship grew smaller in the distance. As I watched I tried to figure out how I would ask my questions. Why were they returning to Tomic’s pack? What did Arik think they were hiding and who was Ranvir? “Many questions were not answered when I left with you and Zaran. Many things were revealed that I had not expected when I arrived,” His gaze turned away from the now distant ship to look at me. “I had not expected to find a wolf from my pack who had been missing for twenty years.” Missing for twenty years? Was I really the wolf he thought I was? I had no memories from before, my first one was of me standing cold and confused in a dark forest as Tomic and three others approached me. There had been talking amongst them, but it was a vague memory compounded by the fear of a child lost with no recollection of who I was. How had I ended up in Tomic’s pack if I was really part of the constellation pack? My confusion must have been clear across my face because Arik continued. “I wouldn’t have known you were there if it hadn’t been for Zaran claiming you for his beta guard. I would have never found you. I wouldn’t have kept the promise I’d made so long ago to a dear friend,” he watched me closely. “Your modir.” My modir, I thought with a pounding heart. I’d dreamed as a pup about my modir, were they female or omega? Did they have green eyes like mine? Did they still want me? Love me? There had been so many unanswered questions that I’d never been able to ask. Questions I still couldn’t ask by some twist of cruel fate. I would never be able to regret my circumstances, not now that I had two wolves my soul was connected to. “Your fadir died not long after you were born and your modir, Atlas, was the pack shaman. He loved you infinitely. The day you disappeared you were sent out on a simple hunting trip with a few others, and never returned. No one could have expected losing you. Atlas was devastated when we couldn’t find you. None have ever been found, until you,” he took a deep breath as he remembered the past. “Atlas never healed the hole in his heart, not even my fadir, as his mate could console him. He devoted his life to protecting the pack, and at his behest I began brining home omegas from distant lands, to make our pack stronger.” I listened my heart clenching hard in my chest as I thought about all the things I’d been cheated of and without any explanation why. I had no memory of my modir, or of going on a hunting trip and never coming home. If what Arik said was the truth, the question was how did I end up in Tomic’s pack? And my modir was he— I looked at Arik my eyes trying to convey the questions I couldn’t speak. “Atlas passed away a few seasons ago. I promised him I would never stop looking for you,” alpha leaned in close his nose posessively running along my throat, the same way he’d done to Zaran. “I am fortunate to have found not only Zaran but you as well, asta.” I shivered, a deep rumble of agreement escaping me. I couldn’t imagine a future where I was still living in Tomic’s pack, just me and Rune outcasts because of our differences. I’d thought Zaran was cursing me to a life of silence when he’d chose me as his beta guard, but I realized my voice was a fair trade for what I’d gained. Growling I nipped at Arik’s jaw. Focus, I wanted to tell him. Arik chuckled at the sharp sting from my teeth. “Yes, asta, I’m focused,” he said. Pulling away his face became stoic again as he thought of where to begin. “When I spoke to Tomic, he told me an alpha from the sierra mountains called Ranvir had taken you. As payment for a standing debt they took you in on his request without question, but I believe there is much more. That is why I sent Dara and Jarok, they will uncover more in the shadows than I could in the light.” Arik’s muscles in his arms flexed the only sign of his inner emotions. “Ranvir will not touch any of my wolves again.” I wanted to ask him more, but the other wolves were approaching us and I had no way to directly ask what I wanted to know. For now it was enough. To know some of what I’d always wished to know was a salve to my bitter past. The other wolves grew closer Arik settled a hand along my shoulder. “Today isn’t a day to worry. The solstice festival is tonight and I have something I wish to do for our omega.” I smiled, thinking of Zaran. I didn’t know much about the solstice, but I could only imagine what he had in mind. Zaran Shasta took me to where the other omegas were gathered, their bright smiles a laughter something so unfamiliar that I stopped in my tracks. A flood of happiness so raw flooded my system I didn’t know what to do with the euphoric sensation. Shasta stopped and looked over his shoulder at me a lightness in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. “It’s beautiful isn’t it, so much happiness. Very few packs have something akin to this,” he said as he looked back at the fifty or more omegas talking and painting each others skin in various tribal markings. “I’ve never felt so much happiness before,” I said truthfully. Shasta nodded, “Maybe that is the key then,” he said without explanation and began walking towards the group. I followed him surprised to see as we got closer to the group that was decorating the center of the village with various torches and strings of flowers, that there were females omegas among them. It was rare to see females that were also omega, but here there was at least ten of them and all of them had skin adorn with natural freckles. Shasta must have noticed my shock because he commented, “The female omegas are born of the constellation pack, the product of a beta and omega mating,” he said pointedly. “Do they have abilities?” I asked curiously. Shasta nodded, “Some of the