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  1. Badforlad

    Chapter XXI

    I personally feel any degree of BDSM is wrong and think both parties need psychological help. Violence in the form of spanking is wrong and we need to get it out of our heads that it is acceptable. Enjoyed the story up to this point but this is where I leave.
  2. Badforlad

    Chapter 10

    Really enjoying this story up to this chapter. It just didn’t make sense to me. Sam behavior was beyond bizarre. Dialogue was a little awkward and the last sentence where Noah forgave Sam was like something you would find out in later chapters.
  3. Badforlad

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 9

    I’m not really liking this relationship. Are all bottoms so insecure that they want to be told what to do and called names? I guess i’m Just not into dominant/submissive relationships.
  4. Badforlad

    Chapter 3: House Anfalas

    Not sure why all the inappropriate cursing is part of the story. Devin is not illiterate and attends a private school. Doubt his mother nor his teachers would have let him get away with spouting profanities.

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