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  1. those yard darts are dangerous my uncle he got one into his foot.
  2. Great chapter Bill. I wonder if Graham would of enjoyed the penitentiary with his gift. and I also wonder if Graham was with them if Tiffany would of felt that grab on the butt.
  3. I am so sorry to hear that. my parents can relate in the sense of losing a child. my brother passed away in 2018 from an heart attack he was 32 years old.
  4. great chapter Bill. I was thinking that it would be two weeks before we would hear from Trey. So i was like pumped when I seen you had a chapter with Trey narrating.
  5. What a great surprise a chapter of Castaway Hotel for my 33rd birthday! Anyways that was a great chapter Bill
  6. as I can relate to having a babyface i can easily say it is annoying!
  7. I know killing is wrong and all but that man would be dead if not dead he would be hurting really bad
  8. I know this might get flagged but oh well I would like to do more than wring her neck I would like to scratch her back with a cat o' nine tails
  9. even though I will only be 33 in July some days my joints feel like they at least twice that. So Bill how are you holding up with this pandemic? I hope you're good. and I also enjoyed the first chapter of the new book.
  10. brandon008

    Chapter 28

    Shoot I think major Treadway, has a harder task than Granger and the Tsar wants Grangers head. !
  11. brandon008

    Chapter 26

    they are never fun at least for me great chapter Mark we want more
  12. brandon008

    Chapter 24

    Great chapter Mark! Can't wait until the next Chapter
  13. brandon008

    Chapter 95

    I can completely understand Will when he said that he loved his family but that doesn't mean he can't appreciate solitude.
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