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    Yeah, the whole long-distance thing did put a strain on their friendship, they seem to be growing apart more and more. I know it's hard to figure out what other characters think and feel since the entire story is from Andy's POV. Hopefully you can get enough clues from Andy's conversations with them and his own opinions about them. And thanks for reading!
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    I totally agree, they're acting luck best buddies all of a sudden, no wonder Andy's feeling left out. We'll see how things progress in the coming chapters, but it's not going well for him and Rex, that's for sure.
  3. WhenItRains


    Yeah, at least for a little while! And thank you!
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    I came to school that day in high spirits in anticipation of Rex’s approaching visit, and Nico noticed it right away. Not like I was trying to hide it, to be honest. I was happy and I didn’t mind if people noticed. After our first class, we went out to the lockers to get our stuff for the next class, which was chemistry. Ugh, I hated it so much, unlike Nico, who was actually good at it. Good thing we were in class together, so he could help me. “Hey, what’s gotten into you today?” he asked. “Oh, nothing. It’s just that I got a text, my best friend’s coming to town. I haven’t seen him in months,” I said without thinking. “I thought I was your best friend,” Nico replied jokingly, but it made me wonder – does he really consider me his best friend? We’ve become very close these few weeks we’ve known each other, but I wasn’t sure I could call him my best friend yet. I mean, I’ve known Rex for years and even though he was living in another country, it would take a lot for someone to take his place. “I meant he’s my best straight friend,” I said, raising my eyebrows and giving him a grin. “Oh, I see,” he smiled back, obviously pleased with my comeback. “So how come you haven’t seen each other for so long? Where does he live?” “In Canada,” I said with a frown. “He moved there years ago, but we’ve been friends practically since we were babies. Maybe you can come over and meet him when he arrives?” I offered. “Sure, why not?” Nico nodded. “Great! What did you do over the weekend?” “Oh, I went with Lori and Carl to the pool, it was awesome. You should come with us some time, it’ll be fun!” Nico’s brother and sister were both older than him, but I still haven’t met them. His sister Lori sounded cool, but his brother Carl was definitely a player, at least from what Nico told me. He was a big football jock and a bit arrogant, but I guess that comes with the territory. At least they were both fine with Nico being gay. “Sure, count me in,” I agreed. It couldn’t hurt to get to know them, plus I haven’t gone swimming in ages! At lunch, we sat together much like we always did, chatting and eating food that was… passable, I guess. Nico was telling me about a new movie he wanted to watch, Shazam, when we noticed Jackson a few tables from us, talking to some guy. “Oh, there’s Jackson, want me to get his attention to come sit with us?” “I think he’s busy, if you haven’t noticed,” Nico smirked. “Ohh… I didn’t know that was his boyfriend,” I replied, a bit confused. I actually thought Jackson was single. For some reason, it hadn’t occurred to me that he might be seeing someone. He certainly never mentioned anything. “Never said it was his boyfriend,” Nico teased. Ok, now he was starting to get on my nerves a little. I know the two of them have history, but how was I supposed to know what was going on? “Well, you said he was busy, what else was I to think?” I said defensively. “I mean,” Nico lowered his voice along with his head, “they’re just fooling around, if you know what I mean.” “Oh, ok,” I nodded slightly, still somewhat taken aback. I looked at Nico, observing his reaction. He looked down at his food and after a few seconds, continued quietly. “That’s actually why we broke up.” “You mean he cheated on you with that dude?” I asked, shocked at his confession. Jackson seemed like a cool guy and I didn’t expect him to be the cheating kind. Then again, how well did I really know him? “No, he didn’t cheat with anyone, but he didn’t want anything serious either. I wanted us to be boyfriends, in a serious relationship, but he just wanted sex, no commitments,” Nico explained. “So, we decided we didn’t want the same thing and broke up. That dude,” he glanced at the guy next to Jackson, “is just his latest trophy.” “I had no idea,” I said honestly. I didn’t know what else to say. “Jackson didn’t tell you?” “No, nothing.” We continued eating in silence for a minute, and as I thought about changing the topic from the awkward conversation we just had, we were interrupted by a girl who came over and stood next to our table. She was a mannish girl with a ton of makeup on her face. I guess she thought it’d make her look prettier, but it only made her look ridiculous. She was one of the few students who’d sometimes give strange looks to me and Nico when they thought we weren’t watching. She stood in silence for a few moments until we turned to look at her. “Nice shirt, Nico,” she said snidely. “Can I borrow it sometime?” Nico was wearing a cute pink shirt with a Pokemon print. He certainly didn’t give a rat’s ass about the color, and neither did I, but some people obviously found it something to be made fun of. “Thanks, it’s actually a men’s shirt. So I guess it would suit you,” Nico said, cocking his eyebrow and smirking at the girl. She opened her mouth slightly, but was lost for words. The two girls standing behind her burst into laughter, unable to control themselves. That did it for me and I joined in, laughing my ass off. The girl shot her friends a nasty look and stormed off. “Who was that bitch?” I asked, wiping tears from my face. “No clue,” Nico shrugged. “Obviously jealous of my superior fashion sense,” he teased and I snorted in response. Just a few moments later, a guy with beautiful, wavy brown hair came up to us. “Hey, guys. Sorry about Nicole. She’s my cousin, but she can be a real bitch,” he said apologetically. “It’s not your fault, you don’t have to apologize,” I said. “I’m Andy, by the way, and this is Nico.” “Oh… Sorry, I’m Austin. Nice to meet you,” he blurted out. He looked really cute, all confused and not knowing what to say. “You too,” Nico said. “Are you a freshman? We haven’t seen you around?” “Yeah, I am. Well, this is actually my first day. My family just moved here from the West Coast.” “Oh, welcome then! If you need any help, let us know,” I smiled at the cutie and got up as we’d finished eating. Austin thanked us and walked off, leaving Nico and me to go and get ready for the next class. *** I spent much of the Saturday morning walking around the neighborhood and taking pictures. The weather was actually perfect for that. I know people usually hate fall because it’s starting to get cold and rainy, but it’s really inspiring for taking pictures, at least for me. Random puddles on the street after rain, heaps of fallen leaves on the ground, trees painted in shades of gold and red, everything around you was just inviting you to snap a photo. After lunch, I went to my room and copied all of the photos on my computer, choosing the best ones