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  1. James Baxter

    Chapter 3

    Pictures in the gallery are great! Add visuals to a first rate story. Thank you.
  2. James Baxter

    Chapter 36

    Well, I certainly hope that Mr. Raffe's class comes up BEFORE Zack has a chance to read his testimonial over one more time because I'm sure he'll be second guessing his decision to hand it in to satisfy his assignment needs. Zack is anything but spontaneous and has a terrible habit of over thinking all his actions and he's bound to decide that telling his teacher about his home life is a bridge too far to be taken. We all know that he has to tell an adult about his mistreatment or it may go too far for him to survive. He's been fortunate so far that he's gotten by with only minor injuries b
  3. James Baxter

    Chapter 56

    Justin. Can't one of his spiritual teachers (maybe Comicality) please tell him that prophesies made in the past are relegated to that past. They do NOT hold inevitable sway to either the present or the future. The control of the present is obvious; simply what choices you make to the everpresent reality that is unfolding right in front of you. And it is those choices that you make in real time that will have influence over the events that become our future when their turn to be the present finally arrives. All of those things written in the past are powerless to overshadow those events th
  4. James Baxter

    Chapter 11

    It seems like everyone got just what we were hoping for. Now they can be a family in real time.
  5. James Baxter

    Chapter 47

    As a late comer to your story I've been blessed with the ability to read it from start to finish without waiting for chapter by chapter postings. It was very enjoyable that way but now I want to read your next one in current time along with your postings. I love the way you incorporate short chapters with frequent postings. If I just look in your Gay Authors' profile will I be able to tell what story you're posting now?
  6. James Baxter

    Chapter 4

    Phone, keys, wallet... Yeah. I'm good. Let's go get barked at! I just love your writing! And then there's: Your first goal is to gain his trust. One...of you...at a time! Any more than two in a room will spell trouble. Commander, you'll be up first. Put your puppy voice on, and I suggest brushing up on your psychology. Thanks for all you do and all your creative imagery!
  7. James Baxter

    GFD: Persona 1

    The introductory photo at the beginning of the story is a real first-class kid! Even though boys of his age usually think of freckles as a defect, as a sage and experienced adult I find them sexy beyond words and this fellow has a delightful sprinkling of them across his nose and forehead! They're especially effective in black and white. Thanks Comsie.
  8. But we have this space here in our cramped tent and we waste no time filling it with our moans and pheromones. That's my favorite line in your story. A clever play on words from someone whose first language is NOT English. I'm impressed! You handle words very well throughout the whole story.
  9. Ignominious - Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame. Great story!! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  10. Shoes are really a conversation starter for kids these days? I'm glad they're not some particular brand name but personally home decorated for that "one of a kind" look that expresses their inner artistic talent. I think it's brilliant that they might collaborate drawing with painting skills on a special pair for Artie. Scottie has such a clever mind to use his painting for a come on in a burgeoning relationship. He so wanted to make a pair for Tristan to step up their friendship, I hope he will do the same with Artie. It's a clever story line.
  11. I've enjoyed all of your stories in this collection. Your writing keeps me entertained and thoughtful. I notice that this is number twenty and the last of this series so that means I must have missed one 'cause the last I remember is "Boxing Day." I'll have to catch up by reading "Another One of Those Family Photographs" now but I couldn't get to that before sending you my accolades for a series well written. Thank you!
  12. James Baxter

    Chapter 36

    Did this owner of the cabin have previous experience with the pack of werewolves because he sure doesn't seem to be very freaked out by finding them there? What is the story behind this unlikely savior of Isaac and Westley? When will we find out? Great turn of events Comsie, now how can we get out of this corner we've all been forced into by the last few action packed chapters? We'll just have to wait and see.
  13. James Baxter

    Chapter 55

    I've always liked Zero teaching his lessons from a fish-lined room. He was very helpful to Justin in the past, I wonder if he'll be as useful speaking his part in the Vampire dreams. I'm anxious to find out what he has to say.
  14. With Spencer being such a high maintenance friend taking all of Jake's time will his budding relationship with Alex ever be free enough to blossom? A romantic at heart, I'm still anxious for a love 💘 story amid dire circumstances.
  15. James Baxter

    Chapter 24

    I feel for Ethan trying to get the word faggot out of the school's vocabulary by merely getting it eradicated from his own locker. I'm glad that he sees that the problem goes much deeper than that and is preparing himself for any slurs that come his way for loving Drew. If only Drew could get on the same page I think that together they could face anything that comes their way. If the times have progressed as much as I hope they have then the two of them will find much more support among their fellow students than condemnation. Only facing the problem head on and united will tell the outcom
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