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  1. “Why would you need to speak to my father?” Sidney was chuckling to himself, thinking of how over the top Sean was being. His brother was at his mischievous best. “Well, this will be a Philadelphia society wedding, and we need to start the planning. Events like this take time and money.” Eli had no color in his face. “I’m sorry. I need to leave. I am not feeling well.” Eli put Clay back in his chair, kissed Sidney, and practically ran out the door. Sidney and Sean sat in befuddlement. “What just happened?” “I don’t know, Sean, but I think you sc
  2. “Are we really going to leave Ossie and Juju home?” “It is a quick trip, Matan. We will be overwhelmed with the opening and running in several directions while we are there. It is just for a weekend. I know it will be our first real separation from the children, but there you are. I think they should stay here.” Yonatan looked at Matan and could see that he had a different idea. “Tell me what you want me to do.” “I have already spoken to Jan and Nash, and they are willing to go with us and take care of the children while we are at the museum for the opening. Besides, Etienne w
  3. Sidney lay on the sweat-covered bedsheets. His mind was twirling and he couldn’t make sense of what had just happened. He tried to regulate his breathing as his chest heaved, sucking in all available oxygen. His hair was plastered to his forehead, and a trickle of sweat ran down his cheek. He slowly reached out and touched the hand lying on the sheet beside his. He twisted his fingers with the others and let out a satisfied sigh. “I think I just saw God.” He then heard a chuckle. “No, I am serious. That was a religious experience in the purest sense of the word. I hav
  4. Pvtguy, Things are happening to Todd. He is definitely on the wrong pathway. His reactions will become even more "enhanced." Mac
  5. “Fuck, it is hot.” “Jump in the river to cool off.” “Come with me.” Erick slid off the side of the raft into the Chattahoochee River. Todd laughed and asked if he felt better. “Come in with us, Eron and Flo. Timmy and Pate jump in; come on. Let Nash manage the raft for a few minutes.” The guys were enjoying whitewater rafting down the river as they headed toward Atlanta, aka Hotlanta, during the annual Gay Fest. In honor of their time together, Todd had made a batch of “Hooch,” which was essentially corn liquor, but Hooch was also the nickname of the river. Todd had also done
  6. Mac Rountree


    Pvtguy, I know many clergy who are in the closet and afraid of acknowledging their sexuality. Of course, I see that in the secular world also. Sidney is going to move forward. He has found the man to help him do that. Thanks for reading. Happy New Year. Mac
  7. Mac Rountree


    Drsawell, We can scare ourselves to the point we don't have the ability to act of love when it comes our way. Sidney finds the intellectual motivation to move forward in an upcoming chapter. Thanks for reading. Mac
  8. Mac Rountree


    Sidney gently shook Clay’s shoulder and told him it was time to dress and go home. Clay had worn himself out by running around the studio and was now sleeping in the bed of reeds that Sean had made for him. He loved the bed. “Where Eli?” “Eli had to leave for work. We’ll go home and have a sandwich. Okay?” “I want Eli.” “Well, Claymonster, Eli had to go to work and isn’t here. Let’s go home.” Clay crawled out of bed and unwound his body. He started shaking out his arms and legs and then rolled his head around. Finally, Clay shook his entire body and giggled when his penis
  9. Many thanks to all of the authors on Gay Authors. You are an amazing group of talented artists. Mac
  10. Good morning from Hillsborough, NC, I wrote two books in 2020 which were sequels to books I had written in 2019. It was an interesting process to write two books at the same time. Somehow, I think I made it work, but I will not do that again. Being sequestered in my house, which sits on 2 acres of woodland, provided me the quietness and the inspiration for creativity. Whenever I would hit the proverbial writer's block, I would spend a day pruning bushes, cutting down trees, or pulling weeds and my brain would work out the details and story line that proved to be daunting. Then back t
  11. KayDeeMac, Many thanks for your compliments. Writing helped me to escape the madness of the past year when I entered the world of these characters. They were a gift to me. I had New Year's lunch with my good friend of 40 years. We had a wonderful time eating a combination of southern and German foods. We finished off with French macarons so it was an international affair. Best wishes to you in this new year. I am feeling heartened after hearing of the preliminary election results from Georgia! Mac
  12. Bill, Thank you for reading the book. I am so pleased it was meaningful to you during this holiday season. Mac
  13. KayDeeMac, You nailed it. Sly like a snake. Her balls are bigger than his. Mac
  14. Mac Rountree

    Rhett Redux

    KayDeeMac, Rhett has become more of what he truly is. Unfortunately, there are too many of his ilk still hovering around these southern cities. Mac
  15. Pvtguy, From the deepest recesses of my heart, I thank you for your compliment. Mac
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