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    After the incident with the handyman at school the family seemed to get over it and things went well for a few months until one day when Justin’s mother, Jessica, came home from work in a very strange mood, but did not tell her husband or Justin what was bothering her. It seems that the school where she taught was about to employ a new handyman. He had been interviewed, his references checked and the principal was about to appoint him to the staff but needed the formal approval of the state education department & a working with children certificate before making any staff appointments. Jessica’s friend Narelle worked as the staff office assistant and had to prepare the applicant’s paperwork to send to the education department. She realised when photocopying the documents that she recognised the photograph of the applicant. She remembered she had seen him before at St. Patrick’s school doing lane markings and other maintenance work when she attended sports days of her nephew who was a pupil at St. Patrick’s. When she came to copying the references there was none from St. Patrick’s school. When she checked his resume, she saw that he had shown that period as being on a working holiday in the UK. This seemed odd to her but she did not tell the principal in case she was mistaken about having seen him at St. Patrick’s. She decided to ask her friend Jessica Simpson, as she knew her son went to that school. Jessica did not know the name Sam Hiscock, but when shown the photograph recognised him as the previous gardener at St. Patrick’s. When this was confirmed, Narelle thought she should tell the principal, who then immediately called St. Patrick’s for a reference. Brother Francis told principal Edwards, principal to principal what had happened, but said it was to be kept confidential as the student was underage and the school did not want any scandal. Hiscock never returned to St. Patrick’s and the school never actually dismissed him. Hiscock was afraid that if he had returned the school would certainly dismiss him and may involve the police as well. Brother Francis was of the opinion that if he formally dismissed Hiscock then he would have to put it in writing and give a reason for dismissal. This would create a record of the incident, which he did not want. Conveniently for the school his employment was terminated on the grounds of abandonment. Catholic institutions were already under a cloud of suspicion about sexual abuse and he did not want to add to that. Principal Edwards told Narelle not to send the documents to head office because there was a problem with the applicant’s references. He did not explain why but she was suspicious and told Jessica. When Jessica went home her husband, Brendan, was already home and Justin was still at gymnastics training. She asked her husband if he knew Sam Hiscock and why he would not reference the school as a previous employer. He denied any knowledge of ever knowing Hiscock. Jessica suggested that he might have met him on that day about six months ago when he was called to the school to fix their plumbing. She said she would expect the maintenance person from the school to be involved in calling on his assistance. He said there was someone, but he did not remember his name. She then described Sam, hoping it might trigger a memory in her husband. By this time Brendan was getting tired of his wife’s interrogation and started to become agitated. His manner became such that she became suspicious of her husband’s denials, but knew better than to press him any further as she had experienced his anger before. A few days later she casually brought up the name of Sam Hiscock in conversation with Justin and first asked him if he remembered the man. Justin said he used to be the maintenance man at school, but wanted to know why she was asking. She said that it was not important but he had applied for a job at her school and had been unsuccessful because he did not have a reference from St. Patrick’s. She asked Justin if he remembered him ever being in trouble at his school. He said no, but knew exactly what she was referring to, even though he felt she did not really know. He did not want to be questioned any further in case he accidently gave anything away or motherly intuition kicked in, so he excused himself to go and do his homework before dinner. When Jessica ran into Narelle in the staff room the next day, she told Narelle neither her husband nor her son knew anything about any incident at St. Patrick’s involving Sam Hiscock. This further piqued Narelle’s interest in the matter and so the two became the Cagney & Lacey of Blacktown High and set out to solve the mystery. School staff rooms are usually a hotbed of gossip, but over the next few days, neither of them could get even a whisper of scandal out of their colleagues. When they next met they concluded that either they were being left out of the loop by their colleagues or for the first time they genuinely did not know of some inter-school scandal. If it were the latter then they would have to step up their investigation. But if it were the former then why were they not being taken into the confidence of the local gossips. They both secretly hoped it was not because one of them was somehow involved. Narelle decided to put some pressure on Principal Edwards, as she was sure he knew more than he was telling her. But she would have to be subtle or he would just clam up if he thought she was just after gossip. She thought she would try the tea and Tim Tams approach. He usually took his tea break in the relatively peaceful atmosphere of his office rather than go to the noisy staff room. Sometimes he would invite Narelle to join him so they could discuss school business. So, the next day Narelle decided to invite herself to a morning tea discussion. She showed up in Principal Edwards’ office with tea, Tim Tams, some trivial school matter to be the subject of their meeting and the application papers of Sam Hiscock. She used the pretext of what to do with the papers as a way of opening up further discussion after dealing with the other minor matter. She asked if she should file them, destroy them or did the principal have any further use for them. He could sense that she was fishing for information, but as she had always been a trusted assistant and had not previously broken any confidences, he decided to tell her enough to satisfy her curiosity. Narelle had indeed always been loyal to the principal and kept school matters confidential. But on this occasion she also had a duty to her best friend. The information she had to pass on to Jessica could be explosive. If Jessica was not on playground duty during lunch break the two usually joined the rest of the staff in the communal staff room. On this day Narelle invited her friend to join her for lunch in the park across the road. She told her friend what she could from her discussion with the Principal. She felt there was no need to tell her to keep the information confidential. That was obvious given the nature of the revelation. What piqued Jessica’s interest was that Brother Francis had let it slip in his conversation with principal Edwards that the boy involved was the son of a local plumber. Justin’s mum did not think it could be her son and certainly did not want to even entertain such an idea. When she asked her husband if he knew any other plumbers in the area whose son might attend St. Patrick’s, he wanted to know why. He had not forgotten about the incident but did not connect that with his wife’s question. He asked her why she wanted to know about other plumbers so she told him what she had heard about Sam Hiscock. He was furious and thought she knew and was just trying to get him to admit to it. His denial was so strong that she then became very suspicious, so to save having an argument she dropped the whole subject. Her husband could have a frightful temper and she did not want him angry when Justin came home. Brendan appeared to calm down after his first beer, but when Justin arrived home he took him out to the backyard and started questioning him, assuming he might have told someone who leaked it back to his mother. The situation quickly moved from a discussion to accusation to shouting and was about to become physical when Justin’s mother, who had been watching from the kitchen window, went out to stop them. He then attempted to take a swipe at his wife. He had done this in the past but she had learned to duck and always covered for him later. Justin decided to tell his mum in the hope that if it was brought out into the open then there would be no more need for secrets. He told his mother the whole story and in doing so outed himself. Jessica comforted him, and screamed at her husband that he had no right to hide this from her and in so doing cause Justin to suffer so much. She was close to her boy and said she was not disappointed if he was gay, he was still her son, still the same person he was before and she would support him fully. She then turned to her husband and suggested he say the same. Instead of doing so he remained silent for a few moments, but they could both see the anger boiling in him and knew that when he let it out, there would be no peace in the Haynes household that night. Justin and his mother left the house in her car and went out for dinner, hoping that upon their return, he would have calmed down. They thought even if he could not accept Justin’s sexual orientation at least he would tolerate it for the sake of the family. While eating Justin told his mum now he had outed himself to her, then he felt he could come out to anybody. It was her he did not want to hurt, but in fact it turned out she would be his closest ally. She asked him to be cautious about that, but knew her son would have his way. By the time they returned home, the empties on the floor revealed that Brendan had consumed a number of beers and was now half way through a bottle of scotch. He was not of the nature that alcohol could calm. In fact it was just the opposite, it made him even more pig-heated and sometimes violent. When Justin went to his room to avoid any further confrontation he saw that there were two large garbage bags and his backpack on his bed. Still opened but both full of his clothes and other personal items. Sitting on top of his backpack was his pack of condoms with FAG, written in marker pen. Jessica followed him to the room a few minutes later. Brendan had already told her he was throwing Justin out of the house. She did not say anything to him as it would just antagonise him further. Justin and her looked at each other, both knowing what the packed bags meant. They left the house and she drove him over to his aunt’s home. Julia was Brendan’s sister and lived with her partner Hannah and their two sons. Each was the birth mother of one child. Julia said she was not surprised by her brother’s actions. It was what she had come to expect of him over the years, especially after the way he treated her when she told him she was gay. They had not spoken since then. Both women welcomed Justin into their home and offered his mum a bed for the night also, but she declined knowing it would only make it worse when she eventually returned home. The two boys were thrilled to have their older cousin in the house, although they did not fully understand why he was there. After a week or so, there was a further family conference held without Justin’s father. The purpose was to decide about Justin’s future. It was agreed by all that Justin should stay with his aunt for the meantime to finish school. He would complete his school certificate this year and he needed peace and security for that. If he completed that successfully then he would be welcome to stay there for the next two year to complete his higher school certificate. They did not expect any financial support from his father, so the aunts offered him bed and board and his mother would pay his school fees and other educational expenses out of her wages, as well as pocket money. That plan was carried through until Justin successfully completed his HSC two years later. He had no contact with his father in that time. ***** Justin was soon regularly staying over at Craig’s flat. On Craig’s days off they would treat it as a weekend and Justin would stay for two or three night at a time. Other times it might just be one night, depending on Craig’s nursing roster. To assist Justin in knowing when he was available and when not to call, because he might be sleeping after shift work, Craig started to give Justin his nursing rosters, which were usually planned a month in advance. This generally worked well for Justin, but as he had more time off than Craig he was often on his own and would call Craig whenever he thought he was not working or sleeping. But, then often he could not reach Craig even on what should have been free time. He started to wonder if Craig was also dating someone else, but did not ask as he did not want to seem jealous or possessive. All their dates so far had been just the two of them and Craig felt it was time to introduce Justin to his friends and maybe a bit later, his family. He arranged a small dinner party as his home with just four others so that Justin would not feel overwhelmed and would have the opportunity to join in the conversation. He invited his four closest friends, that included a couple; Romel was a nursing colleague and his partner was Edward, an IT geek. Craig was not absolutely sure what he did, just that he was good with computers and such and often helped Craig with his computer and phone problems. The other two friends were Raj, who worked in his parents’ Indian restaurant and Tristan who was a professional dancer with Sydney’s premier contemporary ballet dance company.
