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    Longtime Buddhist even longer as a seeker of Truth; it seems I became stuck in the WHY stage

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  1. Robert B.C.

    Chapter 5. Kay

    I've just read all 5 chapters in one go and I think that you have captured experiential awareness realistically and with understanding. It's been a great read! As to: Questions: did the writing feel like it was judging the characters or the club in any way? I think the relating is of personal experience which always has judgment but not necessarily condemnation.
  2. Robert B.C.

    FR Chapter 57

    Your relating of how many and who was beached in the storm is inaccurate: “We are down here, Guys,” Simon shouted out, and a few moments later Toby and Finn appeared, and when they saw what we were looking at they too sat down around me. “Any idea where we are?” Toby asked. “Yeah, the skipper thinks we are west of Hawaii, instead of north of Hawaii, but we have no satellite navigation to work out exactly where,” Simon replied for me.
  3. Yay! Another person from Beautiful British Columbia!

  4. Robert B.C.

    The Morning After the Night Before

    It's great to read a new revised chapter after so long, thanks very much. Just a comment that it is rife with typos.
  5. Robert B.C.

    New Year's Resolution. January 2010.

    Sadly it seems that I'm the only recorded reader at this time and that is very remiss. Your rewrite in this chapter proves the worthiness of your effort. I think that there is so much more vibrancy, clarity and a change of tone in the telling this time round. This is the definitive shift to the story for me so far. Thanks, Robert
  6. Robert B.C.

    Chapter 66

    What a great chapter, so taut and tense. I was reading this before bedtime and I'll have to stay up a while longer to try to relax. Brilliant as always.
  7. Robert B.C.

    Chapter 5 - Coin Toss

    I am really enjoying the story so far. This multi-themed or plotline approach is very well done.... your characters are believable and inviting to know.... there is a naturalness to them without any overt detail. I am looking forward to each new chapter. I don't know if you are posting this elsewhere also but don't be despondent about the readership. It is very difficult for new authors on this website, to the point that it almost a plot that you don't get read. How can anyone even know that you are posting when you aren't treated like the established writers?
  8. Robert B.C.

    Unbecoming Darrell Matthews

    Well the only thing that I am thankful for in GA's winter upset is finding your story! I greatly appreciate how you tell a story.... allowing the angst to remain instead of tidy endings which life rarely is about has made me looking forward to the next chapters. Thanks!
  9. Robert B.C.

    Brad and Matt

    I think that there are more valid reasons to vote no than what your poll choices suggest. Just because one says NO to an opportunity does not make you a prude, sometimes it is a wiser choice. If at some point the Hayes/ Crampton/ Schluters can't say no to f**king kith or kin then the author may be stuck? I greatly enjoy this complete series and it is not surprising with the moment that Millenium begins with Brad and Robbie, because it is life and for the most part we are not very original hence stereotype, archetype and repetitive actions BUT maybe there is hope that someone may raise their head from the muck and mire and change their minds!?
  10. Robert B.C.

    Man In Motion

    I've just joined in to this forum because of your writings and I held off reading 'Man In Motion" until the last chapter was posted. I am addicted to your tour de force adrenal style of writing and have greatly appreciated the whole series and the perspective changes over the decades. From my experience you captured very well the tone and mindset of these decades in a very moving fashion. Even though the series is an over the top soap opera it is so well founded in the times. I await your future writings with their sensitivity to life and relationship.

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