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  1. Wattelec

    Chapter 25 - Totally Yours

    Yay! New Comsie update on one of my favorite online story of all time! Cheers! Oh Tristan... it seems like you really love Jesse. I am really glad that Jesse is just having a fanboy moment and not secretly in love with Jimmy. Tristan does not need another heartbreak. I am equally glad that Jesse actually noticed Tristan's discomfort as well, Tristan chose his lover well this time. I'm really looking forward to the next update. Cya!
  2. Wattelec

    Chapter 47

    Wow... Justin is going all out, once again. I just hope he doesn't accidentally kill Taryn from this outburst. But for some reason, I feel like that'll be the case.
  3. Wattelec

    Come Over

    Yay! A new Comsie story to add to the Comsie Express, choo choo! I love the sweet taste of first-time experimentations between friends. It leaves me glowing, even though I am not the one involved. Hehehe... Looking forward to your lovely stories, whether they are updates or shorts.
  4. Wattelec

    Chapter 3 - Chance Encounters

    You know... I went to a mall today and the format of this mall is quite similar to this mall mentioned in this story... hmm...
  5. Wattelec

    Chapter 22

    Yay! Update! Umm... GIMME! Okay, just ignore the last one. I had too much artificial caffeine in my bloodstream right now. Ahem... wonderful update, Comsie. I can see that Tyler and Ariel are meant for each other in a BIG way. Now what is this "sausage biscuit croissant thingy"? Hmm...
  6. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    Fabulous story, Comsie! (Gosh... I never used that word before... it sounds embarrassing.) Love the sweet ending, Comsie. At least it ended with everyone finding their partners.
  7. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    Well... let see... ☆ Charlie is probably new, correct me if I am wrong. ☆ Derrick is from "A Class By HImself". ☆ Ariel is from "Kiss Of An Angel". ☆ Tyler... he also originates from "Kiss of an Angel" as Ariel's object of affection. ☆ Zack... it took me a while to remember the title, but he originates from "My Only Escape". ☆ Evan, no doubt, is from "Waiting Outside The Lines". I had to admit I would not have remembered his name if you never included the tidbit about Evan's collection of Greyson's works. ☆ Justin is from your infamous "Gone From Daylight" series. ☆ "Savage Moon" is self-explanatory. (I have not read this story yet... 🙁) ☆ Drew is from "On The Outside". This story I have not read to the end yet but will be planning on doing so soon. ☆ Jamie is from "Some Time Alone" but I could be wrong there. ☆ Billy is from "The Secret Life of Billy Chase" series. (I have not read it yet, though. I will soon.) ☆ The dynamic duo (besides the other three pair in the same story), Randy and Ryan, are from "New Kid In School". ☆ Jesse-101... hmm... sounds familiar. OH!! He's from "Jesse-101: Online Celebrity"! ☆ Dustin is from "Untouchable" but I have not read this story either so I could be wrong. ☆ Adam... I think he originates from "Lessons in Love". ☆ Shane and Dimitry is from "Left Without Words", a story I also have yet to read. ☆ Russ is from "My One True Weakness". ☆ Carter and Kevin is from "Boy #6", judging by the piece of text that stated something about the school's newspaper. ☆ Ethan is from "A Step Brother I Could Love". ☆ Rory is definitely from "Picture Me And You". I absolutely adore that story along with all of the other stories listed here. (Except for the ones I have not read yet. It is difficult to say a story is a favorite or not without reading it first after all.) ☆ I assume Cory and Ben is from "Save Or Sacrifice" but I have not read that story either so I do not know for certain. ☆ Donnie is from "Dream Lover". It looks like Caleb had harassed Donnie the night before. Stevie and Simon I could not pinpoint whatsoever...
  8. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    This confirms that solitude is the opposite if love, not hate! I always love rereading your stories sometime because I might read something that my eyes evaded before. Ahem... love the story, Comsie!
  9. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    Wish there was more, but then that would spoil the story... One thing about this story though... I do not think I will be brave enough to put a love letter in anyone's line of sight, even if it is written in crypt. Love the story, Comsie!
  10. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    *sniff* I cried in the end... it was so beautiful. Having someone to love that returns that love is purely true bliss... I love this, Comsie... definitely on the recommended list if I ever introduce someone to this site.
  11. Wattelec

    Boy Valentine

    Love the short story, Comsie! It's so sweet and I can imagine that happening to anyone. Just so cute and gives a warm feeling in my stomach.
  12. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    The Boy Next Door... hmm... the house next door to ours is empty... darn it! Two words and a punctuation: Love it! I love Brian's stalker-ish behavior when he looked out the window. But seriously, is there any story themes that you are... um... not good at writing? Ehh... I really doubt, you can probably turn a box of used tissues into something beautiful for all I know!
  13. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    "Who's Spencer?" Lol... I always seem to enjoy reading your celebrity-themed (or any that involves people with affluent) stories, I cannot lay a finger on why though... Love your work as always, Comsie!
  14. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    Another comment-less story? Psh... not for long! Cute little story and I agree that being in love is the best feeling there is. Also adore the names you used in this story, especially Trey... hehehe... *sigh* Love your work, Comsie, as always!
  15. Wattelec

    Chapter 1

    Nice one Comsie! Um... hmm... *searching another synonym for love* I worship...? Bah! Forget it, let it be repetitive! I love the ending, got me laughing hysterically. Although the story ends without how they will cope with a possible long distance relationship, I think that just makes this story more... um... tick? I need to count how many times I had used "love" in my comments for your stories some time after I finish reading all of your stories... hehehe... Anyway... always worship your work, Comsie! (Gosh... it sounds horrible...)

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