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  1. cmk762

    Unexpected Turns

    Gah! While I'm glad Urian is checking out things since they aren't adding up, I'm really disturbed that he has Cai chained to the wall and seems so possessive of him. I get that U is keeping C safe by making sure none of his people can kill him, but there's something creepy about it (and here I am getting super invested in this story even knowing it won't ever be finished and I'll probably have lot's of questions that won't be answered... silly me ) And ok I did think it was a little odd that Fear talked in complete sentences telepathically, but I just figured that was the world you'd created and that other Rangers have telepathic familiars as well. So nice little twist to find out what he is and what his purpose once was (since I'm guessing he isn't planning on killing Taranis and hasn't wanted to for a while) Very interested in finding out what made him change his mind. Also, it would be helpful to have some sort of timeframe: how old was T when he left home, how long has he been away, and when did he become a Ranger?
  2. cmk762

    The Mirror

    Very interesting start to a story. I know this is on hold and probably won't be finished since it hasn't been updated in years, but I like fantasy and this seemed interesting, so I wanted to give it a try 😏
  3. Yep, I did read Cupid Central because you mentioned it in another comment. For some reason Ayil didn't make me want to slap him silly. I'm guessing when he shows up in this book I'm going to dislike him a whole lot more? Definitely going to look into aditus' work...
  4. Interesting start, not usually a fan of stories that keep things confusing, but given how much I've enjoyed pretty much everything @Timothy M. has written I'm willing to hang in there - especially since this is only the second chapter and more clarity could come quickly. Am I supposed to have such a visceral reaction to the GA's boss, Ariel? I mean, I'm seriously close to hating the guy even if someone else is making him give Diego such shitty jobs. And I want to give Diego a hug and guard his sleep, so he can have someone take care of him after the hell he's had to go through with his job.
  5. Interesting little story, glad there's more to explore in this world you've created 😊
  6. Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing these lovely characters with us 😄
  7. I love how, now that Patrick has opened himself to love, more and more people worthy of his love/friendship have come into his life. This story warms my heart and soul and keeps a smile on my face as I read
  8. I knew that Peter wouldn't have any issues with Patrick's ESP, so I'm glad he was finally able to tell him. What a beautiful time they had together. I love that Peter came back as quickly as he could and that he got them rings and prepared the room for their first time together and the rose and jeez I'm basically repeating everything you wrote, but I really did love it all! So romantic, reminds me of all the ways my husband would show me how much he cared, both before and after we were married.... lovely memories
  9. cmk762

    The New Solare

    Hmmmm, but would Sindri accept a "promise ring" considering he hadn't dated all of the other gallants? I seriously doubt it... That just doesn't mesh with who he is or how determined he was to be as fair as possible in the whole process. At least that's my take 😏 you are the author, so whatever you say goes in your own story!
  10. Really enjoying them learning more about each other and becoming even more of a family. I am concerned that Patrick hasn't told Peter about being able to see a person's true desires yet, but considering how honest and open he is in guessing it will happen soon.
  11. Wow and awwwwww! Such a whirlwind of wonderfulness for these two lovely men. I feel like I am a member of their family that is getting to watch their lives together unfold before me. I feel so uplifted by the happiness you've given them (don't know if that makes sense, but it's how I feel )
  12. LOVE! So glad others wanted more and that you continued Peter and Patrick's story
  13. cmk762

    Now or Never

    I loved this story! But you always leave me wanting more! Bet I'm not the only one either
  14. cmk762

    Takes Pride

    Things are progressing nicely! So yep, give us more! Oh and when I read the first line I thought it was Dean saying that Bart had just told him he was dating Death which had me thinking this story was going in a really interesting/weird direction. I was immediately trying to figure out how Bart met Death and what their dating life would be like, lol. Of course then I read the second sentence and realized I had it all wrong.
  15. cmk762

    Friendly fire

    You certainly have talent! Seriously, such an interesting premise of a possessed fire extinguisher owned by a self destructive firefighter. Beautifully balanced between the weirdness of the situation, the seriousness of Bart's past life and Dean's current issues. I noticed in the comments that there's a part 2, so I'm excited to read it next.
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