  2. Craig & Justin had been dating regularly for a month. They felt comfortable in each others’ company and Justin was feeling at home when at Craig’s. One night over pizza, beer and a DVD, Justin asked Craig how much rent he paid for his apartment and Craig explained how he came to be living there. Craig’s apartment was in fact owned by his parents. They had purchased it as an investment, using as a deposit, the money Craig’s grandparents had given his parents when the farm was sold. They got a good price for the farm and as they had no debt on it, decided to share some of their good fortune with their children while they were still alive and could enjoy seeing them use it. The unit had always been tenanted since they purchased it. Craig had lived at home until he completed his nursing studies. His parents had always supported his lifestyle and put no conditions on him having visitors, even for overnight stays. But Craig, always being a bit shy, had always felt a bit uncomfortable having his lovers stay over at his parents’ home, even though he knew they did not mind. So when he got full-time employment at St. Vincent’s hospital, he worked out a budget to see if he could afford a place of his own. He did not want to share with a flatmate so the place needed to be cheap enough for him to afford on one salary. While he was looking around for a flat the tenants in his parents’ investment property vacated and his mother suggested to his father that they make the apartment available for Craig. They both loved the idea as it would not only be helping their son but they would have a reliable tenant and save on agent’s management fees. But they were not going to give it to Craig free of rent and Craig did not want that either. All three negotiated a rent that suited all their needs. His parents were still getting a return on their investment and Craig felt the independence of supporting himself. Craig paid his parents just a little less than market rate for the apartment. Craig was curious about why Justin was living with his aunts, so when asked, Justin was unwilling to tell Craig the whole story so early in their relationship. He feared losing Craig if he disapproved of his family. He just told Craig “Things were difficult at home because my father did not approve of me being gay so I moved to my aunt’s for the peace of the family. When I first moved there I was fifteen so I was given my own room and my younger cousins shared. Now that they are older and wanting some independence the house is getting a bit crowded and living arrangements can be tense. But my aunts won’t ask me to leave as they love me and I try not to be any trouble to them. But most importantly they promised Mum they would take care of me.” “Have you ever thought of moving out?” asked Craig. “Well I am aware of the family tensions and would like to move out, but my lack of regular employment means I can’t afford a lease on a flat and friends I’ve asked to share with are wary of taking in a flatmate without regular income. I didn’t go to uni, like you. I didn’t even do a trade course or follow up my HSC with any further study. I find it difficult to get motivated by my work and come from a family that placed no achievement expectations upon me. In some ways I think I slipped between the cracks. I know my aunts still care for me but naturally they have prioritised raising their own sons. I have not spoken to my father since I was fifteen and have only occasional contact with Mum. He thinks we have no contact and Mum has cut me out of her life like he has, so she only calls me from her work.” Justin did not have any work now, as prior to his accident he only worked casual shifts at pubs and restaurants. He tried the places where he had worked before and although they promised to put him back on the books, he never received any call-backs. Craig promised to call his friends at the restaurant where he had previously worked when a student, to see if they could give Justin a few shifts per week to get started. Justin knew that Craig usually did not like to have him stay over on the nights before a morning shift as he wanted to get a good night’s sleep before a 7:00am start. After the movie ended, Justin finished his beer and suggested “I had better be off now, so you can get an early night”. But tonight Craig was feeling very relaxed and replied “You don’t have to go, you know.” “But I thought you had a rule about school nights.” “Oh, I usually like to have an early night before an early shift.” “... and it’s still early.” suggested Justin “You’re right, so if we went to bed now we wouldn’t be breaking any rules, would we?” Craig started to clear the remains of their meal, but Justin said “Leave that, I can do it in the morning, when you leave for work and just let myself out. I don’t want you to be late getting to bed.” “Sounds good to me.” They both squeezed into the bathroom together, as Justin already had a toothbrush at Craig’s, as he put it, ‘Just in case’. Then they cuddled up in bed together, shared a few kisses and lay quietly to go to sleep. Justin fell into sleep first, but was awakened shortly afterwards when he felt a hand reach between his butt checks and then the familiar coldness of lube. He rolled onto his stomach to signal his acceptance. Justin felt one finger, then a second and finally a third stretching him. The feeling was warm and tight but gentle. He felt the fingers withdraw and he heard the snap of a condom being stretched..... a little delay and then he felt a slow penetration until the thighs of his lover pressed against his butt cheeks. He lay there still and soaked up the pleasure of slow full penetration. The fit was like a key in a lock. Then movement started, very slowly at first, then a little faster, in and out, enter and withdraw, yes it felt good to be full of his lover; then no, don’t leave me empty as the tip of the penis almost slipped out. Pleasure and pain, come and go, arrive and depart, put and take. All of these feelings alternating like a pulse, again and again. Invade and retreat, insert and extract, occupy and vacate, please don’t let this end, but climax was near for both. Then explosion, fireworks, bells toll, canons fire, followed by peace, stillness, satisfaction and contentment. Lay motionless and completely sated, then sleep. The next night at home in his own bed Justin could not sleep at all. He lay there like a tortured soul. He was unable or at least unwilling to tell Craig the whole reason why he left home when he was fifteen. He did not think Craig would accept him if he knew the truth of his family. Craig came from a loving almost squeaky clean family and Justin felt he could not reveal his background from such a dysfunctional family. He felt he was already skating on thin ice by not having regular work and was lucky to have Craig allow him into his life. Justin grew up in western Sydney, the child of a school teacher and a plumber. It was a catholic family so Justin attended the local catholic schools. He was not a good student as he was not academically inclined. However he worked hard and managed to keep up and get fair grades. Instead he was good at most sports, but particularly enjoyed gym work at school and joined a gymnastics group outside of school. Justin had known for about two years that he was gay, but kept it hidden from family and friends, until he was found by a school prefect in the toilets, with Sam Hiscock, the school gardener/handyman. It was not the first time they had been together around the school, but they had become a bit careless about their meetings. On this occasion it was about thirty minutes after final classes for the day and all other students and most teachers had left the campus. They were unaware one of the prefects was doing final rounds and they were caught, Sam with his pants down and Justin on his knees. The prefect was a bit of a try-hard and would do anything to impress the teachers at St. Patrick’s if it furthered his promotion through the prefect hierarchy. They both pleaded with the prefect not to say anything. But the more they pleaded the more determined he was to report his find. It would get him brownie points with the principal and he hated gays anyway. It was odds on that Sam would lose his job and Justin would at least be outed, if not expelled. The next day Sam did not turn up for work, but Justin went to school, hoping their pleading might have worked. By lunch time he had heard nothing from either the prefect or the principal, so he thought they had gotten away with it. He even thought about what he might do to thank the prefect, but ruled out a blow job. Mid-afternoon he was hauled out of class and off to the principal’s office where his father, Brendan Haynes, was waiting with Brother Francis, the principal. Both were furious and threatened all sorts of punishment. Sam had left Justin to face the music on his own. The principal wanted to expel him from the school, but Haynes intervened and the principal relented. As furious as his father was with him he still believed his son needed a good education and expected that the school would now keep Justin on a short leash and that would be the end of this sort of activity. The event was to be kept from his mother and it was agreed by all that no more would be said about it. When Haynes asked Brother Francis what would happen to Hiscock, he said him his employment would be terminated immediately but for the sake of the school’s reputation there would be no police report. Further, he assumed Haynes did not want his son to be put through a police interrogation and possible court proceedings. Haynes agreed but indicated that if he ever saw the man again he would take care of the matter himself. Brother Francis made no further comment. A story was fabricated about why Justin’s father was summoned to the school in the middle of the day. His mother was told they needed a plumber urgently and Justin had volunteered his father. Justin went along with this as he loved and respected his mother a lot and did not want her to be hurt or disappointed in him. As for his father Justin did not care too much for him, but if it kept him out of trouble with the school he would go along with it. But Justin knew he was gay and that it would not change, so he just had to be more careful about what he did and where he did it. He would continue to seek out men with the same leanings as his but decided that the school grounds was not the place to do it and now he had some experience with an older man showing him the way, he would seek out younger sex partners where he would not always be the bottom.
