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  1. Timothy M.

    Chapter 6

    Yeah, let the genuine Ben and Ryan out, and forget what the fuckboys and parents think.
  2. Timothy M.

    Dirty Dancing

    @Canuk @Mawgrim - thanks for reading and leaving likes. You remind me that I should start writing more on this story.
  3. LOL, I couldn't agree more. I shall have to read the story again with this in mind and laugh about my own silliness. Although in some cases I shall hide behind the excuse that the twins are influenced by their father's ideas.
  4. I wonder how I've missed this story until now, since I like what @Dabeagle writes, but I'm so glad your awesome review pointed me towards it, @spikey582
  5. Timothy M.

    Chapter 10

    Well, at least Bran's sister put her kids ahead of her religion, and she accepts his rules about keeping religion out of his home, so she gets my approval for that. I'm glad they're getting their life sorted and can look forward to years of love.
  6. Timothy M.

    Chapter 9

    What a whirlwind chapter But at least things got sorted out, more or less. I'm glad Bran has caring and sensible parents, and kari could benefit from some motherly attention. Has the incompetent boss defrauded the company and run away ?
  7. Timothy M.

    Chapter 8

    Hmm, that was an unexpected turn of events. Good thing Bran has a lawyer ready to act.
  8. Timothy M.

    Chapter 6

    That's what I like about your stories, the people and the events are realistic. The cop is both good and bad, the social worker knows how to get a compromise which will benefit the kid.
  9. Timothy M.

    Chapter 5

    Well, at least he should have some allies in the counselor from the school and his friends. And Isaac should be clever and stubborn enough to resist the suspicous minds of the system.
  10. Timothy M.

    Chapter 4

    Bran is finding a good work-life balance, and he and Hal can bond over being responsible for teens, lol.
  11. Timothy M.

    Chapter 3

    I'm glad Hal didn't waste any time and that Bran said yes to dinner. He's doing his best for Isaac, and I hope the 'uncle' fiction doesn't give him trouble later.
  12. Timothy M.

    Chapter 2

    Fair rules set out clearly is helpful, and Isaac will probably like having a responsible, kind adult as a role model.
  13. Timothy M.

    Chapter 1

    Ugh, incompetent and interfering bosses are the worst. But at least they have a new colleague who wants to get things done.
  14. Timothy M.

    Chapter 47

    I'm glad I don't have to keep track of Granger's lovers !
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