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  1. Thank you for finding the chapter sweet, Dave! The creeper is there to move the plot along.
  2. Correct! Just what I was saying! And yes, Sabrina's dad is not one of them. He is more like an associate to the Z brothers.
  3. The Z brothers do know how April looks like, but Sabrina's dad doesn't. Also, April (I don't know if I already mentioned in the story) is not on social media, so he doesn't have public pictures lying all over the Internet. And lastly, let's not forget that he's a bit in disguise, since Jett cut and dyed his hair.
  4. I labeled this story a comedy, so no one is going to die, lol, even if the Z brothers might not be goody two shoes. However, Jett's reaction will be something, as everyone will be able to learn soon enough. As for explosions, those will occur at the right time
  5. Again, you appear to read some of my thoughts But the Theo thing, as you, my readers, coined it already, will come at a carefully chosen moment. I won't spoil it and I won't say anything, but it will be emotionally charged. At least, that's my plan. But you will see what I mean about you reading my mind, when the moment is right. And I'm definitely glad that you understand April's position throughout. Right now, let's let the pain dry on their new relationship status. There is more to the story to tell, but thank you for being such an intelligent reader and seeking the depths of the story, too.
  6. Yeah, that boi thicc :))
  7. You're right about Dan, that is sure As for the other things, Jett will take action but I hope it will be a nice surprise for everyone.
  8. Chapter Twenty – Playing It Cool April smiled as he felt soft lips brushing against the skin between his shoulder blades. It took him a few moments to blink and struggle to wake up. “What time is it?” It looked like the sun was still far from breaking through the windows, and the blue and purple tint bathing the room was enough to tell April morning was around the corner, but not there yet. “Five-thirty,” Jett replied, and his voice was soft, just as his lips caressing April’s back. “Why are you up so early? What’s wrong?” “I’m up all right,” Jett mumbled the reply as he snuck one hand to caress April’s chest and reach for his nipples. April hissed at the sudden contact with arousal, and Jett’s cock nudging against his ass. “So it’s that ‘up’ we’re talking about. And here I thought, you wouldn’t be able to wake up if an army marched through the door.” “An army marching through the door can’t make me horny,” Jett pointed out. “Can I, April? A little?” April pushed his ass into Jett’s crotch. “Even a little more, I think,” he said and snickered. “Fuck, babe, you’re killing me,” Jett complained but adjusted his position so that he could rub the head of his cock against April’s asshole. “Damn, this ‘babe’ thing is what’s killing me,” April replied, masking the small shiver of desire coursing through him with a bit of sarcasm. “Do you hate it?” Jett asked. “I imagine you’re using it on all your girlfriends. You know, just in case you forget their names, it’s better to go with a safe word, right?” Jett stopped for a second, and April wondered if he hadn’t just guessed one of the guy’s best-guarded secrets. “You have no idea what a safe word is,” Jett said. “But, all right, I’m not going to call you ‘babe’.” “Thanks,” April said back. Jett was playing around, without going in. There was still some moisture inside him from before, but April felt his ass was in no mood to be stretched without more lube. The thing was, he felt everything, and the intensity of all those sensations was scaring him a little. “I think,” Jett said, as he continued to play with April’s ass, testing it for its abilities to get fucked, most probably, “that I’ll call you the tormentor of my nuts.” April forgot, for a second, about his worries of accommodating Jett’s big tool in his ass and burst into laughter. “Really? And how am I tormenting your nuts?” “Do you have to ask? All day long, you’re shaking that booty in front of me.” “I’m not shaking anything! And by the way, that booty needs some lube unless you want me to get hard on your nuts and give you a real reason to complain.” “Right,” Jett said and moved from the bed immediately. April sighed as he felt Jett working him from behind, this time with enough lube to take the edge off of being stretched. “Jett,” he called softly, as he still tried to control his body and his voice, “why were you emotional? You know, when we … did it?” Jett kissed his shoulder and then rested his chin on it. “Zane talks stupid stuff. But sometimes, even idiots might get it right.” “What’s Zane got to do with anything?” April shivered as Jett used on hand to begin rubbing his cock. “I imagine you, telling Jay this and that, answering his questions, you know, years from now.” “If you’re trying to be romantic, you’re failing.” April tried to laugh it off, hopeful and scared, at the same time, of what Jett meant. “You keep bringing up your best friend and your kid. Are you sure you want to have this conversation right now? Your cock is,” April inhaled and stopped