  3. Craig invited Justin to his Kingsford apartment for dinner on Saturday. Justin showed up on time with two bottles of wine, one red & one white as he did not know if Craig had a preference. Craig prepared a simple meal as he did not want to spend all evening in the kitchen. After an initial hug on arrival, Craig put the white wine in the fridge and gave Justin a tour of his home. Craig enjoyed his home and had decorated it simply but tastefully. He brought some furniture and decorator items from his parents’ home and his grandparents had given him some old family items they had put in storage when they moved to Sydney. He had done the decorating himself and was pleased with the result. Justin was also genuinely impressed and told Craig so. It was a two bedroom unit on the third floor. It had a galley style kitchen with all the necessary appliances. The combined dining/living room was furnished with an older style but comfortable looking sofa covered in a dark blue fabric, a low table in front of the sofa and a dining table that sat four people but could be extended to accommodate six. Craig had set the table with red place mats and matching napkins, wine and water glasses and cutlery. There was a balcony leading off the living area with two cane chairs and many potted plants. Craig’s bedroom had the queen size bed he had bought himself while still at his parents’ place and he had a few of his childhood memories framed and hung on the walls. These included a collage of photographs ranging from nude baby photo to his university graduation. There were also achievement certificates for sport and academic subjects. Justin thought it a beautiful idea but was a bit jealous he could not do the same as he had very little from his unstable childhood and his possessions had always been quite minimal. The second bedroom had a sofa-bed for guests, but was usually used as Craig’s study. Justin looked around and noticed that one wall was complete bookshelves. On the bookshelves a few dog-eared classics that were probably from Craig’s school days, lots of nursing medical books, cookbooks and some books about business and money management. One shelf had modern novels by authors such as Alan Hollinghurst, David Malouf, David Marr and a book he wanted to read, Andre Aciman’s, Call Me by Your Name. There was also a collection of DVDs of various genres. Distributed among the books were a few other items from Craig’s childhood, such as trophies, souvenirs from family travels and what Justin thought was an old hospital bedpan. He was looking forward to the explanation of that. All the shelves were stacked very neatly except for the bottom shelf. There he noticed an untidy collection of gay magazines and newspapers. Craig opened the white wine and they enjoyed that while he prepared the meal of steak with pepper sauce and two vegetables. Justin opened the conversation by asking Craig, “Do you often ask your patient’s home for dinner?” “No, of course not, that would be very unprofessional.” “So why me?” Craig stumbled over his words in reply “Well, um...it’s just that....” “Are you embarrassed?” “I suppose I am a bit, but bugger it, I like you Justin. Simple as that.” “Thanks, I like you too, that’s why I asked for your number when I was discharged from hospital.” Now that the initial awkwardness was out of the way they began to relax and feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts and their more recent life experiences first. “So, how long have you been nursing?” “About 5 years now, I got my first job at St Vincent’s after graduation and I’ve been there ever since.” “So you like it a lot?” “Yes, I guess I do. It’s really satisfying to help people to better health. So how about you, during our chats while you were confined you didn’t tell me what you do.” “I just do casual bar and waiting jobs around town. Well I did, not sure what I will get now, I’ve not called in since the accident. I should do that soon.” “So you don’t have a permanent job.” “No, just casual.” “Doesn’t that make you feel insecure?” “No not really, I get by, though more shifts would be nice.” “Is that the only work you have done?” “Yep, that’s me.” “Do you make enough for rent and living expenses?” “My aunts are pretty flexible about that.” “So, you live with your aunts?” “Well yes I do. Craig, do you interrogate all your dates like this?” “Sorry, Justin I didn’t mean it to sound like that. It’s just that I couldn’t function without certainty of employment. I guess that’s just where I come from. My family has expectations and I’ve grown up to place expectations on myself as well.” “Well good on you.” “Hey mate, I’m not being critical. I’m just trying to understand.” “I guess we don’t have family expectations. I barely have a family.” “How about you open that red wine while I plate up our dinner.” “So the inquisition is over?” “You bet; I just want us to share a good meal and let’s chat about something else.” They enjoyed the red wine with the steak and discussed safer topics like music, movies and travel. Dessert was to be strawberries and cream, and indeed it was but not served as Craig had planned. Craig took the used plates from the main course to the kitchen and was about to prepare the strawberries when Justin arrived in the kitchen. He had already removed his shirt and this took Craig by surprise, albeit a pleasant one. Justin interrupted Craig’s plan to remove the tops of the strawberries and whip the cream, by lying on his back on the kitchen bench, right where Craig was about to work. He demanded that Craig whip the cream and spread it over his chest. Craig was up for it, so did as ordered. He whipped the cream till it was stiff, spread it over Justin’s tight, lean six-pack then dropped the strawberries onto the cream. Craig then fed one strawberry to Justin and had one himself. They continued till the strawberries were finished, then Justin told Craig to lick up the cream and not forget the two little dollops that Craig had mischievously put on Justin’s nipples. Always dutiful, Craig complied and finished up by licking the cream from the nipples and feeding it to Justin via a kiss on Justin’s parted lips. Craig then ran his tongue down Justin’s beautiful body, felt the ripples as his tongue passed over his six pack then down to his flat abdomen and stopped when he reached the waistband of his jeans. He undid the button and slowly pulled down the zip. Immediately, out popped Justin’s perfectly formed, circumcised, fully erect penis, as Justin was not wearing underwear. This was the first time Craig had seen Justin fully erect. The last time he had held Justin’s penis it was flaccid and Justin unconscious. But now, he placed his lips to the tip and his tongue into the opening then he slowly let his lips slide down the shaft until he had swallowed Justin entirely. Craig had often found first dates awkward when held in a public place like a bar or restaurant. This was the first time he had a first date at home. He was not awkward and it seemed to him that Justin was not either. Justin showered while Craig stacked the dishwasher and they both met back in the lounge room. Justin returned wearing only a towel and by then Craig was beginning to feel a bit over dressed. While he removed his T shirt, Justin went down onto his knees and unzipped Craig’s jeans, pulled them down to the floor and Craig stepped out of them. That was when Justin found out that Craig was a boxer short man. While he liked to see the shape of a man’s cock tucked into jockeys, there was something intriguing about what was not revealed by loose boxers. He would have to wait a bit longer to see what Craig had to offer, and felt this was very unfair, as Craig had not only seen his cock before but was probably the first part of him that Craig had laid eyes on. They finished off the last of the red wine between kisses then Craig led Justin by the hand to his bedroom. Craig wondered who was going to undress the other first. Then upon thinking about the advantage he had over Justin he indicated Justin should remove the boxers and then they would be equal. The boxers came down swiftly as Justin was keen to see, kiss and taste Craig’s manly assets. They both were lying on their backs, penises reaching up perfectly straight when Justin noticed they appeared to be very alike. Both circumcised, both perfectly formed heads and he wondered, could it be they we are the same size. To test this he kneeled over Craig and put their penises side by side. He looked Craig straight in the eyes and said “I think it’s a sign.” “What, that you are horny as hell.” “Well, that too, but we are exactly the same size. Maybe that’s a sign that we are a perfect match.” Craig raised his upper torso and leaned back on his elbows to see this revelation that Justin had discovered. “I see what you mean. Now put your tongue in my mouth and let’s see if they are a perfect match.” Sunday morning they rose late, showered and went to Coogee beach for brunch followed by a walk along the beach and the headlands. The day out finished with an evening meal at Coogee Bay Hotel. From there, Craig drove Justin to Central Station for the trip back to Hurstville and Craig went home for some sleep, as he was on night shift at 11.00pm.  
  4. He took the flaccid penis in his left hand and gave a gentle tug to straighten it. He would have preferred an erection but thought he had to work with what he had in hand. He then looked up and gazed at the muscular, beautifully proportioned body attached to the penis. With his right hand he reached for the devise he was going to insert into this man’s penis. Before beginning the insertion, he looked up again and thought this was probably the most beautiful body he had ever touched. Craig had done this many times before but that had just been work. This time he felt there was something different happening. He was even beginning to feel a bit guilty about his feelings and his own erection. He was usually the consummate professional, but this time it became personal. With an antiseptic solution he sterilised the area commencing at the urethra and moving outward to the surrounding areas. He snapped at the assistant because she had not put the catheter close enough to his reach. She immediately complied with the order and Craig began the procedure after checking with the assistant that the catheter had been properly lubricated. He slowly inserted the catheter through the urethra and into the bladder till urine began to flow. He then inflated the balloon in the patient’s bladder and pulled back gently until the balloon was snug against the neck of the bladder. When he was satisfied with this part of the procedure, Craig asked the assisting nurse to connect the drainage system. *** Earlier in the day, Sister Jones, the nursing unit manager, was working in her office when she heard a subtle commotion in the ward. She went to investigate and found a group of female nurses squabbling over an unconscious patient. It seems that his doctor had ordered a catheterisation and each was keen to do the job. Usually this procedure is performed on older men, but in this case it was a young good-looking very well-built young man. Sister Jones intervened and suggested, given his experience, if nurse Craig was on duty then he should be called to perform the procedure. The next senior nurse in the group was assigned to assist and the new graduates could observe and learn. The patient had been brought into emergency by an ambulance crew who attended to him after he was hit by a car on Oxford St. His external injuries consisted of a large bruise on his right thigh and evidence of his head having hit a solid object. When the police came around to interview the patient they were unable to do so as he was still unconscious as a result of having hit his head. The police told hospital staff they really just wanted to confirm from him the results of having interviewed the driver and witnesses to the accident. Witnesses said the victim was walking along looking at his phone, “Probably texting” one said. He stepped onto the road, against the red light, just as a car was passing. He had not actually been hit by the car so much as he walked into the side of the car then fell back against the kerb. As his injuries were consistent with this evidence, the police took no further action. X-rays showed he had no broken bones and initial head scans revealed nothing abnormal, but the emergency doctor still ordered a neurosurgeon consult. He did not regain consciousness in emergency so he was put onto a drip to keep him hydrated, transferred to the high dependency ward for observation and catheterised for his comfort. He regained consciousness overnight. *** Despite being a very caring nurse, Craig rarely took his work home with him, preferring to keep the two parts of his life separate. That way he could relax when off duty and be refreshed when he returned to duty. But, that night when lying in bed waiting for sleep to take over, he could not help but think of the patient he had catheterised that afternoon. He was not thinking of him in a caring way or worrying about his condition or prognosis. He was in fact seeing the patient in a purely lustful way. He felt a little guilty about this, but thought he deserved a little fantasy to help him drift off to sleep after such a busy day at work. Craig had a very clear picture of the man in his mind. When he was performing the procedure he could see the patient’s strong long legs beside him. These led up to narrow hips and external obliques showing not a sign of fat. Above that the tendinous intersection separated his rectus abdominus muscles to form a firm and well defined six-pack that you could probably bounce cricket balls off. His perfectly contoured pectoralis minor & pectoralis major formed a set of pecs that were strong and hard but not overdeveloped. They pushed out prominent nipples that just screamed ‘bite me’. He was broad shouldered, with tanned skin stretched over a ripped body. His whole body was evenly tanned to a light bronze colour that you only get