and deleting the others. Mark was there to help me choose and tell me what he thought of them. He must’ve noticed I was fidgeting like I usually would whenever I was nervous about something. Only this time I wasn’t exactly nervous, just anxious to see Rex. “Heard from Rex yet?” he asked. I guess I was easy to read. “Not yet. They should’ve arrived by now. I guess they’ll come once they get some rest from the trip,” I replied, playing it down like it was no biggie, while in fact I could hardly wait to see him. “Yeah, I guess so. Hey, when you’re finished here, wanna go out and see the new tennis rackets dad bought? We could play some table tennis later,” Mark offered. I wasn’t really into it, but I said ok just because he was my brother and he often did things I wanted even though he wasn’t particularly interested. It wasn’t long after we went outside to check out the new rackets and set up a table for tennis that we heard the gate open and a familiar face appear – Rex! Wow, I was always surprised when I would see him after being away for so long. He looked really tall and tanned, like what were they feeding him there? And where did he get all the sun from? You’d think he was living in the Caribbean, not Canada! Anyway, he looked really good and I couldn’t hide the grin plastered across my face. I was just so glad to have my best friend back, at least for a few days. He looked up at us and smiled. I waved him over and he walked slowly toward Mark and me. “Hey guys! How’s it going?!” “Hey, you’re here!” I exclaimed, giving him a big hug. Ahh, it felt so good to be close to him again! “Yeah, finally!” Rex replied, returning the hug. “It’s great to be back! Hey, Mark,” he added, turning to hug my brother as well. “Hey, man, what’s up?” Mark asked, patting him on the back. “How was the trip?” I asked. “Good, but I’m glad it’s over. What are you guys up to?” he asked curiously, seeing us setting up a table at the middle of our back yard. “We’re gonna play some table tennis, wanna join?” Mark said, pointing at the rackets and balls. “Sure!” Rex replied readily, obviously excited to play. He always did love sports more than me, but this time I didn’t mind playing either, just to be close to him. As we played ping-pong and laughed together, I realized how much I missed his voice, his smile and just his presence. Sure, Nico and Jackson were great, I loved hanging out with them, but now that Rex was here, I realized how much I wanted him back. Suddenly, mom opened the door that lead from the house to the back yard and Dean ran out like lightning, barking and heading straight toward Rex’s legs. Once he reached his target, he started jumping around, obviously wanting to play with the new human he didn’t recognize. “Ohhh, who’s this?!” Rex said excitedly. “You didn’t tell me you had a dog!” “Yeah, I forgot. Rex, meet Dean Winchester!” I grinned, looking at the two of them playing. I couldn’t tell who was happier, Rex or the puppy. I noticed my best friend had no reaction to the dog’s name. Well, he obviously wasn’t a Supernatural fan like Jackson and I… A few minutes later, Mark and Rex continued their match while I took over the satisfying duty of entertaining Dean. The dog seemed to have endless energy as he ran around the back yard, with me behind, trying to get him interested in catching a ball that I was throwing. My phone rang and I fished it out of my pocket, seeing Jackson’s face on the screen. If I’m being honest, my opinion of him has changed a bit since the day Nico told me about why they broke up, but not necessarily in a bad way. It just made me realize how sometimes we don’t really know some people as well as we’d like to think. I just never thought of Jackson as someone who’d have sex with a bunch of random guys, but at least he didn’t go behind Nico’s back and cheated. He was honest and upfront about what he wanted. “Hey, what’s up?” “Hey, man, I was just taking Sam out for a walk and wanted to see if you were home,” Jackson said. “Sure, come by. I’ll grab Dean and we can walk them together.” “Cool, I’ll be over in fifteen. See ya!” As he opened the gate, Jackson let Sam from the leash and the pup ran toward Dean, the two brothers reuniting. It was surely brotherly love worthy of Supernatural! While the pups played together in the grass, I introduced Jackson to Rex and Mark, who were still engrossed in their little ping-pong duel. Leaving the two of them to duke it out, Jackson and I sat on the porch and got some sodas. Looking at Rex and Mark playing tennis, I could see they were having fun, not even noticing I wasn’t there. I felt a pang of jealousy although I knew it was ridiculous. What was I exactly jealous of? My best friend hanging out with my brother? If only I didn’t have these feelings for Rex, things would be so much easier… “Shall we?” I finally stood up and got Dean on a leash. Strangely, I wanted to get out of there. “Yeah, let’s go,” Jackson followed with Sam and soon we were out, walking down the street with our two dogs strutting in front of us. “So, that’s the famous Rex you’ve been talking about?” “Yeah, he just arrived today.” “And you guys are just friends or…?” “Yeah, of course. He’s been my best friend since childhood,” I said, looking straight ahead even though I could tell Jackson was looking at me. I didn’t want to look at him, afraid that my face would betray some of the emotions I was feeling. “Ok…” he replied, clearly not convinced with my response. “Why do you ask?” “Well, I mean, I have eyes, Andy. I saw the way you were looking at him.” I still refused to look at Jackson, but by the sound of his voice I could tell he was now smiling. “Well, aren’t you perceptive,” I finally turned toward him and rolled my eyes. “So what, maybe I have a crush.” “I’m not judging, just observing,” he said defensively, now grinning at me, pleased that he was able to make me confess. “Speaking of observing, I saw you with that guy today during lunch,” I said, desperate to change the subject. “What guy, Danny?” Jackson asked. “I don’t know, Nico didn’t tell me his name. Or he did and I forgot.” “Oh… And what else did Nico say?” Jackson said, his voice now unusually timid. “Something about our breakup, I guess?” “Yeah, he did mention it.” We walked in silence for a while before Jackson spoke again. “Danny’s cute, we fool around now and then. Nico wanted something more serious, but I wasn’t ready for that. Fuck, I’m sixteen, I wanna have fun, you know?” I nodded. Although I didn’t feel the same way, I understood him. A lot of guys our age feel the same way, it’s only natural, I guess. Jackson explained what happened between them and then asked: “What did Nico say?” “Pretty much the same thing you told me,” I confirmed. “Not that you guys owed me any explanation or anything. But I consider you both my friends and I’m glad we can all hang out.” “Sure,” Jackson nodded. “No hard feelings on my part.” “Good to hear that,” I smiled. “And that was a great way to change the subject from you and Rex,” Jackson said, giving me that ‘busted!’ look. “What? I would never…” I feigned ignorance, but then smirked a second later when I looked at the tall blond. “Yeah, yeah,” Jackson nodded sarcastically and playfully bumped my shoulder. “Of course you wouldn’t.”
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    Meet the Winchesters

