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  1. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 36

    I am suffering a withdrawal crisis due to the lack of new chapters of the Chronicles From The Orchard. I can't live without knowing what's going on with Kyle, Jabob, Troy, David, Brian, Andy, Matt, Aaron, Blake, Steph... This addiction of mine has no cure
  2. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 35

    Please, it's too early to think about what the boys of the new generation will become. Let's not rush the river. I am afraid that the existence of many gay men in Orchard Chronicles could make the story a bit tedious.
  3. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 36

    I loved the chapter, especially the part when the five friends get together in the shade of the apple trees. It was nostalgic. Sublime. Happy 2020 to you, JDonley and all readers of Chronicles From The Orchard. 2019 will be cherished in my memory, because it was the year I came across this beautiful story.
  4. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 36

    Wow!!!!! Can't wait to see more of Jacob as a dedicated daddy... husband... apple grower... architect... carpenter... artist. He's my favorite.
  5. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 35

    Are we gonna have EXTRAS of The Chronicles From The Orchard? Another Xmas tale? <---- Me
  6. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 35

    I live in a tropical region of the planet where no apple trees grow. Never seen an apple orchard. Only mangoes, pineapples, guavas, bananas, cashews... Thanks to Google Images, I can get a sense of the charm of living in a place like this. Lucky David, Kyle, Jacob and Matt.
  7. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 35

    I'm sad because I'm feeling this second season of Chronicles From The Orchard is coming to an end. I think we can say this is the chapter of the "EX's": Jason (Kyle), Drake (Jacob / Tyler), Brandon (Andy), Stacy (Andy), Jacob (Brian) and Derrick Lowalski (Brian). Love it when Kyle and Jacob are on the scene. I want more!!!
  8. What a good idea to insert this passage from Kyle's stormy life into the book. It fits very well... in the right place! Since everything in the story seems to be interconnected, I'm sure we'll still hear from Jason in the future. JAcob and JAson. Will a JAmes or a JAred emerge to brighten Kyle's life a little? 😉
  9. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 9

    Troy is the link that connects all friends. He mends. He looks for the medicine. He heals. *** In my mind there is a big question: what happened between David and Jacob occurred only one night? Kyle had been away for three years, and during that time, didn't D&J drink often and end up in bed? It seems that Kyle is haunted by the same thought. *** It's beautiful to see Andy's love for his children.
  10. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 34

    Take your time, JDonley. Don't hurry! I'm having a great time rereading "The Acquittal", finding out some details that I didn't pay attention to the first time I read. Without doubt, it is the best book I have ever read in my +50 years.
  11. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 34

    Hi, JDonley, We, here in Brazil, are dying of anxiety to read another chapter of "The Empty Space Between Us" Congratulations on receiving the GA's Award as the Author with most LIKES 👍 on November 17
  12. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 8

    Oh! Jesus! I wouldn't know how to proceed if it happened to me what happened to Kyle. I think I would run away from everything, just like him. ________________________________ One day Kyle will have to thank Steph for encouraging him to come home and reunite with his father. If not for her, he would never have the courage to face the past. ________________________________ The dialogue between Andy and Brian in the parking lot is fabulous: subtle, funny, nostalgic, romantic and charming
  13. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 7

    I don't know if this is the correct term in English to describe this chapter, but I will dare say it is "hot". It's a "hot" chapter, especially the third part. The scene of the first night of intense love between Kyle and Jacob is written in a sublime way. There is no vulgarity. It is pure affection that the boys feel for each other, narrated in a phenomenal way. After flirting for so long, they surrender to each other with the promise of experiencing other "spicy things" in the future, not only in bed And of course our bodies, while reading, respond immediately to the narrative. You guys know what I mean, don't you?
  14. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 6

    This is a sad chapter, but it is wonderfully well written. In the midst of chaos and pain, we can see all the love Kyle devoted to poor Jacob. Troy is the right guy at the right time. He will define Jacob's future by giving him a job, and he will surely always be a great friend to the handsome dark-haired boy with the blue eyes. *** Jacob is a complex and adorable character. On purpose, the author does not expose his thoughts often throughout the story. Thus, the reader can feel all the tension and suspense of Kyle, without knowing the real feelings of Jacob to be able to declare his love. It's no secret I love Jacob. I hope one day we can have a book with his point of view on all this amazing relationship with Kyle
  15. Dante Lucas

    Chapter 5

    This is my favorite chapter. I read it repeatedly and never get tired. Undoubtedly, the dialogue between Kyle and Jacob at the ball is phenomenal. We can feel all the tension and affection of the two young lovers, talking and carefully exchanging glances in the crowd. *** Kyke (whispering in Jacob's ear): “You’re nervous.” Jabob: “Yeah. Not used to this.” Kyle (putting a hand on Jacob's shoulder): “Not used to being thought of as one of the hot guys in school?” Jacob (making eye contact with Kyle): “Something like that, yeah.” Kyle (smirking and brushing up against Jacob's shoulder): “Well, you are. Always have been. Maybe I was just the first one to notice.” Jacob: “Well, I’m not the only hot guy here,” Kyle (hidding a smile): “If you wanna leave, just let me know. I’ll get Troy to take us back, ok?” Jacob (looking around): “what about you? Don’t you wanna dance or something?” Kyle (mustering up all his courage, squeezing Jacob’s shoulder gently): “There’s only one person… one guy… I wanna dance with tonight.” Jacob (blinking and lookin away): “Uh...Well... we don’t need to hang out here for much longer, I guess. I have to be home by eleven. Is there somewhere else you wanted to go?” Kyle (feelling like a dead elephant had just been lifted off his chest, saying quietly): “I was thinking we could take a walk in the orchard and… talk.” Jacob (looking around): “should we just leave now?” Kyle: “I don’t see why not. It’s not like we’ll be missed.” Jacob (smiling, while his hand reach out to brush against Kyle’s hand): “If we don’t hurry, I feel like one of us is gonna turn into a pumpkin.”
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