from having have spent some time outdoors, not in a tanning studio. Although the well developed muscles were evidence of a lot of time spent indoors pumping iron. He had a handsome innocent looking boyish face that was topped by short blond hair. Craig was not assigned to the patient’s ward during most of the time of his confinement but popped in to visit each day that he was on duty. He found out the patient’s name was Justin Haynes. But Craig did not see who visited him, and so could not ascertain if he had a partner, but his mother was listed at his next of kin. Each time Craig visited, Justin was naked to the waist with a sheet covering the lower half of his body. When he saw Craig approaching he always sat up and in so doing lowered the sheet to reveal just a little more for whom he thought was an appreciative fan. Justin’s mother, aunt and cousins did visit at different times and while showing the appropriate level of sympathy, his mother and aunt also reminded him of how foolish he had been and pointed out to the cousins the dangers of texting while walking on the street and crossing roads. Justin was a compliant patient, submitting to various tests, scans and willingly giving blood and urine samples when required. He seemed to get more attention from the nursing staff than he thought was necessary. He was especially confused when some younger nurses offered to give him a bed bath, when he knew he was fit enough to go for a shower. When he asked Craig if this was normal hospital practice, Craig laughed loudly, explained what was happening and said he could stop it if it bothered him. Justin was a very attractive man with a gymnast’s body. He worked hard at keeping it that way as he had plenty of free time to spend in the gym. Justin just felt it was normal to look that way and accepted his good looks for granted and was not conceited about it. Craig explained that it was his good looks and body were the reason for all the nursing attention. Every nurse on the ward was in love with him and was trying to find out if he was available. After further scans the neurosurgeon was sure there would be no long lasting effects but ordered some brain function tests for Justin, before his discharge and a referral for a follow up consultation a week later. Justin recovered quickly and was discharged from hospital at the end of the week. While Craig considered it inappropriate to approach a patient while confined, he figured it would be ok to approach Justin once he had been discharged. Craig was on duty the day of Justin’s discharge & made sure he was assigned the duty of processing his discharge and referral papers. Craig was due for a break so he accompanied Justin out of the hospital and to the taxi stand. As Justin was getting into the cab he thanked Craig for his caring, gave him a big smile, handed Craig his phone and asked him to enter his number if he wished. Craig was so excited he fumbled with the phone but eventually keyed in the number and the two departed, both feeling really good about what had just happened. As Craig headed off for coffee his phone beeped to signal a text message. The message simply said ‘You are already very familiar with handling my cock. It may soon be in need of further attention. Are you interested in the job?’ It was unsigned.
  5. This is a gay story that, unashamedly steps outside the boxes. A somewhat sedate medical assistant allows a free-spirited, delightful young exhibitionist into his life, with liberating consequences. Their brave new enterprise develops into a successful partnership utilising the talents of both. A slice of Australian life, some funny, some serious and with sex scenes in many different flavours that contradict the notion that suburban life is dull.
  6. Wombat Bill


    Unhappy little Vegemites. This month, Vegemite officially became vegan. Hurrah! Except, the product had always been vegan and no changes to the recipe were actually made. Or so Vegemite say, with some Aussies now claiming they can taste a difference. This morning, Melbourne radio station 3AW posed the question, had Vegemite changed with all callers agreeing that the product was “not what it used to be”. Some declared it tasted tart while others said it was too shiny and more spreadable. An individual called up to say he had eaten Vegemite all his life and only recently had it started to give him reflux. Another woman confirmed a supposed change in flavour after comparing an old jar with a certified vegan Vege. Despite the new certification, Vegemite has maintained that it has not changed the recipe, which has apparently remained the same since 1922. A spokesperson for Vegemite said that fluctuations in flavour may occur due to the spread’s use of natural ingredients, like yeast.
  7. Wombat Bill


    Over the next few months Max and Charles cooked up a plan to out Roger and Conrad as the practical jokers. They arranged a dinner party at their place, as well as the two jokers also invited four other friends to witness their proposed retaliation. The guests included Craig and Justin, invited as a thank you for their excellent work planning the wedding and Angus and Gus, who were unable to attend the wedding, because they were overseas at the time. As the group of eight started their first drinks, Max brought out appetisers and placed them on the coffee table. Also on the table was the carved box they had received as a mystery wedding gift. The four extra guests had not previously seen the box so Charles asked Conrad to explain its history to them. When Conrad got to the part about Stefania’s ova, one of the guests, Angus, said “That’s a terrible curse to place on a young couple, I don’t know if I want to hear anymore, unless it has a happy ending.” “There is more but, I’ll tell you later. Let’s pause to try Max’s appetisers, what are they Max, they look delicious?” “They’re something new I prepared especially for you and Roger to thank you for the work you did finding out about the provenance of this fascinating treasure. So I want you two to try them first.” “OK, let’s try them.” Conrad and Roger each tried the appetiser and declared them excellent. “It looks and tastes like caviar Max, am I right?” “Well you are close. They are eggs, but not from the sturgeon fish.” “What fish are they from then?” Roger asked as he reached for another. “Before that I have to tell you a story as well. We did some research of our own and found out more about the history of the curse this box carried to the newlyweds 100 years ago.” “But how could you find out more, the story is just.....” “Let me interrupt you there Roger, and I will explain. As you know the box will open and the curse lifted when a newlywed couple conceive their first child. But there is no point lifting a curse placed one hundred years ago as the cursed will now be dead. However the curse can be passed on when this box is given to another couple as a wedding gift. It will be lifted simultaneously at the time of conception of their first child if the box is under the matrimonial bed at the time.” Craig then asked “But what can a gay couple do about this curse?” “Yes, seems a bit confusing to me.” added Justin. “I will explain gentlemen. We also found out that the curse could also be lifted by a childless couple. They had to recite a certain chant to open the box, but to lift the curse the contents of the box had to be consumed by the couple and their closest friends. The box would then be free of the curse and can then be passed on without danger.” “Oh Max that can’t be true.” replied Conrad. “Well let me prove it to you”. As Max opened the box and showed that it was empty, Charles took two of the appetisers, ate one himself and offered one to Max. The guest watched Max and Charles eating, then Roger said “Was does this prove?” After eating Max replied “There, the curse has been lifted now that we and you have consumed the contents of the box. You have just enjoyed, not fish eggs, but Stefania’s unfertilised 100 year old eggs.” THE END
  8. It was a beautiful summer morning when Max and Charles decided to spend their Saturday at the Paddington market. They breakfasted on the way at a favourite cafe and then went onto the market to browse the bric-a-brac and buy some fresh vegetables and baked goods. They each carried handmade shopping bags they had purchased from the market many years before. Max’s bore the image of an open empty coffin and the words ‘Old Queens never die, they just go Shopping’. Charles’ had the image of a cannabis plant and the words, ‘Grow your own, Roll your own’. The boys knew many of the stallholders as they had been patronising their businesses for several years. They stopped and chatted with many of them, bought a few items and were generally having a great day amid the fun, colour and hum of a busy market. Mid-morning they came across a coffee stall that sold freshly ground coffee in one kilo packs as well as serving espresso. They took their coffees over to some tables nearby to sip slowly, rest and watch the fellow shoppers pass by. On such a sunny morning many young men had removed their shirts and paraded around the market, much to the delight of Max and Charles. Opposite the grassed area with tables and chairs, was a stall selling home decorator items. The stallholder was new to the market but seemed to be doing a good trade. He was a tall gaunt gentleman who seemed to speak more with his hands than verbally, while he was closing a sale to a young couple. They also purchased coffees and sat at a table next to Max and Charles who struck up a conversation with them when Max said “Great coffee isn’t it?” “Yes” replied the young man, whose female partner nodded in agreement and smiled back at the boys. “Do you come to the market regularly?” she asked. “Yes, we have been coming here for as long as I can remember. It’s quite an institution here. What about you two?” “Oh it’s our first time.” The young woman replied, “But we’re glad we came, we just got a great bargain over at that stall.” As Charles asked “What did you buy?” she took from her bag a carved wooden box and proudly displayed it to the boys. “And it was only thirty-five dollars for such an old item. I don’t think the man at the stall really knew its true worth.” Charles and Max stared in astonishment at the wooden item and the purchaser, who said, “I can see you are as amazed as I am at the beautiful bargain I got.” Finally, with a crackly voice, Max asked, “May I have a closer look?” “Certainly” she said as she handed over the carved wooden box with an inlaid crest and added, “It’s certainly one of a kind and I think quite valuable, really.” Max turned the box over to see if there was anything on the base, but it was bare. Then he looked quizzically at Charles and asked, “What do you reckon?” “Looks the same, except that it has no attachment on the bottom.” The young woman then asked, “Is there a problem?” “Um...er...not really. It’s quite beautiful isn’t it? I hope you enjoy it.” Max added as he handed it back. “One more thing.” asked Charles, “Do you mind if I take a photo, I would like to find something similar and it would help if I could have a picture of what I am looking for.” “No problem, I’ll hold it up for you.” “Thank you.” said Charles as he switched his phone to camera mode. The two couples finished their coffees without further conversation. Charles said, “Let’s go over to that stall and see what he has there. I want to know about the box he sold that young couple.” “Buna dimineața domnilor” said the stallholder as they approached. “Good morning” replied Charles. “You speak Romanian sir?” “No, I just assumed that’s what you said.” “I am Marius, how can I help you.” “We were just admiring a carved box that you sold to a young couple earlier and wondering if you had another, the same.” “Nooo, he exaggerated, “Everything here is a one-off, but maybe I am having something similar next market day.” “Have you sold any more like that one recently?” “Yes, last month I’m selling one very similar to a gentleman, of about your age. He said he wanted it for a wedding gift. I told him it was very good choice for such occasion.” “Why was that?” “Well, it was very beautiful and I’m telling him of very old Romanian legend concerning a wedding. He was very impressed by story and thanked me much.” “We thank you also Marius.” “As you Aussies say, no problemo.” “Oh one more thing, was this man balding, round-faced and with a little too much belly.” “I’m thinking he was, do you know him?” “Maybe, thanks for your help.” concluded Charles as they left the stall. “That crafty old bugger.” said Charles to Max. “Who Marius?” “No, Roger, didn’t you recognise my description of him?” “You mean, you think he bought our box here and left it on our doorstep after the wedding?” “Exactly.” “But what about Conrad, he’s a respected antiques dealer, he wouldn’t be fooled by such a cheap box or the story.” “Remember who introduced us to Conrad originally. It was Roger and they have been friends for millennia. In fact, I think they were once an item. They could have cooked up this plan between them and played this trick on us as a ‘buck’s night’ type stunt.” “I suppose it’s better than being chained naked to a lamp post at midnight.” “Yes, but do you think he intended for us to find out, or was he just going to keep mum about it until a future date and embarrass us at some dinner party.” “Probably the latter, you know how Roger just loves to have the upper hand and the element of surprise.” “But we have the upper hand, now that we have busted his secret.” “Are we going to confront him and get him to confess?” “I’m thinking I would like to have more fun with it than that.” “Now who’s the crafty old bugger?” asked Max. “What are you planning?” “I’m not sure yet. I’ll just let the idea percolate for a while until I come up with a suitably embarrassing scenario to deal with both of them.” “I think I’m going to like this.” “Thought you would, if fifty years together has taught me one thing about you it’s that you love a good drama. So that’s what we’ll have.”
