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  1. I prefer the part of the wall behind the derelict sheds where the stones are visible, rather than the covered section. Can you leave the stones exposed or will they have to be treated ?
  2. This might be my favorite Sheith story so far. I was saving it for a special occassion, and it was worth the wait.
  3. Timothy M.

    Cold Blooded

    Ohhh, I love snakes, and twins are even hotter. I'm with Keith, I would have stayed forever too. But won't someone (family or friends) miss him ?
  4. What about if the member returns after a year (that has happened before) ? Will they have to refollow the authors ?
  5. I love the way quoted long posts are folded, so I don't have to scroll so much.
  6. As usual I have absolutely no idea, but I love reading the answers and seeing the guesses.
  7. Timothy M.

    Chapter 32

    Maybe Jimmy should turn into his wolf as soon as the transformation begins to show Sawyer the way.
  8. For 2020, special thanks to @ancientrichard who helped out with a story review in November.
  9. Awesome If we find chapters where we have left angry likes and redo them, then they will count, right ?
  10. Don't forget you can recommend your favorite story in this blog by sending a review to me or Renee. It doesn't have to be long and feel free to expand on a review you've already left on a specific story. If you want to check whether the story has been reviewed recently, simply PM the title to me.
  11. Welcome back ! I can see I need to dust off my prompt story with that tantalising first line prompt.
  12. Yeah, that has caused quite a bit of discussion here too. But we do have a long tradition of making provocative TV for children and young adults. And the older generation often objects, but usually it's soon forgotten. PS the sillywilly (dillermand) isn't giant, just very, very long and agile. And the main purpose of the show is him getting into all sorts of silly trouble and then finding ways to make amends.
  13. I like the new format, and I may even be able to come up with questions for someone's story.
  14. Timothy M.


    You should connect all the Sheith stories into a series or a world, sp people who read one of them can find the rest.
  15. I shall stop using the like on chapters, if they don't count. I had no idea this was the case. I'm sure most readers (and authors) hadn't realized, so it's good to have a topic where it was explained.
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