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  1. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 2 Processing

    The mere thought of all that inter-cranial communication is mind boggling. I hope there's a cut-off switch so he can relax and lower the shields. I'd not be happy to see into the minds of most people I know -- eww! An interesting concept, I look forward to- seeing where you go with this.
  2. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 1

    An interesting and timely warning about the dangers of 'unnatural' interference in the health and appearance of the human body, coupled with a realistic and intriguing male-only world in a very plausible space ship. Telepathy only increases the pleasure. I hope next time they dump the jump suits and enjoy flesh on flesh. I have never understood the problem people have with sexual activity between consenting family members -- they are far more common that is commonly thought. The only problem arises with heterosexual liaisons that lead to progeny. I look forward to seeing where this is going.
  3. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 1

    I love your writing style - short snappy sentences, exactly the right amount of information and description to carry the plot on seamlessly, and a happy ending. Very nice indeed. thanks.
  4. Hi, James,

    Thanks for reading and reacting to NumbaCruncha.


  5. You're a true romantic, Sef. Yes, Sebastian would probably push back, which is why Reggie wisely decided to 'tell' him he was remaining as a bodyguard, not 'ask' him. People on the verge of a mental breakdown - as Sebastian is, frequently make disastrous decisions and worsen their situation. in that irrational state it is often impossible to work together with someone. Occasionally a lover/true friend needs to be "his brother's keeper".
  6. Rigby Taylor

    From the Frying Pan into the Honey Pot

    You are right, it's probably an increase in reporting and therefore awareness. As for European colonisers, they have never respected anything apart from their own advancement. If humans survive then I imagine future generations will look back in abject horror at the centuries of vile cruelty and dispossession in which the entire globe became a charnel house for the victims of European avarice, arrogance and total absence of empathy for every thing. Thanks for the link to the pdf. I suspect that violence against women is not 'traditional' in any society living naturally. It all started to go wrong 10,000 years ago when humans began farming and living unnaturally in permanent settlements, and the way individuals and families lived drifted ever further from the natural way we evolved. We're now no different from caged animals pacing up and down, masturbating endlessly, eating poorly, exercising wrongly, behaving erratically, showing signs of mental disturbance, performing mindless tasks that provide no relief from the need to feel in control of oneself.... and so on and on and on... Ah, it's too late to correct anything. We've let the 1%, who love it the way it is, take total control of the planet and our lives, and they are never going to loosen their grip, so we might as well make the best of what we have while it lasts. I can try to make my hens share their food, but it is against their nature, just as the way humans behave is their nature and we are living with the result -- it was inevitable, and can never be changed.
  7. Rigby Taylor

    From the Frying Pan into the Honey Pot

    With a name like Fee Lyne, trust depends on your appreciation of cats. I've always preferred them to dogs because they're faithful but independent and pragmatically sensible about it. Dogs, with their cringing, servile dependence, make me feel guilty of not treating them well enough. As for fiancées, I think my characters reflect the fact that more than half of all marriages end in acrimonious divorce, and wife-bashing is on the increase. Both men and women should approach permanent relationships with more care. Surely interpersonal relationships are as important as mathematics and geography, so why don't we teach them honestly? Education is not the sole answer, but it would help.
  8. Rigby Taylor

    Guapo Discovers Nature

    It was my first novel and I hadn't started playing with names -- apart from Scumble [a way of applying paint] and Glaze [ varnish]. You have an inventive streak. 😄
  9. Rigby Taylor

    Guapo Discovers Nature

    Actually, there's a 'd' in Farzdbuk that makes it sound the way an Australian -- says fast buck. I am guilty of spelling it incorrectly in my response to Wesley. But Farts buck is eminently suitable. Yes indeed -- Guapo [handsome in Spanish] had better be very careful.
  10. Rigby Taylor

    Reginald, Ronnie & Rex

    Ha ha... I love it when readers enjoy my names. But I think you're the only reader who has cottoned on to Rex Trovert. Your analysis of the problems preventing the healthy sexual development of young people is remarkably complete and to the point. Especially valid is your observation that: - "(the)sexual drive hits without any learned mechanisms or outlets to understand, control, or harness one's own sexuality." Thanks for commenting.
  11. Rigby Taylor

    Messrs. Noall & Achilles

    Yes. Interpersonal relations have suffered. In the evenings families retreat to their personal computers/games/headphones... In public eyes are buried in tiny screens, ears are plugged with pop and podcasts. It is so good that you engage with the kids of other families -- I bet you even make them think sometimes... be prepared, you'll have their parents complaining when their kids start question things.😀
  12. Rigby Taylor

    Messrs. Noall & Achilles

    One result of blanket laws purporting to protect children from abuse, is that friendships between adults and youths are now rare – no sane adult male will be alone with any male or female under the age of 17. I got my driver’s license at 15, could leave school if I wished, and do as I pleased… I was not a child. I considered the local rigidly Presbyterian Senior Sergeant of Police who used to give me duck eggs, to be a friend. Also a star-gazing mechanic in my father’s Garage. No one thought it queer or a sign of pederasty. The mechanic reckoned that most people have many acquaintances, but the man who has one true friend is the luckiest. That truth has stuck in my head and has certainly been the case for me. My impudent behaviour was a test of other people’s acceptance of my difference; not a test of their suitability for friendship. For that, my criteria are similar to yours – consistency and trust. Surely, it is possible for an engaging, intelligent, and lively person to also be interested in others as well as consistent and trustworthy, and not any more demanding of petting and attention than a solitary grump? Thank you so much for liking Dancing Bare -- it proves you are a noble, generous, tolerant and intelligent person.
  13. Rigby Taylor

    Messrs. Noall & Achilles

    Thanks so much for commenting. Many males tend to use physical means of getting to 'know' and cement relations with other men. This complements verbal exchanges. Shared physical tasks, mildly aggressive behaviour at the beach, while playing sport, in the shower, arm wrestling... -- horsing around it is called, but it can be quite violent and a test of the other male's reactions and character, but seldom, if ever, considered sexual by either. A student has few physical options when seeking friendship with adults -- especially teachers. Team sports are too public -- such activity needs to be private if 'truth' is the desired result. Don't we all present different aspects of ourselves to others? Honest with those we trust, and a façade for those we don't? His 'test of acceptance' is [shock horror] my own, that I have used multiple times in my life and found extremely interesting, useful, and never with unpleasant consequences. 'Dancing Bare' is a sort of written equivalent.
  14. Rigby Taylor


    Yes... we should always be cautious. We must always ask questions. What do you mean by the right thing? How do you know what the right thing is? Where did you get that information from? What does 'great' mean when referring to a country? Great for whom?.... "Question everything" is a reasonable motto.
  15. Rigby Taylor


    Exactly. Poetically and Justly.

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