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  1. From another opera freak - Bravo! This book has been a great entertainment in semi-quarantine! I am stoked that you plan to continue with a new book. Thanks for hours of fun!
  2. Bravo Mark. A gentle chapter. Maybe this volume will end up resolving a number of issues in everyone’s life. I look forward to the start of a new volume with eagerness. What will happen if you reach the present day? Love to to see what you do to Cheeto Man! Thanks - Colstomo
  3. Bravo Mark! I lived in Washington DC in 2001 and I vividly remember driving past the Pentagon after having been released early from my job at NASA trying to get home. I remember that the traffic was lurching down the beltway at breakneck speeds. People were spooked. My partner was attending a conference in Arlington VA just a half mile from the Pentagon when the plane struck the building. Cell phone service was out and we could not connect, so she walked about 10 miles from Arlington to our home in northwest DC. Several civilian employees with whom I had worked were killed at the Pentagon tha
  4. Colostomo

    Chapter 75

    Just finished rereading this volume. I used to be a govt Contracting Officer in DC and Germany. You got the gov-contractor relationship just right, not to mention it’s basic amoral nature. I don’t know if the country will ever get back to any basic honesty or decency in so many areas. Vote people! Thanks for your continued effort on CAP! Bravo!
  5. Colostomo

    Chapter 53

    This is a great volume. It has sorrows and humor in equal measure. The development of the characters is great - they are never allowed to get boring and they are cute on top of that! Thanks for A very entertaining read during these unnecessarily trying times.
  6. Colostomo

    Chapter 6

    Totally and deftly hilarious. I love this volume!
  7. Colostomo

    Chapter 4

    Could it be that JP had a Pontiac Bonneville? My dad had a 1960 Bonneville convertible in what they called “candy-apple red”, which was a deep dark red. It was fucking beautiful! I remember the whole family going to polo games in it. We were stylin’! I’m going through this epic for the third time. It’s got to be one of the most articulate and interesting stories on the internet. Thanks - Colostomo
  8. Colostomo

    Chapter 20

    Hi Mark - This is my second reading of your opus. My iPad is smeared with tears. Bravo!
  9. Is there a chapter 33? Or is it just a skipped number? Fabulous story. Thank you.
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