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  1. Timothy M.

    Chapter 16

    I gues I'll have to update the List, lol. I feel sorry for Connie, but at least he has some friends who know and like him the way he is.
  2. Timothy M.

    Chapter 1

    Hunter seems both sensible and clever, something I appreciate.
  3. Yay, your blog is working. :2thumbs: Now all the other people who enjoy the info and the jokes just need to follow your blog. I do, and I get a notification when you post a new entry. Or perhaps it's because I follow you ? :unsure:

    1. sandrewn


      Thank you, I think of it more as a work in progress. Still figuring things out, trial and error, day by day.

      One of the positive points of following a person on GA is, as you mentioned, the notification of a new entry.

      Tak igen.

      sandrewn :cowboy:

  4. Congratulations, you seem to have the blog running smoothly now.
  5. I'll have to remember that spider prank.
  6. Though I have to admit I don't get the Tom Thumb joke.
  7. It worked ! And I got a notification too.
  8. Well, I can't say it was unexpected. S'brin lives in the immediate now, with no thought for the future or consequences. He is also selfish and not feeling lonely is more important than loyalty to his weyrmate. I'm glad D'gar managed to be polite to M'rell - and it probably made him feel worse than if D'gar had been angry with him.
  9. I have faith you'll succeed, buddy.
  10. Timothy M.

    Chapter 8

    Is anybody surprised that the evil pastor had a camera in the room ? I'm glad Matt was clever enough to take decisive action at once. I hope he goes to James' father who should be regretting his lack of action when Matt was abducted.
  11. Timothy M.

    Just Rewards

    D'gar is too honorable for his own good. S'brin will probably either don't care or he'll be just as angry over a few nights as over the whole period. Poor J'rud, it's not easy to love someone, who is in another relationship, and here he had a taste of what he's missing.
  12. Timothy M.

    A Lazy Afternoon

    I like the way they're already settling in to comfortable togetherness. I hope Craig will see the light, quit his job and move in with James.
  13. Fingers crossed that Gunnar does not stay out of the back room.
  14. Just loved the idea of lycan drag queens. And I'm glad Dixie mentioned the Silver Bullet.
  15. Well, at least Mike almost escaped, which was impressive.
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