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. There will be a romantic interest for Andy sooner than you think As for Rex texting Mark, the situation develops in the next chapter!
  6. WhenItRains

    Meet the Winchesters

    Thank you again! Yep, so far things are looking good, at least with Nico and Jackson...
  7. WhenItRains

    Meet the Winchesters

    Hopping on my trusted bike, I sped off down the street, excited to finally get my new pet! It turned out Jackson’s home was a few blocks away from mine, which was great because I didn’t have to ask dad to drive me by car. I actually liked his street a lot, it was wide, with a lot of space to ride bikes. I had often taken rides there, either alone or with Mark, passing by Jackson’s house many times without even knowing who lived there. Well, now I had another reason to go there. When I arrived, Jackson was in the backyard, shooting hoops. He was wearing a yellow tank top and gray shorts, probably the first clothes he got out of his closet. For a gay guy, he didn’t seem like the type to pay too much attention to what he wore – or maybe that was just a stereotype on my part. Not that he didn’t look good, on the contrary. He was a year older so he was already more developed than I was. Also, his long blond hair really suited him, not everyone would be able to pull it off. Seeing me approaching, he grinned and dropped the basketball, letting it bounce off to the other side of the yard, coming to greet me. “Hey, what’s up?” “Andy, hi,” he waved and came over, giving me a fist bump. “How was your first day of high school?” “Not bad! Met some new people, joined the LGBT club, and now I’m getting a new pet!” “Enjoy it while it lasts,” he patted me on the back. “When the classes start for real, it’s gonna get hectic.” “Gee, thanks,” I chuckled. “Way to raise my spirits!” “Don’t worry, I’ll let you in on the teachers. Some of them are really laid back, not checking for homework or even letting you copy it from others. But some, like Mr. Coyle, you don’t wanna mess with.” “Oh, thanks. You’re gonna have to tell me all about them.” “Yeah, later. Wanna shoot some hoops first?” “Sure,” I said, following him to the concrete patch that served as a makeshift basketball court. There was only one hoop, but there was plenty of space to play. I still wasn’t really interested in sports, but I didn’t want to reject him right away, on the first day that we met. So what if I wasn’t really good, and he was at least three inches taller than me? It’d be an easy victory for him, but hey, it’s the bonding that counts, right? After about twenty minutes, we decided to take a break and get something to drink. He came into the house and returned with two bottles of water, sitting down next to me on the concrete steps. “You’re not bad, but you don’t play a lot, do you?” Well, that was a nice way of saying I sucked. I appreciated that he sugar-coated it, not wanting to make me feel bad, though. “Not really,” I said. I had a feeling he was playing worse than usual on purpose, just so I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. “I’m not really that into sports. Unless you count e-sports,” I chuckled, taking another sip of water. “So why did you say yes? We could’ve done something else.” “It’s ok, really. I don’t mind playing here and there.” “But if we ever play a serious game, I probably shouldn’t pick you on my team?” he teased. “Yeah, unless you really wanna lose,” I grinned and shook my head. “I’ll keep that in mind!” As we sat on the steps and chatted, I realized I’m probably going to rather like having Jackson as a friend. He seemed really chill and easy to talk to. Some people are just high maintenance and drain all of your energy when you’re with them, requiring you to adopt a certain mindset when you’re talking to them. Not Jackson – I felt like I could just be me, without any pretense or having to try hard. After we cooled off and our heart rates returned to normal – especially mine, since I wasn’t really in tip-top condition – Jackson suggested that we go inside so he’d show me the puppies. I followed him into the house, eager to see my new pet. “Hi, you must be Andy,” Jackson’s mom came from the living room and greeted me as we entered the house. At first glance, she seemed nice and polite. I don’t know if she was strict with Jackson, but she seemed pretty easy-going. “Hi, nice to meet you, Mrs. Selleck,” I shook her hand. “Jackie said you’d be coming for the puppy.” “Yeah, my parents finally let me get a dog, I’m super pumped,” I smiled, unable to hide my excitement. “That’s nice. They’re in the back, your dad is feeding them,” Jackson’s mom told him and we went to find them. When we entered the room, I saw two Jack Russell Terriers jumping around, with Jackson’s dad kneeling down, playing with them. Their bowls were almost empty, so I assumed they had already eaten. “Oh, hey guys! Is this Andy?” Jackson’s dad turned around and greeted us. “Yeah, that’s him,” Jackson replied and we moved in closer. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Selleck,” I offered my hand and he shook it. He looked younger than I imagined. He had a light brown beard and untidy hair of the same color. I could see where Jackson got his good looks from – not that his mom wasn’t attractive. “You too, young man! What do you say about the puppies?” As I opened my mouth to reply, Jackson quickly interjected. “The one with the black spots is mine, just so you know,” he grinned at me. “Ok,” I chuckled. “They’re both really cute,” I said honestly. I really didn’t mind having either, but of course Jackson had the right to pick first, they were his dogs after all. “So I get the one with the light brown spots. Hmm, I have to come up with a name for him… Or her? Is it a boy or a girl?” “They’re both male,” Jackson’s dad said. “Mine is called Sam,” Jackson said as he played with his puppy. “So should I call mine Dean?” I teased, waiting to see if Jackson would get it. “Oh, like the Winchesters? That’d be cool,” he laughed and nodded. Ok, so he was a Supernatural fan. Once again, I thought he seemed like a cool guy, just like Nico, and I couldn’t help but wonder why they broke up. Maybe they just weren’t right for each other. “It’s settled then, I’ll name mine Dean,” I nodded and knelt down. “Hey, Dean, come here.” The pup ran toward me as soon as I got down on my knees and outstretched my arms. We started playing and I already felt attached to it. “Wanna go outside and let them run around in the backyard?” “Sure,” I replied, grabbing Dean and following Jackson and Sam. As the pups ran around and played together, I couldn’t help but feel bad that we’re separating them. However, I lived close enough so Jackson and I could take them for walks together – at least that’s what I hoped. -- Nico and I got in the routine of having lunch together every day, often joined by a few other kids we had some classes with. Jackson would also sometimes come and sit with us, when he wasn’t with his friends from the sophomore year. I also saw Mark a few times, but he would usually just wave at me and go and sit with his group of friends. I didn’t mind that, I had my own friends so I didn’t need to be sitting with my brother during lunch as well. Not like I wouldn’t see him at home. It was nice to always have someone to hang with, especially since Nico was a proper chatterbox so it was never a dull moment with him. From time to time, I would notice a few people giving us a weird look, maybe from having seen us at the LGBT club and because we were spending a lot of time together. They probably assumed we were boyfriends, but I didn’t really care, and neither did Nico for that matter. I just hoped nobody would say anything to Mark, at least not until I figure out a way to come out to him. Even if someone had, he never mentioned anything to me, so I assumed we were good. Nico was telling me about some new video games he wanted to try and I was listening intently. Whether or not we had the same taste in games didn’t matter – if you were talking about them, you had my undivided attention! “I’ve been saving up to buy Dead Cells, but it’s still in early access, so I’m not sure if I should wait,” he said seriously, as if he was discussing world politics. “I mean, I bought a few early access games years ago and they still haven’t been finished, so I don’t wanna get fucked over again.” “I’ve seen people play it, it looks super fun! I mean, from what I’ve seen it already looks almost finished. I think I’ll get it when I have the money,” I replied, taking a bite of my meatballs with tomato sauce. “Cool. Maybe whoever buys it first can let the other