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  10. SPOILER ALERT! - How did you guess that?
  11. They met at Conrad’s and over coffee he told the following story. “One hundred years ago a young Romanian noble named Grigore, fell in love with a seamstress named Violeta. She was the daughter of the palace tailor and would sometimes accompany her father on his palace visits. But of course Grigore could not marry her because of the difference in rank. He fought strongly with his family for the right to marry the woman he loved, but his father would not assent to his son’s wishes. Grigore was eventually forced into a betrothal with a woman of his own status, Stefania. Grigore was not happy with the arrangement but had to obey his father’s orders and traditions or be cast out of the family, lose his title and inheritance. Needless to say, Violeta was devastated by this when Grigore told her he was going to marry another. She felt her life had no purpose without the man she so loved. That night after her parents had gone to sleep she left her home, with no warm clothing and ran into the forest. She ran and ran until exhaustion and disorientation overcame her and she fell asleep under an old oak tree. She was awakened in the morning by an old woman shaking her violently and yelling, ‘You can’t sleep here in my forest.’ Violeta apologised to the old woman and asked if she could stay as she had nowhere else to go and didn’t want to live anyway.” “That’s a sad story Conrad, but what’s it got to do with this box.” “I’ll get to that, but I want you to hear the whole story. I’ll continue...The old woman took Violeta back to her shanty, fed here and gave her a warm cloak. Violeta told of her reasons for running away and the old woman was sympathetic. Over the next few days the two talked a lot and Violeta found out that the old woman had been cast out of her gypsy family when she was young because she also would not comply with her family’s wishes to marry an older man from her group. She was in love with a younger man from a rival gypsy tribe. During a fight between the two rival tribes the young man she loved was killed so she ran off and lived the rest of her life alone in the forest. She became a bitter and angry woman with a wish to punish her family for the way she was treated. During the years alone she developed her skills of witchcraft, future telling and creating spells for good and bad. She occasionally went to the market in a nearby village to sell her services and make a small amount of leu to buy basic supplies. Violeta was fascinated by all that the old woman told her and asked if she could learn witchcraft. When asked why she wanted to learn, Violeta said she wanted to punish the woman who had taken her man. When told it would take many years to learn, Violeta begged the old woman to cast a spell on her behalf. She agreed and the two set about finding a way to cast a spell on Grigore and his intended wife. The old woman could easily cast a spell but it was unlikely that they could get close enough to them so a plan was devised to send a wedding gift that would take the spell right into the palace where they were to be wed. They sought the services of a master wood carver who lived on the edge of the principality. He was commissioned to make a box that looked attractive enough for the noble family to accept it into the palace. To ensure this, he carved the family crest into the lid.” “Was that gift, this box?” asked Max. “Yes, according to what used to be considered the legend it was. But now this has been found it may be more than just legend.” “So do you know anything about the curse?” “Yes, there is more to the story. As you know there are some incomplete instructions on the bottom of the box, but I have been able to find a book that describes this box and has the complete version of the instructions.” “Wow, do you know the rest of the instructions?” “I do and I think you might find them amusing.” “It doesn’t sound like an amusing story so far.” “You will understand when I tell you the rest of the instructions. As you know, the box is to be placed under the matrimonial bed, so picking up from what you have read so far, it continues, ‘The box will open when the couple’s first child is conceived in the matrimonial bed’. You see the irony now?” They all had a good laugh, then Max asked, “But, what about the curse?” “As the story goes, the curse was effective and Stefania never became pregnant at all, so the box never opened. To break the curse and open the box, it must be given by the custodian, to the first couple that marry after the 100 year anniversary. Now, of course we don’t know who the most recent custodian was but whoever it was they chose you two as the next newlyweds.” “Not knowing the conditions, that the couple must conceive a child.” observed Charles. “Exactly, so now you see the box may never be opened and the curse never lifted.” “That’s kinda sad really.” Max asked, “Do you think there is anything in the box?” Legend has it that it contains all Stefania’s ova, and that is why she could not conceive a child.” “Oh yuk, I don’t want to open it now.” Always on the lookout for a deal, Conrad asked, “Do you want to keep the box, or would you sell it to me?” “I don’t know, what do you think Charles?” “It certainly seems to have some interesting history and it is a wedding gift, so I don’t think we should dispose of it so soon.” “Yes, I agree with Charles,” replied Max. “But thanks for the offer Conrad.” “No problem, but if you ever change your mind, would you give me first offer?” “Certainly.” Conrad then observed, “Often when I give an appraisal like this and the owner declines my offer I say, ‘Well you will at least have an interesting story to tell your grandchildren’, but in this case...” They took their mysterious gift home, displayed it in a prominent position and were looking forward to their next dinner party when they could relate the story to their guests.
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  13. They slept late the following morning and while having a morning cup of tea, Charles remembered the parcel and said, “I wonder who the gift is from? It must be someone who didn’t attend the reception.” “But, everyone who was invited attended so I can’t think who would leave us a gift.” “Well there’s only one way to find out, we have to open it, there’s no card on the outside.” “OK, let’s do it together.” The item was well wrapped and packed. There amongst a mountain of packing was a wooden box, about the size of a shoe box, heavily carved with an inlaid symbol, like a family crest or coat-of-arms. “Isn’t it absolutely beautiful Charles?” “Yes, but I can’t find a card, look through the packaging, maybe it’s in there.” By the time Charles had packaging spread from one side of the living room to the other, he declared, “There is no card, maybe they forgot, but who would give us such a magnificent piece and not include a card or some wishes for us?” “I wonder what it’s for, do you think there’s anything inside?” “I can’t open it, but it does not seem to be locked. In fact there does not seem to be a lock or a key hole, nothing to keep in closed.” “Let me try....you’re right it must be jammed shut, I’ll get a screwdriver.” As Max returned with the tool, Charles warned, “Be careful, don’t damage such a beautiful and clearly expensive piece.” But try as he may, Max could not prise open the box without causing damage. “Hey look under the box, there’s some writing there.” “You’re right, but it doesn’t seem to be in English. I can’t understand any of it, looks like some eastern European language.” “I’ll turn on the computer and see if we can get a translation.” When he was ready Charles asked, “Read it slowly while I type.” Max did his best to read, “Pentru cine este în posesia acestei cutii. Trebuie să urmați instrucțiunile din scrisoare. Nu încercați să deschideți acest lucru până la exact 100 de ani după 17 martie 1918. Deținătorul trebuie să îi ofere cadou de nuntă primului cuplu care se căsătorește la sau după această dată. Cuplul trebuie să așeze caseta sub patul matrimonial în noaptea nunții lor. Caseta se va debloca când ...” The translator detected the language to be Romanian and returned the translation as‚ ‘For who owns this box. You must follow the instructions to the letter. Do not try to open this until exactly 100 years after March 17, 1919. The holder must give it to the first couple who wed on or after this date. The couple must place the box under the matrimonial bed on their wedding night. The box will unlock when ...’ “Is that all there is?” asked Charles. “Yes, the parchment seems to be torn off, as if there was more.” “That’s very mysterious, but what is even more puzzling is who left this on our doorstep, and why?” “Do you think the box really is 100 years old? That would make it very valuable, if it is.” “Well, it looks old to me, but I’m no expert on antiques.” “Then that’s what we should do, show it to an antiques dealer. Do you know anyone?” “If I remember correctly, Roger had a relationship with that guy who runs the shop in the junction, what’s it called?...um...Conrad’s Collectables.” “Yeah, that’s it, maybe he can help.” “I’ll call Roger tomorrow and see what he suggests.” About a week later all three of them went off to see Conrad, who was most intrigued by the antique box. He immediately picked up on the crest and asked if he could photograph the box so he could show it to some colleagues in the business whom are experts in family crests and insignia. He suggested that if the crest could be identified then that may give some clue us to the provenance of the object. It was two weeks later when Conrad rang Charles and was very excited about his discovery. “Sorry to be so long getting back to you about this Charles, but I wanted to be certain about what I have been told. The story I have to tell you was once believed to be true, but in more recent times has become to be regarded as a legend. However, now that this box has been found it may turn out to be true, if this is the real thing.” “You’ve got me really intrigued now, when can we meet?” “Why don’t you and Max come to my store tomorrow, if you are free and we can chat then? Oh, and please bring the box with you.” “That will be fine, see you tomorrow Conrad.”
