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  1. Rigby Taylor


    Thank you Steve for such pleasant and thoughtful comments. [I get an email alert when people comment, which is good.] Yes, the world is changing rapidly, but without direction unfortunately - sort of shambling off in all directions. Capitalists tugging us towards increased consumption, and environmentalists desperately trying to stop what seems to be the inevitable extinction of life as we know it. Interesting that you visited New Zealand, twice! Having experienced it, you can perhaps understand why I jumped ship as soon as possible. Unfortunately, here in Australia it's become bad in a dif
  2. Rigby Taylor


    Thank you Ullyssess! You could not have written a more welcome and appreciated comment. Writing is an odd occupation. Stories are sent on their way and disappear into the void. Then occasionally someone like you writes and tells the author his tale is still alive and appreciated, and he feels a warm glow of genuine pleasure. You have made my day.
  3. Hi, Richard,

    Thanks for reading and reacting to Dancing Bare, your opinion is very appreciated.


    1. ancientrichard


      I like all your stories:-) Thank you for posting them.

  4. Most interesting, thanks to all who contributed . One theme for which I have great sympathy, is that of @Wayne Gray, seeing the worth in the 'worthless'. An admirable aim.
  5. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 1

    A very fine story, especially the fixation that brought him back day after day in the hope of seeing the boy again. I have done exactly that on several occasions, but never had to good fortune to meet the other person. The silliest was at a suburban railway station, as the train moved away a perfect young man on the platform winked at me. My heart flipped, I noted the time and returned to that platform several times, but of course no luck. Such event become burned into memory. Thanks for triggering memories in such an accomplished fashion.
  6. Thank you kfm61 for your very kind and positive words. The ending is deliberately vague, I want readers to think about justice as a concept and not confuse it with laws and legality, which are entirely different things. Regarding sex, I only include description if it’s a necessary part of the plot and demonstrates character, but unnecessary graphic sex scenes bore me witless both to write and to read. I am disappointed that so many so-called ‘gay’ stories seem to be mere excuses for empty erotica. What happens to the characters is revealed in one of my later books, in which
  7. Rigby Taylor

    A New Day

    The beast is dead and the world returns to normalcy - a great relief to all... but the Stone men are still somewhere, and a normal life for humans has never been a peaceful paradise... No doubt a sequel lurks somewhere waiting for you to write it, and our trusty duo will once more save the world...
  8. Rigby Taylor

    From Within

    Despite the urgency, Stravor and his father took their time getting to the Hall. So tantalising - I wanted to give them a kick along. Very interesting parallels with other organised religions - brainwashing adherents, promising peace and love... while simultaneously urging them to kill all opposition. Nice touch having Stravor sent to give his lover a hand. I hope he takes orders better as a soul than as a living body. As his father pointed out, thinking is not his strongest talent. Meanwhile the plot thickens and deepens and I become increasingly intrigued about how you will bring it all to a
  9. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 1

    A charming tale in which Kippy's experience with Charlie's painting encapsulates what is wrong with the way we usually experience the world. We think we know what we're looking for, but that focuses our attention on a series of single objects and that stops us from experiencing the 'whole'. If we deliberately look at or for something, we only see what we’re looking at or for. But if we unfocus our senses, allowing them to work autonomously, then we can see the complete picture. It’s the same with listening; a paradox. If we look, we don’t see. If we listen, we don’t hear. If we think, we are d
  10. And thank you, Geron, for reading and commenting so positively.
  11. Rigby Taylor

    Into The Storm

    Well, I got that wrong, He did kill the one he loved, but that amulet will surely make all things good again?
  12. Ah, very clever, our feeling for Stravor are clear; we like him and sympathise with his plight. It's obvious he will not kill his lover, so now we want to know how he he is going to avoid it; what fun and games and nastiness will happen.. great stuff.
  13. Oh!! Very, very good indeed! I was brought up on Grimm's Fairy Tales and thought I'd outgrown them. But I obviously haven't; I'm seriously impressed.You write so well, succinctly, with excellent pace and exactly enough description, and deliciously erotic, [although I am a little concerned for the man-boys] . And a plot that is applicable to today -- probably to every human era. Enough compliments, I'm off to read chapter two. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your thoughtful response, Parker. Indeed, like so many adjectives, respectable means whatever the speaker/writer wants it to mean. Language is deliberately imprecise, I think. How else can we keep secrets while convincing people were are open and honest? Poor Kenneth, not an attractive fellow in any sense. If only we could all learn to follow the advice of ancient sages and 'know' ourselves, we would avoid many of life's pitfalls - such as believing the flattery of a gold-digger.
  15. Thank you, Ullyssess for reading, enjoying and telling me. It seems, to my jaded mind, that murder is only difficult for us 'little' people. Those in control of the big guns and bombs and purse strings appear to have little problem with it.
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