try?” He suggested, drawing circles with his fork around his plate, some mac and cheese still left on it. “Sure, that’d be awesome!” “Seriously, man, you need to come to my place and see my collection,” Nico said. “Yeah? You have a big one?” I smirked, wiggling my eyebrows. “So big! Probably bigger than yours,” he nodded and pursed his lips, before we both started laughing. We would tease each other like that all the time, and I gotta say, it felt great to have someone I could talk to like that without them thinking I was a pervert or something. We could just be ourselves and have fun. Sometimes I wondered if I could talk that way to Rex without making things awkward between us. I wasn’t ready to test that just yet. “What about tomorrow after school?” I suggested. He’d already been at my house a few times, but I still haven’t been to his. I was pumped to see his video game library and getting to borrow some of them. “Sure. I’ll have to ask my folks today just in case they have something planned, but I think it’ll be fine.” “Cool. Also, I wanted to talk to you about something,” I said, lowering my voice. We were at the end of the table and there was no one near us, but I still didn’t want to risk anyone overhearing us. “Sure, what is it?” he asked, smiling curiously as he saw me ducking my head and whispering. “Well,” I started hesitantly, “you’re out to your brother and sister, right?” “Yeah. And to my parents,” he nodded confidently. “Really? Fuck, lucky you!” I almost shouted and he burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh along. “I mean, you already did the hard part and here I am thinking of just coming out to Mark. I’m really nervous,” I said, bringing my volume back to whisper level. “You think he’ll be ok with it? Has he ever said anything homophobic?” “No, not that I know of. The thing is, we never talk about that stuff. I don’t mean just sex, I mean crushes, liking boys or girls, that kind of thing.” “Really?” he sounded surprised. “When my sis had her first kiss, she immediately told me. As I did to her. And I can’t even count the number of times my brother talked about the girls he was seeing and fu…” “Ok, no need for details of straight sex!” I quickly stopped him, making him laugh. “See, that sounds normal to me. But we never talk about that stuff at home. I know he dated some chick last year, but he never brought her home or talked about her. But I don’t think he’s a homophobe.” “What about your parents? Do you think he’d tell them if he found out?” “No, I don’t think so. He’s not a tell-tale and we get along great,” I said confidently. “Well, I can’t really tell you what to do, but I think you should go ahead and do it. I mean, you’re gonna have to do it sooner or later. Plus, he’s gonna hear rumors in school, you know? Better to hear it from you.” “Yeah, you’re so right. I’d already almost made up my mind, but I just wanted to talk to you too. Thanks.” “No problem,” he smiled and waved his hand, as if to say ‘no big deal’. “Damn, when did you get so smart?” I teased as we got up to go to our next class. “You ain’t seen nothing yet, boo,” he winked and grinned at me. -- When I came home after school, Mark was already in the backyard playing with Dean. When I first asked mom and dad to let me get the dog, they agreed to it but under one condition: if I wanted a dog, I had to be responsible and walk him every day and take him out to do his business. I readily agreed, but it turned out that Mark was more than willing to help me out. He enjoyed spending time with little Dean, walking and playing with him. Since mom and dad hadn’t gotten home from work yet, it was just the two of us, so I decided to bite the bullet and finally do it. I didn’t even go to have lunch first, not wanting to waste any more time. I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible no matter the outcome. I wanted to get it off my chest and have one less secret, one less thing to worry about. Of course, unless I’ve completely misjudged him and it all goes horribly wrong. Well, I was about to find out. I waved at Mark and slowly came over, trying to calm myself down. My stomach was turning and my feet were refusing to cooperate, but I willed myself to go over. Mark threw a tennis ball, trying to teach Dean to fetch it. The puppy ran after it and Mark turned toward me. “Hey, what’s up?” “Hey. You managed to teach him anything?” I asked, stalling for time. “Yeah, I think so. Look, he’s coming back with the ball.” “Nice!” Mark threw the ball again and after a few seconds of silence, I spoke again. “I gotta tell you something.” “Sure,” he turned to me and frowned. “Uh, you know the school has an LGBT club, right?” I could hear my heart pounding like a gong. He nodded. “Well, I went to check it out the other day… And I joined it.” Well, there it goes. I jumped off the cliff. No turning back now. I prepared myself for this moment – the most dramatic moment of my life, as I imagined it. In reality, it was anything but. Mark crouched again as Dean returned with the ball, took it from its mouth and threw it again. “Oh, ok,” was all he said. “You realize what that means?” I asked, not sure if he was really listening to me. “Yeah,” he nodded. I kept my eyes firmly on his face, trying to gauge his reaction, but there was none. What was he thinking? Why wouldn’t he say anything, for God’s sake? “And… Are you ok with it?” “Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” he said as he finally looked me in the eyes and nodded. A second later he turned to look at Dean again. “Ok, I just wanted to tell you,” I replied, feeling both relieved and confused. Relieved because he didn’t get mad, disgusted, or threatened to beat me or tell mom and dad, and confused because he was awfully quiet about it. It was as if I told him we’re having chicken for dinner. Was he really ok with it… or was he actually thinking of ways to embarrass me and ruin my life? Fuck, my brain was seriously messing with me, coming up with all kinds of crazy ideas, none of which turned out well for me. I needed to get something to eat and then go to my room and play some games. That always helps me relax and escape reality for a while. “Well, I’m going to have something to eat, wanna come?” I asked, not expecting him to say yes. “Sure, I’ll be right there,” he nodded and I went inside. I had barely sat the table when Mark came to the dining room, helping me. As I took the meal out of the microwave, he cut the bread and made fresh vegetable salad. “Did you see the video I sent you today?” Mark asked as we were sitting and eating our meal. “Yeah, I almost died of laughter! I had to show it to Nico right away,” I replied, remembering the funny clip he sent me of people getting scared by animals. “I thought I’d piss my pants when that old woman got knocked over by that goat,” he exclaimed and I had to stop eating or I’d choke from laughing with my mouth full. Just like that, any awkwardness that might have been there was gone and we continued eating and chatting about everything, just like we normally would. After lunch, we went outside again and played with Dean, without mentioning my coming out to him. It seemed that nothing had changed between us, but I felt relieved that now he knew and I didn’t have this big secret hanging over my head anymore – at least when it comes to him. As for my parents, I wasn’t ready for that step yet. As I rolled Dean on his back and started giving him a belly rub that he loved so much, Mark came over with his phone in his hand. “Hey, Rex just sent me a text, he’s coming next weekend with his folks.” “Oh, really? Cool,” I replied. He didn’t text me, but that’s fine. Not like we’re best friends or anything, right? Yeah, I was jealous and disappointed, so sue me. I mean, when did Rex and Mark become joined at the hip all of a sudden? I know Mark’s been hanging out with us more and more, but still, it was Rex and I, right? We were the main duo, and Mark was just the sidekick. When I got back to my room, I realized I’d left my phone in my backpack. I took it out and saw two new messages. One was from Nico, telling me it’s ok to come by his place tomorrow to see his ‘big fat collection’ – his words! That made me laugh, but seeing the other message made me even happier. It was Rex, letting me know he was coming the next weekend. So he did remember to text me! I know it wasn’t a big deal, just a text message, but I was still happy, even more so since I knew I’d see him again so soon. My heart felt warm and I threw myself on the bed, thinking how I could hardly wait for next weekend!
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    Friends And (Ex) Lovers