breathing for a second, “halfway inside me, I believe.” Jett kissed his shoulder again, but harder, like he wanted to make a point but without using real force. “I want that, April. I want you to … stay.” He could laugh it off. But he knew exactly what Jett was saying. So his voice came out a bit strained, as his body was invaded, and the hand on his cock was finding the perfect rhythm. “For as long as you want me, Jett.” Jett made a small, almost desperate sound and began moving faster. April had to reach back and hold Jett’s hip, or else their moves threatened to become too uncoordinated. It was even better than the first time, his body happily accepting being used, and now already acquainted to Jett’s large manhood. “I want you so damn much,” Jett said through his teeth, obviously fighting to last. It was a good thing that April was getting there and fast, too. “Let’s just go together,” he whispered. Jett’s small grunts were music to his ears. April wanted to slam back into Jett, to show him how awesome it was to get screwed like that. It was like getting a fix of something good, not that April had any terms of comparison since he didn’t even drink as much as the average college student. But that was how it felt to him. For so many years, he had thought of Jett, as their summer together, not like this, not like lovers, but as friends that could be, sometime in the unclear future, something more. The future was there, it had become present, and April knew, with a fierceness he was incapable of putting into words, that it was everything he had wanted for a long time, and even more. Jett wanted him, he had asked him to stay, and April had no desire of being anywhere else on the entire planet or the known universe. He was the first to go, Jett’s closed fist around his cock an instrument of pleasure, hard and unforgiving. Jett moved and pressed him into the mattress, moving harder and harder, and keeping April’s body under him for several incredible long seconds. “This ass,” Jett commented as he straightened up a little, squeezing April’s buttocks around his still hard cock and giving it a small massage. “This ass is attached to a body, and you’re practically crushing it,” April said, but his laugh was lazy, and his words were slurred. “Really?” Jett moved his hips and April gasped as he felt a small nudge inside, due to the position. “Let me get this right. You came, right? How come your cock is still this hard?” “It doesn’t want to go down. Your ass is too good,” Jett replied. He slapped April’s ass and got off with a roar of laughter. “You’re so noisy,” April complained and hid his head under a pillow. “You’re going to wake up the entire house.” Jett seemed to consider the reprimand right away and fell silent. April peeked at him from under his pillow, and Jett came face to face with him. “Let’s take a shower together. But be quiet, okay?” “Funny you’re asking me that,” April said, with a small huff. “Weren’t you laughing out loud two seconds ago?” “I don’t want to wake up Jay. One hour or so left, and then you won’t be mine any longer.” “What do you mean? I’m totally yours,” April said without thinking. Jett’s face changed, his features moving like a fascinating animated photograph. “Mine,” he said, and his eyes, as much as April could tell in the dim morning light, were gentle, shiny new mirrors he wanted to look at from up close. “I guess we both need a bath, indeed,” April said and sniffed himself. Jett pushed his head into the hollow of April’s shoulder and sniffed, too. “You smell so nice, April.” “I smell like I need a shower right now,” April deflected the compliment. He had a feeling that fooling around would make them end up fucking again, and right now, his ass demanded a well-deserved break. “Then let’s go already,” Jett said playfully and stood up first. April took his hand without hesitation and laughed, too. It was hard to be all cool and keep the persona while his heart was full, and he felt like laughing out loud. Jett placed one hand over his mouth, but giggled, too, and then they stumbled over to the bathroom. *** April flashed a grin at him, as he continued to soap his body. His beautiful lips were stretched into the smile, and his eyes were bright and shiny. Jett chased away a few suds from his spiky hair, enjoying April’s hands on him, touching him everywhere. Any worries he might have had before were fading memories now. Even while losing his virginity, April had been the same, honest, and brave, and Jett loved him for that. Or maybe, he just loved him, period. Jett loved April. He could picture the etching on an old tree trunk, the crude scribbling made with a short used knife. The name was different, the second one, but that small confession, made in secret, for no one to know, was still part of Jett’s memories. It was only fair. April was not a memory. He was flesh and blood, not the shadow of a boy from a long time ago brought to life. Jett had kept that memory for as long as he could remember, but it was the right moment to let go. Maybe April looked like Theo, but that wasn’t important. April was good for him, in so many ways. The fact that they had