strongest abilities in the pack, you will see tonight.” “Shasta!” A redheaded short omega with bright blue eyes called out, smiling wide. “Come and pick your colors for tonight!” “Are you the new omega alpha brought back?” Another tall waif of an omega asked, his hair a strange light brown color and his skin a dark tan. Their curiosity began to form as more of their eyes landed on me, wondering who I was as they gathered closer to me and Shasta. “Hello, I am Zaran,” I tilted my head baring my neck in respect to my fellow pack mates. I was shocked to feel various hands touch my throat along my mating scars. Whispers rose among them as they touched me making my skin prickle as a sensation I’d never felt before ran through my body. Like needles it dipped into every part of my body as more hands ran along my throat in greeting. It caused a vibration in my gut, and a feeling of extreme power to fill my soul. “That’s enough, give him space,” Shasta said shooing off the various wolves easily enough. They laughed good naturedly and their hands left my skin taking the strange sensation with them. Taking a deep breath I tried to settle my racing heart and focus on the questions that were starting to flow freely towards me. “Your hair is pure white, I’ve never seen anything like it, is it natural?” One of the female omegas asked her beautiful face flush with excitement. I nodded trying to answer only to have another question thrown at me. “What is your ability?” “Do you have siblings?” “Are you pregnant?” “Do you have an beta guard?” “How old are you?” Their questions were so fast I couldn’t keep up with them, their emotions as compounding as their inquiries. “Enough, there’s not way for him to answer all of that.” Shasta said exasperated. “Return to your decorating before you run out of time.” He shooed them off and many grumbled but acquiesced, returning to their body paints and decorations. A few omegas stayed behind with wide smiles on their faces as they watched me. “Una? Nelly?” Shasta asked the two wolves with a raised eyebrow. “We were hoping to have the honor of painting the alphas chosen mate for the solstice,” The one with the big grin and dirty blonde hair asked. The other nodded, “It would be an honor.” The alphas chosen mate, the tight knot that I hadn’t wanted to admit I’d been carrying eased in my gut. I was worrying for nothing, Arik was my mate as much as Einar was. I had to believe he would complete the bond. “He isn’t alpha mate yet,” one of the other omegas said with a frown. “He will choose tonight who he will mate, you two should worry about your own paints.” Una, or maybe it was Nelly, narrowed their eyes, “shut it Cam, you’re just jealous because you know the alpha has already chosen.” The brown haired wolf flicked his middle finger at the omega Cam. Shasta laughed, a light sound that I hadn’t expected to hear. “Alright don’t be petty. Zaran it’s up to you, and I’m sure that Una and Nelly are right. Tonight will be a night worth celebrating.” “I would be honored to have your help,” I said to the two, still unsure who was who. They both smiled wide and each of them grabbed one of my hands. “Come on lets get started.” Zaran The solstice festival was beautiful. I’d never seen anything like it before with the glow of the torches illuminating the entire village. Lamps hung from strings run between the trees making the most beautiful display of lights I’d ever seen. It was magical, and as I’d listened to the omegas talk with excitement, this was a way for them to court their future alpha and a way for their alpha to court them. The entire pack gathered in a crowd leaving the center open for what Una had told me would be the omegas dance. Drums pounded in a smooth rhythm as wolves set up a steady beat to begin the nights festivities. I didn’t see Arik or Einar, but I was told it was tradition for the omegas who would participate to keep away from the alphas until it was their turn. Looking down at my skin I was still shocked to see the amazing artwork that had been painted onto me. Gold paint was dotted onto my skin delicately across the bridge of my nose and cheeks and along my shoulder blades and arms, my fingertips dipped in gold. Lines connected the dot in various places to make up the many constellations of the packs ancestors. It was beautiful and intricate in a way I hadn’t expected. “I knew he would never be able to resist you.” I turned my head to see Shasta, the seers normal clothes gone to reveal his bare chest, a pair of trousers and a traditional fur wrap all he wore. His body was painted in green, the lines making up a beautiful swirling pattern. “What?” I asked, the sound of the festival booming around us. “I had a vision of you. There was no way that we couldn’t have someone as powerful as you, and something told me it had to be you. I was reluctant because I knew deep down that Arik would fall in love with you,” Shasta looked me in the eyes, his own contrite. “I owe you an apology. I have treated you unfairly for things that are beyond your control.” Love me? My heart jolted and a soft fluttering filled my stomach. Was Arik falling in love with me and Einar? I nodded. “I know better than anyone that we cannot control how we feel. Some emotions are unavoidable for whatever reason.” Shasta’s face contorted into one of consternation. “There is something I should tell—” “Welcome my wolves of constellation!” Arik’s powerful voice boomed loud and clear cutting off whatever Shasta had been about to say. He stood at the head of the circle near the largest torches, large and imposing he stood out like the powerful man he was. The pack cheered and howled their greeting, hundreds of wolf songs filling the night. He raised his hand and