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  1. James Baxter

    Chapter 3

    No one's commented on any of the chapters of Magic Man!!! What an oversight. It's been TEN years! What's up with that? Gidion's lessons on living a satisfying life for Gavin are fascinating and the outcome has been nothing but astounding!! I would agree with Gavin when he begs to see where these changes in his outlook will take him into the future. I'm sure he doesn't want to stop here when his dreams are actually within his grasp. Write him some more chapters so he can earn Joshua's love 💘and find his way to becoming one of the cool kids on campus. He will thank you as will I. Jbaxter
  2. James Baxter


    Want to chime in my accolades for another fantastic story! Alex is the little brother I always wished for but never got. Glad to see that you're making such good use of time spent at home, Comsie. I love 💘ALL your great work. How do I become a 'Premium' member to have total access to ALL your stories? I would love to make a contribution to the future of the Comicality Library. Jbaxter
  3. This story just keeps getting better and better. Thanks, Comsie. I hope they can all make friends with their new acquaintances. We'll see how the story unfolds. Looking forward to the next installment. J Baxter
  4. I didn't notice the reference to Tina Wheeler as the mother of Cain and Jake until it was pointed out to me by hyper92. Thanks for that, hyper92, and I have to apologize to Comicality for that oversight during my first reading of these pre-quills to Shelter Verse. It's not like me to not notice your endless creativity, Comsie. After all, though I may have come to the party late, I still claim to be your biggest fan. Though I'm commenting four years after you're posting of no one liking this chapter, I beg to differ with that sentiment. If I judge your chapters by number of tears shed then this chapter is the winner. I was totally broken up when Logan's wife made him promise from her death-bed to take care of Spencer after she is gone. That was touching. I do remember one chapter of yours, though, that had me so teared up that I couldn't continue reading; when you killed off one of your main characters (I won't give away which one to readers who haven't read it yet) in Gone From Daylight. I still have yet to forgive you for that one, Comsie. I hope you never do such an awful thing to one of your characters again. We readers come to know and love 💘them due to your extraordinary writing and it really leaves an open wound in our hearts when we are forced to let one of them go. Thanks for all you do writing so much for us in the year 2020. J Baxter
  5. James Baxter

    Chapter 33

    I'll continue to read all your many stories that continue feeding my appetite for MORE MORE MORE. They can continue for years into the future as long as we get to have more of your extraordinary characters. May they never have final conclusions but go on and on forever. That way I don't have to let any of them go. I love 💘them ALL!!! Now I'll go on and read the latest update to Jesse 101. Thank you!! Always your biggest fan, J Baxter
  6. James Baxter

    Chapter 15

    I think I may just let the future chapter's of GFD go and not read them until a later date, at least until the Coronavirus crisis has left us alone. I have enough sadness and pain to deal with without having to lose Taryn and his wonderful love to some tragedy. I'm afraid this terrific story is not going to bless me with a happy ending. That's too bad. In this era of World suffering I can't handle another heart-ache. I'll come back when I am stronger.
  7. James Baxter

    Chapter 9

    WOW!!! Getting a response from the real Comicality! I feel honored. I'll be sure to read all of your updates. Thanks a lot!
  8. James Baxter

    Chapter 9

    I've bought all 41 books by Comicality available from Amazon but they are an incomplete library. This is the last book I have in the Gone From Daylight series. This chapter's ending with Justin running away from the Lot and all of his friends was an awful place to be left off. I couldn't be more thrilled to discover gayauthors.com website with the complete works by my favorite author. Thanks Comicality for sharing more episodes for me to read. I did not like being left here.
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