slept together and felt so damn good just came to complete that. Jett wanted to say the words. It wasn’t like him to hesitate. The only problem was that he had never said them before, not even as a joke, or a strategy to get into some girl’s panties. So he couldn’t risk sounding like a wuss. April was smart-mouthed, too, and something told Jett that he couldn’t bear to hear April making fun of him. For now, he would keep his mouth shut. After all, April had said he was in love with him, but only as an act when talking to that stalker. Immediately after, he had denied it, and Jett had wanted so much for it to be true that it had been hell to hide his disappointment. “Having fun there, dweeb?” He blinked lazily, enjoying April’s hands taking his cock and rubbing it. “You have no idea.” April’s smile was, literally, ear to ear. “Can I, um, suck you off?” Jett stood up to attention in a fraction of a second. Caught as he had been in making love to April, he had forgotten about that particular desire. As much as he enjoyed having April’s cock in his mouth, having that favor returned to him sounded pretty frigging great. Still, he needed to play it cool. “Sure, knock yourself out.” Fuck. He needed to close his eyes if he didn’t want to lose it. April was quick to rinse him with the showerhead and knelt in front of him. Jett opened one eye and stared. As much as he was afraid he would nut in seconds if he saw April in that position, he needed to check and have it stored for later. “You know, you’re a little bit intimidating,” April said. “Why are you staring at me like you’re some one-eyed pirate?” “Just making sure you’re not going to bite my dick off or something.” April’s eyes grew wide. “Why would I do that?” Jett didn’t have a reply for that. So he put one hand on April’s head, pretending to be pushy. “Get to work,” he said playfully. April batted his hand away and laughed. Then he took Jett’s cock, placing one hand on his balls, too. After that, he just stood there, staring and rubbing the hard thing in his hand excruciatingly slowly. Jett breathed in and leaned against the wall. He parted his legs a little to allow April as much room as possible. He had his eyes closed now. Soon, tentative lips were touching his balls. “You’re good at this,” he whispered. “Fuck.” “I haven’t started yet,” April replied. “I’m just, you know, kissing your balls.” “You’re good at kissing my balls.” April snickered, and then Jett felt a persistent tongue playing around. He squeezed his eyes shut and groaned. April stopped. “Am I too rough or something?” “No. Just take my cock in your mouth.” That danger, of nutting prematurely, was looming on the horizon. Jett knew that he needed to chill. Blindly, he searched for the showerhead. “Ouch,” April shouted. “That’s cold water!” Jett hadn’t aimed for April, only a bit for his cock, but apparently, he had managed to catch the other in the crossfire. “Sorry my bad.” “Just put it away and let me suck you off. Or give it to me.” Jett allowed April to grab the showerhead and put it back in its hook. The green eyes studied him for a brief second. Then, April’s face fell. “You don’t like it. I suck at this, right?” Nope. Not it. Jett searched quickly for an excuse. “You haven’t even started. Come on, dweeb, it’s not rocket science. It’s just cocksucking. You need the practice. Let me show you.” Maybe if he took things in his own hands, it would be easier. Yeah, he could play it cool if he was in charge. Jett grabbed his cock by the base, squeezing enough to let it know that he wasn’t playing. Then, he took April by the back of his head and guided him toward his cock. “Wait. You’re not going to stuff this thing down my throat, right?” “You’re getting me in the mood to do just that,” Jett said. All right. At least, April’s fooling around was helping to cool down his arousal. “I might try to get it all, but I think I need to practice first,” April said matter-of-factly. April deepthroating him. All right. Now, his cock was a lost cause because it sprang in his hand as it had just been promised the ability to shoot forever. “Just put your mouth there already, damn it,” he ordered shortly. “All right, all right,” April mumbled, and then, suddenly, he took Jett’s cock halfway into his mouth. “Fuck!” Jett groaned. The hand he kept on April’s nape flexed. April withdrew. “Am I that horrible? Just tell me what to do.” Play it cool, play it cool, Jett repeated to himself like a mantra. “Dweeb, you can’t do it wrong. Just … keep your teeth out of the way or something.” “Teeth, right.” April moved his lips over Jett’s cock, and the awesome heat was engulfing it again. There were no teeth, but there was definitely a tongue, and it was doing things that made Jett curse again. But this time, he didn’t let April get away. He held him in place with one hand and used the other for his cock, making sure to move it in and out April’s mouth to the rhythm he knew he could endure without blowing too fast and making a fool of himself. “I’ll shoot in your mouth,” he announced. April’s tongue was still doing crazy stuff. It was too late, anyway. “Please let me shoot in your mouth.” The