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  1. @centexhairysub, yeah, they probably don’t. But who does?
  2. “Ok, get lost,” Aleks laughed, pushing him away playfully and then standing back on his toes to kiss him chastely one last time. Wincent gave him a crooked smile. “Are you coming over after you get enough gayness from this place?” he asked. Aleks snorted. “We'll see,” he winked when they got on the street. Aleks waved before heading back to the club. Wincent followed him with his eyes for a moment and then went in the opposite direction. Aleks couldn't wipe the smile off his face. Sex did that to people and the rush of adrenaline was only making it better. Sonia had left him alo
  3. @centexhairysub, I think that hiding is a result of a combination of circumstances and personality. Being out should be applauded, but I don’t think not being out should always be condemned. People are different, people are also often selfish and cowardly and there’s no point to pretend otherwise. Something completely incomprehensible for one person may seem as the only option to another, at least at the particular moment in their life. Makes me sad too, but people hiding is just a result. What’s sad is that they even feel the need to hide. Thanks for comments guys!
  4. It had been three weeks. Three fucking weeks and not a word from Aleks. In theory Maks knew that last message was a goodbye. It wasn't that he'd expected to hear from him again, but... his absence in Maks's life was so striking it showed exactly how perfectly he'd managed to fit in it during that... moment, really. Aleks had been a part of his life for barely a moment and he'd dominated it like no one before him. And if Maks thought that with time he'd be able to just forget about him then he would have to think again. Three weeks wasn't nearly enough, because it wasn't like Aleks dissolved in
  5. Aleks didn't want to get back to reality, even though he was half-awake already. He tried to grasp the last of his dream, but it was already gone, all that was left was a strong, piercing longing and frustration. He couldn't remember what he dreamed about, but... “Who the fuck is Maks?” ...but apparently Maks was there. He opened his eyes abruptly and the first thing he saw was a grimace. They were lying face to face, Wincent's arm was still embracing him loosely in an almost tender way, though his expression was anything but tender. Aleks rubbed his eyes sleepily to buy himself
  6. Yeah, I know it doesn't look very optimistic lately and it's gonna be sad for a little while longer... I think everything is repairable if everyone involved consider it worth repairing, people are just too stubborn too see it sometimes, so fingers crossed that they will get their acts together. Just hang on, things are going to lighten up a bit soon. Thank you for comments!
  7. Maks made the first call around two pm, maybe an hour after Wiki left. All he got was voicemail. He tossed the phone on the table and went back to staring into space. He felt sick of sitting around and moping. He made the second call after four with a similar result. It was even kind of funny, because meanwhile Ewelina tried to call him four times, so Aleks was avoiding his calls and he was avoiding her calls. He would have turned his phone off, but what if Aleks called back? What a vicious circle. And the fact that Aleks wasn't answering was almost causing him physical pain. Maks kn
  8. Thanks @Arch Hunter! Yes, Aleks’s motivation is not hard to guess, as for Maks... well, he’s not very bright when it comes to that and pretty good at danial. So it can take him a while.
  9. Mercury Eff

    Reality Bites

    Yes, coming to terms is not going to be easy and seeing that Maks is rather prudent, coming to terms is only going to be a first step on the way. And sure, the world looks a little different when you're a teenager, but at least from my experience it is more or less a representation of the youngest generation's attitude - at least in Warsaw. Of course it's quite a big generalisation, but teenagers these days are far from being a church-following bunch, so all hope in them.
  10. Mercury Eff

    Reality Bites

    Thank you @centexhairysub for your comment. That's a difficult topic you've just started. Yes, Poland is still very homophobic at the core and yes, it is mainly catholic church that is enforcing this narration. Though things are changing and especially the younger generations, that live in a more global world than our parents have, are not buying it anymore. And not only them, as you've mentioned, a lot of church's sins got out in the open recently and a lot of people is very pissed. While it's awful in itself, I like to think that it opened some kind of debate whether the version of morality
  11. Maks felt like it all wasn't real, like he was floating somewhere between reality and dream. Right at this moment he was completely detached, unsubstantial and nameless, stuck in some limbo where all that mattered was the body he was holding in his arms. Only the closer to dawn, the more the reality was sinking back in and it was becoming obvious that it wasn't a dream, and that soon he would have to face the real world. He wanted to fight it, to stay forever in this obliviousness where the only things that really existed were Aleks's hair tickling his chest and his fingertips brushing lightly
  12. @drsawzall, hm, I think she wouldn’t sober up so quickly if she was roofied, but who knows, maybe he did give her something. Or maybe she’s just got drunk and we don’t know if he would use the opportunity or not. We do know that he’s a pig who doesn’t take no for an answer. Time will tell how far he will go.
  13. @Mawgrim, maybe in Maks’s head it does justify him a little, but it definitely shouldn’t. Bad everyone. @centexhairysub, not a big fan of Ewelina, huh? Yeah, she’s hard to like, especially under the circumstances. No reader is actually on her side. But she had it coming, so. As for Wiki, let’s just pin in on her being sixteen and permamently intoxicated. Right... have they?
  14. He didn't know how he'd ended up in this awful place with all these corporate rats. He'd agreed to go with Ewelina to her office party and had been regretting it deeply for the last two hours, sipping gin and tonic on one of the couches and trying to telepathically let people know that he had no wish for them to approach him. He didn't get it. Ewelina used to be pretty bearable after all, she was also bearable when it was just the two of them, but all it took was to put her in this setting and she became... one of them. These people who in casual conversations after work were still 'pinging ea
  15. Ojej 😀 No tego się nie spodziewałam. Za friko obawiam się, że obecnie chyba nigdzie. Podeślę Ci na maila i smacznego
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