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  1. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 19

    I have learned a great deal about Western Australia from Quokka's stories. I have never felt the need to go to Nifty to read as, if the story is any good, it will appear on GA sooner or later, MisterWill
  2. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 16

    Boarding schools are the destruction of many parent–child relationships, I know because I was placed in one, not because of anything I did, but because my parents wanted me to have a more or less permanent locus as my father was in the army and was being moved from station to station quite frequently. I hated it at first, but elected to go back for the second year to prove I could swing it. By the third year I elected to return because I was doing so well and enjoying my mates so much. It was good for me too, as I graduated at the end of year four as valedictorian of my class with a grade point average of 3.98. MisterWill
  3. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 15

    It looks like there is a very gteat period of learning on the part of both father and son starting up. Hopefully it will all come out in the wash eventually, and as far as Damien is concerned, the sooner the better. MisterWill
  4. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 7

    My comments about reading this story could be an exact quote of Lorenzo's. I, too am pleased to read a continuing story about Rothenia. MisterWill
  5. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 8

    Monagemous is possibly a word that does not exist in the Rothenian vocabulary!
  6. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 6

    The prefix 'Fitz' before a man's name frequently is used to imply a relationship of his parents 'on the wrong side of the blanket', though it does not carry any negativity to the bearer, it does imply that he cannot inherit a title unless his parentage is acknowledged by his father.
  7. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 22

    I can believe that both Elijah and Enoch are angels because this is a tale about Rothenia, a country where miracles are know ro occur.
  8. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 21

    If Dressner is dead he will float to the surface of the well in about 3 days as the gasses of decomposition collect. Bodies thrown into the sea sink only because of weights bound to them, and the marine animals that eat the meat of a corpse do not live in fresh water. A human corpse is a very difficult thing to dispose of totally.
  9. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 18

    During the Second World War the Nazis hid millions of dollars worth of the art they had stolen from Jewish families in abandoned salt mines. An excellent idea really as the salty surroundings kept the air dry and prevented any mold from forming on the paintings. Of course the allies, at least the Americans and the British attempted to locate the original owners and return the art to them, but many, many had died in the gas chambers and so the Allies were unable to find them or all the heirs. A significant percentage of these stolen works ended up in museums in the US and Britain. This is not meant to say that the caves our heroes are going to explore will contain a treasure of stolen art, but is merely information for the reader about caves and salt mines in occupied Europe.
  10. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 16

    In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus: Eins, zwei, g'suffa Da läuft so manches Fäßchen aus: Eins, zwei, g'suffa Da hat so manche braver Mann: Eins, zwei, g'suffa Gezeigt was er so vertragen kann Schon früh am Morgen fing er an Und spät am Abend kam er heraus So schön ist's im Hofbräuhaus.
  11. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 15

    I wonder if the restaurant mentioned in this chapter is any relation to the Hofbrau House of song (in Munich)? For your European readers the Buffalo meat mentioned in the information about the Hofbrau is not the same breed as may be found roaming the plains of North America. The NA bison, which was hunted nearly to extinction by 1800 has a large hump and wide horns and the European buffalo is found mainly in Africa, though the American bison is returning slowly toward the numbers of antiquity there is now a significant percentage of domestic bovid interbreeding haven taken place. The American Bison is now a protected animal with the designation of 'the American Buffalo' and is now the national animal of the USA.
  12. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 14

    Tip = garbage dump, frequently a hill of excavated earth from a surface coal mine. MisterWill
  13. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 13

    I am disappointed with this contemporary view of the capitol city. It has been infected with all the ills of modern urban life, tough kids, drugs, etc. It was a pleasant antique city in previous chapters. It hs managed to absorb all the ills of modern life and lose the charm.
  14. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 8

    pronounced klōs, as in near by.
  15. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 5

    Out of curiosity I opened up a bit of a Bruckner Concert just a few moments ago, I was interested in hearing what our characters were going to go through at the concert. I see now why I am not familiar with Bruckner's work — need I say more — I could only listen to 10-15 minutes of it. I think I will leave Bruckner to the two in this story. MisterWill.
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