  14. Wombat Bill

    Dancing Queens

    Thank you Summerabbacat for your beautiful comments about Max and Charles. You've now got me tearing up reading your heartfelt comment. This is just a short story of 8 chapters about these two beautiful men. It was written as I finished a larger project where Max and Charles don't appear until the last chapter. I am about to start uploading the new story when M&C is finished. Now, however you've got me thinking differently. Maybe they should appear earlier. There seems to be a good vibe on this site for these two gentlemen. Comments welcome.
  15. After the ceremony, the wedding party moved to a function room at Bondi Beach. Craig had everything ready when the guests arrived. Justin quickly changed into his black tight fitting pants and black bow tie, but no shirt, and went about his duties as head waiter. As the function room overlooked the beach the permanent decor was inspired by the ocean so, Craig and Justin continued that theme. All the waiters were male and wore only, red Speedos with white bandanas tied around their necks. The waiters served champagne and beer as guests arrived followed by platters of small seafood appetisers. When all were seated, the bronzed beach boys served the entree. The main course was a buffet. Firstly, three ripped bodies walked out and sat in the lotus position on the serving table. Three more waiters then brought out large trays of various salads and placed them in the laps of the lotus posers. That was followed by two waiters carrying a surfboard with a display of cold meats; then a second offering a display of cold seafood. During the meal there were a couple of breaks for brief speeches and some anecdotes told by friends of the couple, moderated by their long term friend Roger. Max told of their chance meeting in Hyde Park, all those years ago and Charles added, “It still seems as fresh in my mind today as it was 50 years ago.” Roger added, “Better write it down before bewilderment kicks in young man. That reminds me about the time you got your first mobile phone.” “Oh please don’t tell that story.” pleaded Charles. “Yes, do tell.” one of the guests called. “Tell us...Tell us...Tell us...” they all chanted. “How can I disappoint my fans.” said Roger, and commenced his story. “I was working in the local liquor store drive-thru, back then. Charles drove in to purchase a few bottles of his favourite red and while there he proudly showed off his new purchase, his first mobile phone. After he paid for his purchase he left and I went about tidying shelves between serving customers. It was about an hour later when Charles returned in quite a state.‘Whatever’s wrong?’ I asked. ‘I’ve lost my new phone, can’t find it anywhere at home. I must have left it here because I went straight home; didn’t stop anywhere else.’ he told me. Then I had, what I thought was a brilliant an idea, ‘Give me your number Charles and I’ll call to see if it’s in this area.’ I said. We both heard the phone ringing. ‘You must have dropped it in the car Charles.’ I said. Charles looked in all the storage compartments, then got out of his car and looked in the back and under all the seats, but could not find it. ‘I’ll call again’ I offered. Again we heard it ringing, so we searched the counter and shelves, but could not find it. ‘But it’s got to be here if we can hear it ringing.’ he concluded, then he asked. ‘Is there anyone else working here, maybe one of your assistants found it?’ But I was the only one on duty. So I called the number yet again, heard the ringing and walked around the drive-thru area. Charles followed and wherever we went we could hear the ringing. Then it hit me, so I told Charles if the sound is following us, there is only one place it could be. ‘Where?’ asked Charles. Now tell us Charles, where did you find the phone?” “In my back pocket.” he said as her turned red faced and the guests roared with laughter. Music during the meal had been non-intrusive classical pieces that did not overpower the conversation and speeches. When Roger declared the dance floor open and invited the newly married couple to take to the floor, the crowd were expecting, perhaps a Strauss waltz, but that was not the happy couple’s choice. As they walked hand in hand to the centre of the dance floor Roger snapped his fingers and ABBA’s Dancing Queen filled the room with the sound of their favourite song. Max and Charles showed that they still had the moves and were so inspiring that everyone soon joined them. Again, breaking with tradition, there was no early departure by the newlyweds or throwing of a bouquet. Instead they stayed to farewell their guests and thank the caterers and venue manager. While they were chatting with Justin and Craig, Roger noticed they seemed a little unsteady on their feet and went over, stood between them and took an arm of each for support. Noticing the situation, Craig asked Roger, “Are they OK to get home?” “Well in polite company, one might say they were a little tipsy, when in fact they are both completely pissed.” All laughed, then Roger escorted his dear friends down to their waiting limo for the short ride home. They had especially requested their wedding guests not to bring gifts and were pleased that all who attended the reception had complied. However, on arrival home they found a parcel on their doorstep wrapped in wedding gift paper. Both men had over imbibed on alcohol and were very tired after such an exhausting day so they just placed the parcel on a side table and went to bed.
  16. Wombat Bill

    I DO, I DO

    On the morning of their wedding day, Max and Charles were up early. They had a light breakfast on their terrace and spent the rest of the morning checking their clothes, ensuring the rings were in a safe place and went over their vows. They each wanted to memorise their vows and not use prompt cards. To help with this they had written the vows themselves and kept them short and simple. They had chosen matching light grey suits and plum coloured shirts that they would wear open necked. Neither of them had worn ties for many years and would not have felt comfortable wearing them. Craig and Justin were also up early to prepare for the wedding. They were excited about catering for their first wedding for two older men, they had quickly grown fond of. “Yeah, they are a really great couple and I’m so happy for them. I want them to have a special day, I hope they like the surprises we have planned for them.” “I think they will, now let’s get this stuff over to the reception venue early, so we can get to the park in time for the ceremony.” “Yeah, as ring bearer, I can’t be late, and it wouldn’t be a good look for a wedding planner.” The wedding ceremony was scheduled to commence at 3.00pm in Queens Park, on the Bondi side. The spot had been booked with the local council and Craig had arranged for a small marquee to be erected one hour before starting time. There were chairs for the less able and decorations in a red and white theme, the colour of the boys AFL team, the Sydney Swans. It was only a short drive to the park from their home but they had decided to treat themselves to a limo ride for their once in a lifetime day. The chauffer had them at the marquee at exactly 2.45pm so they could have a brief chat with Paul, the marriage celebrant and hand over the rings to Justin for his role as ring bearer in the ceremony. About 50 guests had been invited to the ceremony and Max and Charles were delighted to see them all chatting happily when they arrived. They dispensed with many of the traditions of marriage ceremonies. There were to be no best man, groomsmen or other attendants. As Max put it when they were discussing who would be best man “You are the best man I know Charles. So it is only you I want by my side.” They had opted for just a ring bearer and of course required two witnesses. One was Max’s brother, the other Charles’ sister. At exactly 3.00 pm, Paul asked the assembled guests for their attention and the ceremony began. The boys did not march down the aisle but instead stood to one side of the celebrant and Justin on the other side. “Family and friends you have come here today to join Max and Charles in a celebration of their wedding. But today is as much about celebrating the many years they have already spent together, as it is about the rest of their lives together. Most couples that I marry are usually setting out on a new life together, but today Max and Charles are not only marrying but also observing their 50th anniversary together.” Paul paused for the guests to indicate their joy with applause. Then looking at the boys said, “I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages according to law. Before you are joined in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter. Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of two people, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.” Paul then looked to the guests and continued, “In their hearts Max and Charles are already committed to each other. They’ve had fifty years to get that right. This ceremony gives formal recognition to that commitment.” Charles and Max smiled at each other and looked at Paul as he asked, “Max, would you please make your commitment to Charles?” As planned they then turned to face each other, held hands and Max started. “Charles, I love you secure in the knowledge that you are my best friend, my dearest, my lover and my kind and adoring partner. We were each given two hands and two eyes, but only one heart - to share with another - I vow to continue to share my heart with you. Hold my hand as we continue through life together.” “Max you are my best friend, my beloved and my true soul’s companion. I know you as my love, who has always been and always will be there for me. I stand here as your loving partner and proclaim my love in order to share with you, but also to share our love with our community of friends and family.” They then turned towards their guests and said together. “Today is the culmination of a dream, come true. We stand before you today about to continue our lives together and take the opportunity to reaffirm our love in front you our closest family and friends. All are welcome to witness, all are welcome to love, all are welcome to our home, built on a foundation of kindness our love." “Thank you gentlemen, now dear guests it is time for Max and Charles to exchange rings. Rings as a symbol of marriage are thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt. The ring finger on the left hand is believed to have been chosen at that time as there is a vein in that finger that runs directly to the heart. The circle of a ring represents eternal love as it has neither a beginning nor an end.” As Paul told the brief history of wedding rings, Justin stepped forward dressed in white trousers and a red jacket, in accordance with the colour code of the day. He began to search the pockets of his jacket, but could find no rings. He looked blankly at the guests and paused... Then with a hand gesture and a facial expression indicating a ‘light bulb moment’, he paused again for a few seconds. Then he removed his jacket to reveal his almost bare chest. The sight of his well developed pecs, pierced nipples and rippling abs had more than a few of the guests goggle-eyed. He was wearing stainless steel nipple hooks and on each hook hung a gold ring. The guests laughed as Max and Charles reached forward and each took their ring from Justin’s chest. Paul then continued, “Friends, Max and Charles will now exchange rings to symbolise their eternal love for each other. However, this is not the first time these rings have been exchanged. Charles will explain.” “Thank you Paul. Exactly forty years ago, which was the tenth anniversary of our life together we gave each other these rings to celebrate that milestone. We had to purchase them separately because the first jeweller we went to would not sell us matching rings as he felt such a thing was inappropriate for his business and his beliefs. Needless to say he did not get a sale and we purchased two rings from another store on two separate occasions.” As Max took Charles’ hand he said, “This ring is a promise that you will never be alone, while I still breathe.” Then he placed the ring back on his partner’s finger.” Charles did the same as he made the following promise, “I give you this ring with my pledge to be the best partner I can be, with trust, love and devotion.” The guests then broke into spontaneous applause. Still standing nearby, Justin thought he could see a tear flowing from Max’s eye and heard a sniffle from Charles. Paul then said, “As you have promised before us to love each other and to share your lives together, both in good times and in not so good times, I now declare that you are married and wish you every happiness.” The beaming couple smiled at Peter and thanked him. “Friends and family it is now time for Charles and Max to sign the Certificates of Marriage.” The celebrant, the couple and their siblings went to a table at the side for the official signing. After completing this Paul presented the certificate and said, “It is now all official.” As the boys took their certificate they kissed to the sounds of oohs and aahs from the guests.
