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  1. I knew the parents were involved somehow, and all of them need to pay back the money, and go to jail. Bravo for Matt for looking as Seamus didn't even want to open the envelope. Now that the FBI are involved you know it will be the end of Mike,and the parents. Glad Matt, and Seamus have grown, and want another baby which Aiden I am sure will be so happy about. This chapter was so good, and I am looking forward to the epologue.
  2. john fraser

    Sweetest gift

    Have read the chapter over, and it is better than the first read...You are so good, and I am waiting patiently for the next...soon. I always read the stories over again after finished so have decided to start my second read, and when I finish the last chapter will be there......😍
  3. john fraser

    Sweetest gift

    Have read the chapter over, and it is better than the first read...You are so good, and I am waiting patiently for the next...soon
  4. john fraser

    Sweetest gift

    Great chapter, but I had a feeling that all would not go well with Mike. I have a feeling the parents stepped in to try and get something , but legally they deserve nothing. Can not wait for the next chapter.
  5. john fraser

    Lost and found

    This was a great chapter, and so glad that the two of them got on the same page. I am looking forward to see how you end this story even if I wish for more. I have a feeling Matt is going to give Seamus partnership in raising Aiden, and then he can drop all his insecurities. Can not wait for the next chapter. Again I have to say you are a great story teller.
  6. john fraser

    Potato Detox

    These two need to have a talk, and Matt did not take advantage as Seamus insisted on having Aiden. Seamus saying how hard it was on him is just going to make Matt feel worse. Like I say they do love each other, but need to sit down, and have a good talk. I think having Rick show up made Seamus stressed out, and he needs to recognize this, and put this Rick in his place...jail. Will be waiting impatiently for the next chapter.
  7. john fraser

    Aidan vs. Matt

    Love the way you are going with this, and can't wait for the next chapter
  8. This story is getting better with each chapter. What a great story teller you are. Will wait patiently for the next one.
  9. The second read is so good, and I seem to always miss something. As usual the chapter is so good except Aiden is going to have to be straightened out on his little tantrums or they are in deep trouble, and it will be hard to love the boy. I guess some have a thing going for Jay,and Low as a match. Jay appears to go for the Matt type. Can you imajine two pairing up with the same egos, wanting all the fawning over. The way he pairs off with Matt, and loves the way he gets put in place knowing Matt really likes him, and Jay likes Matt. Great chapter.
  10. As usual the best ever, and getting better. What can I say except to agree with what the others say. Love this story so much.
  11. john fraser

    Party Balloon

    The second read is even better. I love these two so much, and finally Matt admitted his love for Seamus. They are going to make the perfect family, and parents for Aiden, and I don't know if you could call Matt's dad grandpa. I really had no idea Seamus has so many doubts about him self and Matt is so good to make him talk things out, and tell Matt what he wants in the future. You are such a good story teller, and I can not wait for the next chapter.
  12. john fraser

    Party Balloon

    What a chapter, and everything is the way it should be with those two. Now for the next chapter.
  13. Damn this story is so good I could read more, and more about these two, but know it will have to end sometime. Surely Matt is realizing he is totally in love with Seamus. The baby would do so much better if the two were together all the time as he loves both so much, and fells neglected when they all there together. Looking for the next chapter.
  14. I am a reader that usually reads the chapter too fast so later I always read the second time, and believe me this story is so good, and getting better. I know Seamus is in love, and Matt is too, but just doesn't want to commit yet as he is afraid what happened in his past. He is growing up finally.
  15. OMG this chapter was so good, and now the rest should be even better.....so glad the two of them got on the same page as you can tell they really love each other so much. The other comments people have given are mine as well. Am waiting patiently for the next chapter.
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