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  1. Good insight. He definitely isn’t 😌
  2. Chapter 12 - Destined Omega Einar I sat in our den thinking about what had happened earlier today. Zaran rested on the furs beside me but I could see his eyes staring into the flames. The blank expression he’d had for the last few hours had not left his face. After Shasta had told him his fate he’s retreated into himself and had been quiet since. I’d felt it through our bond, his sadness and desperation, yet without words I had no way of changing the inner turmoil inside of him. Ru
  3. True, Zaran has never had any reason to let himself feel everything around him. In his case he's always kept a tight hold on his abilities because in some unconscious way he can feel that they are stronger but doesn't understand them enough. Also not many would want to feel emotions all around you from various people that you cannot see. Kodine has learned how to harness more of his power through methods and thus more control and the thought that he could help do the same for Zaran, but shoes don't always fit different feet the same. A big battle is possible, but the question is with who?? Zaran's powers will definitely play a huge role in the upcoming confrontations, but they will also be a huge hinderance. Shasta has a hard situation. He is a respected pack member with immense power of his own and that puts him as an omega too strong for most alphas. So he either takes his fate as a lone seer or finds a new pack where a stronger alpha resides. Or wait for tiger to write a cool plot twist for him >:D A good alpha will always find a way to balance the pack with anything that is thrown their way. Arik will have to find that balance and that is something he's never had to do before. He is a great alpha but he's never had to be a mate before. Thank you for the awesome comment, I had fun reading it
  4. Yes the void of emotion is definitely the part that would change everything. The lack of knowledge they have about Zaran’s abilities is also a huge hinderance. The next chapter will explain how an omegas powers are linked to their emotions and how that is what makes this pack a huge fuel to Zarans abilities
  5. Zaran has to face his abilities and what they are. There will be an external force that will come into play later and I can’t wait to reveal it. 😁 Arik is in a difficult situation. He will have to balance the pack with his mate.
  6. Well seeing the future isn’t always a clear cut thing. 😉 I cant wait to show you guys 😋
  7. Zaran The sun washed over my skin as I took a deep breath letting the cool morning air ease into my lungs as I walked with my alpha. The pack was alive with activity some wolves running between dens, while others talked with easy smiles. Many eyes tracked us with curious glances and some called out a greeting. Here, in this pack, I felt a sense of freedom I hadn’t known I was lacking before. “You’re sure you wish to start today?” Arik asked his yellow eyes pensive as he looked down at me,
  8. The piercing sadness I felt when I wrote that.
  9. The solstice is so magical in my head. I hope I conveyed what was in my head. Shasta has a hard lot. ☹️
  10. The other chapter is already written 😁 so that one will be up soon too. I saw so many upset with Shasta before and I was so sad knowing that Shasta is overall a good character with a sad lot. He has no chance with any other alphas mostly because he is mated to the pack and his abilities make other alphas feel unworthy of taking his hand. I have every intention of giving him his own chance at love but this story is just getting started 😁
  11. Native American and Norse customs is what I’m pulling from for a lot of my ideas.
  12. Ranvir is one character I’m super excited to start writing more about. He doesn’t do anything without a purpose.
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