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  1. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 47

    Is it wrong to want Bouncer to eat these f*ckers. Something seems strange about this group.
  2. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 40

    Maybe Bouncer will eat the council or whatever they are. GO BOUNCER!!! He'll protect daddy.
  3. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 37

    That d*mn Timok better have not touched his man. If he did I say rip an appendage off, and I don"t mean an arm. So glad Bouncer still loves daddy.
  4. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 36

    How will Bouncer take all the changes? Will he attack Essell because he looks and smells different? Poor baby Bouncer.
  5. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 35

    Timok jealous? Why do I not trust Timok? Is Timok in love with Garjah? So many questions. Can't wait for next week.
  6. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 34

    Bouncer going to have sibling in the future? 🙂
  7. Bravo!! I find this story truly wonderful. It is well written. I find it hard to believe this is your first werewolf story. Hats off to you. Hope everyone is safe and happy. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT WITH US!!!!🥰
  8. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 29

    WOW!!! Sh*t just got deep. Bonded, can hardly wait until Bouncer finds out he has 2 daddies.😉
  9. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 28

    OH NO!!! What will baby Bouncer think? Did this change his scent? Will Bouncer attack? Poor babies, hope they catch a break soon. Another good chapter.
  10. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 37

    Maybe that is why they never got along and fought over Sawyer's well being?
  11. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 37

    Mommy Dearest Jada's mate? Now that would be funny. Stay safe and keep us on the edge of our seats. Sh*t getting deep.
  12. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 32

    So sad. One more night. I have fate Sawyer will prove them all wrong. He is going to be beautiful. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!!
  13. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 21

    Bouncer is just a bundle of love. Now he has a mommy and a daddy.
  14. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 20

    WOO-HOO Bouncer is back. Missed that big puppy. Hope they leave him be. Happy New Year!! Stay safe!!
  15. DJSMITH74


    Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination with us. Looking forward to your return. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
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