    Ohhh there are so many combinations! Of course, I already know which one, but you'll have to find out in your own time...
  9. WhenItRains

    Friends And (Ex) Lovers

    It's interesting to hear your opinions, thanks for commenting! I have to say, you're spot on with some of it, as you'll soon see! Yeah, Rex didn't really do much to redeem himself.
  10. WhenItRains

    Friends And (Ex) Lovers

    (Fall of 2017) This September came with a pretty big change for me – I started high school. After all of the teen Hollywood movies I’ve seen, I thought it would be much more stressful, or maybe even exciting – if that’s even possible for a school. In reality, it was just as boring as primary school, only this time with older, hormone-crazed teens. Of course, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous at first, since it was a big change and I’d have to meet new people and find new friends. This turned out to be not a big problem at all, especially compared to how I exaggerated it in my head. Just a few weeks into the new school year, I was already accustomed to my new schedule and quickly picked up on which students I had several classes with. That way, I had someone to sit next to and talk to in almost every class, which was a good thing. Not just because some classes were so boring, but also because I didn’t like being a lone wolf. One of those students was Nico, a cute guy, a bit shorter than me, with tanned skin and long-ish black hair. I first noticed him entering the algebra class when I was already sitting at a table, with an empty spot next to me. As he entered and looked around, his eyes connected with mine and he slightly raised his eyebrows, as if to ask ‘Can I sit there?’ I nodded in response and he came over and sat next to me. Just like that, we understood each other without a word. Hmm, could this be the start of a good friendship or what?! “Hey, I’m Nico,” he extended his hand as he sat down and turned toward me. “I’m Andy,” I shook his hand and smiled. “How do you like the school so far?” “It’s ok, I guess,” he shrugged. “I don’t really know a lot of people – or almost any people.” “Yeah, me too. I think I saw you in the history class as well?” “Yeah, seems like we share that class, too. We can check our schedules later and see if we’ve got any other classes together?” “Sure,” I nodded and saw the professor entering the classroom. We turned our attention to him, though we spoke a few more times during class. Nico seemed like a nice enough guy, at least as far as I could tell after knowing him for like half an hour. After the class, we went out and compared our schedules. We had at least one class together every day, which we both thought was great. We seemed to get along well, which is why it surprised me when after lunch he seemed to be in a hurry, as if he wanted to leave as soon as possible. “Hey, what’s the rush?” I had to ask him, getting up from the table and following him. “Uh, it’s just that there’s somewhere I have to be,” he said, seeming a bit nervous. “Ok… Umm, I didn’t say anything to upset you, did I?” “No, of course not,” he made a brief pause and sighed. “Look, I might as well tell you now. Uh, the school has an LGBT club and I wanted to go and check it out before my next class, that’s why I was in a hurry.” “Oh,” I said, a little surprised at first, but then not really. It’s not like Nico was some burly macho guy who you’d never believe to be gay. Still, I wasn’t used to people coming out to me so soon after meeting me. That actually inspired me to be more open as well, so I decided not to hide who I was from Nico. “Well, I might be interested in that, too.” “Oh, cool, so you’re…” “Yeah, I’m gay too,” I nodded and made a crooked smile. “But my next class is in like three minutes, so I’ll have to check it out later.” “Ok, I’m off to find it now, I’ll let you know if I find any cute guys for you,” Nico winked and went on his way. Ok, this school year just might be fun after all! The one thing that worried me was the fact that Mark could find out I was gay if I went to the LGBT club. Sure, he was a junior and I was a freshman, and we had no mutual friends, but you know how it is in high school, word travels fast. Still, I didn’t want the fear of my brother finding out preventing me from meeting other gay kids. I mean, I didn’t have a single gay friend – other than Nico, whom I just met. Just like that, I decided to come out to Mark as soon as possible. Not gonna lie, the thought of telling him made me nervous, but deep down I hoped he’d react well. I mean, we were pretty much best friends, despite – or maybe thanks to being brothers. In the last two years, whenever Rex would come to visit, Mark would hang out with us more and more. He was now almost like a third member of our little group. Of course, neither of them knew about me being gay. Well, to be more precise, I never told them, and if they suspected anything, they didn’t let on. Other than the little jerk-off session Rex and I shared years ago, nothing else happened between us. We never even talked about liking boys or girls. I often wondered if he had a girlfriend or boyfriend, but he never said anything and I never asked. If I had to place a bet, I’d say he suspected about me, but he never said anything, not even a casual remark about whether he was ok with gay people or not. I had to hope that if – or when – I decide to come out to him and Mark, they would be accepting. Later that day, after my next class, I went to the school’s LGBT club and met the professor who was in charge of