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  1. NewEnglander

    Chapter 9

    A lovely story. Thanks. Except for the pronoun weirdness that makes your story a little difficult for me to follow. Just being honest about how it strikes me. Thanks for sharing your talent.
  2. NewEnglander

    Chapter 2

    I like your writing, but the made up pronouns are too distracting for me. Good luck.
  3. These are exactly the kinds of vacations my sister and I took with my parents growing up; a little pure fun mixed with learning about our nation's history and natural environment. Your writing draws me in. You so effectively paint a picture that makes me feel like I'm right there with your story characters. Thanks for sharing your talents, Bill.
  4. NewEnglander


    Yes, I totally got your message here. There is so much that God, or whatever Force you believe in, can teach us through the unlikeliest of sources. We just have to open ourselves up in order to receive those gifts. I love this deep message imbedded in your story.... Joe learned something truly transforming from someone very different from him, but he had to open himself up to receive that gift.... Great writing, Wayne!
  5. NewEnglander


    That's the key, isn't it? These parents should inspire parents everywhere.
  6. NewEnglander


    Are you even capable of writing a story that doesn't at some point make me cry, Wayne?! 😀 Another wonderful story. I hope to hear more about Joe. It would seem that Joe has both a lot to learn and a lot to say! And perhaps Jake does too.... "... even if you're not sure, you just gotta dive in."
  7. NewEnglander


    Your writing grabs for my soul every time, Wayne! I'm grateful that you so freely share your amazing talent for spinning a yarn that simply draws me in, taking me for a delightful roller coaster ride of emotions. You have a gift for painting a picture with your words while conveying emotions and feelings. I absolutely love this short story. Thank you.
  8. Wow, this one is a tear-jerker! But such good writing. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us, Bill!
  9. Great writing! Can't wait for the next chapter!
  10. NewEnglander

    Chapter 19

    "Arguing about deities with Mexican peasants wasn't going to get me very far." Wow, that sounds arrogant and xenophobic and classist and... well, you get the picture. I like Stefan, but had hoped for a more enlightened and tolerant attitude. I get that the author is not a fan of God, but....
  11. NewEnglander

    Chapter 14

    It's obvious you don't like President Johnson and I don't necessarily disagree. But you make little to no mention of the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act that he worked so hard to get passed.... That's a pretty big omission, don't you think, Mark?
  12. NewEnglander

    Chapter 48

    Your gift for writing really shows in this final chapter. Again, thanks for sharing your gifts with the rest of us. You inspire me to get back into writing fiction.
  13. NewEnglander

    Chapter 37

    Granger's encounters with the Countess were inspiring. Assessing her personality and guiding her behavior toward his goal utilizing that assessment is a real gift. I cannot imagine that his loyal servant Winkler will leave the country without him. Once again, Mark's writing has me anxiously awaiting the next chapter!
  14. NewEnglander


    So grateful to you as an author for sharing your storytelling skills with all of us! I have loved sharing with my husband and daughter about this story over the past few months. I look forward to reading more of your captivating writing!
  15. You're continuing to draw us into your story! Great character development too! Thanks again for sharing your talents with us.
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