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  1. Timothy M.

    Chapter 17.3

    Don't they have a concept of (benevolent) ghosts ? Much easier to believe than people coming back from the dead.
  2. Timothy M.


    I'm glad he manged to tell Lewis and Stephen, but now they have to face a difficult decision on how to proceed.
  3. Timothy M.

    Chapter 19

    You did mention it in the chapter, but I wasn't sure the restriction would be enough in today's global social media world. All it takes is one of Mason's friends knowing someone who knows someone who is gay and into Australian Rules football. A chance remark would spread like wildfire on social media and quickly be caught up by the regular media. If Jose can overhear their discussion, so can others in the bar, and some of those would definitely be interested in the combination of football, gay and Leopards.
  4. Timothy M.

    Chapter 19

    Hmm, does this mean I'll have to avoid speculating ? Or perhaps use spoiler boxes, so you don't see my guesses before you've written the last chapters ? Andrew was really stressed - I laughed at his request for Ben's dad to lower his tone. Would it help if he growled in bass rather than tenor ? José must be very handsome. He had a girl inviting him to have sex right after meeting him, and now he gets hit on by a number of guys. Shame he's ugly on the inside. Is Ben really OK with Mason letting all his friends know about their relationships ? Jerry, Dexter, Kevin, who else can see his Instagram account - do they all know about Ben's fear of his father ? It wouldn't take much to slip up and for someone to overhear and tip off the media about another gay player having joined the Leopards. I wonder why Dexter was worried about the idea of Deon being in the parade. No one will be able to harass him with questions as long as they march and afterwards he'll be with Clarissa and all the others.
  5. I guess Shaun hadn't learnt the meaning of one night stand or that clinging scares people off. I hope he didn't keep trying to get a boyfriend via app.
  6. Timothy M.

    Chapter 11

    I hope Kieran keeps the opal on, and that Rhys touches him while they sleep, to keep the bad guys away.
  7. Timothy M.

    Chapter 10

    Let's hope all the practice will make them too strong to be influenced again.
  8. Parents can do such bad things to their children without even realizing.
  9. Timothy M.

    Chapter 4

    I'm very pleased Jerry told Brandon and Zack exactly why he's uncomfortable around Brandon and the price he's paid. Hopefully, they'll leave him alone, or Zack will stop inviting Brandon around, when he wants to spend time with Jerry. I'd be very surprised if Brandon isn't the friend who came out, but he would have a lot to make up for if he wants to be friends or more with Jerry. After all, Brandon has been comfortably in the closet and when he decided to come out his friends didn't abandon him.
  10. Timothy M.

    Images no longer featured?

    And the gallery feature has gone missing again. Weird
  11. Timothy M.

    Chapter 10

    I guess it's tomorrow here, so Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark. I'm glad Nestor grew up enough to admit his wrongs and that he has a mate who confident and calm in spite of his size. Avion seemed to benefit from the example.
  12. Timothy M.

    Judas Tree by AC Benus

    They're all finished and definitely worth reading. I'm delighted if my review inspired you to read Judas Tree. Have tissues ready.
  13. Timothy M.

    Never Too Late by northie

    A huge step too, but I also like to read about his thoughts of the past, even if they're sad sometimes. We should remember what it was like for people before.
  14. Timothy M.


    I'm glad Eric has taken this important step. He seems like someone who is careful about his money, but hopefully he'll spend hours enjoying himself with garden and gay sites so he feels he's gotten value for money. It will help with both boredom and loneliness.
  15. Timothy M.

    Chapter 15 - Sloth mating calls

    Your sex scenes are fine, don't worry about your writing in that respect. But like all of us you could do with an editor to catch mistakes. You've improved a lot since you first started posting stories, but there's still the occasional you're / your mix up etc.

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