it – Mrs. Lisa Peters. She was straight, but a big supporter of LGBT rights. I liked her immediately and stayed and chatted with her for several minutes. She told me she had already met Nico that day, and that he seemed like a great guy, which I agreed with. As I was picking up my stuff and getting ready to leave, Mrs. Peters turned to talk to another student who had just come in. He was tall, lanky and had long blond hair, tied into a ponytail. I’m usually not a fan of long hair, I’d never grow it myself, but it looked good on this guy. “Thanks, Mrs. Peters, I’ll just leave it here,” the guy said as he was pinning some kind of a poster on a bulletin board. “No problem, Jackson, I hope you find someone for the little guy,” she replied and went on her way. I approached the guy and saw he was putting up a poster with an image of a cute little puppy. The text below said that he was giving him away, and there was also his phone number. “Hey, is that your puppy?” I asked, unintentionally startling him. He turned around surprised, and I chuckled. “Oh, hey, didn’t notice you there! Yeah, it’s mine, but I already have one and my parents aren’t letting me keep both, so I’m trying to find a good home for this one,” he said with a sad smile. “I’d love to own a dog, but I’d have to ask my parents first!” “Cool, let me know what they said. Oh, I’m Jackson, by the way.” “Andy, nice to meet you,” I shook his hand and gave him a friendly smile. “I’ll copy your phone number so I can text you after I talk to my parents,” I said and entered his number from the poster into my phone, and then sent him a text so he’d know it was me. “Thanks,” he said, checking his phone to save my number. “I haven’t seen you before, are you a freshman?” “Yeah, you?” “I’m a sophomore. If you need any help around the school, just let me know.” “Thanks, I will!” As we were chatting about the school and Jackson’s dogs, I saw Nico coming from the hallway. “Hey, there you are,” he came up to us. “Hi, Jackson. I see you guys have met.” “Hey! Yeah, we just did,” Jackson replied. “Oh, you guys know each other?” I asked, a bit surprised. “Yeah,” Nico said hesitantly, without looking at Jackson. I could sense the mood suddenly shifting, as if there was some tension in the air. I wasn’t sure what was going on between them so I decided not to ask anything that might make things awkward. “Well, guys, I gotta go, my class is almost starting. See ya later!” Jackson said and nodded to us, smiling. “And Andy, let me know what your folks said!” “Sure, I hope they say yes! See ya,” I replied as Jackson left, leaving me with Nico. We headed toward our next class, which we had together. “What was that all about?” Nico asked. “He’s giving away a puppy for adoption, and I told him I’d ask my parents if they’d let me take it.” I’m really hoping they’ll say yes. We only used to have a cat, but since it died a few years back, we didn’t get another pet. I love dogs and I love spending time outside – which may sound surprising, as when I was younger it would take a house fire to get me to leave my room and go play outside. Now that I’m a bit older, I love talking walks and just being outside, so having a dog to take for walks every day would be amazing! Another reason I love spending time outdoors is that I’ve taken up photography, going around with my trusted phone with a really good back camera, snapping photos of buildings, streets, nature, people and whatever else that catches my eye. I’m planning to buy a good camera, but that’ll have to wait for when I have the money. Nico and I talked about our hobbies, and he revealed to me that he loved reading crime novels, watching comedies and swimming. As he was sharing a story about almost drowning many years ago, before he learned how to properly swim, I was grateful that there was no more awkwardness that I thought I sensed when he came and saw Jackson and me. I decided not to ask anything about it. Eventually, Nico casually broached the subject himself. “Jackson and I used to date this past spring.” “Oh, ok. Are you still speaking?” “Yeah, we’re friends now,” he reassured me. “I mean, we didn’t date for long – maybe two months. But we agreed to stay friends.” He tried to sound indifferent, but I sensed that maybe there was more to it than what he was telling me. I didn’t want to press it, though – if he says he’s ok with it, who am I to question it? It makes no difference to our friendship anyway. As soon as I got home that day, I went to my dad and asked him about Jackson’s puppy. He and mom talked for a bit and agreed that I could get it and needless to say, I was over the moon! After hugging and thanking them, I immediately ran off to my room to get my phone and text Jackson. “They said yes! I can be the proud new owner of… What’s his name?” A few minutes later, Jackson replied. “Awesome! Doesn’t have a name yet, you can name him” Oh, boy, is that a sweet task to have! I’m about to have my first dog, and I have to come up with a cool name for it! None of those generic names like Spot or Buddy, though. I want something better, but what…? After racking my brain for what seemed like ten hours, I decided I should first go and get the dog. I was hoping I’d come up with a good name when I see it in person. So, after putting on my shoes and grabbing my phone, I got Jackson’s address and headed to his place to get my new pet. Afterwards, when I get back, I have a much less pleasant task to do: figure out how to tell my brother I’m gay.
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    Rex Returns

