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    My partner, Writing, Art, reading, Nature, Keeping fit, Music, healthy food, repairing house and garden, sleeping 8- 9 hours a day, remaining calm at the insanity of politicians. not wasting anything.

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  1. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 14

    The tale continues to impress, I've on;y one problem. Are Americans frightened to use the word 'me'? It's very sad to see this sort of thing all the time: He motioned both Mary Lou and I to seats near his large oak desk and frowned at me over steepled fingers. It has to be Mary Lou and me. Brian and I went fishing, is correct... but, The fish saw Brian and me. not Brian and I.
  2. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 5

    I have the impression that Americans are often too demanding of 'perfect' behaviour from others. Davey is too hard on Brian, in my opinion. Another great chapter. Consistently well written and plotted.
  3. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 4

    Some very good philosophical advice on relationships. And a very USA-centric view of recent history.
  4. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 3

    Very sweet and touching sex scenes. Exactly what I like.
  5. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 2

    All the events past and present are very cleverly worked out. It all rings so true.
  6. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 1

    What a brilliant opening and first chapter! I'm hooked. Beautifully paced, erudite and very real.
  7. Moonlight. Youths dance in the playground. Laughing. “Race you to the slide!” Scream. “A fucking great splinter in my leg!” Cruel smile from the shadows.
  8. You've given an excellent list of possibilities regarding feedback. I am sometimes dissuaded from commenting when there are several pages of comments, and I'm not sure how to find the place to comment. Yes, I'm a bit slow with some things. As for motivation, a strong motivation for me is responding to writing 'challenges'. [ a word I prefer to competitions]. When given a topic, it's fun to see what I can make of it, and equally interesting to see what others have done with it. Instead of providing a comprehensive list of ideas, however, perhaps sometimes an interesting photo might work as an equally good trigger of the imagination? Personally, I've always thought GA was the absolutely best site I've encountered for writers, especially when it comes to comments and feedback. It makes writing here a joy. You guys can be very proud Rigby
  9. Rigby Taylor


    What a tear-jerker! The story of Lee and Avery is a real winner. Thanks. The other guys are good too, but you've really excelled with those two. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for writing a story I honestly wanted to go on reading.
  11. So true to life: [Quote] And as I look at Dex, for the first time I realise that the distances between his hairline, his eyes, his nose, his mouth and his chin are in perfect proportions.
  12. Such good style... crisp short sentences. just enough description to set the scene and the atmosphere, leaving the reader to fill in the blanks and make the story his own. Better than a movie. Great scene... sexy but never crude.
  13. Nicely written, good pace.
  14. Rigby Taylor


    Thank you Mike... This is a wonderful comment, not at all crude, and is just what I needed. The killing of poor old Mr Egas was a copycat after Pete had iread The Vatican Cellars and identified with Lafcadio who had done a similar thing.... Young people need confirmation of their worth, but Pete had received more praise than was good for him and it had turned his head. I'm very pleased you want to read more of my stories. I think you will enjoy them. They usually manage to surprise readers a bit, and are all about things that are important to me. Best wishes, Rigby.
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