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  1. I echo all previous comments from Weinstein and add my frustration to the mix. I almost felt Trey asking, "Dallas, am I one of those boys?" I could only hope he could be so brave! In another world...
  2. James Baxter

    Chapter 54

    It's nice to see some good things happening in Justin's life again though I think there's little time for getting comfortable with your guard down for now. We haven't seen the end of Alec yet and I think justin's still got things to learn from the Jeweller so maybe he should stick to the plan and return there after tonight's visit with the family at the junk yard. I hope he keeps Taryn by his side because I think he can protect him better when they're together.
  3. James Baxter

    Chapter 34

    This chapter has made a great turn for the best. I'm so full of relief and love for Zack and his wonderful friends that it's hard for me to stop smiling. I'm afraid to cross paths with my sister (who I live with) while I'm wearing this silly grin. I read all day, every day, so I'll merely tell her that my latest book by Comicality has left me so happy that I can't come down from the rafters! Thanks Comsie for making my day! J Baxter
  4. James Baxter

    Chapter 53

    I echo others in thanking you for another great chapter in GFD, my all time favorite of your extraordinary stories! I can never get enough from you were you to write all night, every night. You'd get blisters on your fingers. I'm glad as always to see Justin flex his muscles and successfully scare off those who wish to harm him. I only hope he will always be as successful when fighting off those who wish to harm Taryn. I look forward to your next chapter.
  5. James Baxter

    Friday (Night)

    It has been great reading a well-written story from an English point of view. I'm born and raised in California and we do and say things differently here it's enlightening to be immersed in another's culture for a few months. I've learned a lot from you and feel like I'm a better person because of reading this story. I must agree with others that it is, indeed, a great outing for a first novel. I hope that your target audience can be young closeted gay boys living at home. Their experiences are so much more enlightened than mine were 50 years ago when coming out offered no peer group at s
  6. James Baxter

    Chapter 25

    I keep screaming at them NOT to do the things that they're doing but they just don't listen to me!!! What is Tristan's cell phone number so I can send him a text of warning and get them on the right track. I've got experience dealing with these situations that they've gotten themselves into and I can help them get away scott-free like I've always done if I can just exchange a few text messages with them on their hot 🔥cloned phone and they promise NOT to tell anyone about me or where they got their advice. My e-mail address is jbaxterjr86@gmail.com. Get in touch with me before it's TOO LATE
  7. James Baxter

    Chapter 15

    I'm glad to see 👀that Tristan and Finn managed to finally arrive at a plan to date, even agreed to "take it slow". Keisha will be pleased to hear the news, but she must be a little bit disappointed with the way things went. All that angst with the sexy party clothes and that red jockstrap never saw 👀the light of day! Well, something to save for another time. (Finn will be so surprised!)
  8. James Baxter

    Chapter 12

    So, I thought Finn was taking Tristan to the lake for some night 🌙time skinny dipping but it looks like Jon-Jon and Leah beat them to it! I enjoyed the artist's rendition of the characters in Shenandoah High but my imagination had them younger than that. Noel Choi is a great artist and he is keeping true to the spirit of the story. He did a remarkable job.
  9. James Baxter

    Chapter 4

    I'm way past the target audience age myself, but I am enjoying it immensely too. I'm reading it right now, tesao, in the middle of the night like you are, staying up instead of sleeping. Thank you, imperfect_pisces, for entertaining us here in California all night long. You're a wonderful story teller. jbaxter
  10. James Baxter

    Chapter 1

    What a great coincidence, but you're the first person to know of the word pneumonoultramicroscopicvolcaniconiosis that I've ever come across since I first heard the word in the fifth grade in 1963. I was told that it was the longest word in the English language and have never in all those years found one longer. Thanks to all the coal miners who have contacted the disease, and thanks to you for sending me back to those years in elementary school from so long ago. Jbaxter
  11. James Baxter

    Chapter 3

    No one's commented on any of the chapters of Magic Man!!! What an oversight. It's been TEN years! What's up with that? Gidion's lessons on living a satisfying life for Gavin are fascinating and the outcome has been nothing but astounding!! I would agree with Gavin when he begs to see where these changes in his outlook will take him into the future. I'm sure he doesn't want to stop here when his dreams are actually within his grasp. Write him some more chapters so he can earn Joshua's love 💘and find his way to becoming one of the cool kids on campus. He will thank you as will I.
  12. James Baxter


    Want to chime in my accolades for another fantastic story! Alex is the little brother I always wished for but never got. Glad to see that you're making such good use of time spent at home, Comsie. I love 💘ALL your great work. How do I become a 'Premium' member to have total access to ALL your stories? I would love to make a contribution to the future of the Comicality Library. Jbaxter
  13. This story just keeps getting better and better. Thanks, Comsie. I hope they can all make friends with their new acquaintances. We'll see how the story unfolds. Looking forward to the next installment. J Baxter
  14. I didn't notice the reference to Tina Wheeler as the mother of Cain and Jake until it was pointed out to me by hyper92. Thanks for that, hyper92, and I have to apologize to Comicality for that oversight during my first reading of these pre-quills to Shelter Verse. It's not like me to not notice your endless creativity, Comsie. After all, though I may have come to the party late, I still claim to be your biggest fan. Though I'm commenting four years after you're posting of no one liking this chapter, I beg to differ with that sentiment. If I judge your chapters by number of tears shed then
  15. James Baxter

    Chapter 33

    I'll continue to read all your many stories that continue feeding my appetite for MORE MORE MORE. They can continue for years into the future as long as we get to have more of your extraordinary characters. May they never have final conclusions but go on and on forever. That way I don't have to let any of them go. I love 💘them ALL!!! Now I'll go on and read the latest update to Jesse 101. Thank you!! Always your biggest fan, J Baxter
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