only reply from April was him clamping his lips harder on Jett’s cock. Nothing else was needed. Jett continued to curse as he came. Coming in April’s ass had been amazing, but coming in his mouth had to be a close second. It was too good, and April’s very active tongue was telling him that the dweeb didn’t mind it at all. Jett caressed April’s hair and breathed out, managing somehow to stand, although his legs were willing to let him crash down. “Wow,” April said. “I had no idea it could be so hot to suck off a guy. I mean, I did enjoy watching it in porn --” Jett grabbed April and pulled him up to his feet. Then he kissed him hard on the lips, pushed him back only slightly, and stared him in the eye. “It’s only hot if you’re sucking me off. Not just any dude, okay?” April looked at him, and then, he burst into laughter. “Are you insecure, Jett? I’m choke-full with your cum at both ends.” Yeah, he was insecure. But April was a bit of an asshole, laughing at him like that. No way in hell would Jett say ‘I love you’ first. “Just making sure that you know whose boyfriend you are.” “Yours, obviously.” April rolled his eyes, and then licked his lips. “Now, tell me, how is it for you when you suck me off?” The tone of his voice was conspiratorial like they were sharing some big secret. In a way, it was a big secret, Jett agreed inwardly. “Why don’t I show you?” “What, now? I’m not sure … Oh, okay.” April gasped as Jett got down on his knees and took his cock in his mouth in one fell swoop. Jett wouldn’t lose to this dweeb even if he were his boyfriend, and there wasn’t a competition of who sucked it better. April made all sorts of sounds, cute and surprised, and bucked his hips into Jett’s mouth as he was given head. Jett had to admit that it was probably an acquired taste, but in his case, it didn’t take him long to acquire it. If it came from April, it had to be awesome good. He was taking no prisoners, either. April’s cock was long, but not very thick, which meant that Jett could play with it to his heart’s content without making himself choke. It was also good that he was learning fast what April liked, and right now, he was polishing the sword, so to speak, with both his lips and his tongue. “Fuck, I think I’m going to return the favor,” April said, forcing each word out as he grabbed handfuls of Jett’s hair and filled his mouth with cum. Jett didn’t forget the teasing from earlier. So, in turn, he teased the head of April’s cock with his tongue all through the release, which had to feel pretty fucking intense. When he stood up, he was pretty satisfied with himself. To tease April more, he stuck his tongue at him. April surprised him by sticking out his tongue, too, and then pressing it against his, in a weird, open mouth kiss. Jett didn’t wait for an invitation. He grabbed April hard, pushed him into the wall, and kissed him. It was weird to taste himself on April’s tongue, and yet continue to taste his cum, too, at the same time, but it was all okay. “So, who’s the best sucker?” April laughed. “Tell me you didn’t just ask that. If I said you were, you’d be all full of yourself. If I said I was, you’d keep me on my knees forever. Am I right?” Jett was too happy and spent to fight over something like that. “All true. But you’ll still spend some time on your knees. Or maybe we’ll do a sixty-nine.” “Fine by me.” April’s smile was so bright they didn’t need a light bulb in the room. “So,” Jett asked, “how would you say it was? You know, the whole thing?” “I’m not telling.” “For real?” “I’m afraid your ego would get so big, there would be no more room in the house for anything else.” “That good, huh?” April leaned into him and snuck his arms around Jett’s waist, bringing him closer. Then he stared with those big green eyes at him, his smile never leaving his face. “Better than good. Nothing in the whole world can be better.” For the moment, Jett could live with that kind of confession. After all, he only needed to bring April to say the words, and then he would jump in with his confession, too. Some could call him a coward. He only thought he was good at planning. At least, in this case. *** His feet were barely touching the ground. The spring in his step was enough to make him reach the point of tumbling forward, so it took some serious balancing on the heels of his feet, and back again, just so that he didn’t end up making a complete fool of himself. “Someone’s in a good mood.” Raj fell in step with him, and April noticed the big grin on his friend’s face right away. “It looks like I’m not the only one,” April said. Raj scratched his head, looked embarrassed for a second, and then burst into laughter. “She said ‘yes’!” “Gaby?” April didn’t need much to put two and two together. “Yeah,” Raj said dreamily. “Mind you, only to going together to the next anime con, but still, it’s a win, right?” “Definitely,” April said to encourage his friend. “So what’s with the face-splitting grin on your face?” Raj questioned. April looked away, blushing a little. What was exactly customary to tell your friends when something like that happened? He had a mind to ask his dad next time he would call, but