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    Triple Trouble

    I would've been nervous if not for the experiences I'd already had with Rod. Instead I walked quickly after Charms, a spark of lustful excitement compelling my steps. Almost blinding me. After finding the library I took a swift turn to the corner and I beat him here. I slowed to a stop and waited. Robed students passed and stole glances at me. I'm sure I was a topic of gossip. Being gay in itself is something worth being talked about amongst others, I could understand why so many students stayed in the closet. But Quintin and I were the only long-lasting and openly-out gay couple in the school
  2. His name started with E, was it Eric? I remembered him as a quiet boy from my Transfiguration and Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. That meant he was also probably good at duelling so even as I whipped out my wand I knew there was a chance I was about to lose this fight. I pointed it at him and he startled. "I've never jinxed an unarmed opponent." I seethed while stepping forward. "Philkin, stop!" he jumped up, knocking his book and food into the dirt. "But I'm really not in the mood to be toyed with by a Slytherin. I just found out my ex-boyfriend is dating the guy he cheated
  3. Invnarcel

    Secret Admirer

    I felt bewildered as I walked the castle halls. Wondering if I'd imagined those sexual undertones with Professor Harcourt… I must have, right? He was strict and dominant for such a young man. I thought of those dark eyes all the way to the Great Hall. Kienna's bushy hair bounced toward me and she was sucking salt off her fingertips. We stopped in the archway. "I forgot to grab Rod and then he was with his friends… those guys are all real hot and I got intimidated… they've already left for Quidditch practice." I glanced at the rows of tables before making a decision "Let's just go. I ha
  4. Thanks so much for such a long comment 😯 I have another three chapters pre-written after this one. I don't think the strory will get quite that sexual... but one of the upcoming chapters is sexual and something new happens in it 😆
  5. Friday morning was the first time I crawled out the common-room and found no floating bouquet of flowers waiting for me. I stopped and frowned. I hadn't expected Quintin to give up for at least a month, but perhaps I'd been wrong. Perhaps he'd really given up. I thought again about our talk in the hospital wing as I made my way down for breakfast. A pair of Slytherins glared and I had to resist glaring back. I was fine with ignoring them, but one more 'mud-blood' comment would mean a Pimple Jinx to the face. I'd happily take the detention. My body flushed with pleasure as I thought about R
  6. I was naked and kneeling on Gillygate's bed. Rod was also naked and standing, stroking his big cock with one hand and holding his wand in the other. That devilish smirk and athletic body got me instantly hard whenever I saw it. He lifted his wand "Incarcerous." Ropes whipped out and bound my arms tightly to my body. I was gagged, bending over while my cock throbbed. "That's a nice look for you, Philkin." Rod spoke while stroking himself. My voice was muffled, I struggled against the ropes for him. My ass was in the air. Rod stepped over to the bed and smacked it. I jumped. He smack
  7. I made it to my second class, Defence Against the Dark Arts. When lunch came around I took myself down to the lakeside, leaning against the old fig tree and staring out at the far waters. I didn't feel in the mood for eating. After tossing a spare scroll of parchment some feet away I had my wand out to practice that spell again. "Avenseguim!" I tried flicking my wand the way I'd been shown, the paper whipping up before dropping down again. "Philkin," Kiena appeared around the trunk and crouched down "How'd your talk with Quintin go?" "…I told him I don't love him anymore." "Oh.
  8. I sent myself to the hospital wing on Wednesday morning, like a big idiot. I was all dressed to have breakfast in the Great Hall, made my way out of Hufflepuff's badger-crawl space. Already wasn't in a good mood when I saw another floating bouquet of flowers drifting by the barrels. Daisies. I whipped my wand out, again my spell had more juice to it than necessary. "Confringo!" The flowers exploded into fire. I was standing too close, blown off my feet and burned. Evidently the barrels were also too close, splintering and spilling vinegar all over the floor. I cried out and hissed
  9. Transfiguration was taught in a large and bright classroom by Professor Harcourt, he was the youngest teacher I'd seen at Hogwarts but exceptionally talented and intelligent. He was the least authoritarian and most popular among the students, notably the girls. His face was slightly unshaven but neat, he was of average height and stature but good to look at. Despite his easy-going nature he never let students off the hook when it came to homework and didn't tolerate noise above a certain level in his classes. Instead of robes he was rather taken by silver pinstripe suits. Like Charms I sha
  10. Invnarcel

    Secret Hideaway

    Thanks! I still have quite a few chapters pre-written and I'll let everyone know when I'm getting to the end of my pre-written stuff.
  11. Invnarcel

