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  1. He-he... I thought long and hard about the title, so thanks! Conrad... well, he really surprised everyone, I hope! As for Kai facing dragons, I can only say that he barely waits to see what's what. Dragons might be just a tad different than what he knows from video games. Just saying! I bet Tani's mom agrees with you... let's say that she's just getting a hold of the tamest shonen-ai in existence... what could it be? I don't know... maybe Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi or Junjou Romantica? I saw them a long time ago, but they weren't heavy on the adult stuff if I remember correctly. Or Gravitation,
  2. I was expecting a pun or two... but three! You made my day! Kai might have to work on his heroic act, as there's a long way there... as for Sebastian, being the clever guy he is, he quickly took to technology! In all honesty, we're all sharing Tani's curiosity, right?
  3. I couldn't have rickrolled you all... It would have been bad of me! But glad to put an obsessive musical piece (see how grandiosely I speak of my creations) in your head!
  4. Chapter Six – …Is No Flatscape Kai was thankful for Prince Sebastian’s cold blood, as it looked like he was incapable of blushing. The minstrel walked forward, brushed his fingers across an instrument that looked like a lyre, and began singing in a loud yet quite pleasant voice. He’s Prince Sebastian, and he fights evil No one in the world’s his equal He’s the most handsome; he’s the bravest, And all know, he’s also the lewdest Oh, gawd, it was starting. Kai covered his eyes. Was everyone just pulling his leg and laughing at him now? He was itching to jump to his
  5. I think Milo will handle this new Kai just fine As for what will happen when the truth comes to light... oh, boy, it will be something! And that's all I'm about to say! This story updates every Sunday! It has become a little bit of a tradition for me on this site to have at least one story that comes live with a new chapter on this day. Thank you for enjoying my story!
  6. OMG, the image you put in my head about Kai's body after Sebastian takes care of it... Although, at least one decade or two might pass before Sebastian would end up like this, lol! Well, I have to admit that I didn't google or youtube for kissing tutorials, but Sebastian had to come up with something! As for Kai, you're indeed right about him being an airhead. It's practically his middle name. Of course, that will only complicate things, instead of keeping them simple, as he intends. Next time, the song!
  7. He-he, then I should use my special powers to see if Wes is weeding flower beds the next time I post! And yeah, I will do my best to bring that 'baby got back' feeling, isekai style, next time! My rhyming might be off, but my (im)pure intentions will be there! As for Kai, yeah, he was pretty much an otaku, so people are not exactly surprised if he (Sebastian, actually) says weird stuff.
  8. Well, you'll be the judge of that piece (of ass, I couldn't help it, lol) the next time. SMilo, ha? I see what you did there...
  9. Chapter Five – Songs About Majestic Things Milo hooked his arm over his shoulders as soon as they were out of the inn. There was an unnerving familiarity in how the commoner handled him. Sebastian was not used to being treated that way and wished for Milo to be less familiar with him. Nonetheless, he knew this much; different rules governed this strange world, and until he understood them completely, he had to allow such unpleasant things. Not that feeling Milo’s warm body so close was unpleasant. Quite the contrary. The young man was attractive, with his wavy blond hair and emerald
  10. A certain lack of readers' reactions and comments might have to do with a lot of external things. I think we can all agree that the overall behavior of someone reading works published online has transformed over the years. It is something I'm trying to wrap my head around, too. Since I publish my works in many places, and not just here, I can say that I am aware of such changes, albeit I cannot say what causes them exactly. But what I can say is that I have more comments and reactions here on hundreds of views than on sites where I have thousands. That means that GA truly does something good!
  11. Kai might fight that all the way, he-he... as for Milo and Sebastian, they will have their date, which will leave Sebastian at least a little bit confused!
  12. Poor boy, he doesn't know what or better said who he is dealing with! I'm happy to see you like them both Conrad and Pepin! I personally don't know who I like best!
  13. Chapter Four – You Put A Spell On Me Milo wrapped his arms around him. The desire in his eyes was unmistakable. Sebastian was rightfully annoyed. His prisoners could take the initiative only if he allowed them to. It appeared as if Milo, a mere scholar, considered himself on the same level with a prince to take such liberties. “Did I tell you that you could embrace me?” he asked. Milo grinned. “No, but you kissed me already, so I don’t see how a hug could be worse.” Yes, the kiss. Sebastian remembered it clearly. He looked at Milo’s lips. They were full and soft and enticin
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