    Stay awhile and you shall see...
  12. WhenItRains

    Rex Returns

    Thanks! Yeah, they seem to have a strong bond.
  13. WhenItRains

    Rex Returns

    Closing the door behind me, I plopped onto my bed feeling sad and disappointed. Rex didn’t come this time, which meant I wouldn’t see him for maybe another six months. What the hell am I going to do all summer? What’s even worse is the fact that he didn’t even call or text to say he wouldn’t be coming. He knew I’d be expecting him as always, and he still let me believe he was going to come. Wait, what if he didn’t come because of what we did the last time he was here? I had an amazing time and I thought he did too – at least he looked like he did. I mean, it was his idea after all, he was the one who started it! What if he changed his mind and is now embarrassed about it? Maybe he won’t want to speak to me ever again? No, I can’t leave it at that, I have to find out why he really didn’t come – was it just the summer camp or something else? I picked up my phone and decided to text him. Since he was at the camp, probably having fun with his new friends, I didn’t want to bother him by calling. This way, he can respond when he finds the time. I thought about what to write for a minute or two, and then decided to go simple. “Hey, how’s the summer camp? Having fun? Wish u called to tell me u weren’t coming.” There, sent! I lay back down and played some music on my phone, trying to relax while I waited for the reply. After about fifteen minutes, I realized he probably wasn’t going to reply any time soon, so I got up. There’s no use in lying here and moping around, that’s only going to make me feel even worse. Leaving my phone behind, I went to find Mark and see if he was up for playing some games or watching moves together. Even though he was two years older and had his own friends, we got along pretty good. We had rather different interests, but we almost never got into fights. “Hey, whatcha doing?” I asked casually as I entered Mark’s room. “Hey, not much, just watching a movie. Wanna join?” he said, tapping on the bed next to him. “Sure, what are we watching?” I asked as I climbed the bed and got comfortable. “Hot Shots. Want some popcorn? Mom made them.” “Yes, please!” I said eagerly and grabbed a handful of hot popcorn from a bowl that Mark put on the bed between us. Hot Shots was one of our favorite comedies, just what I needed for that evening. Mom’s delicious butter popcorn also helped improve my mood, and in a matter of minutes we were laughing and enjoying the movie. Mark never mentioned Rex and I was thankful for it. I guess it was obvious that I was bummed about him not coming, and my big bro was considerate enough not to add salt to the wound. Instead, we just spent the evening having fun, eating popcorn and drinking sodas. “So, any big plans for the summer?” I asked as the movie was drawing to a close. We’ve already seen it at least three times in the last two years, so we knew what was going to happen anyway. “Umm not really. I’ll probably be going to the pool with some buddies. You?” Mark replied, licking the salt from the popcorn off his fingers. “Not much, just hanging out with schoolmates, I guess. We wanna go and see the new Avengers movie when it comes out!” “Yeah, I wanna see that one, too!” “Do you think mom and dad will take us somewhere this summer?” “No clue, I don’t think I’ve heard them mention anything. Maybe they’ll surprise us.” “Yeah, maybe,” I replied, wondering where we could go. Last summer they took us to Disneyland, so I was really pumped, waiting to see if they could top that. Mark and I had so much fun, it was all we talked about for weeks. After the movie ended and I went back to my room to go to sleep, I decided not to check my phone. If Rex even replied by now, I’d read it tomorrow, but at that moment I just wanted to relax and sleep. Sure enough, when I woke up in the morning and grabbed my phone off my desk, there was one unread message. Rex: “Camp is super fun! Sorry, was busy with school and camp prep. See ya for the holidays.” I put the phone down, unimpressed. I mean, what was I expecting him to write? That what we did was fun but it couldn’t happen again? That he’s sorry, but he realized he was straight? I don’t even know, but that message was so… generic and impersonal. It felt like a stranger wrote it, not my supposed best friend. I wanted to text him back and ask him about what we did during his last visit, but something stopped me. I was too embarrassed or afraid, or maybe even both. It was obvious he didn’t want to talk about it, so I was definitely not going to be the one to open up that can of worms. In the end, I just typed “No worries, have fun at the camp,” but then deleted it. I just didn’t feel like replying at that moment. What was even the point? He was there and didn’t want to talk. I might as well spend time with the friends I’ve got here instead of waiting for him to come back, and that’s exactly what I did. That summer break, I tried to spend as much time as I could with my schoolmates, hanging out at each other’s houses, going to the movies or just riding our bikes around the neighborhood. I was honestly surprised at how well the plan had worked – it turned out I didn’t need Rex to have fun. My friends from school were fun as well; sure, we didn’t play the sexy games that Rex and I did that one time, but I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do that stuff with any of them. Also, none of them actually knew that I was gay, or if they did, they didn’t talk to me about it. I wasn’t sure how they would react, but I didn’t want to test it just yet. It’s not like my sexuality had anything to do with our friendship, so I decided there was no point in mentioning it in the first place. -- The start of the new school year was rather uneventful, except for the fact that Mark had started high school, so we didn’t go to the same school anymore. At first I thought it’d be weird not seeing him there every day, but to be honest, I didn’t even notice he was gone. I exchanged few text messages with Rex since the last time, and only when he wrote to me first. I didn’t want to push it, and was also still feeling betrayed and disappointed whenever I thought of him. Now, I know I probably didn’t have the right to feel that way, it’s not like he owed it to me to come, but I couldn’t help it. We were best friends and I felt like I at least deserved an explanation. Actually, I wasn’t even sure if we were best friends anymore. How long can you stay best friends with someone living in another country? As much as I didn’t want to admit it, it definitely felt like Rex and I were running out of steam. When Thanksgiving finally came, I didn’t feel the usual excitement that I would feel whenever Rex was about to visit. This time, it was replaced by anxiety and doubt. I had no idea where we stood and I was anxious to meet him and see if things will get cleared up. Mom made a huge Thanksgiving dinner, even bigger than usual, since we’d have Rex’s family over. Everything smelled delicious, so I found any reason to be near the kitchen the entire afternoon. Of course, mom appreciated an extra pair of helping hands, so she didn’t mind me hanging there. It was around six when the doorbell rang, announcing that our guests have arrived. Since mom and I were in the kitchen, finishing the dinner, dad welcomed the Lewis family. “Where’s Andy?” I heard Rex saying from the living room and I immediately felt relieved. I guess I was worried he wouldn’t come or wouldn’t even care about seeing me, but hearing him ask about me made me feel good. “He’s in the kitchen, I’m sure he’ll be over in a second,” dad told him. I said nothing and just continued helping mom, but she knew I wanted to see