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  1. BryanC


    You're more than welcome. The nature of the weird feeling is something all people of an artistic nature endure. I go through it, too. Maybe it's reading other people's work, and too much comparison? At any rate, this is something intimate. Your skill-set is nested in your vision, I think. You've never failed to weave a compelling narrative. Just a few chapters ago, quite a few of us were raising lighters in the air over the Greg coming back to himself. That wouldn't have happened if you hadn't sold the deep doubt he was feeling and expressing. It is a personal thing though. Good luc
  2. BryanC


    Hell, no! This is where we hear that you're writing a new piece built around Mamma's House, Lee, Avery, and Harlan pays a visit. When there, we get the backstory of how Harlan became involved with Mamma "G" and Stumpy, and Elias warms to Lee when he an Avery visit the camp for Reasons; he thought just as he began typing ... This is really a nice way of wrapping up this chapter of the Camp. These chapters were almost like the omelette: we'd get the ingredients, the grill was warming up, and then the feast. Just in time for a new chapter. And, it worked greatly. It allowed for the investmen
  3. BryanC


    As I was considering the title -- 'Broken' -- and in getting to know Lee, I thought the title fit a single character. It was a mistake of focus, as every individual in the camp, is or was at one time or another, broken. This latest chapter served to bring that heart of the story back into focus. Broken pieces can be mended, but it takes a tender hand, a subtle touch, a lot of care and understanding, and trying to understand what you missed. Then the mending agent -- kitsukuroi: that precious material that only the best of us have to give. Like, Avery: caring for someone he'd never met bef
  4. BryanC


    It was a terrible eventuality. A lot of Red Threads are hanging on the same ragged edge, and the ends of those threads are in hands full of emotion. Sadly, amped-emotion clouds judgement more than it clears and validates it.
  5. BryanC


    Huh? What, escape? Its difficult to be insular when there are people who are interested in your well being -- genuinely interested and engaged. Greg was the one who encouraged Clay's reconsideration of Mason and Jeremy. It would feel awkward if he didn't consider Lee just as logically. Of course, he has eyes on everyone. Avery is fragile. Lee's an orphan of the storm, too. Two broken pieces trying to find the proper fitting before the metaphorical kitsukuroi. Harlan's notice of Lee was a nice drop. I wonder if Lee's once reason for fleeing in the night will even be an issue in future
  6. BryanC


    I agree wholeheartedly there.
  7. BryanC


    I kind of think that parting slight by Avery, and Lee's sense of self may lead to "Rotten". The jar, the knowledge of who Robin Hooded his loot, and the whirlwind of newness happening within Lee -- equal parts mind-blowing, and it probably tastes a little like the mess he left by his tent. This is going at a great pace, and the plot is weaving nicely. The potential of the broken mending the broken -- apologies if I misread that. Eagerly awaiting the next installment. Welcome back, sir. -- B.
  8. BryanC


    A fifty-something year old man, having done one thing his entire life, his (maybe) sole companion dead: that could -- scratch that; would -- feel like the end of the world for him. Assuming, and it sounds cool on this path too, that the fire was an act of God, then it's even harder. The man's sad, angry, he's lost everything and the only thing he can fight back against -- no pun intended -- is like punching at smoke. A friend in another part of the country. The Southwest -- New Mexico? A counselor the encourages him to start his life over, but he's wondering what life is left. At the insi
  9. BryanC


    Harlan was the first questionable character, since the tricky wildlife agent (from the previous iteration of the story), but I'm glad his connection with Gary was made. They needed each other. That said, a Raven is about to spread its wings? If this site will allow, I hope you can post that awesome photo that inspired the sculpture idea. I'm reminded more and more of something you said, Wayne, about broken pieces mending each other, and how that relates to nearly every single character in camp. And, yes, Orson and Elias.
  10. BryanC

    The Law

    I've read this one a couple of times before -- Camp Refuge. Elias is the kindred spirit I latched onto. To see his part of the story take this much needed turn to brighter days is something I was looking forward to, even knowing where it was headed. I'll reserve commentary from there out. Been reading, Wayne. Sorry for not commenting much.
  11. BryanC


    That was my thought, too. Things always seems to shine a little brighter before it gets dark for a while. The thing about reading this, is that it's practically non-fictional in its fiction. This can, has, and will happen -- different folks, different gender, different setting, and circumstances -- but this is someone's life, somewhere. The element of fantasy is set aside for the logic and practical aspects. I adore that.
  12. BryanC


    Not wanting to forget the opening of this chapter. The immense pressure that Ian felt when telling his best friend his most deeply guarded secret -- the secret that almost every gay person is certain will break, destroy, sink, that friendship and brotherhood -- was written so well! That adage, "You'll never understand unless you experience it", was so well handled. I'm curious what the dichotomy of the experience will be for Ollie. I'm guessing we're heading there soon. Which leads to... An experience that requires no comment. You're writing did all the work, amazingly so. I'm not on
  13. BryanC

    Bad Bishop Part 2

    I'm trying to keep from saying, "There's nothing like a two-parter to raise the stake." There's an emotional range in the love that you share with someone as a teen that is incomparable to nearly everything else during those moments of life. You captured those elements so well in these most recent chapters. And, across an amazingly cool landscape. This is seriously one of my favorite reads. Great chapter, sir! Ready for the next move.
  14. BryanC


    I wish I had the chance to comment more, but you know from earlier emails that I love these folks, and your (re)telling of their lives, Wayne. Its great revisiting the campground. Just out of a kindred feeling with the character, and knowing we still have a ways to go, I'm eager to meet Elias again. (Not) Sorry, but the artist in me loves reading into the minds of other artists. Curious to see where you go with that aspect in this second edition. Great writing, as always! -- B.
  15. BryanC

    Bad Bishop Part 1

    Well worth the wait, man. I can't write a review-esque post at the moment, but this is a great chapter!
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