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  1. Chapter Forty – Life Is, Sometimes, A Stairway Sebastian woke up, startled and aware that he shouldn’t have given in the temptation of closing his eyes, to begin with. Luna must have helped him to the bed, but he didn’t recall the particulars. He forced himself to his feet and dressed, groaning every step of the way. Luna was wrong, after all. Even though the thought of seeing Milo again was soothing for the soul, Sebastian knew, for a fact, that he wouldn’t allow his beloved to see him in
  2. Luna is right, of course, and Milo should be close to Sebastian so that the prince can heal. As for Reya, as much as she might protest, not even she can stand in the way. What happens next will be the stuff fairy tales are made of
  3. Oh, yes, their parents will have to deal with a lot... but I don't want to spoil the fun. The end is close - in only 4 more chapters and epilogue
  4. We will see about that other isekai, he-he... Things will accelerate a little, now that Ifigia is about to be found, and that's all I'm going to say before posting the next chapter!
  5. Well, you're right about that, Wes...
  6. Chapter Twelve – Maddox Says He groaned in delight as the warm water poured down his back. Well, it was now or never, or maybe it could be later, but he very much wanted to try it right now just to see how it went. Using a bit of shower gel to coat his fingers, Maddox reached for his behind and pushed in a smidge. Well, it wasn’t like he had never been probed a little around there by kinky fingers, but the girls he had been with had never gone further than that. Plus, at the time, he had be
  7. Chapter Thirty-Nine – The Old-Fashioned Way Sebastian had never experienced such a thing before. He truly thought himself incapable of sensing heat in any shape or form, but as of this evening, it seemed impossible for him to go to sleep. The covers lay on the ground in a heap by the bed, and his skin was sensitive all over. Could it be a side effect of the poison eating his body away? It wasn’t unheard of. He traipsed to the window and pushed it open. Seasons changed in Ifigia as they
  8. Chapter Thirty-Eight – This Is What Getting Isekai’d Does To People “What’s wrong with him? Why is he not waking up?” Reya’s anxious questions pulled him from the abyss of tar in which he felt his entire body succumbing. He fought to wake up. So like her, not to allow him a moment of peace. “Don’t you have better things to do? I thought goddesses always had something on their plates, building kingdoms and such.” He knew his attempt to joke would be overlooked. Reya didn’t know him to b
  9. Laura S. Fox

    Cock Fight

    Well, I don't know what number Maddox is on the Kinsey scale, but I know for sure that Jonathan is a perfect ten on the Kingsley scale! (I could not refuse this ball, it just went straight at me, sorry) Ha-ha, I find it so funny that people suspect Rusty... only that well, Xpress has an underlying maliciousness that cannot be part of Rusty... but you feel free to speculate. Rusty... ah, Rusty... I just find it so funny...
  10. Laura S. Fox

    Cock Fight

    Oh, gawd, I think I should have expected the chicken gifs...
  11. Laura S. Fox

    Cock Fight

    Maddox needs to navigate dangerous waters, it's true. But Jonathan already feels for him, and we know by now that Maddox is actually, a good guy. Let's see what happens. (For the record, I tend to have a longwinded and twisted plan for them, so...)
  12. Laura S. Fox

    Cock Fight

    At least I'm not the only one with dirty thoughts, according to the reactions to this comment...
  13. Laura S. Fox

    Cock Fight

    Oh, really... Challenge accepted! I'm just joking, but let's see...
  14. Laura S. Fox

    Cock Fight

    I don't know if it's 100% foolproof method!
  15. Laura S. Fox

    Cock Fight

    You can bet on that! :))
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