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    Road Trip

    Our second favourite drag queen, of course.
  2. Wombat Bill

    Road Trip

    Strewth! You little ripper! You blokes are dead set, fair dinkum legends. Good on ya for being such true blue cobbers, no galahs among yous. I was a bit iffy about writing this, but no dramas, turned out to be a piece of piss and I’m rapt with your comments. I reckon you blokes are bonza, and true blue mates. But right now I’ve gotta shoot through and get back on the lappy. I’m stoked. A big g’day from Straya and I’ll raise a stubby to yous when I go down to the boozer.
  3. Edward thought it might be a good idea to take a few days off so he and Romel could have a short holiday before Romel headed to Manila for Christmas. They decided to head west on a road trip to wherever the road took them. They packed the car the night before, so they could make a quick getaway in the morning and avoid the worst of the peak hour traffic. When they were getting into bed, Romel said “I’m so excited about this. It will be our first long trip in my car.” “That’s right, so you can do most of the driving and I’ll sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery as it passes by.”
  4. @NimirRaj, @chris191070 & @ReaderPaul, You guys are always looking for intrigue and scandal, often where none exists. I think Daniel just wanted to be sure Thomas kept quiet about the drug conviction. Of course Thomas was curious about the "club", hopefully only innocent curiosity. We don't want to see Daniel go back into the cage, do we?
  5. TWO MONTHS LATER Jonathan and Lachlan had gone to the villa in France and had been there a month when Thomas called Jonathan, asking if he could join them. “Of course, we’re looking forward to it. Lachlan has compiled a long list of things to do and places to take you. He seems quite excited about your visit. Vineyards are a big feature on his list and you’re not going to believe the range of cheeses here. I made sure he put some fromageries on the list.” “Thanks Jonathan, that all sounds very exciting.” “Hold on, Lachlan wants to talk to you.” “Hi Lachlan, how are you enj
  6. The following week, Thomas kept the appointment with Dr Winston. He wore dark glasses and a cap, just in case the receptionist suspected he wasn’t Jared. “Jared Haynes for Dr Winston.” “Please take a seat Mr Haynes, doctor will be with you soon.” Thomas was relieved that he was past the first hurdle, now all he had to do was convince the doctor to talk to him about Jared. The receptionist’s intercom buzzed, and after speaking to the caller, she said to Thomas “Mr Haynes, doctor is ready, please go straight in.” Another problem for Thomas. “Thank you...is he still in
  7. Wombat Bill