    Secret Hideaway

    "I can't believe you." Kiena was part scandalized but also impressed as we left her History of Magic classroom and headed to lunch. "You can't believe the beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team beat my ass?" I was blushing as I said it. The look she gave me was now also mixed with outrage. We had a weird sense of humour. Occasionally I liked to shock her like that, toss out an inappropriate comment like a grenade. After entering the Great Hall we sat with some fellow Hufflepuff acquaintances and chatted. A tawny owl flew in to deliver one of them some late mail. I was almost finished
  12. I was thinking a lot about Rod the evening and night after we fucked. I was sure that after becoming another of his conquests I'd be given the cold shoulder of indifference and be ignored. I was surprised he might want to fuck me again, I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed myself. How addicting; I almost put myself in another frenzy by remembering it. I was thinking about Quintin an equal amount. I felt slightly better about things after having sex – great sex – with another guy. It still didn't change anything since we'd broken up, and that should be clear. When crawling out the com
  13. After classes I raced to the common-room to shower, then jogged out the castle and to the Quidditch pitch. My own house, the Hufflepuffs were just kicking off the ground for practice. Rod was there waiting for me, hands in pockets and a loop of hair over his forehead. He was leaning against a post and smirked at the sight of me. My mouth went dry and pulse quickened at the sight of how hot he was. My lust was like a hungry monster scratching to get out of me. "About time. Follow me." He led me toward the broom shed. Glanced up at the airborne Hufflepuffs before tapping the lock with his wa
  14. Hey guys 😀 First of all, don't take this as a nag. It's really not meant to be. But the daily updates only take place if the most recent chapter gets comments on it. Otherwise updates take at least a week. While I have quite a few chapters pre-written, more time to write them means the updates are likely to be longer. So guess that's up to you. Anyway as this story is much more relaxed I'm open to a heap of suggestions. Including spell recomendations or character inserts. Or any aspect of the Harry Potter universe you'd like to see more of. You can tell me whatever you like and I'll
  15. I managed to start my Transfiguration report. I did see Quintin in the Great Hall and although he cast miserable looks in my direction he didn't approach me. Seemed like he wasn't going to, I tried to push him out of my mind. While Rodney was an electrifying new possibility, I wasn't sure how to speak to him when he was always surrounded by a gang of rowdy Gryffindors. I hadn't exactly been welcoming to the stud, but at the time I needed to make sure he stayed away and didn't sweep me into temptation. Fuck it, if all gay guys are whores then I can be one too. As for Rod, I may need to
  16. Invnarcel

    Revenge Sex?

    "Incendio!" Fire shot from the end of my wand and onto the pile of moving photos. I sat in a corner of the common-room that night, teary as I watched captured memories of my boyfriend and I burn away. Kiena knelt beside me with a sympathetic frown, offered me another tissue. "Thanks." I took it and blew my nose. "Etundre Chalem." Kiena made a circle with her wand and the fire went out, leaving a pile of ashes and a scorch mark on the floorboards. Other Hufflepuffs were standing away by the squeaking and shifting plants, watching with sympathetic looks of their own. My frien
  17. Last class of the day was Potions with the Gryffindors, taught by Professor Melisend. A hook-nosed witch who prowled between the dungeon benches after instructing we pair up beside big cauldrons. I was setting out my ingredients when I caught Rodney's eyes from across the room. He was giving me the crudest and filthiest up-down look I'd ever seen, as if he wanted to fuck me right here and now. I quickly averted my gaze. There was a hot squeaming in my gut. It didn't matter how hot he was, I wasn't going to cheat on Quintin. "Today we'll be recreating the Draught of Living Death. It's a ver
  18. That's so funny, this is literally a line in my next chapter 😆
  19. Invnarcel


    A Slytherin main character comes in eventually... like chapter fourteen >.> I wrote them shorter cause I intended to update every day. I pre-write too so that I'm prepared if I don't feel like writing one day. The chapter lengths may also vary, there are long ones and sometimes if I don't have time it may only be a few paragraphs. It's like a casual writing exercise almost, but I do have plot plans just not an ending plan.
  20. Leaving my pursuer and his would-be conquest behind me, I went down an outdoor corridor. Following it along beside a courtyard, past young witches and wizards, into the arched opening of the castle. I walked beneath the swinging pendulum and made my way to Professor Barberry's storeroom. As head of Hufflepuff house and a jolly friend, he'd given me a key to it. I retrieved the rusted item from my pocket and opened the door. Squeezed aside to avoid the giant Tentacula plant whose vines were wriggling in place. I returned my borrowed things next to a gyrating cactus in the cluttered shelves and
  21. Invnarcel


    No, these are original characters. Smut comes a little later but not too much later. Anyway I think you'll all get where I'm going with this after a few chapters.
  22. Invnarcel


    This is less a serious work and more a bit of fun. Hopefully I can get a following somewhere. Pls comment if you like it and I can update a little bit every day, maybe encourage people to make something similar. I'm on Uni holidays and have had some thought about my next novella but nothing set in stone yet. I've done some reading but can probably stand to do some more before I start something serious. Thanks!
  23. Romance. Spellmanship. Slash smut. Riveting relationship drama. Original Characters. Pls review for daily updates.
  24. Invnarcel


    The sun reflected off the grimy glasshouses. Across the grass fields younger students were making their way to the Quidditch pitch or otherwise enjoying their lunchbreak. My sleeves were rolled up. I set down the flowerpot and burlap sack I'd been carrying, the contents of which were wriggling about. Then stepped back across the grass with my wand out. I was reasonably out of sight, at least nobody was looking this way. I pointed my wand "Sciogli." The sack untied itself and out came several Bouncing Bulbs. The purple plants started hopping about while I focused, wand raised. "Come
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