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  1. Laura S. Fox


    Ha, ha, so good for Michael to fill up the blanks when you can't find your words. Deacon: Michael, Dan's your boyfriend. Like live with it, lol.
  2. Laura S. Fox


    Now that was good progression on the Loz front. He needs to grow up more, much, much more. But at least he has a brother he can talk to, sort of. At this point, I believe that maybe, one day, not without drama, not without pain, he might tell his father about it all.
  3. Laura S. Fox


    Yay, fluffy confession time! See how well I tiptoe around the sad parts? I'm not good with commenting on those, I'm afraid! My heart really weeps for Danny ... Poor baby. But he has Michael now!
  4. Laura S. Fox


    Oh, poor Danny ... Damn, but some kids should get some serious physical correction when it's needed. I refer to Patrick and the others. Jamal should have made them piss their pants. Not funny when you're the weaker one, right? But I'm glad Michael found out. What he will do with that info, I'll just have to read and see
  5. Laura S. Fox


    Don't think I didn't notice how you were silent about Loz in your comment, he, he. Could it be that he isn't behind that? But no, who else? I need to correct this hoping attitude towards that a-hole, clearly.
  6. Laura S. Fox


    Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed Box Shaped Heart and that you found yourself in the character. I had my fears when I started the story that he might not be easy to understand and that I won't able to convey through words all that I wanted so that I could present him in the light he deserved. But replies like yours and the lady's who commented just earlier truly make me feel that I managed to do the character justice, despite all my fears. Don't worry about sounding awkward in English, as I must sound the same since I'm not a Native English speaker, either (so you sound perfectly okay to me). Imagine that extra challenge when writing someone as complex as Carter, he, he. And I will return with new stories, which I hope you will enjoy, although they will be different (I tend to try different things, as they come to me).
  7. Laura S. Fox


    Thank you so much for reading my story and taking the time to comment. I am glad to hear that your son receives the help and support he needs and deserves. Carter will always be a special character for me, and I think my affection for him and the internal place he came from made him so relatable for readers. I wish you and your family all the best! And again, thank you!
  8. Laura S. Fox


    Amy could pull the fairy godmother look, I'm sure. Glad Danny is surrounded by friends. Damn, did Loz just play it cool to avoid anyone suspecting him? That cannot last. Something's gotta give.
  9. Laura S. Fox


    Thank you for being so supportive all the way! Hugs!
  10. Laura S. Fox


    Hey, thank you for your support! Also, for the very lovely review you left for my story. I am really so grateful for it. And, of course, I hope you will continue to enjoy my works! Hugs!
  11. Laura S. Fox


    And now, ta-da, the glorious finale and the glorious comment I've been waiting for, lol! Hey, sometimes strategies do work. Not all the time, but sometimes! Has to count for something. I believe Carter would play along if Aron initiated that kind of cop play, he, he. And he wouldn't mind being in a closet, or a bedroom, or wherever ... About Freddie's mom ... gosh, I messed up and obviously I don't know how to English. In that phrase, what I meant was a reference to Carter's mom and her - almost - heart attack from that time when Carter had gotten up in the tree. But I love your theory and hate myself for not thinking about it. It would have been so nice! And, now for the end, for real, I want to thank you from all my heart for reading this, and entertaining me with so funny comments. Thank you for all your kind words! Until we meet again, Hugs!
  12. Laura S. Fox


    Ah, thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the entire story. I hope to see you later, too! (And you can check my other long story here, in case you haven't - it's different than this one, but who knows, you might enjoy it)
  13. Laura S. Fox

    Mints, Anyone?

    He, hey, glad to see you again As always, your comments put a big smile on my face. I agree on ponytail girl, sigh. I hope Carter doesn't score negative points for saving Alex, lol! That would be something! Luckily for everyone, the powers that be are willing to let this one slide, ha, ha. Ah, so happy someone noticed the backward love confession - hey, this story wouldn't be about Carter if the love confession was not upside down, too. As for the gay cake ... he, he, for some reason, now I can only think of eclairs. And I should keep my weight in check! I know you can't forgive Alex, lol. Be free to choose the option that works best for you, then. Although it was the guardian angel. And his name wasn't Harvey, lol! (I have a feeling I'm losing some reference here ...) So, you took one of Mark's mints after all? He, he, the boy is just doing his best. So, so glad you liked the ending of the chapter! I was so aiming for that tea party effect, lol! Glad you stuck with me on this crazy journey! (And now I'm off to reply to your last comment!)
  14. Laura S. Fox


    Ah, thank you so so much! For all the reactions! I'm so glad you liked the story, and especially the last line! I thought so much over how to end it until I realized there could be no better ending line than this. Hugs!
  15. Laura S. Fox


    Thank you so much for your nice words! And I'm glad you enjoyed the ending, too. Hey, if readers find this story worth re-reading, that really makes my day!

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