    Five Stages

    After writing these last four chapters I need to move on quickly to something lighter in the next two chapters, otherwise I can get bogged down in morbidity. I wrote the rape chapter as somewhat detached, but when I finished the chapter of Justin telling Craig about the rape I was so angry, I had to go for a walk afterwards to calm down. Funny how even my own writing can have an effect on me.
  8. @NimirRaj, @ReaderPaul, @chris191070 and @Summerabbacat, Your combined word count for comments on this chapter is 1,740. Challenging my word count for the chapter of 2,859. Doing the maths that 61%. Just saying! Love you all for your loyalty, continued interest in my stories and the feedback you constantly provide. Sometimes humourous, sometimes in-depth analysis sometimes thought provoking and sometimes illuminated with ideas I had not thought of when writing. Yes, and even sometimes influencing the story plot. Give yourselves a round of applause. Keep reading, keep com
  9. While Desmond was driving the Prices back to Crystalline, Jonathan closed the privacy window between the front and back seats then said to Virginia “Tomorrow I will have my things moved from Potts Point, and then it’s all yours Nia. But you should also feel free to stay at Crystalline as long as you wish.” “Thanks, but I think I should move on and make a clean break. Towards the end of the week I’ll move some of my things to Potts Point and then the rest to Mallacoota a few days later. When I move, I want Desmond to come with me and live as my partner from then on. Which means, you need a
  10. Thomas had heard there are five stages of grief that start with denial and work through to acceptance. However it wasn’t working that way for him. Over the next week he felt all five stages at some time, but not in order. They came and went randomly. His fantasies, he accepted as denial, then he would snap out of the fantasy and feel depressed by reality. During the many phone calls he had to make there was a feeling of acceptance while he got on with the job at hand. Bargaining, he used as a way of suppressing the anger when thoughts of Jared’s infidelity wormed their way into his brain. This
  11. You've said it all. Karma got him but as usual Jared took others down with him. Many of you made the right prediction. Congratulations! Of was it wishful thinking. It is now 2019 in the story and approaching Christmas - what surprises will 2020 bring? Do I hear you say, no surprise at all. So here is the big question - Do we launch headlong into the real 2020 or do we forget the time line and continue in a parallel universe? Having already written about 2020 in "The Covids" and being fed up to the back teeth with the China Virus. I'm leaning towards life on another plane
  12. The following morning Thomas was awakened by his phone ringing. As he looked at the screen he said ‘Oh finally he returns my calls’. “Hi, where have you been, why didn’t you return my calls before this, I’ve been calling for two days.” “Is that Thomas?” “Yes, who’s this and why are you calling from Jared’s phone?” “Can you tell me the nature of your relationship with Jared Haynes?” “Who wants to know?” “I’m Sergeant Frank Condon of the Northern Territory police. I’m calling about Jared Haynes. Yours is the most called number on his phone, so I figured you two must be c
  13. @chris191070, @ReaderPaul, @NimirRaj & @Summerabbacat - Lot's of analysis, assumptions, speculations, predictions and wishes. Many questions will be resolved tomorrow and no doubt, more will be asked, so fasten your seat belts.
  14. Two days later, Craig received a phone call during the lunch time rush at Poppy’s. He noted it was Justin and was pleased he called, but surprised. “How’s the desert Lawrence, haven’t fucked any camels have you?” “Not funny Craig. I’m at home, couldn’t stand another day with the fucking bastard, poor excuse for a human. I hope he rots in the desert.” “Hey, hey, slow down. What’s happened, did you two have a falling out?” “That’s putting it mildly. I hope he dies a slow painful death or gets eaten by dingoes.” “Tell me what happened.” “Not on the phone, can you co
  15. Well, this chapter has stirred the emotions. From @NimirRaj, Damn Jared to hell From @CaJu, Seems like Jared got to be just like his father. From @ReaderPaul, More of Jared's true nature keeps coming out. I'm not liking what I see being revealed. From @Summerabbacat, I have always wondered what attracted him to the SAS; it has now been revealed to some extent. The excuse to commit wanton violence with no regret. From @haines87, Also Jared needs to take a long walk off a short cliff. and from @chris191070, Jared is pure evil just like his father. It s
  16. Ok, you all seem to be happy with the goings on, except Jared is still getting up everyone's nose. Understandable, given his ability to manipulate with a leaning towards causing trouble. Bernard? Even I'm not sure where he's headed. Well observed, everyone.
  17. My intention was to show he was jealous that Andy and Dean are buying their own home. Craig and Justin live rent free in Gran's house.
  18. Three months after their trip to Cairns, Jared suggested another trip away for him and Justin. This time, his reason was to teach Justin desert survival skills. “But why do you have to go away together again so soon. We never go away together, it always seems to be with Jared. I was super happy for you when you two found each other, but I didn’t think you would need all this bonding time.” lamented Craig. “It’s only our second trip.” “Yeah, in three months. When was the last time we went away?” “Why don’t you go away with Thomas while we are away?” “That’s hardly appr
  19. Wishful thinking. I don't think you'll be invited. Welcome back
  20. Dean’s bar was by now very successful and Andy was still working full-time at Price’s as well as part time at the bar. He had been thinking for a few months about asking Dean to move in with him. That would mean getting Jared’s approval, which he was sure would be ok, or the alternative would be to move in with Dean, but that was a share house as well, and offered less privacy and independence. When he collected his mail one evening, which was mostly junk mail, he was about to drop the brochures and another advertising in the recycling bin, and accidently dropped one on the floor. As he
  21. Virginia went back to Sydney for a meeting with Jonathan regarding their divorce. “Firstly Virginia I need your assurance that you really want this divorce and won’t change your mind part way through the proceedings.” “Of course I want the divorce, that’s the easy part. What we may have problems with is the property settlement.” “Yes, I understand that. So is it ok with you if we lodge the divorce application immediately and get that part underway.” “Yes, that’s fine.” “As the only reason for divorce in Australia is, the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage which ca
  22. So is our Prime Minister, so unless you lied about your age, I guess you're not him. Happy reading,
  23. Wombat Bill


    @Summerabbacat, Although I have said many times, there is a lot of me in Edward, this time Romel is my alter ego. Not a cat hater as such, but definitely not one to share a bed with four legged animals. @NimirRaj, I can let you in one one item - it's not a new haircut. @ReaderPaul, one of your predictions is correct.
  24. Romel went to the airport to meet Edward. They greeted each other and hugged for a long time. Not only had they missed each other but Romel felt he should have been able to do more to support his partner during his past week of grief. “I really should have gone with you. You were gone before I had time to think about it.” “As much as I would have liked you by my side, especially at the funeral, there really wasn’t much you could do. All the doctors and nurses were very patient explaining everything to Paul and me. Edward collected his luggage and they went to the car. Before Romel st
  25. Wombat Bill


    @ReaderPaul, No Paul reader has not been mentioned by name before. The only reference to the character was in book ! when Edward moved to Sydney (She was now married again to a loving man that he trusted to take care of her). I'm sure you know why he now has a name. Sorry to hear about you and your mum. The events in the story were also based on my mum's death, but she remained on life support for a month before she gave up. @Summerabbacat, I've said before there is a lot of me in Edward (except the drag queen) and the carnation thing is something I did spontaneously at my gay uncle'
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