  17. About an hour before retiring for the night, he took his medication, showered and chose his clothes to wear the next morning. He slipped into bed beside his partner but sat up and read for about thirty minutes while he was waiting. While still reading, he felt his partner roll towards him and reach out to caress his belly. It was not long before he felt his partner’s hand travel south across his abdomen, through his pubes and begin fondling. “You’re still a bit relaxed down there, not yet ready for action?” “Well if you keep doing that I soon will be.” He replied as he put his book down and turned off the lamp. Within minutes he had the erection of a twenty year old. “Very impressive!” “Thanks for your help.” “...and the little blue tablets.” The next morning Max and Charles were having breakfast on their tiny Bondi terrace when Charles observed, “You know Max, this time next week we will be Mr. and Mr. All legal and certificated as a married couple.” “You’re right Charles, but you know I didn’t think it could ever be so when we met fifty years ago, not even in my wildest dreams.” “I know, society has come a long way in that time. When we first met we ran the risk of being jailed for what we used to do in the privacy of our own bedroom. Now here we are fifty years later, only a few days away from being legally married on the same day we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary together.” “Did you ever think it would last this long?” “I don’t think I really gave it any thought. I knew I loved you and wanted to spend my whole life with you and that was all that mattered.” “Thank you.” said Max, as he put his hand on Charles’ and squeezed lightly. “How about I freshen up this pot of tea and we can go over the arrangements for next Saturday.” As Max returned with a fresh pot, Charles said, “You know those two lovely boys seem almost as excited as us about our wedding.” “Craig and Justin certainly are the dynamic duo and seem to have thought about everything to make our special day just perfect.” “I wonder what surprises he has planned for the wedding. I’ve heard that Justin can be quite daring in his approach to serving.” “The only clue he gave me was when he asked if he could be the ring bearer, he said he had a surprise way of delivering them. I suppose it will be acceptable for a mixed group. But he didn’t say anything about the reception, so we could be in for some surprises.” “Oh I forgot to tell you, I had a call from Roger and he has confirmed he would feel honoured to be the MC at our reception.” “That’s great, he’s always a lot of fun and a bit of a wit, so should keep out guests entertained.” “He asked me why we especially requested no gifts on our invitations. I asked him what we could possibly need after all these years. He thought for a moment and then said he couldn’t think of anything. So I told him he had answered his own question.” “Well, my love,” said Max as he raised his cup, “Here’s to us and another fifty years together.” “Are you planning to live to 125?” “If you’ll be by my side, I might give it a try.” replied Max as he winked at Charles.
  18. Craig and Justin had been running the successful business, Catering With Benefits, for two years. They had started small, just catering for cocktail parties and other small private functions. The benefits part of the trading name referred to the unique way they served the food. Since marriage equality was legalised in Australia in December 2017 they had turned their talents to catering for weddings and expanded into wedding planning. All their weddings so far had been for young couples, so it was with a mixture of excitement and curiosity that they headed off to meet a couple in their seventies to discuss plans for their wedding. Max and Charles both met Craig and Justin at the door of their home in Bondi. “Welcome boys, so glad you could come.” “Now what can we get you boys to drink?” They all settled own with their drinks and snacks on the small deck at the back of the house. “This is a very comfortable home you have here” observed Craig “Have you been here long?” “About forty years now.” replied Max, “That long” said Justin in complete surprise “So how long have you been together?” “Nearly fifty years.” “How did you guys get together when you did not have social media or bars to meet?” “In our case it was a bit of an accident.” “Or an accident avoided” said Charles. “That’s right Charles” said Max “Back in those days Hyde Park was a common place to meet other men. The best spot was by the Archibald fountain. Do you know that?” “Yes of course” replied Justin “So what happened, how did you know who was gay and who not?” “Well, even in those days we relied on what you now call gaydar, although we didn’t have a name for it then, it was just a feeling you got from observing the other men around the fountain. I was sitting on a nearby seat watching for men loitering around the fountain and waiting for one that took my fancy. While I was waiting I saw three men nearby that were walking around together and talking between themselves. But they did not strike me as being camp, as we were called then.” “How did you know?” “Firstly it was unusual for groups of men to hang around together. Usually men were alone until they found someone and then left the park quickly so as not to appear suspicious. Secondly these three had an air of trouble about them. They would be laughing one minute and then doing things like punching a fist into the other hand. That made me very worried.” “So what did you think they were there for?” “Trouble is the short answer. I was thinking they could either be undercover police trying to entrap men into making an approach to them or they were just out for a bit of fag bashing. It was a popular sport back then.” “Bugger me” exclaimed Justin. “Nice choice of words.” replied Max “Anyway, while I was watching these blokes looking for a mark I saw Charles walking around the fountain. I had not made up my mind if I was going to approach him, he did not really seem my type. But then I noticed they seemed to be looking at him and pointing also. I stood up and walked closer to the fountain and was thinking of walking straight past and out of the park so that I would not get involved with the troublemakers. As I was walking past Charles I heard a noise behind me and someone said ‘get him’ but I did not know who they were talking about. I thought if I run they may chase me and I would be on my own. If it was Charles they were talking about should I help him. Figuring there might be safety in numbers I rushed towards Charles and hustled him away from the approaching trio and towards a couple of other men nearby. That meant we were then a group of four and the commotion attracted the attention of others who also came towards us. The trio ran right past us and left the park. I guess they felt outnumbered by then.” “And?” asked Craig “Well we went for a drink at the Marble Bar to calm our nerves and the rest, as they say, is history.” “And you are still together all these years later?” “Yes, and that’s really what we want to talk to you about. It will be our fiftieth anniversary in two months and we would like to have a special celebration.” “Wow, that is really something worth celebrating” said Justin “So are you asking us to cater for your celebration.” suggested Craig “That’s right boys, but it won’t just be a party, we are going to get married.” “Wow, that is fabulous, it will be our first wedding for an older couple, if you don’t mind me saying so.” said Justin. “Not at all. Now may I ask if you are a couple?” “Yes, we have been together for three years now.” “So you boys have not married yet.” asked Charles. “No, I guess we have not thought about it really, and I am a bit surprised that gentlemen of your years would want to get married after all those years together”. “It’s not just for young people you know. But I see what you mean.” Max added “Well gentlemen of our age have seen the tough times and the better times and now the good times. Over the years we have joined protest groups, marched for our rights, lobbied those in power and generally fought for equality. So after all those efforts we owe it to those who fought alongside us and those who went before us to celebrate what has been won.” “That’s a good way of looking at it” added Craig. “So have you set a date yet?” “Yes we have.”
  19. Two senior men embrace the commitment of marriage. They receive only one wedding gift, a very mysterious gift indeed.
  20. Thank you for reading The Covids. Hope you continue to enjoy the story.

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      Thank you for a quite entertaining story. I look forward to more with these enjoyable charaters. 

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      It's a fantastic story, I highly recommend it.

