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  1. Ha, ha, I had a good laugh reading this comment! Mike might think himself in a delicate position, but he needs to stand up for himself, again! Or is it someone else ready to fill in that role... I wonder... While many votes are in favor of a trip to Vegas, I have something different in mind! So little left, so you will get to know what! All the best, Laura.
  2. For sure, yeah! But let's allow the parents to be part of the preparations!
  3. I believe you know me by now, Wes! And yes, I guess that fits Ryan, lol!
  4. Chapter Twenty-Seven – Can You Tell Me A Secret? “So, your brother is laying it pretty thick. Kids, huh?” Jared tried to sound casual. “Yeah,” Shane admitted but added nothing. Jared continued to walk, without saying another word. They had left Coleman at Shane’s place, and now Shane was just walking him home. “I would have no idea what to to do with a kid.” He exhaled, happy to have said at least that. “Sure you would,” Shane said with conviction. Jared stopped. It was late in the evening, and only a few people were still out. The velvety warmth of the first days of f
  5. He-he, I'm definitely glad that I lived up to expectations! There are only a couple of chapters left, and the epilogue, so you still have time to enjoy these boys and their happy endings. (Spoiler alert - happy-end is my middle name)
  6. Oh, dear, thank you so much! I feel so flattered!
  7. Ugh, yeah, I mean, if Jared had said that in front of his mother-in-law, things might have just gotten hairy fast! Good thing Coleman was sent first to assess the situation, he-he-he... You're being tame, just thinking of a broom as the assault weapon, lol! Jared needed a reality check... hard, and he got it! I bet he felt like the victim of a pun, but in the end, he was the one to put himself in that situation! I hope you enjoyed Coleman's [divine] intervention because the two of them needed it! Shane because it would have been hard for him to keep up with the facade, and Jared because h
  8. So glad to hear that! I'm happy you're enjoying it!
  9. I don't know about other cowboys like Shane, but yes, I am at liberty to tell you that mama will make an appearance!
  10. Well... the good news is that you don't have to turn into a two-wheeled vehicle anytime soon
  11. Chapter Twenty-Six – My Heart Was Set On You Jared held the phone and listened to it ringing while it appeared that the person on the other end had better things to do than pick up. Shane was usually prompt when Jared called, so it struck him as a bit odd that he had to wait after calling a few times now. With a shrug, he placed the phone on the table and continued his work. He was lost in his new project when the phone finally rang. It wasn’t like he was waiting for Shane to call since they were just friends, and there were no particular outstanding obligations between them. Therefo
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