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  1. Oooh, Hymenaios was given high hopes of his love being returned, and then immediately proved his words about being protective and daring all. But what will Kathros do now? Will she keep the secret of her rescuer, hero and love?
  2. I mostly did a like, so you would have the full range. But I did find a couple of things to laugh about. Mainly they was both of them are insisting on putting pride before sense and letting feelings rather than logic rule their interactions. No matter how angry Aidan is about what Heath did concerning his promotion, he should understand how all of Heath's reputation is based on him being honest and trustworthy. If it turns out he's being lied to about the ingredients, this will be a huge scandal. Trying to defend his boss is silly, when he should know the guy is an asshole and ruthless.
  3. It's one thing to take off and fly. I'd like to see them land safely too. But I liked the subtle ways Justin tried to convey his interest in Bill, asking whether he chased ladies and seizing the chance to grip his shoulder in support.
  4. Timothy M.

    Chapter 7

    I like Tracy less and less. He forces Jack to come out to him, then threatens to tell Jeff, informs Jack Jeff has a crush on him, and immediately hits on Jack and molests him. Well done on betraying Jeff and confirming your reputation as a predator. Jack's mom may be a bigot and have all the wrong reasons for saying he should stay away from Tracy, but I think Jack should come to the same conclusion. I'm glad he stood up to his mom and Jimmy, but I can see the wreck approaching too. He should talk to his father, who seems to be the only remotely sensible person in his life.
  5. Timothy M.

    Lacking Means

    And if it ends up being too late, they will regret not being proactive.
  6. Well, since I think Aidan should have realized all on his own how his boss and indeed the whole company are totally fucked up and unfair, I find his reaction another sign of his immature and naive outlook on life. I get that he was surprised, but he should have listened to Heath explain. Heath should let him stew until he comes to his senses. The only bright spot is that when Aidan's mother call, he can tell her he broke up with his boyfriend, because she was so negative and nosy. That should teach her, especially if he then says he'll never tell her anything about any future boyfriends. But of course, he's too insecure and wishy-washy to do that.
  7. But at least he saw that the bigots knew they were wrong, because they dispersed as soon as the tutor arrived.
  8. Timothy M.


    Clifton is still selfish and immature, but at least he's slowly finding his way back to being a friend to Nathan. I enjoyed the Lawrence put down immensely as well, and I hope we'll get to see the face of Arlene when he casually mentions getting the Chronicle to cover the calendar and the fete.
  9. It's a very special story, even with all the heart-breaking parts.
  10. Timothy M.

    Chapter 6

    Compatible in bed does not necessarily mean they'll work out as a couple otherwise. I hope Regan stays firm about his wishes for independence and makes Gideon revise his stupid assumptions and opinions.
  11. Timothy M.

    Chapter 5

    Nope, I don't like Gideon either. I'm still trying to decide which like to choose: or .
  12. Timothy M.

    Chapter 36

    Great challenge and Maurice is now their ally. I don't think there was a cliff hanger, just a pointer to a surprising but logical conclusion. If the opal is a Realm Stone, maybe it's the one belonging to the Dead Realm. Wouldn't it be cool if Kieran could bring it back to life ? But would he then need to reside there as Realm Lord ? Will he want that if all his friends except Mr B goes back to Earth ? I'm pretty sure Kieran won't be separated from Rhys, but perhaps they can be together on Earth for as long as Rhys lives, and Ranevargar and Maurice can oversee Kieran's Realm until he returns. But first hey have to free Rane, defeat Maynor and confront the High King.
  13. Timothy M.

    Chapter 35

    They've reached their destination and overcome so many obstacles with a combination of cleverness, talent and Kieran's power. I wonder who put up the mind barrier, since Ranevargar didn't know about it? Will getting past it alert someone ? Hopefully, Krol will deal with the monsters.
  14. Timothy M.

    Chapter 34

    Ugh, I got behind on my commenting, even though I kept up with reading. But I can see everyone else have covered all the topics. I think it was very mature of Kieran to decide to stop worrying about the High King possibly being his father. He needs to focus on the Maurice situation.
  15. Timothy M.

    Rainbow Colours

    I'm glad you agree (and that you also corrected my typo ).
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