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  1. Thank you for the amazing ride! I have loved all of your stories but this is your "Opus Magnus" in every way. Can't wait for your next story.
  2. dcjmusic


    What a sweet start. Will we watch them grow up or will they be older when we next see them? I am guessing Alex's real father will be a part of this. Can't wait!
  3. Vance I'm one of the many BAD BAD BAD fans that never let the authors know how much I enjoy their work. However I really miss your great stories!!!! It's good to know you are doing well, I know life changes things. I hope you find time, desire and the muse to continue the wonderful stories your gift gives you. I will continue to check the site, now and then for updates and hope for a special supprise someday. I hope you check this forum occasionally so you will know we all miss you! Your avid fan, Douglas
  4. I do have many stories in my head and have often thought of writing them down. It has, however, been suggested that I should possibly get out more and that the med's may not be doing all that is expected of them?
  5. Maybe Dom got hit in the head and thinks he's Agatha Christie. Disapeared to an insane asylum and is having a lesbian affair? Sounds possible! Maybe we should check around?

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