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  1. Rigby Taylor

    Cupid's Dart

    And many thanks to you, NoSkis for taking the trouble to write something so pleasant and positive! Yes, we are both safe and well, thanks, neither the fires nor recent floods affected us. It's sort of darkly exciting, waiting to see what the next catastrophe will be. Cheers, R.
  2. Rigby Taylor

    Cupid's Dart

    Ah, Canuk, you're such a sweetie -- certainly not a bastard. You make writing stories worth the effort. Not sure about this "Flash Fiction" lark though. Too short. No place for my polemics and tirades against all who don't share my opinions. So I think I'll resist the urge to pen a sequel. [Pen a sequel! Huh, haven't used a pen for yonks. Don't think I'd be able to read my writing.]
  3. Thanks, Richard for reacting and  'loving' DB.

    1. ancientrichard


      It's a delightful tale, with intriguing reminders of the strange world I grew up in.

  4. A jogger is surprised
  5. Rigby Taylor

    Cupid's Dart

    Jogging through the park, something stung me on my neck. Distracted, I tripped over a guy crawling out of a gap in the hedge that lined the path. I flipped and landed on my back. Winded. He knelt beside me. Sleek bronzed skin. Obsidian eyes flecked with specks of gold. Kissable lips. Curly black hair. Powerful shoulders in tank top. Muscular legs in flimsy running shorts. Delicious whiff of sex. ‘You okay?’ It took all my concentration to nod. ‘I'm Amoretto. What's your name?’ ‘Atman. What were you doing in the hedge?’ ‘Waiting for you.’ I felt relieved. The thought of having someone waiting for me sounded so beautiful, but I kept wondering why his head kept swelling and shrinking into a mist. Why was there a mist? I rolled onto my side and looked around. I was lying on soft grass beside a circular pool surrounded by slender marble columns. The sky was blue. A tiny temple on a grassy mound bore an uncanny resemblance to a drawing in my old Greek History textbook. Dense forest encroached on all sides, and a statue of an aroused satyr leered from the top of the stone steps behind us. A gentle hand stroked my thigh. I gazed into the handsome face. ‘Where are we?’ ‘On the other side of the hedge.’ ‘Why are we naked?’ ‘It’s an insult to nature to cover perfect bodies.’ I tried to think about that, but his stroking was setting my body on fire; burning from the inside. The orgasm felt as if my buttocks were ripped apart, tearing me in two. An agonising ejaculation that drove every worthless thing I have ever thought or done from my body, leaving me pure, calm and fuzzy-headed, until... A rough slap on the side of my head and a timid voice asking if I was awake. I tried not to be, but eventually nodded. Then I was floating until the sweet smell of peppermint mouthwash opened my eyes to a dark face with a heavy five o'clock shadow. ‘I’m Dr Medic. Can you focus on my face?’ ‘Yes, you are very handsome,’ I replied, surprised at the sound of my own voice. ‘What drug did you take?’ ‘The drug of love.’ I laughed loudly. No one else laughed. ‘What’s that on his neck?’ Another white coat asked. Doctor Medic took some tweezers, fiddled and pulled, causing a short, sharp pain. ‘D’you know what this is?’ holding up a shiny object. ‘It’s a dart?’ offered white coat. ‘Yes. Delivered by blowpipe. Hollow and filled with tranquiliser to immobilise small mammals. Sometimes humans before a rape. Side effects are hallucinations and a sense of euphoria before blacking out. ‘Cunning.’ ‘Very. First time I've seen one in this country. A colleague used to call them Cupid’s Darts.’
  6. Thanks, Any1, for reading and commenting. I admire your stamina. Hope you like the other tales as well.
  7. It's an effort to let readers know I am writing a sort of satire, and to suggest there is a moral aspect to the story as well, in the same way Sheridan used names in his plays, such as Lady Sneerwell, Anthony Absolute, Sir Lucius O'Trigger, Lydia Languish...
  8. Rigby Taylor


    Thanks for that. His second name was going to be 'Glade.'
  9. Thanks so much Any1 for reading, thinking and commenting. Yes, 'life' at least in its simplest forms, is very resilient and will continue in one form or another until our rocky sphere plunges into a passing black hole. And I suppose no matter what form it takes it will seem beautiful and perfect to its members--providing they are sufficiently self conscious to appreciate. Humans, in their hubris, fail to realise that "It's not that harming the biosphere will eventually catch up with us and hurt us from the outside. It's that the biosphere is literally internal to us, is a part of our very being, our compound individuality--harming the biosphere is internal suicide, not just some sort of external problem." --Ken Wilber (A Theory of Everything) There's no danger though, of my ideas polluting the thoughts of others, as only eighteen people, including you, have read this story on Gay Authors. Best. Rigby.
  10. Rigby Taylor

    On the Run

    Thanks for reading and commenting so intelligently. The point of 'Fidel" is to show an extreme but possible scenario if Australia becomes a theocracy. Not 'how' it becomes one. However, I'll attempt to explain. First, JECHIS takes over the Federal Government and imposes its will on all states. But Australian States have more legal autonomy than the different countries that make up the European Union. The structures of state governments, trade deals, health and education systems... everything except foreign policy...even Road rules are different from state to state. The states are always squabbling among themselves so it is inevitable that as each of the three religions fight among themselves, so each state will maintain as much autonomy as possible--Queensland deciding to sign a pact with the USA for financial and trade gain... and then of course the state coalition fractures and human nature ensures nothing is ever going to turn out well--we're far too trapped in the natural evolutionary behaviour that ensured survival for a while, but then, as with every top predator, that behaviour is the cause of the organism's demise. It is the effect of religious domination, that is important, to this tale, not how it came about, so there will be lots of questions I suppose... Trust me, that's how it happened. Have faith and don't question my words. Only unquestioning belief can lead to happiness and heaven.
  11. Rigby Taylor

    On the Run

    Our federal government is dominated by religious types who would relish a religious takeover, being too stupid to realise they would not be part of it. They support the transfer of all wealth/power to the few, and deny the climate is changing. A civil war is not possible in Australia, as only the police and the army have guns, and they are prepared to use them. From here, we have the impression the US has always been ruled by an oligarchy of the obscenely wealthy with powerful ties to fundamentalist religions, remaining in power by fooling the masses via a rigged process they cynically call democratic, into believing their votes have some influence on who governs them. So I can't see a civil war erupting in the situation in Fidel... they wouldn't notice the change. So efficient has been the propaganda supporting capitalism in the US , that I can imagine a civil war erupting in the states if a government arose that wanted to treat all citizens decently, sharing wealth and privilege equably, ensuring everyone had good education, health, housing and nutrition. A government that kept its army on shore and stopped waging endless economic and violent war. That would really make citizens furious enough to revolt.
  12. Rigby Taylor


    That's very perspicacious of you Any1, And your predictions of a falling out will probably come to pass, as they like to say. As for FUMUTIE, they imploded; the men decided they could do without females and started their own love-in religion, living on the money they' d accumulated. The females tore out their hair and hearts in fury at being rejected, turned to drugs, and a decaying heap of raddled bodies was discovered in an old quarry a couple of years later.
  13. Rigby Taylor

    Arnold's Luck

    Do you care? Do you think he ought to? Have you read what he actually did and why? Surely his years of worry have been punishment enough? They're nothing like Dolly. They're honest and decent.
  14. I don't know who boyance is, but if you mean Lance, then yes. If you read Rough Justice, then you will know my ideas on justice.
  15. The same people who always make the rules -- the winners. Note that only loser countries get charged with war crimes -- the winners never do. It's what humans like to call 'morality'.
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