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  1. I have a number of stories written on my computer, but I don't know whether GA would be interested. They are continuations of a theme, that is, have the same characters and follow a single story-line. As I live in the 'outback', not of Australia, but of Brazil, I am unable to pay any money for publication. Does GA charge a fee for publication? These stories do not follow the standard GA format of being divided into 2~3,000 word chapters so I don't know whether they would be acceptable, Is there a set of rules available for me to study? Or, if there is no interest, I will just go ahead and write for my own pleasure.
    Mister Will

    1. Cia


      Publication as in posting GA Stories for readers for free? Any author on GA can do that. There are FAQ topics on the Help tab in the red menu guide all about posting on GA as an author... if you mean something else, I'm sorry, it's not clear. 

  2. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 8

    Milking goats requires a special stand. Aframe to hold the head and neck over the feed box and anothe part to hold the back hips steady. Goat milk makes excellent cheese however, I will have to give your request some (not much) cosideration.
  3. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 8

    Un fortunately in my present living locaton there are no cows available, now we do have goats and two of our nannies have kids, but my experience with milking does not include goats, sorry to dissappoint my fans.
  4. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 9

  5. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 8

    I remember many fun times and events with SMC (we purposly avoided the G in the name as we had about 5 or 6 'straight' members, too). Just as an example, when we visited New Zealand we were invited to visit what is called a 'show farm'. As a part of the entertainment the demonstrator invited any of the audience to come down front and milk the cow. Well, I had lived on a farm and volunteered to demonstrate. I washed my hands in hot water (mainly so that the cow would not be subjected to cold hands), knelt at the proper location and put a couple of shots of milk into the bucket. Two results: Cho
  6. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 9

    Gay men are supposd to go 'commando'. I know that even at my advanced age I do. But then I have an in.house laundry service. my BF's boyfriend takes care of the old man too: cooks and cleans too. Mister Will
  7. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 8

    I.I, too,was a member of a chorus in a non-singing position, (Rehearsal Manager for both Seattle Mens and Seattle Women's Choruses). Enjoyed the gay contacts, but no job oriented sex – squeaky clean. Traveled with them over much of the USA and as far as Australia/New Zealand. Saw many parts of the world I would have otherwise missed. Mister Will
  8. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 2

    True, but in a gay story can't 'riding bitch' mean the the person riding on the back is a boyfriend? Mister Will
  9. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 4

    Hey, I mis-spelled the local name of the moto used in Brazil, it is properly spelled cinquentinha, the translation of 'little fifty' is correct however. Portuguese is an easy language to speak, but their spelling is very European (with lots of silent letters and unusual combinations. It stems from the Latin Vulgate). I had to look the word up to see how to spell it. Mister Will
  10. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 2

    Side point: inelegant term for riding a motorcycle while hanging on behind the operator is known as 'riding bitch'. this term may not be used in mixed company, but it is quite common among moto riders. Where I am currently living (in Brazil) here are a multitude of places about local towns where young men and their motorcycles wait, usually under a tent and with a telephone nearby, to be contacted by clients seeking a ride after shopping. They negotiate a price depending on the distance to go for the rider to 'ride bitch' on the cinquintina ('little fifty') a small, usually Chinese-made m
  11. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 20

    When you read Churchills comment, you should also recall that the man was rather well-known as a humorist. Not ending a statement with a preposition is a ghost of an earlier rule about sentence construction the English inherited from the Latin language. This particular rule stems from the fact that in Latin there is a unique verb form which incorporates the preposition within the verb, so that to include a preposition in a sentence in Latin requires the selection only of the proper verb form, not the addition of another word at any location in the sentence. This makes it impossible in Lat
  12. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 20

    Now if I only could remember how to do a PM I would be interested in chatting with you as a younger writer about grammar topics. But you must remember that as an 'old fogy' my opinions may be severely out of date. In reference to 'final prepositions', I am reminded of a comment made by Churchill, I believe it was even spoken during a Parliamentary session. "A preposition is something never to end a sentence with."
  13. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 20

    Oh, dear, how gacious of you, and the old schoolteacher-troll has found nearly zero excuse to nip at your toes (and from me that probably is a statement of high praise). Many, many times in reading stories, probably by youngr authors, I have had to bite my tongue to keep from over-correcting their work. I consider those many grammatical errors I see in some works as the fault of poot instruction. I would blame them on the Covid isolation except that they were preent long before the Covid problem, so there is nothing left to blame them on but lack of education. Sometimes I do have a problem th
  14. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 20

    When I make a comment in my persona as the Old Troll I frequently forget to ask the author´s permission. Making gramatical comments on a story is just the retired teacher in me sneaking out around the corners. Some authors accept my grammatical comments in the spirit in which they are intended – one of making the work read better -- other authors quite frankly tell me to 'fuck off' -- the story is theirs to tell. If my suggestions (and that is truly what they are, suggestions) irritate you I will dive back into my cave beneath the bridge and not say anything more. But in your case, they are so
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