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Community Answers

  1. Timothy M.

    The Long Ride

    Your readers appreciate that you didn't. They made the right decision about returning.
  2. Timothy M.

    Return Match

    I like the way they are slowly connecting and working towards getting to know each other. The kiss at the end surprised me as much as it did Eric, but I think he was OK with it.
  3. Timothy M.

    Creline's Advice

    They really shouldn't be doing this. Thry can simply wait another 25 years, as they are quite likely to still be alive. And in the meantime, they can work on making the Ista and High Reaches empty again.
  4. Oh yeah, the 25 year leaps, I had forgotten about those being revealing to any observers in the other Weyrs. Zalna thinks it will only be 200 years till the next threadfall, but it will be 400 years, as it is a long interval, as far as I recall (see All the Weyrs of Pern). This is also why the Holders thought no more thread was coming, in Lessa and Flar's time.
  5. Timothy M.


    I'm not sure Mollik lied to Haycock in order to implicate Brathay, or Haycock lied about Mollik's answer. It could simply be the way Mollik was questioned by his captain. Perhaps he feared being wrongly accused of something, like the other soldier. (I don't have any specific insight as editor, in case you wonder.)
  6. I've seen the first season now, and I'm impressed. I'm all for them axing a lot of the book content in the future seasons in order to make a better story, especially if they manage to get rid of the boring and annoying stuff.
  7. I thought N'rax would tell Zalna not to bother with repopulating the Weyrs. But I guess the Long Interval meant that the plan failed in the long run, and even at Benden Weyr the dragon population declined.
  8. Timothy M.

    Family Portraits

    Good to see Adam's mother show a spark of rebellion. Nice morning for Adam and Andy, and I'm sure the photographer will be happy to sell them copies. He'll see it as a compliment to his artwork.
  9. I loved this story on BBC about a Norwegian ad featuring a gay Santa Claus.

    God Jul fra Danmark

  10. Timothy M.


    Oh, I'm sure he could cope with the social stuff, but being scrutinized as or assumed to be a potential partner of Eric might be detrimental to their friendship, and anything else which might develop. Nosy matchmakers can destroy budding relationships of all kinds.
  11. Zalna is so close to the answer, but she is also aware that it's problematic to share their speculations with others. Hopefully, when she becomes Weyr woman and if T'san becomes Weyrleader, then the Masterharper will explain. But probably only if they promise never to speak of it to anyone else. I agree with @ColumbusGuy that hearing some of the ballads of Pern set to music would be great. There are plenty mentioned in Menolly's story.
  12. Timothy M.

    Alan's story

    I liked that you used the fact that Christmas Eve is the main family celebration in Poland, it's the same in Denmark. But we don't have the 'uexpected guest' tradition. Maybe next year Alan will be able to accept their invitation, but hopefully by then he is in a better place mentally.
  13. Timothy M.


    I beg to disagree. Plenty of stuff happened, it may not be dramatic, but making a home cooked meal is a big deal for Eric, and i really like Adam for immediately mentioning the nice smell. Eric didn't dismiss the comment, and i'm hoping he'll enjoy his first meal with friends at home. Having a neglected garden is the perfect topic for Rob to bring up next time he sees Eric. Maybe he can bring his laptop and show pictures in a better size than the phone. I doubt Eric would be up to bringing Rob with him to a party, but it may depend on how it was sold to him. But if all the other guests are coming as couples or singles, then bringing a friend would be strange. And it would certainly be a lot to expect from Rob unless he had met Andy, Adam and Emily beforehand.
  14. It shall be my Christmas holiday reading.
  15. Timothy M.

    Table For Two

    I'm encouraged by the fact they managed so quickly to find common ground in discussing wood and trees. As the more socially experienced person it falls to Rob to catch ric's signals, and so far he seems to be doing a good job. Eric is at least trying to contribute and show interest, which is something to praise. I hope Brian will confine himself to observing and approving, rather than ask nosy questions, or he may get Eric to clam up and stop visiting.
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