the crescendo settled into silence. “We celebrate tonight all the pack members we’ve gained, the life we are blessed to have.” Arik’s yellow eyes looked over the crowd slowly, taking in the wolves that he so obviously cherished. He was an alpha not feared by his pack, but respected and adored. Through the crowd I felt the moment his eyes caught mine, the intense gaze searing through me as he spoke. “And to our mates, the keeper of every wolfs soul.” His eyes settled on me with intent before he moved on. “Let our voices fill the night and our festivities bring in the new season.” The wolves howled with excitement as the drums began to bang out a steady beat that aligned with my heart. Arik turned and disappeared from sight swallowed by the crowd as the first omegas began to dance in the open space. All the single wolves watched with intense attention as they danced in a synchronized circle insync to the beating drums. It was captivating their movements like water in time with the earths music. They spun and flipped in time, their movements practiced and raw as their untamed hearts. The beat of the drums grew louder as their dancing grew more frenetic. The beat of the drums stopped suddenly and as it did the omegas dropped to the ground their heads bowed one paint dipped hand outstretched towards the crowd waiting for another wolf to grasp it. Each hand was graped by a wolf that came out from the crowd and the omega was pulled up towards the wolf, their painted hands marking the other wolfs skin. One after another they were pulled up to their perspective mates until in the circle only one wolf remained silently waiting. As I watched I realized with shock it was Shasta who knelt with one hand lingering in the air waiting. He waited, but no wolf came forward and it wasn’t long after that his hand slowly lowered and he got to his feet walking out of the circle without a word. Even among so many wolves and the pounding of so many emotions I could feel his intense sorrow, it pulsed off of him in intense waves that made my gut cramp. I turned to follow him but my arm was grabbed by gentle hands, Una and Nelly were smiling at me with bright flush faces. “It’s your turn,” Nelly said, his blonde hair pulled up into a wild mass of tribal braids. “What about Shasta?” I asked, concerned for the other wolf, his sorrow had been so intense it lingered still in my heart. Una’s smile crumbled, eyes averting, “Shasta is a seer, mated to the pack first above all else and with his ability none of the alphas are his equal.” Nelly nodded sadly, “Arik would have been the only wolf strong enough to be his equal as a mate, but he’s never grabbed Shasta’s hand, no matter how many seasons he has danced.” That made Shasta’s words settled into my mind, like a puzzle with all the pieces I could understand him so much better. He’d been hesitant to have Arik bring me back because he’d known I was Arik’s equal and the only omega he would possibly mate with. I was the one wolf who took his only chance of a bond from ever happening. “It’s not your fault,” Una said firmly. “Our heart decides who we are meant to be mated with, and Arik’s heart was never meant to be his,” Una pushed me gently towards the center of the massive circle and through the crowd. “It’s your turn.” As I approached the edge of the circle the crowd parted and let me through curious eyes following me as I walked towards the clearing. My muscles shook slightly as the drum began a soft beat settling in time with my footsteps. In the center of the crowd I saw the many eyes watching me as the drum began a steady pace. The steady anticipation of the crowd roiled in my gut making me smile as my eyes found the two wolves who matter most standing at the edge of the circle. With their eyes on me I danced. In time with the beat I heards the lifting rhythm and the soft song of the pack as they started to sing. This wasn’t like my dance at my bidding, this was something more because I knew who I was dancing for. My mind and heart only focused on them. The voices rang and the drum reached its highest pitch before the fall and I ended my dance in time with their music. On the ground head bowed I stretched out not one arm like I’d seen the other omegas do but both of them. Everyone was silent as I waited. I wished I could see but I would adhere to my new packs traditions. I knew they would come for me. A large solid hand clasped my left hand gently but did not pull me up. Einar, I could feel him through the bond, warming my heart. Another large hand wrapped around my right hand and this I knew was Arik, his steady strength no different than the first time I’d met him. Together they pulled me off my feet as the pack watched their alpha accept a triad bond. As I stood Arik lifted my gold painted fingers and ran two down from below his eye and down his cheek and over his throat. My head turned to watch Einar do the same with steady pale green eyes and a slight smile. “You dance beautifully, asha,” Arik said low enough for only me to hear. I looked up at him and smiled. “I find that I like dancing a lot more when it is for you two,” I said looking between my mates. Arik smiled ever so slightly, an expression that I was starting to realize was reserved for only a select few. I would make it my mission to see as many of those smiles as I could before I died. “Wolves of Constellation, my mate Zaran, your new alpha mate,” he called out in a loud boom. The silent crowd erupt in howls the resounding joy and happiness from the pack only adding to my own intense euphoria. I was home, and I knew I would be loved for the rest of my life. Nothing the future would bring could change that.
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