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  1. Timothy M.


    No, Howie was 21 when he went off on his travels and Luke was 22 when her died. Loved the salesman comment.
  2. Thank you. To be fair, the harsh evaluation hit so hard because it was quite accurate and focused on weaknesses in my writing, which I was already aware of. It was meant to help me improve, and it was just bad luck the comments came at a time I was vulnerable and caused me to lose heart. They were very sorry for it, so I don't blame them for the result. And it's been so long, I should certainly be able to pull myself together.
  3. I like it when you tell us what you've been doing. It's always sensible and interesting, and very soothing to read. It's also fun to see a lot of the pictures posted here. I just wish everyone would remember it's possible to edit quotes to remove large chunks of text or pictures or video links... (I applaud Marty for sticking his lovely pics in a spoiler box, since this helps.) I know I'm a grumpy guy and I've complained about this numerous times. But for the next month or so, you need not worry about this, since I'll probably not be here much. As always in August work shall keep me very busy. So if there's anything important I should know (like Gary needing his editor), it's best to send me a PM.
  4. I'm glad Brad is getting into a good relationship with Jake, but I hope they decide to be exclusive fairly soon. I think commitment will work for them - and as a bonus Will likes Jake a lot.
  5. For once I agree with JJ: Carullo must be a really good person - since he's able to put up with him. But JJ does have a point about the whole money thing. For once he's doing something nice for somebody else with his money, something Will would approve of, and he is right to be pissed about Carullo's reactions.
  6. Timothy M.


    I agree - I had tears in my eyes when I read about Turing in the part of the exhibition at Bletchley Park which was devoted to his fate. At least the British government did finally issue a public apology.
  7. Hey Albert, hope your visit to the doctor goes / went well.
  8. that's so awesome. Next fun number will be post no 44444.
  9. Timothy M.

    Getting There

    I'm surprised to hear that, but I admit I've not seen that many British guys my age naked. The few I've been up close to where nice and whole.
  10. Well, I finally managed to read the story, and I enjoyed it. I spent several holidays in England as a kid and a a teen in the seventies, and it was quite nostalgic to read about those times. My only objection was the unlikely bit about the boys being circumcised. That would be quite unusual, since they were neither Yanks nor Jewish. Oh, and I can relate to the difficulty of writing dialogue.
  11. It was good to see them ten years on, settled and happy. Having George living with them sounds like a good solution, and Brighton is a nice place for older people.
  12. Yup - I thought so - but I hadn't thought about the Jumbos.
  13. Ah, so that's how Billy knew Andrew's dad. Makes sense. George really is a good person, and his reward is having two sons who love him. Hopefully, he'll live a long time, because they still need a father in their lives. And didn't England win the World Cup in 1966 ? (Now I'll have to check the other comments to see if someone else says the same).
  14. I'm glad Andrew turned out to be a friend, but I can't believe you stuck another snipped boy in there ! So unnatural. But I guess that explains the baby oil thing. I wonder where Billy knows Adrew's father from. It can't be the orphanage, since that was up in the north, and the family has been living in Margate for years, or Andrew would have been new to the school himself.
  15. I'm pretty sure Andrew won't want to tell anyone why Billy punched him. But let's hope George has a good answer. I bet he's proud of Billy for telling him and asking his advice.
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