he couldn’t see himself talking about something like that with his dad, either. “How’s that saying ... A gentleman never tells or something.” Raj burst into laughter. “So you and Jett did it?” April could feel his ears catching fire. He groaned. “How come everyone in the world is more sexually active and totally ‘kay with this topic, and I’m not?” Raj joked. “Hey, don’t hate on the rest of us ’cause we’re prettier than you. Just joking. Even as a straight dude, I have no qualms with admitting that you’re quite pretty, for a guy.” “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” April said brightly. He looked around him and sighed contently. Everything seemed so bright and cheerful; nothing could bring him down. A dark sports car rushed down and stopped abruptly right across the street from them. April frowned for a second. Raj noticed right away. “What? Did you see a ghost or something?” “No.” A man in his forties got out of the car and hurried to hold the door for someone. April exhaled when he saw a woman climbing out of the vehicle, dressed up to snuff. Ah, not a woman. Just a girl in her twenties pretending to be older. Raj followed his eyes and snorted. “I guess that’s what you get when you have a sugar daddy to sponsor your tuition.” “Don’t be mean,” April said right away. “Maybe that’s her uncle or something.” “Sure. Anyway, none of my business. Do you know her, by chance? You’re still staring at them.” “No.” April shook his head. “I just got this weird sensation that I’ve seen this type of car before. It doesn’t matter. It’s not like it’s that special.” “Expensive, though,” Raj commented. “Now, let’s get some studying done, or we’ll never end up driving that sort of thing.” “Do you want to drive that sort of thing?” Raj shrugged. “Maybe. Nah, just pulling your leg. I’ll probably drive some insane electric car that runs on solar energy.” “That’s more like you,” April said. “Now, let’s just go.” *** “Hey, April.” Dan jogged to him as he was heading for his next class. “Hey, Dan.” April moved his bag from one shoulder to another. “I wanted to talk to you.” Dan’s face lit up with a smile. “Cool. I wanted to talk to you, too.” “All right,” April replied and began walking, with Dan by his side. “You still like me, right?” The question took him by surprise. “Um, what gave you that impression?” “You sent your boyfriend to interrupt, um, you know,” Dan replied and quickly looked away. “Ah, that. I felt responsible. I didn’t want you to get drunk and do something stupid.” Dan laughed. “See? That’s what I’m talking about. Why would you care if I got, um, whatever, something, with another … guy?” The last word was spoken so quietly April wasn’t sure he had heard it right. “I care because that’s what I do. All right, so that came out a little condescending.” April made a small gesture with his thumb and forefinger to illustrate his words. “You were there because of me. So I just thought it would be on me if you did something you would later come to regret.” “You don’t like me?” There was something so wounded in Dan’s hesitant voice that April stopped and placed both hands on his shoulders. “I like you as a friend. How is that?” “Lame.” “Look. I’m trying here. I’m with Jett and … Ah, I remember what I wanted to talk to you! Zane, you know, the guy who --” “I don’t care about that guy!” Dan worked his jaw and looked away, but didn’t shake April’s hands from his shoulders. “Why not? He’s funny, sexy, um, loaded, I think --” April couldn’t remember what he was supposed to tell Dan to make him open to Zane’s advances. “Ah, he’s not only into one night stands. He’s like, into more than one night.” Dan stared at him, squinting like he couldn’t see April, although they were so close. “Are you making fun of me? Is this what all is about with you people?” “I don’t know who you’re referring to, but I’m not making fun. Ugh, I’m so bad at this,” April complained. “Look, Zane likes you. He just wants you to pick up the phone.” “That guy’s a player,” Dan said. “True,” April admitted. “But don’t you want to play a little?” “With you, yes. Not with him.” “Sorry, man, it’s just not going to happen. I’m all into Jett. What would it take for you to believe me?” “I don’t know.” Finally, Dan moved away from him and kicked away an invisible stone in his path. “I just don’t understand what you see in that guy.” April snorted. He knew a few big strong things he saw in Jett. Well, he wouldn’t share them with Dan, that was true, but he knew them. It would have been impossible not to since he had felt like walking a little funny from the moment he had gone out the door in the morning. Something caught his eye as he waited for Dan to pour his heart out once and for all so that they could all move on. Was that sugar daddy – April addressed a sarcastic ‘thank you’ to Raj – waiting for his sugar – what? baby? – whatever to finish her classes now? It was a bit weird how the guy was looking around as if he was trying to photograph each person going in and out of the inner yard. “What are you looking at?” Dan turned to see what April was staring at. “Who’s that guy?” April asked mostly to himself. He wore