my friend and didn’t want to keep me away from him any longer. “It’s ok, I got it now. You go and hang out with Rex.” “Thanks, mom,” I gave her an appreciative smile and went to greet the guests, especially Rex. “Oh, there he is,” Rex’s mom said when she saw me. “You’ve grown a lot since we saw you last time!” “Maybe a little,” I said. I hated it when adults commented on my growth and ‘what a big boy’ I am. That maybe worked with little kids, but not with thirteen-year-old teens. “Hey, man! You’re here!” I approached Rex and gave him a bro hug. “Yeah! Wanna go to your room?” He smiled and returned the hug. Some things obviously never change. We immediately went to my room and left the adults to themselves. Rex’s little sister stayed with them, busy playing on her smartphone. Our parents knew we weren’t crazy about babysitting her, and it’s not like Rose was keen on being in the company of two older boys. We had no interest in dolls or makeup, so she knew she’d be bored out of her mind if she went along with us. “Yeah, it was a lot of fun,” Rex was telling me about his summer camp experience as we were waiting for Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing to load. “We spent most of the time outdoors, camping and hiking. We also went on a lake, but it was too cold to swim, our balls would’ve frozen.” That little comment reminded me of our jerk-off session from last spring, but I didn’t dare mention it. I just chuckled and let him continue with his story. He was recounting his experience full of excitement – it was obvious he had a lot of fun at the camp, and I felt a bit bad that I was angry at him for going there instead of coming here with his family. Was I selfish for wanting to spend time with him? “So, what did you do this summer?” “Umm you know, the usual. Hung out with guys from school – Bobby, Shawn and others. We went to see the new Avengers, did you watch it?” “Yeah, it was awesome!” He nodded vigorously in agreement. “I know! Mom and dad also took us to the Sea World in August, that was super cool,” I said as I was concentrating on drifting and overtaking him in Sonic. He was in fourth place and I was just behind him, trying to beat him and not get hit in the process. “Cool, I’ve never been there,” Rex said absentmindedly, clearly focused on keeping his distance from my vehicle and not getting hit by anything. He managed to finish second, and I was right behind him in third place. “Ok, I let you win this one, but now I’m getting serious,” I teased him. “Uh-huh, sure. I’m shaking,” he replied as the next race was starting. It was one of my best levels, and this time was no different – I handily managed to come out on top and finish first, while he ended up sixth, after an unfortunate series of hits he took from other drivers. “Ouch, that was terrible,” he said, chuckling. “I guess I’m a bit rusty.” “It’s like they all ganged up on you near the end!” I was glad that he took losing better than before; it meant I won’t have to let him win so he wouldn’t get mad anymore. A few minutes later, Mark knocked and entered the room. “Hey guys, what’s up?” “Hey, we’re just playing Sonic,” I said. “Got room for one more?” “Sure, just bring your joystick,” I said and changed the settings to three players. He usually didn’t hang out with us so I was a bit surprised, but I didn’t mind it, and neither did Rex. “Zack said his guests still haven’t left, so he can’t come yet,” Mark explained when he returned with his joystick. “So I thought I’d hang out with you guys for a bit.” “Come on, Andy’s beating my ass, I need someone to knock him down a notch,” Rex said, wiggling his eyebrows. “Oh, I am down for that!” Mark said excitedly, looking at me with a devilish grin. “Ok, so that’s how things are gonna go. Well, don’t get your hopes up, boys,” I said, not having any intention of making things easier for them. Mark was actually the best player out of the three of us, so he managed to beat us in most of the games. Still, we had a lot of fun, pretending to trash talk each other and enjoying whenever we’d score a hit against one of the other players. When Mark’s friend Zack finally showed up, the two of them went to his room, leaving Rex and me alone. I was sort of glad about that, as I was still hoping we’d get to discuss what happened last time. Of course, I knew that if we were to talk about it, Rex would have to be the one to actually bring up the topic as I wasn’t comfortable doing it. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We spent the rest of the evening eating snacks and playing video games, talking about everything other than the thing that was on my mind the whole time. On the day when he was supposed to travel back to Canada, I was woken up early by someone knocking on my door. Even though I was an early riser, this was too early even for me and I did not appreciate someone disturbing my slumber. The door slowly opened and my mom’s head appeared. “Hey, sweetie, wake up,” she said gently, as if that would make getting up so early any easier. “You have a visitor.” “Huh?” I said, rubbing my eyes and blinking. “Who is it?” “It’s Rex.” “Oh, ok. Let him in,” I replied, surprised that he came. We said our goodbyes last night, so I wasn’t expecting him. “Hey, man, sorry to wake you up so early, but we have to go to the airport soon,” Rex said apologetically as he entered my room. “No worries, man. Didn’t expect to see you today!” I said, moving to the side so he could sit on the bed. “Yeah, I wanted to say goodbye and give you something. I forgot to bring it to you yesterday.” He pulled out something wrapped in colorful wrapping paper and handed it to me. As I opened it, my face lit up, and by that point I was fully awake. “Oh my God, Spiderman! My favorite issue!” I yelled as I realized I was holding my favorite issue of the Spiderman comics, one which I used to have until mom accidentally threw it away. She apologized and apologized, but didn’t manage to find another copy to buy. Now I finally had it again! “Wow, you remembered!? Thanks!” I said, giving him the biggest smile ever. “Of course I did, how could I forget my best friend’s favorite comic,” he stated matter-of-factly, returning the smile. “Thanks, man. So… I’m still your best friend?” I asked shyly. “Of course you are, man,” he reassured me. I have to admit, that was one of the best days I’ve had recently. Even though Rex had to return to Canada, at least we parted on a good note. However, I still couldn’t help the doubt that was present somewhere in the back of my mind. On the surface, things between us seemed the same as always, but I knew they weren’t. There was that issue hanging above our heads, but neither of us would be the first to address it. It wasn’t until he left that I thought maybe he was doing the same thing I did – waiting for the other to bring it up. Maybe he was just as scared as I was? Whatever the case, I was too nervous to say anything, so I did the only thing I could – let him go away again, hoping that in time we’d forget all about it.
  14. WhenItRains

    Can someone pls help me find a story

    @Reader1810 @lomax61 @Timothy M. Thank you everyone for your help, that was exactly the story I was thinking about! I remember reading it and it being one of my absolute favorite stories here, very emotional and just amazingly written. Funny enough, I thought it was called the Second Half, but when I searched and couldn't find it, I began to doubt my memory 😆 I honestly don't see the need for any of those so-called 'dark' elements to be changed, but I guess I'll reserve judgment until I read the story again. Thank you all once again!
  15. WhenItRains

    Not So Innocent

    You are on to something, that's all I can say for now...

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