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  1. Chapter Twenty-Five – Your Deepest Wish He would disappear under the cover of night. About getting to Uxilan, it couldn’t be that difficult, right? Following the smell of ash that was now everywhere was a piece of cake. What wasn’t a piece of cake and could turn badly was going against those dark magic jerks all by himself. Pepin was right, of course, to consider that he needed help, but then, the chances of someone else getting hurt grew exponentially and that he couldn’t live with. Not wh
  2. They are, and they'll be in even bigger trouble soon!
  3. He-he, I'm not going to say a thing... But with me, happy endings are guaranteed! Just saying!
  4. Oh gawd, I cannot even... lol
  5. Chapter Twenty-Four – You’ll Be The Hero Pepin closed the doors quietly behind them, and Kai could easily tell that there was something on the servant’s mind as he had kept silent all the time on their way back from the war council room. As of now, he had to start preparing himself to march against the House of Uxilan, whatever that meant. “Pepin, are you worried? Do you think the same thing as before might happen?” he asked cautiously, trying to find a way to gather information from
  6. Thank you, Gary, that's nice to hear!
  7. oh gawd, as usual, I need to make sure that my cup of tea is well secured away from the keyboard while I'm reading your comments. Are you sure you're not secretly a witty columnist, writing snappy little pieces for the entertainment of the masses somewhere on the internet? The family jewels will be in good hands. Reciprocally and guaranteed.
  8. Surely hope so! And as I told @centexhairysub, the slow burn will match with some push and pull because it's hard to keep these boys apart!
  9. He-he, Wes... congrats on just identifying the villain of the story! (not adding anything else, but you noticed, and I gotta give the Caesar what belongs to him - is that a saying in English? I have no idea.)
  10. I am actually planning for more tension build-up, as well as the old fashioned push and pull! I just hope that people won't start throwing things at me while the boys get stretched like a spring! Thank you for your words, and while the main focus will be on the developing romance, I suppose that details about the characters here and there will appear anyway.
  11. Don't we all? It's amazing to live through these characters, that first flutter that really means something...
  12. You're more than welcome... and hope you'll enjoy the rest just as fine!
  13. I can only hope that you will continue to enjoy!
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