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  1. Timothy M.

    Chapter 29

    I think von Galen would be much too clingy and obvious in his infatuation, and Granger knoews from experience, how bad that would be. I'm glad Weston gave him a nice goodbye. I'm worried about Genarro having an infectious disease.
  2. Yeah, still waiting for Zef's story as possible Alpha mate, and for Martan to meet Kani again.
  3. Timothy M.

    Chapter 2

    Does he have fast healing, since he didn't have to deal with the arm wound ? That was when I suspected Jimmy was more than human. He obviously takes his duty seriously.
  4. Timothy M.

    Chapter 1

    Peering inside the driver’s side wide open door, the overhead light dimly showcased the empty interior. Local radio banter overlapped the car’s annoying seatbelt chime. (I'll change this comment to something else, if the matter is resolved.)
  5. The best part of your herd is they all wear kilts. But we don't poach on the kilted guys, right ? Val's herd is a different matter...
  6. Do you have the American Thor or the proper Scandinavian Thor ? https://satwcomic.com/nordic-halloween
  7. Could also be @Puppilull, @Thorn Wilde and I visiting Val (because she has the best herd of hot guys ). I liked the comment which said 'under-bed monsters are larger in USA, so the beds need to have more space underneath to accomodate them. Now I understand ! I think it was in our Guardian Angel story.
  8. I managed it for all of April, but then the Danish farmers started to complain about drought.
  9. Stay safe ! I guess I can't complain about the bit of rain and wind we'll be getting from Marty by the end of the weekend.
  10. I tried to check out my list of followed authors in my profile. I wanted to make sure I was following Mann R, since I wondered if that was why I didn't get a notification about his new story. I can see the first page of the list, but when I click on Next or 2 for the second page, I get the second page on the list of all authors instead. If I use the back arrow once, I'm still on page two of all authors even though the url goes back to https://gayauthors.org/stories/browse/author/?member=18045 and I have to click the refresh icon to get to page one of my followed authors list, but clicking the back arrow twice will return me to my profile view. Very strange. My list of Followed Stories works as expected. I'm on a Windows 10 laptop in Google Chrome. It's nothing urgent of course, but I'm guessing it's a bug, if other people experience the same thing.
  11. Timothy M.

    Chapter 28

    I'm glad Weston gets a chance to shine as Captain, and I have trust in Granger's ability to maneuver through all kinds of danger and difficulties. Letting Schein captain the Ursula is clever too, as he will be motivated to avoid capture by the Russians.
  12. Yeah, maybe I was being too optimistic, I should proably have said 'a little hope'. On the other hand, I usually take notice when Robbie does something sensible, because it happens so rarely. I'm not a fan of Nathan as a boyfriend for Robbie, but I'm fine with him being friends with Daniel and Robbie. Particularly if it annoys Don.
  13. Timothy M.

    Chapter 1

    Well, Kevin sure got his revenge on his stupid dad. And I liked his mate for letting him have his say, even after storming in to 'rescue' him. But I wonder who managed to hide the invitation and get him to sign the transfer papars. A sneaky wife working together with the secretary ?
  14. To me the best parts of the chapter was the interactions with Daniel, including him giving Robbie advice on his love life. He was spot on about Conner and Robbie's relationship. On the other hand, I think Conner may be on to something about Nathan and drugs. I don't think Nathan is a regular user, but he has probably experimented with more than just weed. Telling Jo about this and about Alex was wise, and that move gives me hope for Robbie going forward. I think I can count the number of chapters doing this on one hand.
  15. Timothy M.

    Chapter 1

    Somehow the chapter felt longer than 1K, maybe because of the suspense. I think I'll return next Wednesday.
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