  21. Another medical bill?
  22. Wombat Bill


    Steve arrived home earlier than expected. Strong tailwinds over northern Australia carried flight QF2 to Sydney almost an hour earlier than scheduled. He found Kevin reading, who didn’t even look up he was so absorbed in the book. Steve went to Kevin, gave him a hug, with the book between them and said “Can’t you put that down and give me a proper welcome home after a week away?” “Sorry, I was carried away by this story and hoping to get it finished before you got in.” Kevin stood up and said “Come here you hunk and I’ll give you all the hugs you missed in the last week. At least I assume you didn’t get too many hugs while away. You know what they say about flyboys; one in every port.” “I think that’s sailors. Anyway, I have one in one port only.” “Right answer, now get out of that uniform and fill a few glasses while I finish this. I put your favourite sauvignon blanc in the fridge. I’ve only got a few pages to go and I can’t stop till I find out if the two boys get together.” “Oh, a gay Mills and Boon.” “No, not at all, it’s actually quite a tragic story, wrapped around a sci-fi drama with informative observations on human behaviour.” “Sounds fascinating, I don’t think.” “Well said for someone who thinks DNA magazine is a fine example of English literature.” “It has some well written articles.” “And a lot of eye candy.” “Ok, finish your book and I’ll be back.” Kevin closed the book just as Steve arrived with two glasses of wine. He was wearing only blue boxer shorts covered in red and white roosters. “Hey they’re new. Get them in London?” “No, doesn’t the waist band give you a clue?” Kevin tried, in what he thought was the appropriate accent, to say “Garcon Francais. You’ve been to Paris? “Oui.” “You bastard, you go to the city of love without me! I may never forgive you.” “If you don’t then I may not give you your parcel from Paris.” While Kevin waited in anticipation Steve went to retrieve the gift. He presented Kevin with a large Garcon Francais carry bag. “Wow! Looks exciting.” Kevin was so keen to see the contents he just upended the bag and out tumbled a collection of jocks, sox, T shirts and a pair of red, white and blue swim trunks. He held each item against himself for Steve’s approval. He then checked one of the labels which read ‘Fabriqué en France’. “Wow! Not made in China, that’s refreshing. I love ‘em all, so I suppose you’re forgiven.” “Good, now tell me how did the book finish, did the hero get it in the end, and they lived happily ever after?” “Yes they did become a couple, but not sure about the ever after.” Steve picked up the book and looked at the cover. “Pandemic by Tom Wibball, that’s an ominous title and what’s this round spiky ball thing on the cover?” “That’s a representation of the Corona virus. Corona means crown in Spanish and the spikes represent a crown.” “And this fascinated you how?” “Well it’s about this virus that is first discovered in a city called Wuhan. Don’t know if that’s a real place or not, but it is believed it came from a wet market and transferred from animals to humans.” “Hang on.” said Steve as he tapped away at is phone “Yes, got it, Wuhan is a real place. That should get up the noses of the Chinese.” “It doesn’t take much to piss them off. Anyway this young doctor notices similar symptoms in a number of patients and starts discussing it on a website with other doctors. The powers, that must be obeyed, find out, shut down the discussion and the doctor disappears for a while. He then shows up dead.” “Of course he does.” “He supposedly dies from the virus, which by then has people dropping dead in the streets. The Chinese authorities stop all movement of people in the city, to the point that if you go out without permission they weld shut your front door.” “That’s scary, so do they find a cure for this disease?” “Not yet, but the emergence of the disease happens just before Lunar New Year when traditionally Chinese are travelling all over the world to visit family or to holiday. That is how it spreads so super fast.” “Even to Australia?” “Yes, within two months there’s scarcely a country without it. Then the who declare it a pandemic, hence the title.” “who?” “The who.” “That ancient rock band?” “No, the W H O, World Health Organisation.” “You’d think the writer could have come up with a better name than that.” “It’s a real organisation, numb nuts.” “Oh, anyway go on.” “Well it spreads all over. In Australia they introduce social distancing, which means you have to stay 1.5 metres away from other people. Overseas it is especially bad in Spain and Italy. Most nations close their international borders, thousand of aircraft are grounded and there’s an enormous number of layoffs in the travel industry.” “Hang on! You just lost me, because I’d be out of work. How could that happen? This is all getting a bit farfetched, but then you said it’s sci-fi, so I suppose one must suspend their belief in reality.” “Precisely, now stay with me. Then the Prime Minister of the UK, one Boris Johnson, gets the virus.” “This writer thinks Boris Johnson could be the PM of the UK. Now it’s losing some credibility.” “Well he was a popular Mayor of London, so maybe.” “So does he die an agonising death and London goes into mourning and the Queen has to take over?” “No, he recovers after a stint in ICU and goes back to Parliament. I think the writer is trying to say that the virus does not discriminate. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a PM or homeless, rich or poor, everyone is vulnerable.” “Good point.” “Then the next chapter is where he does lose some credibility. Now wait for this. When it reaches the United States it is not treated seriously by the president and he says it’s only a little flu and can be cured by drinking disinfectant. But when I reached the chapter where over ten million people there become infected, even I started to think this is a bit implausible.” “You’re right, in the richest free nation in the world that couldn’t happen.” “Oh, as a sceptic of this story, you’ll love this bit. He makes the president, Donald Trump.” “The apprentice TV guy?” Steve asked, and took a sip of wine. “Yes, him.” Steve laughed so hard he sprayed his mouthful of wine all over Kevin. When he managed to regain control he asked “And was it about this point in the book that you decided it was a send up of that sci-fi movie Contagion?” “No, apart from that it was a very serious study of how humanity would cope with the world wide spread of a deadly disease. Oh and I forgot to tell you they named this disease the Corona Virus Disease or Covid for short.” “Your family name, how insulting.” “I thought so at first, but it’s not a very common name so they probably didn’t know it was anybody’s name and besides great grandpa shortened his name when he migrated to Australia because nobody could pronounce or remember Covidastovskiuskiene and he thought Covid was easier.” “Just as well, it wouldn’t have fit on his driver’s licence anyway.” “Now that I think about it, lots of medical conditions have the names of people.” “What do you mean?” “Like Parkinson's, Huntington's, Alzheimer's, Tourette’s, Hodgkin's, Bright's, Downs etcetera, etcetera.” “Those families must be pretty pissed off about that.” “No, those people either discovered the disease or researched it. So the naming was an honour.” “Don’t know if I’d see it that way.” “How about a top up and a towel, just in case you laugh again with a mouth full of wine.” “Why, are you going to tell me that China takes responsibility for this and gives the world free vaccines?” “Wine!” When Steve returned, Kevin said “Do you want to hear more?” “Yeah, might as well, you’ve got me hooked now and besides when do we get to the bit about the two young guys.” “I’m getting to that. So there’s this one chapter about Australia where Queensland and NSW both have female premiers.” “Oh yeah, like that’s about to happen.” “So these two start bitching about closed borders. The Qld premier Anastasia, with an unpronounceable surname closes their state border and the NSW premier Gladys, with an equally unpronounceable surname keeps sniping at Anastasia because she can’t go there. Well that continues for a few months till Victoria, the state not a person, has a second wave of the virus and Gladys has to close the NSW/Victoria border so they can’t come here.” “Is that what they call irony?” “Good man, you are keeping up. Now I forgot to tell you earlier, that when the international borders were closed, only Australians returning home or foreigners with a special exemption can enter, but they must go into hotel quarantine for two weeks and test negative after that to be released. Most states put their local police in charge of enforcing the quarantine with armed forces personal to assist.” “This is sounding a bit Orwellian, armed forces detaining civilians.” “Does a bit, so when they have this hotel quarantine in Melbourne they put private security guards, recruited on Instagram, in charge of the quarantinees.” “What’s wrong with that?” “Nothing in principle, but the security guards and snapped sleeping on the job, while the quarantinees sneak out for a smoke or go to the local fast food joint. But it gets worse, when it is discovered that some security guards and bonking the people they are supposed to be keeping in quarantine. This is how the second wave starts.” “This is getting more unbelievable as it goes along.” “You haven’t heard it all yet. They have this government inquiry to determine how this all went wrong and they discover that no one made the decision, no one gave an order and nobody remembers how they came to use a private security company.” “No wonder this is called fiction, couldn’t happen in real life.” “I suppose not, but makes for an interesting read.” “Yeah, so what about the lovers, I’m waiting for that bit.” “You are a romantic aren’t you?” “Well, I am hoping there’s a bit of hot sex in there somewhere. Hang on, you’re not going to tell me that they can’t get together because of this, what was it, sociable distancing thing?” “It’s social distancing, but in private that’s hard to enforce.” “Good.” Before Kevin could continue his phone rang. “Hello.”...... “Hi Gran, good to hear from you.”...... “Aunt Candida? No I don’t.”...... “I was probably too young. Sounds like she’s been away almost as long as I’ve been alive.”...... “Oh, that’s sad”...... “Bugger me, three times?”...... “They say, one is unfortunate, two is carelessness, so three must be a scandal.”...... “Sorry Gran, I’m on a high at the moment, my man is just back after a week away.”...... “No Gran, not drugs..... “Well, I suppose that would ease the pain a bit.”...... “Yes, I think so.”...... “Well, he’s just back from London so he’ll have most of the week off, I’ll check.” Looking at Steve, Kevin asked. “Do you have any plans for Saturday night?” “No, haven’t thought about it really.” “Gran, that should be all right, what time?”...... “Sounds great, I’ll bring a few bottles and in the meantime I’ll talk to Dad, see what he remembers about her.”...... “Ok, love you Gran, bye for now.” “What was that all about?” asked Steve. “Apparently I have an aunt I didn’t know about. She’s been travelling the world for twenty years. She was recently widowed for the third time, inherited a fortune and has come back to Australia because she has no other family.” “Has she just become your favourite aunt?” “I guess so, because she’s my only aunt.” “I just lost interest in your book. I’d rather talk about your aunt.” THE END Premier of Queensland - Annastacia Pałaszczuk Premier of New South Wales - Gladys Berejiklian
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