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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Guess who's making a minor resurgence!

    I'll give you a hint.

    It's me.

  3. Happy B-day, Owl! :)


    Hopefully you'll come on here to see your birthday wishes!

  4. Had some personal and professional set backs that have slowed my already slow progress. Sorry that new updates are taking so long yalls. I really am working on it. Hang in there. Please.

    1. JayT


      take your time...we'd rather have quality not quantity


    2. jtpawlik


      You are fine! I just reread Indiana Summer. Hope that things get better for you.

    3. Lisa


      I'll hang in as long as it takes, Owl! :) Good luck with everything you're going through.

  5. I want to thabk everyone who wished me happy birthday. I also want to appologize for not having a new chapter out. I intended to have one out in June but had a few issues come up. I am working on Indiana Summer. Just bear with me all.

    1. Slytherin


      Happy Belated Birthday :-)

    2. jtpawlik


      No worries! We are all looking to the new chapters to come! Happy belated birthday!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OWL!!!!! I hope you had an awesome day! :)

  7. Hello Everyone. Please check Owls Hoots for a new blog post concerning my Writing.

  8. Hello Everyone, First I want to apologize for my long absence. As I have said in man posts and conversations these last few years I have, in addition to working full time, have been taking care of an elderly, sick, relative. This relative passed away in February. Since then I have been assisting my mother and aunt in getting her final affairs settled. Despite the sadness of m relatives passing my life has reached a period of calm and I am happy to say that I have started writing again, slowly but surely. I plan to focus on Indiana Summer until the story is complete, then Max and Josh, and while I do not yet have a firm date as to when I will have a new chapter out to you it is my goal to have one within the next month. I want to encourage you all to please go and mark the Indiana Summer Discussion thread for updates as I will be making posts there concerning the story and my progress in writing. best wishes, Owl
  9. NightOwl88


    Hello Gary, good to meet you. I am really glad that you enjoyed the story. Especially since you've read it twice. I really love hearing that. I can understand what you mean about identifying with a character. Abe has always been pretty close to my heart. Thanks again, Best, Owl
  10. NightOwl88


    Hello Twinki, good to meet you. I am glad that you enjoyed the story. I really love to hear from folks who have enjoyed my work. Best, Owl
  11. NightOwl88


    Hello Parker, good to meet you. I am glad that you enjoyed the first chapter. I really hope that you will continue the story and continue to enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. best, Owl
  12. NightOwl88

    Further Delays

    I actually had backed it up. The problem came from my office program unfortunatly. It, somehow, during the saving process corrupted the file. I thank you for your paitence. best, Owl
  13. Hello All. Please check my most recent blog post FURTHER DELAYS for information concerning my progress on Indiana Summer.

  14. NightOwl88

    Further Delays

    Hello All, I know some of you have been looking forward to my upcoming chapter of Indiana Summer for a very long, unreasonably so, time. I want to apologize for all of the delays and set backs. I recently suffered yet another one in the form of a computer glitch that seriousl corrupted the file I was working. I have been having to reconstruct the chapter bit by bit from memory. I have also been pulling mandatory over time hours at work and getting very little sleep. I know I have said this before but i will say it again. Indiana Summer WILL CONTINUE!!!! Just as soon as I am able. I actually plan to focus on this story exclusively until it is complete. I want to thank you all for sticking with me. I promise that it will not be in vain. Best Wishes, Owl.
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