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  1. Yeah, but for Michael the word Pappa doesn't have the same emotional content as Far, the Danish word for Dad. However, he probably wouldn't have got to that point yet, if it hadn't been for the word game over papfar. Thank you for reading and leaving comments. It's making me revisit the chapter, which may inspire writing new chapters.
  2. Yeah, somehow warm and fuzzy took over this story. Glad you enjoyed the teasing.
  3. I think Peter had a double motive. He wanted Patrick to know what he said, but he also wanted his sister to understand that his new love had priority over her.
  4. I'm pretty staright forward myself, so I guess that spills over to my characters. Hmm, heavenly intervention. I hadn't thought about that, but you may be right. The A.I. commander would know.
  5. Well, they did enjoy more than one kiss so I think I lived up to the promise in the title. Obviously, Theo agreed too.
  6. Yeah, it did feel like more should happen, right ?
  7. I hope you keep thinking that during subsequent chapters. Thanks for reading and commenting.
  8. At least Chase succeeded with one of his explanations, but I guess Dawson was in a more receptive frame of mind than Hank. I'm not sure it was a good idea to try and explain to Hank, but I did approve of Chase standing up for himself, the way Dr Chorny pointed out. And Hank needed to know before he makes a mistake with Kevin. However, I'm fairly sure kissing Dawson was less than optimal, but at least there were no bad consequences. They're still friends, and Chase needs that. Oh, and Hank's explanation of why Chase couldn't have Rex was pathetic. I bet he didn't expect Chase to react the way he did.
  9. Sigh, this chapter makes me sad, bad timing sucks. Poor Dawson, he had his heart broken in such an awful way. And Chase got another dose of Hank's issues.
  10. Timothy M.

    Chapter 6 Contact

    So many contacts here. First with Cindy, who brought up Chase's recent contact with his co-worker. Then getting in touch with a happier time when their family was whole. A brief and distant contact with friends which showed Chase what may be lost besides hank. His sorrow was put into perspective when Stacy contacted him, and they had a good chat. A brief interlude with Chase missing both the physical contact with Hank and his unwavering support, but he distracts himself from his depression by reaching back to his former joy in running and biking. Of course, the most important contacts were the email from his father, reestablishing communications, and the unfortunate meeting with Hank and Kevin, when Chase collected his bike. There was definitely something strange about Hank's reaction, and for once the guilt seemed to be on his side.
  11. Timothy M.

    Chapter 5

    Getting us to like Nate was always a tough sell, but you managed it. With Taylor by his side, I think Nate will be able to keep changing into a man who knows his own worth and will be able to stand up to his father. I think getting away from the farm and working somewhere else for a few years would be good. It might teach the old bastard not to take his son for granted and appreciate all the work he does, without ever getting any thanks or appreciation.
  12. I know that story, it was one of my favorites too. All the details are correct. But are you sure you read it here ?
  13. Thanks for reading my Cardmaker story, even if it's unfinished. I hope the other stories in the series will amuse you too.

  14. A to Z is one of the stories I've reread most on GA. But I have to admit, I usually start with his arrival at the farm, because the first part of the story is too dark for me.
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