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  1. As a rebellious gay man who does not fit within anyone else's definition of domestic tranquillity I wholeheartedly support Shivay's newfound invitation to reject without apology all his worthless traditions spouted by his insane and misguided mother and her brainwashed Indian culture and all the crap that goes with it. There's nothing worse than living life by some social norms when they don't conform to your inner nature! I've led a fine life rejecting all my society's conventional beliefs from God to oatmeal and will never return to the mistakes of my youth when I allowed them to have influence over me. You won't miss any of your family members after you've found the courage to live a life free of constraints. More power to those freethinkers who can stand tall in defiance to social norms.
  2. James Baxter


    Another great story from Dabeagle who never disappoints whenever he writes. He's so consistent that I've come to expect nothing but the best as I completely follow his every endeavor. This one was relatively rare as it stands alone in its own way. The characters, too, are well developed and grow as the story moves along. Thanks once again for a most enjoyable read!
  3. That's an amazing house that Siku gets to live in! Thanks for the great picture in such high resolution that you can zoom in to just the remarkable staircase and small private beach. It looks like it was quite a construction project.
  4. Another imaginatively told werebear story told by Grumpy Bear. Can't get enough of them. Don't miss the great cat story in chapter 6.
  5. One thing we don't get much of at GayAuthors is loving cat stories. As a long time cat lover I thank you for imaginatively filling that gap. What a natural place for a cat to sleep, deeply buried in white bear fur.
  6. James Baxter


    Liam's experience in court was so sad and left me angry beyond words and now he is again having to face all those terrible people who hate him even though he has served his time and is now on parole. I speak from experience that being on parole is a nightmare of unforgiving cops who are proud to let you know that you are unwelcome back in society. I hope he is lucky as I was to finally find a sympathetic parole officer. There are a few of them out there so that is not an unreasonable hope for Liam.
  7. So glad to see the evil Tuath De mounds blown up and the Serpent God sent into the void! This chapter left me cheering!
  8. Another glimpse into the worlds of darkness, this time in the midst of that brutal Vietnam war. A very interesting setting for a vampire tale. A different type of war story. I'm sure you'll do very well with this emotionally charged topic. I hope you'll prevail in presenting a convincing anti-war sentiment. What a waste of human life that war was. It will be great to see GFD characters to be the heroes of the story.
  9. James Baxter

    Chapter 27

    I'm so glad that Evan was able to resist Chandler's charms and hold out for Greyson and his true love. All of that second guessing while he and Chandler were getting hot and heavy together turned out for the best. Now he won't have to lie or feel guilty with Greyson when he sees him later in the day. I hope the two of them can forge a relationship full of love and long lasting trust.
  10. James Baxter


    I've binge-read and just caught up with the story as did weinerdog a few days before me and will be happy to follow along with him as his comments are always reliable and intelligent. I'm enjoying this story immensely and find it unusually plausible if you accept the fact that Adam is a very lucky boy; both grotesquely bad and remarkably good luck. I'm ecstatic to find him currently entering a spate of good luck having happened upon the Rodriguez family at just the right time. Maybe he'll be able to learn some ways to create a new identity from the immigrant population that he's now in the middle of and Simon could remain his name for a long while. I hope he'll find some way to attend college and show everyone how intelligent he really is. His story has a long way to go before the title is actualized and he becomes a Brilliant Boy Billionaire. Thank you for such a well researched and excellently executed serial storyline that I'm anxious to follow.
  11. Yes! YES! YES!! Trey finally got lucky and said what was really on his mind and in his heart! It's such a relief that he's been bold enough to take the first step. Now I only hope he finds the courage to stand tall about his love because I think Dallas is about to blow his own mind. First time for both of them but Dallas is already out at school. Good luck, Trey & Dallas!!
  12. James Baxter

    Soul Eater

    I really liked seeing the events from each different point of view. In real life we benefit if we can try to see things from different peoples perspective but you go much further by allowing us to get inside each ones head. I'd be pleased if you explore more of this technique as long as you don't get too far from Kalian's view of the events.
  13. James Baxter

    Chapter 37

    What a fright this chapter was with all of Zach's second guessing his decision to turn in his tell-all paper to Mr. Raffe! That kid over thinks everything into a stinking pile of bad decisions that we all regret. His miserable life is finally taking a turn for the best and he came so close to throwing it all away again. Thank you, Comsie, for smashing my doubts of Zach ever freeing himself from his POS father and setting himself on a course for recovery. I so look forward to seeing what result his paper will have for a better life to come without any more beatings from his dad. Things are looking hopeful for some good times in this sad story.
  14. James Baxter


    Clear this up for me: Was Slogan the guardian of the child prodigy Gustav when he moved here from Guatemala several years ago? Is this just a case of a guardian not being able to let go after their charge has reached adulthood? Their relationship must be more than just a celebrity and his manager.
  15. James Baxter

    Party Balloon

    Another chapter! And WHAT a chapter it was!!! Matt and Seamus are off and running the same course, together. I'm so happy for them I can hardly type. And then that last little tidbit of a father's love being experienced for the first time... Nothing could be more perfect! Thanks for a great chapter!
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