dark clothes and sunglasses, although there was no need for that accessorizing, given the late fall weather. “He’s Sabrina’s dad,” Dan said matter-of-factly. “Don’t tell me you’re into older dudes, too.” “What? No! Wait, is he someone’s dad?” Dan looked at him and frowned. “Yeah. Why wouldn’t he be?” “Ah, it was just something stupid Raj put into my head. I thought he was that girl’s sugar daddy or something.” Dan’s frown deepened, but it didn’t seem to be pointed at April now. “That girl knows a thing or two about sugar daddies.” “For real? Gosh, I can’t believe I’m gossiping. What’s wrong with me? But, still, is this dude her dad-dad, or some other kind of dad?” “That’s her real dad. You know. Divorced parents, all that. He’s trying to impress her or something.” “The guy is giving me the willies. It’s like he’s from the mafia or something.” “Seriously, April? And what’s your boyfriend doing for a living?” “Security,” April said brightly. “Dan, just listen. Pick up the phone, talk to Zane, see if you can hit it off with him. I guess that’s the message I had to deliver.” He watched with a bit of unease as the guy in sunglasses walked over to them casually. There was something in his stride that appeared a little tense. “Hey, boys, do you know where I can find a certain April Summer?” April felt the muscles in his cheeks going slack. Unconsciously, he grabbed Dan’s hand and squeezed it. “No idea.” Dan looked at him, obviously surprised. The man remained unmoved and was carefully watching both of them from behind his dark lenses. “No idea, no,” Dan confirmed, too. “He isn’t at school much these days. He’s like, skipping classes and stuff.” April continued to squeeze Dan’s hand. “Do you know when he might come back?” “No idea.” April shrugged in what he hoped that it looked convincing and not like he had early onset of Parkinson’s disease. “Are you close friends with him?” “Not really. But no one really likes him,” April said quickly. He could feel the man’s eyes behind the sunglasses like lasers scanning him for his DNA. “We’re the closest to him and have no idea where he’s off to,” Dan chimed in, saving him from the scrutiny. “I see. Thanks for the info. Have a good day, boys.” “Hey, Mr.,” Dan called after him, “why do you need Summer?” “Just a small favor I wanted to ask. But it’s fine. I’ll find him.” The man hurried to welcome the young woman from that morning and accompanied her to the car. Dan turned toward him. “Are you wanted by the mafia now because you hang out with that dude?” “What mafia? Didn’t you say this guy’s Sabrina’s dad? The real dad, not the one with the sugar on top?” “Yeah. So why did you lie to him?” “Because I know where I’ve seen that car,” April said under his breath. “If you’re getting in trouble because of that stupid boyfriend of yours, I’m going to kick his sorry ass.” April sighed. “It doesn’t have anything to do with Jett. Chill, man. But thanks for your concern.” “Well, I guess I’ll answer Zane’s calls.” “Really? Yes! Mission passed!” April closed his fist in a small victory gesture. “Not for what he wants, but because it’s clear, I have to keep my eyes on you.” “Oh, come on. It’s nothing.” “Really? Then what does Sabrina’s dad want from you?” “Beats me,” April said. He had no idea. But it had been like a strike of self-preservation had hit him when the man had asked about him. That car had been parked in front of the warehouse where the Z brothers operated at least once. April knew it because it had been a way too nice looking car to forget so easily. Great. Now he needed to find out what those loan sharks wanted with him, and that in the most surreptitious manner possible. He could ask Jett for help but seeing how crazy he was getting over April just going to school, that had no chance of working. April was pretty sure Jett would just put him under lock and key, and he would never see sunlight again. Also, Jett could get in some serious trouble since the Z brothers were sort of his employers. No, this was a mission for April Summer, detective extraordinaire. TBC
  9. Laura S. Fox


    I suppose I sometimes manage to make people turn aggressive, lol! I'm glad you enjoyed the 'torture' nonetheless, and I want to thank you for reading the story, commenting on it, and of course, for your wonderful review! All the love!
  10. That sounds like a good program, lol! Jett is in charge and he surely wants to cultivate membership loyalty! Thank you for the funny comment!
  11. They so definitely are! Let's allow them to enjoy their new pleasures, and their feelings will catch up with them! Thank you for commenting, as usual, Dave!
  12. I think I like the idea of April being completely bookish and romantic, and not so versed in this, lol!
  13. According to the above, Jett should get a map! Just so that he doesn't lose perspective on the things that matter. As for what Dan will think, he won't really have time for that, since Zane will be permanently up in his business. Plus, none of the boys will hurry to volunteer that information, lol! Thank you for the lulz!
  14. I guess so! Thank you for noticing!
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