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  1. The mystery does indeed deepen, but at this time there is no apparent connection between the 'natural' phenomena of the crashing cometary debris and the attacks on the hikers, so we are left with one natural catastrophe and one mystery. It is an exercise in creativity fo the author to work this out, Alright, on to subsequent details...
  2. Will Hawkins

    The Bolide

    Your writing conveys a deep sense of fear of the cosmos that surrounds us as if it were a malevolent ogre. I am fortunate not to have this great fear but a corresponding interest and excitement. Space, to me, can be a playground for mankind as his abilities grow. Each new fact that we learn about this vast mysterious void that surrounds us, only adds to my curiosity. I am of an age that means I will not live to see a man walk upon even the other nearby planets beyond his dusty footprints on our sister planet the moon, but even that 'small step' made in my lifetime has fueled the imagination of a generation. Excellent writing, I well hurry and download the next chapter.
  3. Will Hawkins


    An intriguing beginning for your tale and the nineteenth century feel to the writing gives it the proper atmosphere. it must be much like attempting to write in a foreign language to preserve that atmosphere. It certainly is to the author's credit that he is able to do so.
  4. Will Hawkins

    Lon Chapter 1

    I have recommended Grammarly to authors frequently, but I didn't know they had a version that would accept British spelling. I am glad to see it is getting around. I normally don't bother with stories with only a few chapters, but I have read some of your longer tales and enjoy your writing skills as well as learning more and more about my second favorite country, next to my own that is, but then I am losing love for the USA considering our present political situation.
  5. Will Hawkins

    God Forsaken

    I have changed my mind to a certain extent -- I will continue to read this story, but I will not be making comments. If an author does not desire criticism then they should not have it. I will honor the author's wishes.
  6. Will Hawkins

    Hunting Season

    Elsewhere on this and other sites in the GA spectrum, I have commented on the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the restrictions I believe are reasonable to place on gun ownership in the US, which has a record of four or five times the deaths by handguns of any nation in the world, so maybe this is my opportunity to express my opinion on First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. Firstly, I believe that the First Amendment should grant to a citizen the unfettered right to say anything about any subject without fear of contradiction by someone who holds a differing opinion. The example of shouting "fire" in a crowded theater is a hackneyed but true example of a reasonable restriction. Secondly, every citizen is aware of the practice of the almost universal extent of puffery used in political campaigning. Anything said by any candidate for office is almost expected to be exaggerated to the extent of falsehood and should not be a part of his communication after he is sworn into office. However, once a candidate is elected his constituents should expect honesty from him. If for the sake of security, an official cannot speak the truth to his constituents he should say nothing about that sensitive a subject or else tell them he cannot speak to it because a statement might endanger the security of the country. He should say nothing rather than lie. I use as an example of a politician who is unaware of this restriction an important elected official of this country who has been tested and failed repeatedly in this sense. At last count, over7,500 times since he was sworn in.
  7. Will Hawkins

    Thin Blue Line

    I have stated my opinion on the issue of gun control in the US elsewhere. I believe that the bearing of arms as stated in the Constitution of this country should be interpreted as a privilege, not a right. It is a privilege that should be earned, not given as a toy is given to a child. I realize I am probably in a distinct minority with this opinion, nonetheless, I feel I have to express it. Firstly, my opinion applies to handguns only. Hunting rifles are a different category and there must be different rules set up for them. However, automatic or semi-automatic weapons, even single shot rifles with 'bump stocks' or the ability to add that mechanism post-sale, should be forbidden, those are weapons of war not of self-protection. There are certain classes of people in this country who should be able to own weapons. I place in this category Peace Officers and trained military personnel, but even in those categories, I feel that the privilege should be heavily restricted. Gun owners must be thoroughly vetted to weed out those with psychological problems, no matter how restrictive that may be, and adequate and continuing training must be a requirement for continuing membership in this privileged class. The restriction against gun ownership by felons is another class that should be studied quite closely -- not all crimes classified as felonies imply a tendency toward violence on the part of a perpetrator who has served his time. Yes, this implies a continuing training and vetting program and will cost money to support, but, to my mind, it is an absolute necessity. If you want the privilege of owning a handgun, you must pay for it. The practice of gun fairs where weapons are available for any nutcase that has the money to buy can acquire a weapon, must stop and weapons that are no longer desired should be either destroyed or sold back to registered dealers, who must then initiate the vetting process again to sell on the secondary market. No weapon should be liable to acquisition by devise or gift to an ineligible person.
  8. Will Hawkins


    Statement of fact: 100% of pregnancies, wanted or not wanted, are caused by men. Even in the cases where: 'the rubber broke, tore. or came off', the pregnancy that resulted was caused by sperm inseminated by a male. Male sperm, to the best of my knowledge, is not available in a bottle on a drugstore shelf for purchase by a woman to allow self insemination. Yet the decision about to abort or not to abort falls to the victim, not the perpetrator. Any restriction on abortion is manifestly unfair. It is the woman who will suffer nine months of discomfort, the dangers of the birth process and its concomitant pain, not the inseminator. Now admittedly, some women want to become pregnant, but of those who do not wish to bear a child, no restriction of law, cost or social onus should be placed upon her. As a male, I will never be faced with a decision such as this, but I am well known for having an opinion on any subject.
  9. Will Hawkins


    The quotation is from Bill Gates. I loved the line about 'naked studs', that is typical of your writing, Carlos, you have a twisted, fantastic, but twisted sense of humor. I look for these little 'throw away' lines in each chapter, just like your Easter eggs...
  10. Will Hawkins


    Security regulations brought on by National and International terrorism have been the ruin of life for tourists the world over. I have never been to New York City, but many of the nation's tourist spots I have visited have been so surrounded by security as to ruin a visit. Anderson Cooper is one of my favorite CNN hosts, They always seem to assign him to the disaster bits, probably because he does sympathy so well. he can sound sincere in his sadness.
  11. Will Hawkins


    I have traveled to many parts of the US, mostly the South, West Coast, and East Central but New England is one area I missed, thanks, Carlos, for having me along on the guy's trips. You do a great job on the descriptions and when you mention a specific location I will often google it just to enjoy in living color what your character described in the story. It's almost like being along on the ride.
  12. Will Hawkins


    I was a little surprised at the homophobic comments by the girl. I know not any more riders are gay than any other group, but I had assumed they were more accepting of differences between people. Typical great chapter, Carlos.
  13. Will Hawkins


    I get so involved with your story, Carlos, that when talking to friends I often feel, "Oh, did you hear what CJ did last week?" should be part of my conversation with them. The characters about which you write are just another set of my friends. Congratulations on your authorship. I know Brad will get the best possible care, but I cannot help but feel sorry for such a vital young man so quickly to be changed into a cripple. War is indeed HELL.
  14. Will Hawkins


    Did I detect an egg of using Liz's frozen ova fertilized by one of our boys as a way to make a baby for them? Depending on which one contributes the sperm, I might be worried. It should not be something left up to chance that is by both being contributors. Wasn't Liz related to one of them? That might be a brother or cousin's sperm that fertilizes Liz's egg -- not good, too close a relative. CJ only, please. But I am sure you thought of this, Carlos.
  15. Will Hawkins


    For non-New Yorkers, schmeer can be either creme cheese or cottage cheese, but in either case, it is a spread for a bagel which, while frequently baked in the shape of a ring can also be flat.
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