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  1. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 23 Cakes and caring

    "your mum always saying no nursing or doctor skills could make up for dirt or nasty germs. She made cleaning staff feel important and part of the heart team.”" Patrick's concern that everyone's efforts be acknowledged and praised is beautiful. Far too often 'workers' are considered as unimportant as the furniture., when in fact they are at least as important as everyone else. The description of the hospital and after the operation is very interesting. And I appreciate the Angelic Devil's insistence that they have nothing to do with organised religion. A very satisfactory conclusion to a thoroughly charming tale. It takes a special skill to write a story that includes as much detail as you have, about places, people, plans and preparations, yet make it constantly interesting. Too often I start a story that gets so bogged down in irrelevant detail that I simply put it away. Thanks. XXX R.
  2. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 9

    Confucius is correct... especially when considering the ancient geeks and their faucets whose accurate conclusions are in need of revising. I had something to add about albatrosses, but they are eluding my perspication.
  3. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 21 A Day of Surprises

    Patrick is such an organised man -- I love it. I also love his choice of cleaners and his behaviour with them. Peter's cousin is very well portrayed. This line is so true: "He suspected she might come across as ill-mannered or pushy to a lot of Brits, but he found the lack of inhibitions refreshing." I've been 'married' to a German for 53 years and far too often at the beginning of our relationship, his 'directness' caused misunderstandings. But I eventually learned to appreciate the honesty of comments and suggestions that were not concealing any hidden agenda. I do like Patrick's card for Michael and the 'tough' guardian angel.
  4. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 20 Close cousins

    Oh, very amusing the discussion with the young man who fancies his older boss. This would make a great short story on its own. I hope we learn how Patrick designs the card. Very nice meeting with Fiona. Maybe she has even more in common with her cousin than she lets on.
  5. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 19 Hospital Surprises

    Ah Timothy, My eyes have had a great rinsing this chapter. I'm a sentimental idiot when it comes to people being 'nice' to each other. The scene at the hospital when they first arrived is lovely. I'm still dripping salt water on the keys. As for calling a nurse ‘sygeplejerske’ I'm surprised any self-respecting young woman would apply for the job. And I do approve of the sort of sex Peter and Patrick enjoy. Mutual massage for the sheer joy of touching and pleasing the other. You put it so well, "Patrick enjoyed the chance to touch his lover’s muscular body in a sensual but mostly non-sexual way, and making Peter relax and feel cared for was an additional benefit." And when it gets seriously sexy, it's always mutually enjoyable -- I do like your two heroes, their philosophy and natural decency.
  6. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 18 Neighbourly behaviour

    Three cheers for Mr Archibald. Nice bit of writing there, Timothy. The whole story is a fine bit of writing; the characters are sustained and credible, the situations well described and interesting, the pace very good, the plot intriguing enough to make readers want to continue. Poor Mrs Hawthorn; Fay is correct, such people are never happy, even when destroying other people's happiness. We need more Mr Archibalds.
  7. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 8

    There is some accidental poetry in these delightful excerpts... Surely this is elegance incarnate? "we would be refrained of the utmost principle of gravity. " and what could be more moving than to watch a group of erstwhile happy students stumble unwittingly upon 'deeply empty; it might detach them from reality so they suffer the curse of the future.
  8. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 7

    Ah! Now I know where I've been going wrong, trying to solve current problems today, when I should be solving my future problems so that when my current problems trigger future problems, I will know how to solve them... Thanks so much for this elucidation.
  9. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 17 Family Sunday Morning

    Very sweet beginning with Michael and Patrick in bed And this is one of the most sensible things I've read for ages: "When I was old enough to understand they explained and said I should make my own choice. But by then I knew I was gay, and it didn’t make sense to join a community which has been less than enthusiastic about LGBT people.” I've always thought the religious activity should only be practiced between consenting adults in private. Children should not be exposed to religious dogma until they're old and experienced enough to decide if they want to believe any of it.
  10. I posted something for another chapter so deleted it -- must have pressed the wrong button and skipped chapters or something. apologies.
  11. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 6

    "Dry cleaning instructions are easily understandable to a wide variety of people, but they are not truly art." But they are more truly "Art" than much of the pretentious incompetence that disfigures many a contemporary art gallery. And I do like the last quote. Empirical information even more useful than Wikipedia? Gosh, who'd have thought. Yes, Americans are loud -- and so are Australians. Perhaps that explains their unhealthy symbiosis.
  12. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 15 Dinner with friends

    "Patrick wasn’t sure how to act. He’d never walked down the street with a boyfriend or in the company of another gay couple. " “All I want is to be surrounded by people who accept me and love me.” A perfect beginning and a perfect ending to this lovely chapter.
  13. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 9 Hidden Echoes

    I have so much… to ask more would be greedy Yet, still I yearn… for what? Absolution? For me… or others? Mmmm... done is done and there's no way to change it. But it still hurts, raises hot flushes of regret, shame, fear. I read a multitude of years ago about a man who drilled a hole in his forehead in order to give himself a frontal lobotomy so he could forget. It worked and he survived. Fuck you're a great writer of poems that grasp the essentials and shove them in our faces.
  14. "fingertips impersonate air And breeze across taut skin..." So many wonderful images; you are very talented. An explosive evocation of love and lust.
  15. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 13 Good and bad family moments

    "“It’s like being dropped into the middle of a Gothic novel.” Yes, it is, and thoroughly enjoyable as well. My relatives weren't bad people, but they were all so different from me that I didn't like being with them, so I can relate to Patrick's situation. The way you write the story continues to draw me into these charming people's lives and to care about them. There's a 'gentleness' about your style that is a real tonic in this aggressive and often unpleasant world. Thanks.

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