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  1. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 1: Miami

    What special attributes do the two we have met so far that both are invited to sit at the Captain's table?
  2. The picture you use as the background of your banner showing houses hanging like swallow's nests on the side of a cliff is very interesting -- where is it from and what is the city?

    1. Mikiesboy


      No idea Will...was from a free picture site...and as close as I could find to what I was looking for.

  3. Will Hawkins

    Photographs and Chocolate Cake

    In my comment space in the previous chapter, I told all of our readers about hosting students from the college at which I taught. Just as a final note to bring that portion of my life history up to date, one of those students was a Brazillian boy, he is now married with three little ones and is living in a city only about 300 clicks from me. I still get messages from him and about three other of my boys several times a year from all over the US. These boys, well men now, mark an interval in my life that was very rewarding. They still call me 'Mister Will'.
  4. Will Hawkins

    Sweet and Sour

    I taught Engineering Technology classes at a local Community (now Baccalaureate level) College. During those years I boarded up to five students, always male and over eighteen. There was never any government investigation either of me or of my home because of the maturity of my boarders. Since those years I have been contacted by a number of those students with letters of appreciation and thanks for making their school years so comfortable. Frankly, the boarding process was good for me as well, My spouse of twenty years had passed suddenly from an extreme attack of asthma and I would have been very lonely if it were not for the presence of 'my boys'. They were clean and -- in the main, quiet. The only burden they were was in cooking larger meals, breakfasts, suppers and late night snacks, and additional laundry. The boys assured me it was a mutually satisfactory arrangement, but if I had to go through the approval process of CPS, it would never have happened because I was an 'out' gay man in an era where that would be adjudged a crime, though there was never any intimate relations with my boys, my history would have prevented them from being there.
  5. Will Hawkins

    Three is Perfect

    I read all the comments and when I get to the end of them I realize that someone has said\asked everything I was thinking about the chapter. It would be unusual if somewhere in the over fifty comments for each chapter, that were not the case. I know enough about GA's rules not to beg for another chapter before your schedule allows it and the Editor and Beta readers have done their thing. Having the spelling and grammar checked improves the reading so much, I just quietly wait until the procedures have been gone through -- that does not mean I am not eager to continue reading, however. I was a little confused at the start of this book as to where the horses came from but that was quickly resolved with the mention of the time-lapse between the first series and this one. I used to ride a little, frequently bareback and can see how a calm horse could improve the strength of a partially paralyzed person. And yes, with patience and training a horse will adapt to the needs of the rider.
  6. Will Hawkins

    Meeting Max

    Congratulations, you know you are a successful writer when there are so many commenting on the beginning chapters of a sequel -- you've got people interested and excited about following your characters. I know that I am looking forward to reading about their lives.
  7. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 9

    Does the leopard change her spots? I don't think so. Okay, Miriam is having a baby just at the time our boys are discussing getting involved with a baby in their lives. That give Miriam a solution for her problems, but it tangles her into their lives for sure. If she is so violently homophobic why would she want her baby to be raised by gays? And who is the father of her baby -- doesn't he have any say about the child? The training for the marathon sounds like a super idea but what are Louis's bosses going to say about it?
  8. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 8

    The return of sexual ability is a real milestone in their relationship and now a discussion about a child. That is even more important because it marks more than merely a return to connubial relations, but a progressive step in their relationship. Excellent writing, Tim and a beautiful story.
  9. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 6

    How does Don pronounce his nickname for Louis? If I had to guess I would say 'loose', but when one is unsure, it is better to consult the author.
  10. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 4

    I have made my comments on the other posting, but subsequently, I checked my facts, Conversion Therapy (CT), as it is now named, is illegal in fifteen states in the US, several territories, and individual cities. And under consideration in fifteen additional venues. Unfortunately, these legal bans apply only to minors and I do not know what the legal status of CT is in any part of Canada.
  11. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 1

    I am ashamed -- I have been pecking away at writing a story for GA for several weeks now and after reading the first paragraph to your story I went back to read what I had written. I nearly fell asleep, your work sings -- possibly because you are also a poet, my work is detailed and analytical and even puts me to sleep, Is that because my writing experience is with Engineering Reports? I am going to go back and revise my first page to get some poetry into it. Your writing has pulled me in and captured me, congratulations.
  12. Will Hawkins

    Awake And Asleep

    It seems we have two story threads running at the same time. Let's see, a name for the baby -- bright red, could be 'Fire', but I am sure you will come up with something more creative. Personal prejudice: I prefer interacting with wyverns rather than with dragons, as they have the normal number of limbs, but then, I am not the author. Let's keep reading and see how soon you, as the author, clear up my confusion by interweaving the two threads of the tale!
  13. Will Hawkins

    Where It Began

    I am a fan of Game of Thrones and enjoy reading about dragons, especially babies. I will be looking for more info about the hatchling, size, color, personality, etc. and the mysterious dark voice so I am moving on to the next chapter.
  14. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 10

    Well, nobody got decked -- so I am wrong. That is not the first time nor probably will it be the last.
  15. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 9

    I have a strong feeling that it is NOT going to be Clem who gives Nate his comeuppance, but Ashlee who will step in there and maybe even land a roundhouse punch or three. Good story Sasha, certainly holding my interest to the very end.

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