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  1. Thank you William for your review. Not sure where you got the fairy dust from, but who cares. It is so pleasant to be appreciated. 😎

  2. Thanks for the interview, and for the reference to Anthony Hope, I've been trying to remember his name for ages. As for coincidences, they happen more to some people than others, I've noticed.
  3. Ah... that 2020 anthology theme suggestions link, is not active on my computer. Done, Thanks.
  4. Hi, Renee, I can't find a link to where to post. so these are mine. Apologies for being so thick. Too many cooks \ A stitch in time Fool’s gold The squeaky wheel Fair-weather Friend Cheers, Rigby.
  5. Rigby Taylor

    The Partner

    I love happy endings. Such a shame that societal pressures make a simple thing like this so difficult that some boys never dare, and live sad lonely lives as a consequence.
  6. Rigby Taylor

    The Visitor

    Thank you, Marty. I don't think I'd have the cheek either, that's the joy of writing fiction, the author has vicarious pleasure from his puppets' adventures. I'd not have the cheek to do many of the things my other heroes do either, but dreams are free.
  7. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 10

    Ah, a truthful tale about the not so joyous aspects of anal sex for once. Great descriptions of the city, and parents to die for -- should be read by all homophobic or ignorant parents everywhere.
  8. Rigby Taylor

    Black & Blue

    This is a very fine tale; beautifully written, full of sentiment without being sentimental. Ah… the sorrows that so many parents heap upon their innocent offspring makes decent people weep, while the resilience of abused children can be inspiring. I usually skip through sex scenes, but the way you wrote them in this excellent tale somehow made the sex both beautiful and therapeutic. Healing. Rendering the participants ‘whole’. Thanks for such a moving and rewarding story.
  9. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 9

    Most interesting. A puzzle indeed. Pressing certain arteries in the neck causes death with no marks. I knew a girl like Rachael. Sex with a ghost sounds quite rational the way you write it. Especially the the state Henry was in when he came to.
  10. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 8

    I love the sentiment without sentimentality, the easy prose, the natural style, engaging plot and lovable characters. A joy to read. Thanks.
  11. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 4

    I love your prose: <<the tutor group was sent into a mild state of perturbation>> <<Henry throttled his libido into unconsciousness>>. <<he took Ed round the neck and began making serious inroads into his warm and wet mouth>> A delicious seduction scene. Clearly Nat and Jed were discovered in flagrante delicto, Nat suicided and Jed was imprisoned for the crime of sodomy. Probably hung, drawn and quartered. Not a nice end to a young life. But hey, religions need their scapegoats as well as their martyrs.
  12. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 3

    Mmmm... A shadowy figure in the nave, odd sounds, and a certain Nathaniel Corner from 1795 with is name entwined with the Vicar's son, wouldn't happen to be a misspelling of Cornish, would it? Lot of fun.
  13. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 2

    Many delightful lines... "one of those poignant moments that graveyard trawling tends to produce in the sensitive," Naked around the house and nude dreams... I can relate to that. Then..."He pulled [his fingers] out and sniffed them. He had not washed inside there and the stench was a bit strong….. took the edge off his arousal, and he sank exhausted back on to the sofa." Ha ha...this is seriously funny stuff! And then a nice swipe at religion's role in discrimination. Stylistically you have a lightness of touch that makes me jealous.
  14. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 1

    What a wonderful first chapter! I identify completely with poor Henry. From the naked gamboling through the woods to the pathetic performance at cricket, I never learned to throw, and the hardness of a cricket ball seems designed to fracture fingers. I loved the descriptions of field and school, the bus... Great stuff.. now on with chapter 2.
  15. Rigby Taylor

    Useless Things

    Thanks Mikiesboy. You have made my day with such fulsome praise. I'm almost blushing. You are correct in stating that men are not the evil wannabe rapists so many media declare. We are different from women, but that doesn't make us bad. This is a sub theme in many of my novels. My sister had MS and had to be confined to a nursing home for the last ten years of her life. I spent a lot of time with her and other clients, some of whom had been dumped there by unfeeling children who wanted the house to themselves. It was there I met the originals of this story. In Australia we are in the throes of a Royal commission into Aged Care, and the stories of cruelty and neglect in these institutions are horrifying. No one I know will willingly enter one of those places, but options can run out over the age of 80, and suddenly its goodbye freedom. Unfortunately, other more rational options have been made illegal; a problem I address in "Mortaumal". Thanks again, R.
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